35 restaurants serving the best and freshest sushi in Montreal

35 restaurants serving the best and freshest sushi in Montreal

If you love sushi, you know how difficult it is to find good sushi in Montreal. But that’s no longer the case with Sushi by L.A., who delivers sushi right to your doorstep.

In today’s post, we’re sharing our list of the best sushi restaurants in Montreal.

There are several restaurants that are famous for serving the freshest and best sushi in the city, and we’ve scoured the Internet and interviewed many of the locals to learn about the top sushi restaurants in town.

Check out the list below, and get your sushi fix at one of the best sushi restaurants in Montreal.

Best sushi in Montreal

1. Ôkini

While Ikematsu’s next-door Japanese grocery store, kini (which features an eight-seat sushi bar and a pastry counter, as well as home-fermented soy sauce and sake 5à7), occasionally hosts high-end omakase sushi dinners and sake 5à7 events, it is also home to Jun I, a Japanese cooking school and restaurant.

Order any of the delectable sweets made by pastry chef Tomoko Watanabe while you’re there as well.

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2. Park

Isn’t it wonderful to have easy access to some of Japan’s finest seafood? Tsukiji Market in Tokyo is where chef Antonio Park gets most of his fish, including his acupunctured kaimin tai snapper.

Such extravagances contribute to the sushi bar’s reputation as Quebec’s most upscale and diverse omakase restaurant. Bento boxes for lunch (and hand-made noodle soup for brunch) are a low-key (and less expensive) option.

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3. Fleurs et Cadeaux

Normally, it takes time to determine if a new name is up to pace with the city’s best, but chef Tetsuya Shimizu’s work shouldn’t need an introduction in Chinatown.

This Japanese snack bar is another stylish addition to the neighborhood. Kaiseki artistry is on show in these elaborately decorated bento boxes that seem more like delicious jewelry than food.

If you’re passing by, don’t forget to pick up a bottle of one of the restaurant’s fine natural sakes or wines.

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4. Kazu

Those who had previously dined at this little Japanese restaurant were delighted when it moved to a larger facility just a few blocks away.

Waiting in an ever-present line for the 48-hour pork bowl or sliced tuna sashimi platter is no more. The wait is now a little shorter, and it’s at least out of the elements throughout the winter months now.

Even if you have to wait, chef Kazuo Akutsu’s inexpensive meals are worth the wait. Don’t miss the scallop sashimi and handmade pickles, which are advertised on flimsy yellow cards taped to the walls.

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5. Ryu

What is that? Sustainable sushi is available in Montreal, right?

For the first time, you can order platters of King salmon, yellowtail, albacore, scallop sea bream, cho-toro, o-toro and red snapper with the knowledge that they are sustainably sourced.

With a variety of sites, you may choose between a towering stone-metal-wood mix in Westmount or the airport’s departure regions, depending on your preference.

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6. Otto Bistro

Otto Bistro’s co-owners Hanhak Kim and Hiroshi Kitano bring a little French flair to their traditional Japanese dishes.

Options include roasted duck salads, bone marrow, and sake-steamed shellfish with white miso, sweet soy vinegar, and cashews on the usual menu.

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In order to get the most out of your omakase experience, you should sit at the counter and let Chef Kitano make your meal in front of you, using whatever fish is in season that night.

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7. Sakura Gardens

The only kaiseki restaurant in Montreal that requires a reservation is this venerable establishment.

Up to 15 courses of sake-based cuisine served in a manner that emphasizes both the quality of the ingredients and how they’re presented.

The city’s widest selection of nigiri and sashimi is available even if you forget to reserve a week in advance.

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8. Tri Express

It wouldn’t have been possible for Chef Tr D and four pals to steal a military boat in Vietnam in 1979 and flee to Canada through the Philippines to create their much-loved fusion maki.

When D worked his way up the Japanese food chain in Montreal, he opened his own premium restaurant on Laurier Avenue, which he named D.

It has a lively atmosphere with a lot of wood, and the cuisine is both delicious and visually appealing. Le P’Tit Tri, a takeout-focused restaurant in La Petite Patrie, is his son’s latest venture.

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9. Okeya Kyujiro

Okeya, a theatrical omakase restaurant in downtown Montreal, is the only one of its sort in the city.

About fifteen people may sit at a counter to enjoy some of the best sushi, nigiri, sashimi, and other Japanese delicacies, which are all cooked and delivered in front of you in a showmanlike fashion. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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10. Saiko

Saiko Bistrot is one of the city’s best-kept secrets when it comes to sushi. Only the best fish and seafood are used by chef Shin Ichi-san in his creations, and he knows it.

Ordering or taking them to go would be a missed opportunity to see the chef in action. Take our recommendation and order from the Omakaze menu instead!

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11. Maiko Sushi

If you are looking for a high-end sushi restaurant on the West Island, Maiko is the place to go.

Torched scallops on avocado maki with truffle mayo and sea urchin sauce; lobster sashimi with jalapeo, yuzu, pomelo, tobiko, raspberries and crispy rice; and pan-seared foie gras maki with grapes and crispy greens are just a few of the creative dishes the restaurant has been serving for the past two decades.

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12. Mikado

When Mikado launched in 1987, it was one of the city’s first sushi restaurants.

Three sites have now been established, each with its own unique features: The Laurier location includes a tatami room, the Saint-Denis location has two private rooms, and the Monkland outpost has a 12-seat summer terrace.

Regardless of which one you choose, Kimio Nguyen’s six-course omakase and sushi platters are worth the trip.

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13. Saint Sushi

Saint Sushi is the go-to sushi restaurant for most Plateau residents when it comes to low-cost sushi.

Due to Saeng Outhipvongxay’s tenure as executive chef from 2013, a more relaxed atmosphere has been created with the same emphasis on fusion rolls.

Even his maki roll, the Sensei, is named after his old master as a mark of respect. Fun fact: It’s the only roll that isn’t named after musicians.

Another peculiarity in the menu? There’s a lot of yogurt sauce in this recipe. Don’t dismiss anything until you’ve given it a go.

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14. Boîte Geisha

Powered by two young twin brothers who are both diligent and proactive in their endeavor, Boîte Geisha is one of the greatest value sushi establishments in town.

A clue that we haven’t heard the last of the Viet and Nam brothers, who also work on the cuisine of the nightclub La Voûte, they’ve launched a second Boîte Geisha in Laval.

From sushi pizzas to Geisha Boxes, there is something to fulfill every sushi desire here.

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15. Sushi Dept.

Sushi Dept., Ryu’s younger sibling, will open its doors in early 2021 and serve the same high-quality sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese delights.

A more “young and stylish” look doesn’t stop the team from delivering only sustainable fish in recyclable and biodegradable packaging, even though the brand’s image is more youthful.

Finally, the Sushi Dept. is a take-out or delivery-only establishment.

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16. Ohana

Chef Minh Tran formerly worked with Tri Du of the well-known Tri Express restaurant before founding Ohana Sushi Vegan on Mont-Royal Avenue.

Knowing what she knows today, she must have worked really hard to create a (wonderful) vegan cuisine that will satisfy even the most skeptics. Tofu tataki or black angel wings are some of our favorite dishes. Several choices are also gluten-free.

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17. Café Jones

Owner MJ Guertin’s restaurant in the city’s east end has gone from selling vegetarian and pescatarian sushi to presenting an all vegan menu as a result of increasing demand. Another plus?

It can take on the fish-laden one just fine. Vegetable elements may be found in anything from cucumber and avocado wraps to faux chicken and jerk beef poké bowls.

If you don’t care about fish, this place still has plenty to offer just about anybody. If you’re a lover of Sata Sushi, but instead find a business called Jones Café at the regular Hochelaga location, what’s the matter? Fortunately, the idea will be reinstated in October 2020, and the same fantastic sushi will be available.

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18. Sushi Momo

When compared to its seafood cousin, vegan sushi isn’t any less enticing, right?

It’s hard to argue with Christian Ventura’s sushi at Sushi Momo, which features maki rolls filled with sweet potato stuffed with mango and avocado and topped with maple syrup, yuzu, and maple syrup—and a list of natural wines, cocktails, and sakés to accompany it—as well as a zen brick and wood décor and the sushi itself.

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19. Le Kioko

There has been a lot of buzz about Le Kioko since it opened in Saint-Henri, Quebec, at the beginning of December 2018.

Traditional maki, coupled with poke bowls, tartares, and seafood delicacies like as seal and skate, set the restaurant unique in the Before Times. Only an increase in quality can be expected as a result of increased emphasis on sushi.

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20. Kyo

If you’re here for the sushi, stay for the sake. Whether you’re looking for by-the-glass Toji No Banshaku honjozo (brewed by the brewmasters of this Niigata brewery at the end of the day) or a high-quality, hazy sake, Kyo is the place to go.

You can’t go wrong with a platter of fried maki, which is their house speciality.

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21. Restaurant Kyoto

This local sushi restaurant, which is part of a diverse collection of eateries along Decarie Boulevard, can be found at the furthest reaches of the orange line.

In the region, there are many sushi restaurants, however this is the best place to get great sushi at a fraction of the price you’ll pay elsewhere. Take your order of thick-cut chu-toro, kamikaze rolls, and tamago nigiri to go, or make a reservation.

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22. Bloom Sushi

Christian Ventura, owner of Sushi Momo, and Dominic Bujold, owner of Sushi Shop and vegetarian eateries LOV., collaborated to open this stunning vegan sushi restaurant in the Old Port of Montreal.

Because of Jacinthe Piotte’s zen-inspired architecture, the wraparound bar and adjacent dining room at Bloom Sushi make it one of New York City’s most romantic vegetarian restaurants.

Menu items range from the heart-of-palm-and-avocado-stuffed Kamikaze roll to the vegan shrimp-and-sweet-potato-and-curry-aioli-stuffed Bollywood roll.

Even enoki mushroom nigiri and a tomato “Tunato” nigiri garnished with green onion and balsamic sauce are available.

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23. Aikawa

A group of friends from the downtown sushi restaurant Shô-Dan came up with the idea of opening a high-end sushi restaurant on the West Island in 2003.

Because of its unique atmosphere—wood-paneled walls adorned with paintings and a sushi counter lit in royal blue by overhead lighting—as well as its fusion rolls, people travel far and wide to dine here.

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24. Tora Sushi

Although this 15-seater restaurant welcomes you to bring your own beverage, most customers choose to order takeout or delivery.

This is still BYOB because the proprietor wants you to bring your own bag. Even if beer, wine, and sake are available at home, are you really going to fry up a smoked beef roll with pickles and serve it to your guests?

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25. Sushi Dépanneur

You can order California rolls, sushi pizzas and some of the cheapest nigiri in town at this little sushi shop/Asian convenience store.

Join the takeaway queue, though, and don’t forget to pick up some pocky and mochi ice cream on the way out for a more pleasant experience.

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26. Kazumi Sushi Lounge

Address: 6394 Rue Sherbrooke E, Montréal, QC H1N 3P6, Canada

Phone: (438) 380-9898

Website: Visit Website

East End Kazumi serves ni-anago, a saltwater (conger) eel served in a traditional Edomae way along with sushi. To comprehend Japanese raw fish customs, you must read the menu’s extensive description.


27. Yuukai

Address: 5407 Av du Parc, Montréal, QC H2V 4G9, Canada

Phone:(514) 303-0332

Website: Visit Website

Yuukai, a popular Mile End restaurant, is noted for its fresh seafood. Try the tuna tatami or the omakase plate for yourself.


28. Hidden Fish Sushi

Address: 1233 Rue de la Montagne, Montréal, QC H3G 1Z2, Canada

Phone: (514) 419-1319

Website: Visit Website

A blowfish license was first obtained by Hidden Sushi’s chef Haruo Ogrura, who has 33 years of expertise and is listed on the restaurant’s website as being the head chef. It’s not on the menu, but inventive sushi rolls and a Neta case full of sashimi make up for it.


29. Sushi Bar Kim

Address: 1 Carré Westmount, Westmount, QC H3Z 2P9, Canada

Phone: (514) 989-0212

Website: Visit Website

Located in the food court portion of Westmount Square’s lower floor, Sushi Bar Kim is one of Westmount’s most popular eateries. Rolls wrapped in rice paper are among the many options for maki, nigiri, and sashimi available.


30. Restaurant Shoji Sushi

Address: 2035 Av Victoria, Saint-Lambert, QC J4S 1H1, Canada

Phone: (450) 672-5888

Website: Visit Website

At Shoji, St. Lambert’s Shoji serves classics and certain sushi variants that are seldom seen on the island thanks to the in-house drying of fish. Wines from private importers pique the curiosity of a market that is already saturated with unique products.


31. Aka – Fuji

Address: 3872 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC, Canada

Phone: (514) 223-4262

In this little Verdun shop, managed by a Japanese couple, you’ll find a mix of traditional and more mainstream rolls. No website or menu is available online, so you’ll have to stop by to see what’s up.



32. Saiko Bistrot Izakaya

It’s an izakaya/sushi restaurant hybrid called Saiko Bistrot. Saiko is a popular destination for a work lunch of bento boxes and hot meals because of its central location in Tokyo’s business zone.

Take advantage of the sophisticated dining experience at night by exploring their sushi menu, or let the chef construct a custom dinner for you by selecting the chef’s choice (omakase) option.

33. Sho Dan

Sho-Dan Sho-dan has been a stalwart in the Montréal sushi industry for over 20 years. From humble beginnings to a committed following, Sho-Dan has pioneered the way for the next generation of sushi restaurants and chefs.

There are conventional choices as well as speciality rolls with funny names such as the Besame Mucho, Kiss roll and Lovers roll. Sho Dan’s menu also boasts a great wine, sake and beverage selection.

34. Flyjin

Flyjin is the place to go if you want sushi and a good time at night. Chef Antonio Park has created a scrumptious menu of meals using market-fresh ingredients, as well as a wide variety of cocktails, sake, premium alcohol, wine, and Japanese beers.

35. Jun I

After one visit to the Laurier Avenue sushi bar named after Kyoto-native chef Junichi Ikematsu, it is hard not to appreciate how meticulously each yellowtail, botan shrimp, and organic salmon nigiri are made by hand.

Non-sushi purists may enjoy Cajun-spiced softshell crab, avocado, cucumber, and soy caramel maki, as well as platters of Arctic char smoked in green tea and served with shiso, apples, and matcha cream.

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If you are looking for fresh, high-quality, authentic sushi or the best sushi in Montreal, look no further than to this list of 35 places where you can enjoy mouth-watering and innovative sashimi.

This list is carefully selected by our team at Montreal Sushi Bar Guide. We’re sure that you’ll love it.

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