Best Spas in Montreal For Rest and Relaxation

Best Spas in Montreal For Rest and Relaxation

There are few things better than taking a few days off to pamper yourself in a luxury spa. We’ve rounded up the best spas in Montreal to ensure that you have a relaxing and luxurious retreat to call your own.

When it comes to pampering yourself, there are few places better than Montreal. This city has everything you could want in a spa.

Whether you want to relax and unwind after a long day of work or you’re looking for a place to get the best massage Montreal has to offer, you’ll find the ideal place in this list of spas in Montreal.

The Best Spas in Montréal, Canada

1. Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau

Bota Bota is arguably the most well-known spa in all of Montreal, and with good reason: it’s a boat moored on the St. Lawrence, with breathtaking views of the lake from every vantage point.

Get pampered with massages, body scrubs, and more at this spa, and regulars know that they can even get a membership that gives them access to the boat’s indoor and outdoor pools whenever they want.

However, a swim platform built high above the St. Lawrence River provides the best opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

If you’re just hungry, you can get the whole boutique experience in the hotel’s restaurant, which serves excellent food.

2. Scandinave Spa Vieux-Montréal

This classic Nordic spa in the heart of Old Montréal features a Finnish sauna and a steam room infused with eucalyptus.

There is a wide variety of massages available from skilled therapists, and the spa is located near several tourist destinations in Montréal, making it one of the most accessible places to unwind.

3. Skyspa

When it comes to urban and restorative experiences, SKYSPA may be the best of both worlds.

During any time of year, you may visit SKYSPA, which is located on the rooftop terrace of the Dix30 shopping complex on Montréal’s outskirts and provides a breathtaking view of the city.

Besides the typical spa cuisine of steam rooms, saunas, and whirlpools, SKYSPA also has a café serving delicious food (and a nicely curated wine list, to boot). There is no exaggeration: this oasis above the city is just that.

4. Spa Escape Santé

At Spa Escape Santé, you may choose from a variety of spa treatments, including those focused on your physical appearance and those focused on your mental well-being.

Baths in the manner of Iceland, a waterfall for washing, and other water elements await guests.

In addition to basic spa services like massage and facials, the establishment also provides more complicated treatments like microblading, electrolysis, and laser hair removal.

5. Strøm Spa Nordique

You may as well be on the other side of the earth at Strm Spa Nordique; you won’t even miss the bustle of Montréal. The spa is set in the tree-lined, waterfront district of Nuns’ Island, making the bustle of the city seem very far away.

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Even while Strm offers a wide variety of spa treatments, its thermal bath program is what really draws in visitors.

For the best in thermotherapy, a system of outdoor whirlpools, thermal baths, saunas, steam baths, waterfalls, and rest spaces with fireplaces are provided.

6. Rainspa

Located on the third story of the Hotel Place d’Armes, the 2,500-square-foot Rainspa offers guests everything from manicures to LED treatments.

While many of Montréal’s other spas take cues from the Nordic tradition of saunas, spas, and general wellbeing, Rainspa takes its cues from the cultures of Morocco and Turkey.

The expansive hammam is a traditional Turkish steam bath where guests may have a steam treatment that aids in detoxification, circulation, and breathing.

The hammam is a paid amenity, however guests who book a treatment at Rainspa lasting 60 minutes or more gain free admission.

7. Spa Centrale Parc

The chocolate bath at Spa Centrale Parc is probably the most well-known of the spa’s unique services. To boost serotonin and encourage good skin, try a bath made of dark chocolate and fragrant oils.

This resort also offers a variety of unusual treatments, such as mud baths, infrared saunas, and pools filled with goat’s milk.

The spa looks out over the beautiful Parc La Fontaine and is located in Montréal’s Le Plateau-Mont-Royal district.

8. Spa Ovarium

In the Rosemont section of Montréal, you’ll discover one of the city’s most fascinating and tech-savvy spas.

Spa Ovarium utilizes the PSiO therapy, which provides visitors headphones, customized eyewear and a sensory treatment that improves relaxation.

In it, an LED light is displayed before the eye, moving in a pattern that is claimed to change the body from a state of awareness to a state of full relaxation. PSiO is not accessible for all Ovarium offerings, though.

If you’re a fan of PSiO, though, you can also try out the NeuroSpa, a chair that uses zero-gravity simulation to put users in a calmer condition.

Another component of this therapy is the use of headphones that provide vibrations with the intention of communicating with the spinal column and calming the central nervous system.

Ovarium also features flotation tubs, which are sensory-deprivation chambers filled with water and Epsom salt, for those who want to fully immerse themselves in a state of relaxation.

9. Spa Cloud

This spa, aptly named Cloud, features many soothing natural touches. Wood, gentle lighting, and organic textures predominate at Spa Cloud, creating an ambience not to that of being in a forest.

You may choose from a selection of services that focus on your health and appearance. Cryotherapy, the use of extremely cold temperatures for therapeutic purposes, is also available at the spa.

Cryotherapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of chronic pain, skin conditions, and mood disorders.

10. Spa William Gray

The spa of the Hotel William Gray lives up to the hotel’s reputation as one of the most luxurious in all of Montreal. There are two buildings that make up the hotel, and both of them were constructed in the 18th century.

The hotel’s spa is an added amenity for its guests. The spa features a variety of treatments, including a warm quartz massage bed, a Himalayan salt room, a hot and cold thermal circuit, several saunas, and sound therapy.

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The spa even has an outdoor pool for use during the warmer months.

11. Balnea Spa

You can get away from it all at Bromont’s Balnea Spa. There are 22 kilometers of hiking trails at Balnea, as well as yoga courses, nature boot camps, and other things to get your heart beating and blood flowing before you rest deeply.

Outdoor baths, a sweat lodge, thermal waterfalls, and a basin in the middle of the forest are just some of the ways you may relax after a thrilling day.

Lumani, their restaurant, serves delicious fresh and all-natural dishes that are excellent for winding down after a long day.

12. Polar Bear’s Club

The best venue to enjoy the therapeutic effects of heat is at Polar Bear’s Club in Piedmont, Quebec. Start out by submerging yourself in a pool of cool, clean water after some time in a sauna.

This practice is not only a wonderful way to unwind, but it also has positive effects on your blood and skin. There are quiet places to sit and converse with other guests, as well as relaxing whirlpools, in the spa.

In the colder months, you may relax in the tranquility of the surrounding forests by soaking in the spa’s heated outdoor bath.

13. Scandinave Les Bains Vieux-Montréal

Wherever you smell eucalyptus in Old Montreal, this is where it comes from.

Step inside, lock your phone away literally, you’re required to lock your phone up and start treating yourself to a full Scandinavian sequence of water circuits, starting with warming up in a sauna before dipping in chilly Nordic baths, resting, and returning back to body heat beneath a warm waterfall.

Plan on spending the whole day here, and don’t feel bad about taking a few naps in the beanbag seats; we don’t.

14. Rainspa

The health and wellness spa of the Place d’Armes Hotel is home to a complete hammam bath infused with eucalyptus vapors (plus a selection of teas to enjoy after you sweat out those toxins).

In addition to the bath, 10 other face and body treatments, including massage packages, exfoliations, and facials, are available.

Grab one of the hotel’s couples packages to freshen up after a night of partying if you and your special someone are staying here for a staycation.

15. Moment Spa

The spa in the downtown Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel is a haven of tranquility despite the property’s prime position.

While it does attract a business clientele, the privileges it provides are not limited to those in that profession. Two hours of facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and/or body treatments here gives you full access to the hotel’s indoor pool, jacuzzi and fitness center.

Also, remember this while shopping for a present for a male in your life. Treatments like basalt stone massages, triple facials, and “executive pedicures” are popular here for males.

16. Le Spa de l’Hôtel Le St-James

If you’re looking for a spa where you can dine, drink, relax, and sleep all in one place, this is the place to go Luxury accommodations and one of the greatest restaurants in Old Montreal are available at the Hôtel Le St. James on their own, but what should one do while waiting to sleep off a multi-course feast in the hotel’s basement?

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Take use of the spa’s hot tubs, saunas, massage services, hot stone beds, and body wraps. Everything you need is right here, within the kind of lovely building you’d expect to find in a neighborhood with such a rich history.

17. Espace Thomas

While its primary function is as a gym and wellness center housed in a converted church, this Plateau location also has a spa, perfect for unwinding after a strenuous exercise.

Who doesn’t want a hot tub in the winter when you can use the spa all year long, hot or cold? combined with therapeutic massage techniques like Shiatsu and sport-specific techniques that can help you bounce back to life or let you unwind and take it easy.

Bonus. Health club memberships incorporate use of the spa facilities.

18. Spa Diva

You shouldn’t walk right past the spa at Les Cours Mont Royal, which is in the Underground City’s business district. Among Montreal’s landmark spas, this one has been open for at least the past two decades.

The wide variety of relaxing and revitalizing beauty treatments it provides in its posh surroundings is its main selling point.

Full body massages, facials, and the ultimate pedicure and manicure are all performed in the comfort of massage recliners.

It’s the kind of spa where you and a buddy or lover can spend the day bouncing from one form of indulgence to another before (or after) a day of shopping in the area.

19. Nubia Spa Vert

The Mile End spa is upfront with its clients about the potential for blissful addiction after repeated visits.

Therapeutic massages, private infrared sauna sessions, facials, and other spa services draw customers, as does the store’s variety of handcrafted, organic goods sourced locally and produced ethically.

At only $30, this private sauna is ridiculously affordable, allowing you to quickly relax and return to the action.

20. Espace Nomad

Les Cours Mont Royal is the underground shopping district where you’ll find a spa that you shouldn’t miss. An institution among Montreal spas, this place has been open for almost two decades.

It is known for its luxurious accommodations and extensive menu of beauty-enhancing treatments.

Premium services including facials, body wraps, massages, and the ultimate pedicure and manicure are all administered in the comfort of massage chairs.

It’s the kind of spa where you can spend the day with a buddy or a date or a lover, skipping from one luxurious activity to another before (or after) a day of shopping in the area.

21. Centrale Parc

Centrale Parc, a student-friendly business located across from Lafontaine Park, provides a quaint atmosphere and reasonably priced fare without sacrificing service or quality.

The major draws include massage, body care, baths, and facials, but there are also therapeutic choices for people seeking mental and physical pain treatment.

Osteopathy for the muscles and joints, kinesiology for improving mobility, and fascia treatment for the body’s connective tissues.

The spa ritual packages are ideal if you want to be led through the process of relaxing and letting go step by step.


I found that these are the best spas in Montreal for relaxation and rest. They offer a variety of spa treatments, such as massage, facials, body scrubs, waxing, manicure/pedicures, and many others.

I recommend this spa if you’re looking for a restful experience.

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