JJ Levine's favourite spots in Montreal

JJ Levine’s favourite spots in Montreal

JJ Levine is one of Canada’s most in demand copywriters. We talked with him about his favourite spots in the city and why he always wants to live here.

There’s a reason JJ Levine is one of Canada’s top-rated home renovators. His passion for his craft and his knack for turning homes into living spaces has won him legions of loyal fans. He takes us on a tour of the city he calls home.

If you’re looking for a great place to go, check out JJ’s five favourite places in Montreal.

JJ Levine’s favourite spots in Montreal

JJ Levine, a well-known Montreal visual artist, is a household name in the city’s art community.

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Queer Portraits, Alone Time, and Switch, a selection of the photographer’s main photo projects, are on display at the McCord Museum until September 18, where entry is free for citizens of Quebec on the first Sunday of each month.

Montreal has so many different neighbourhoods. Which is your favourite?

This is a no-brainer: I live in Villeray. Having previously resided in the Village and Little Italy, I can confidently say that Villeray is the nicest neighborhood in Montreal.

My favorite thing about Jarry Park and the surrounding area is how welcoming it is to people of all ages.

If you had to choose one of the city’s best festivals, what would it be?

Le Jardin du Cari in Mile End, maintained by a long-standing family business, serves the greatest vegetarian roti.

What museum exhibition are you dying to see?

At the Museum of Fine Arts, Stanley Février’s show has just opened!

What activity do you love to do in the city?

The bike routes in Montreal make it so simple to go around without a car, and I particularly enjoy bicycling up to the river or down to the canal. Topping my list are the Botanical Gardens.

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What’s your favourite local restaurant?

The vegetarian roti at Le Jardin du Cari in Mile End, a family-owned business, is the best in the city.

What’s your favourite art gallery?

Ellephant, the gallery that represents my art, is a no-brainer! Artist-run centers, the McCord Museum, the MAC, the Musée des beaux-arts, and the Fondation PHI are always on my radar.

Where is your go-to watering hole?

“The terrace of Notre-Dame-Des-Quilles is usually a good time,” says one patron.

What has your Queer experience been like in Montreal?

This is one of the few places I’ve visited where I haven’t had to worry about my safety when holding hands or kissing a partner in public or going down the street as a visible LGBTQ person.

Because I am both white and gender nonconforming, I believe that my experience is not representative of all 2SLGBTQQIA+ persons in Montreal.

What are your thoughts on the city’s diversity?

Living in a city where the majority of the population speaks more than one language and where BIPOCs play such an active role in civic leadership and advocacy is something I think we can all benefit from.

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So many of us feel at home in this province because of its variety, and the Legault government’s relentless effort to homogenize our province is disgraceful.


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To find the best food, check out JJ Levine’s favourite spots in Montreal.

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