2 New hidden beer garden in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood

2 New hidden beer garden in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood

New hidden beer garden in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood

Biergarten Belle Geule

Opening: May 17

Address: 5579 ave Christophe-Colomb

Hours: Tuesday to Friday – 4 p.m. to midnight, Saturday – noon to closing time

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The new Belle Geule Biergarten on the Plateau of Montreal will open on May 17 and is the perfect place to toast to a happy life among the trees.

The industrial restaurant/pub will feature cool beers produced on-site and a meal crafted by renowned Haitian chef Paul Toussaint, and will be located just north of Parc Laurier.

As a result, you may mix your locally brewed beer with a wide variety of Caribbean and American food.

You’ll find some of Tousaint’s most popular jerk chicken on the menu, as well as a brisket sandwich and fish ceviche at this Montreal eatery.

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Toussaint takes his skills from the legendary former Arcade-Fire-owned restaurant Agrikol and his own downtown bistro Kamùy to provide pub grub cooked to perfection.

Each meal is meant to be paired with a different microbrew that is available on tap.

Brewmaster Jan-Philippe Barbeau of Belle Geule Brewing Company says the partnership with Chef Paul is exciting because they share a vision of combining high-end cuisine with comfort food, along with an exciting array of new beers, all set against the backdrop of an inviting backyard environment that feels like home.

Lagers like German Kellerbier (beers brewed at low temperatures) and Scotch Lager (beers made with malted barley) are only some of the styles he has experimented with.

“We are pushing the standard with this new cooperation! Aux Quartiers Belle Gueule is the pinnacle of our efforts to create a venue that is the essence of the Montreal experience!” he stated.

The beer garden can welcome roughly 200 people and has plans to expand this summer to accommodate even more tourists wanting to have a true Montreal gastronomic experience.

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La Banquise

Opening: August 11 to September 30

Address: 5579 ave Christophe-Colomb

Hours: 11am to 9pm, open everyday

In addition to serving beer and poutine, this enormous shared terrasse is open from 11am to 9pm every day from August 11 to September 30.

You are under no obligation to eat or drink anything, so go ahead and get a drink if you like, or vice versa. Whatever.

Guests are welcome to turn up without a reservation and be seated by hosts as long as they aren’t adverse to the expected crowds, which are expected to be equivalent to those at La Banquise on a typical Saturday night.

After that, everything is done at the table, so there’s no need to go about or put on or take off a mask (except trips to the bathroom).

Bring the whole family and enjoy two things Quebec does very well: brewing beer (for you, not the kids) and producing darn great poutine. Kids are welcome, so bring the whole family out.

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Everything Montrealers need to know about dates, timings, and how to irritate their friends and family with constant invitations shouting “DUDE BRO WE GOTTA CHECK THIS OUT” can be found on the beer garden’s Facebook event page.


The hidden beer garden in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood is a new concept that is gaining popularity in Montreal.

This concept allows you to enjoy your favorite beverage while having some fun and taking in the city landscape. So, if you’re looking to open a new beer garden, or expand an existing one, keep your eye on the market trends!

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