The 25+ best speakeasies and secret bars hidden in Montreal right now

The 25+ best speakeasies and secret bars hidden in Montreal right now

There are few cities in North America as speakeasy and secret bar-packed as Montreal. And while some bars have been discovered in recent years, there are still plenty of surprises left in this city.

Are you ready for a drink and some good conversation in one of Montreal’s coolest secret spots?

From intimate speakeasies to trendy cocktail lounges, here are ten great places to indulge your thirst for the city’s best craft cocktails and secret bars.

Where to find the best speakeasy and secret bars in Montreal

1. Milky Way Cocktail Bar

It’s a trippy collision of ideas, the first speakeasy at Pointe Saint Charles.

You may enter a jungle tiki cocktail bar with beverages served in disco ball glasses, Easter Island Moai statues, and glittering flamingos through a leopard skin door that connects to the Fugazzi pizza restaurant.

It’s also an excellent area to grab a bite to eat because of its close proximity to the pizza restaurant. Except for groups, there are no reservations, so plan to arrive early to avoid the wait.

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2. The Coldroom

This pub is a great place to go on a date because of its seasonal offerings and romantic descriptions of cocktails. The effervescent Fall’s Mist, brewed with artisanal gin, aged grappa, and sherry, was the most recent addition.

Bottled Negroni with Barolo Chinato is one example of a creative take on a classic. or, for those with deep pockets, a $58 sidecar. Enter the realm of the bartender by looking for the duck below the exit sign next to El Pequeo Bar.

On the official house rules, that’s number one. There are a slew of other rules that stem from this one, but they all serve the same objective. Keeping things classy is always a good idea.

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3. Atwater Cocktail Club

In St. Henri, Foiegwa’s refitted diner turned heads when it opened its doors, but the actual lines are found in the alleyway behind the restaurant.

After passing through the steel door, you’ll find this French disco-themed bar with one of the best liquor collections in town, which is even more amazing when you taste the cocktails made with them by Christophe Beaudoin Vallières.

Any style or presentation is acceptable here as long as you can get a table.

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4. Le Royal

When it launched in 2017, the Plateau’s cocktail scene was elevated to a new level.

It’s a 65-seat hidden gem constructed by Montreal’s own Zébulon Perron, the brains behind several gorgeously designed projects in the city, behind the renowned wine bar Le Rouge Gorge.

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An oyster/spritz and ceviche margarita happy hour special till 9 p.m., DJs from Thursday to Saturday night as well as a bartenders eager to go off the menu make it an ideal date or late night party spot.

Manu Ruiz, the city’s top cocktail developer, is unquestionably a maestro.

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5. Le 4e Mur

The 4e Mur website has a contact form you may fill out if you don’t want to waste time wandering up and down Saint Denis Street looking for this cocktail bar.

Both the Google Maps address and the murder mystery clues that serve as a conceptual framework for this drink program will lead you astray.

There are six alternating monthly cocktails that provide clues, each of which moves you closer to completing the puzzle and earning additional drinks.

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6. Cloakroom Bar

It’s one of the most small cocktail speakeasies in Montreal, with just 25 seats spread over many cozy nooks, tables, and some sought-after stools.

Tell the bartender what you want in terms of flavor and let them produce something to order, slicing an adequately sized block of ice to match.

Displeased with the end result? No worries, they’ll give it another go. At the barbershop across the street, if only it were so simple and personalized.

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7. Nhậu Bar

Hà, a Vietnamese restaurant in Old Montreal, has an Asian speakeasy located beneath it.

Tiki-inspired classics like the Pandan Sour and the Dji, an Old Fashioned with tequila, pineapple, hazelnut bitters and chanterelle mushrooms, are served in a variety of unusual vessels, such as shells, buddhas, and coupes.

Deep house dancing begins at 11 p.m., so arrive early or make a reservation if you’d like a good spot. Don’t worry about spilling your buddhas for two.

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8. Henden

Is this the kind of location you’re searching for when you’re in the mood for something private and cozy?

If you want to get away from it all, head to Henden’s Griffintown hideaway underneath the fried chicken and champagne restaurant Bird Bar, which has an appearance reminiscent to a grotto in the Playboy Mansion.

Blinis with caviar and bubbles are an excellent way to start the evening, but the pogos and oysters prepared from scratch are also not to be missed.

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9. Club Pelicano

Taking a plunge is the sole hint to the entrance’s direction. Only at Club Pelicano is it possible to laze around in a pool until far after midnight.

You’ll wade through your cocktails in a pool corridor surrounded by table-like diving boards, No Diving signs, and lifesaving ornaments.

Tiradito’s Nikkkei-inspired food is also a favorite of ours. After all, a ceviche and pisco combo is equally enjoyable at 5 p.m. as it is at 10 p.m.

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10. King Crab

The best way to uncover King Crab’s hidden bar is to ask someone working at the Makro seafood restaurant for help.

You’ll be taken down a mirrored corridor to a spot where the evenings never seem to end by someone pointing over their shoulder to the cobblestone alleyway next door.

A wood-fired oven turns out some fairly good pizza to go along with your popped bottles and unique cocktails, and the atmosphere is dark, stylish, and classy.

11. Le Speakeasy MTL

With a name like “Le Speakeasy MTL,” it doesn’t exactly evoke a sense of intrigue or mystery, but this speakeasy-style eatery and bar in Old Montreal, inspired by New York City traditions, has everything you’d expect from the moniker.

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There was a positive energy in the air, drinks were flowing, oysters were being popped, and everyone was having a good time.

The cocktails, especially those that are lit on fire, are definitely worth savoring, but you shouldn’t neglect the rest of the menu too.

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12. Soubois

For a more laid-back atmosphere, head to L’Orangerie, a speakeasy-style bar located inside Soubois nightclub in the center of downtown Montreal.

When it’s time for the cabaret or dancing, things may still become crazy, but you get the added benefit of being able to converse with the bartender and witness their mixology skills in action rather than getting distracted by bottle service and sparklers across the main room.

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13. Le A Bar

A Bar’s tiny terrace and internal area provide a relaxed atmosphere early in the evening, although it can get a touch rowdy later on.

It’s tucked away on Rachel East on the Plateau in a way that keeps things discreet. If you’re searching for a location where you can relax and mingle with the locals, go no further than this BYOF (bring your own food) hotspot.

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14. Big in Japan

Hidden restaurant just off the main drag serves you some of Japan’s most popular dishes.

Big in Japan is tucked away on the intersection of Rachel Street and Saint-Laurent Boulevard and offers up Japanese-inspired drinks. It’s a mellow setting ideal for a romantic get-together.

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15. Parasol

Parasol, a wine bar in the Mile End, can be found in an alleyway east of Saint-Laurent Boulevard. During the summer, you may get fresh-caught lobster and snow crab from the Gaspé shore.

Additionally, Parasol’s à-la-carte menu has dishes created with locally sourced ingredients, as well as a large range of drinks, beers, and a wine list that changes throughout the year. It’s a breath of fresh air!

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16. Bootlegger L’Authentique

Bootlegger L’Authentique, located on the second floor of 3481 boulevard Saint-Laurent, is a friendly and calm place to enjoy whisky-based unique drinks.

Or, if you like, choose from among the hundreds of scotch, rye, Irish, and bourbon whiskey brands on offer. There are a wide range of performers from hip-hop/funk, jazz, blues and soul to accompany the laid-back atmosphere.

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17. Snowbird Tiki Room

On the Plaza St-Hubert, the Snowbird Tiki Room is a tropical refuge that’s only open to guests. Drinking fruity drinks served in the typical Inca or pineapple-shaped glasses is a terrific way to spend the day with friends.

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18. Labo Culinaire

Not only does the meal taste great, but so does the vista. In the Société des Arts Technologiques’s top level, Labo Culinaire serves seasonal dishes made with locally sourced ingredients and a selection of organic wines.

During the summer, its rooftop terrace is one of the city’s most popular.

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19. Pub Le Sainte-Élisabeth

In the middle of the city’s chaos, tucked away on a side street, lies a lush patio. The huge Pub Le Sainte-Élisabeth in downtown Montreal boasts one of the city’s greenest and most quiet secret patios.

This is a great place to get a drink early in the evening before hitting Saint-Catherine Street’s nightlife.

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20. Gokudo

Signature cocktails, sakes, and tequilas and mezcals from another underground bar have earned a name for themselves.

Visit Ryoshi, a traditional Japanese snack shop, and you’ll uncover this hidden gem immediately behind the shop.

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21. Le Mal Nécessaire

Who do you want Batman to save you from? The Bat signal should be used. Follow the glowing pineapple for a Chinatown tiki bar.

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You may discover Le Mal Nécessaire by looking for the neon pineapple and then descending into Chinatown’s lowest depths.’

With tiki drinks and cheap Chinese tapas, it’s the perfect place for a night out with friends. The only way to believe it is to witness it!

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22. Le Speakeasy

Secrets buried behind the secret door are revealed in a time warp throughout the night. Double life: Le Speakeasy has two identities.

While it’s open for business during the day as Restaurant Vandale, at night it transforms into a classy hangout for gentlemen.

Look for the refrigerator door’s red light beginning at 6 p.m. You’re about to enter a gangster-chic, retro-styled area!

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23. Velvet Speakeasy

Located in the heart of Old Montreal, a cellar has been transformed into a world-class nightclub. Velvet Speakeasy, located in the cellar of Auberge St-Gabriel, hosts some of Montréal’s most seductive events.

Attracting gorgeous women looking for high heels, tight clothing, and a fuzzy remembrance of the night, this hot club is the place to be.

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24. Flyjin

Enjoy a night out at the clubs that is both instructive and exclusive. At 11 p.m., Flyjin transforms into a high-energy club. Japanese whisky, sake, wine, and rare beers are all available at the establishment.

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25. Clandestino

Is this a secret bar within a secret bar? That’s what Venice restaurant Clandestino, an offspring of Boho, came up with while designing Clandestino.

Cocktails created with tequila and mezcal from one of their 100 exclusive import bottles may be enjoyed in a cozy/chic environment. Caliente!

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26. HŌM Bar

HM Bar, a speakeasy in Old Montreal’s Rue du Couvent, opened just a few months ago. At this hip pub, you’ll find DJs that know how to get the party started.

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27. L’Orangerie

You can only get to L’Orangerie speakeasy by walking down the alley next to the Soubois. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the institution directly if you have any questions.

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This city has so many secret speakeasies and bars that you can stumble into a good one on almost any night. Here are the 25+ best speakeasies and secret bars that you can find in Montreal right now.

If you are looking for a good cocktail, a fun atmosphere, and a unique place to unwind with friends, you should visit one of these speakeasies and secret bars.


Speakeasies received their name as patrons were often told to “speak easy” about these secret bars in public. Speakeasies received their name from police officers who had trouble locating the bars due to the fact that people tended to speak quietly while inside the bars.
For those looking for a true speakeasy experience, we recommend using the secret exterior entrance. To gain entry, guests will leverage a nondescript staircase on the back corner of the building. Although unmarked by signage, the stairwell is illuminated during non-daylight hours, and the door is dark green in color.
A speakeasy, also called a blind pig or blind tiger, is an illicit establishment that sells alcoholic beverages, or a retro style bar that replicates aspects of historical speakeasies.
Cold Room is open daily, starting again tomorrow from 6 p.m. Enter by ringing the doorbell at the corner of St-Amable and St-Vincent streets
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