The 20 Best Places for Sangria in Montreal Updated 2022

To ensure that you don’t miss out on any opportunities, it’s vital that you create a list of places to visit where you can get the perfect sangria, as well as a list of places that don’t serve it. 

If you want to find the best places to get a sangria in Montreal, I’m here to help. Sangria is a refreshing drink, typically made with wine and fruit.

It can be enjoyed as a cocktail or just by itself. If you’re looking for a fun and lively atmosphere, you’ll love these locations.

This list of the 20 best places to get sangria is updated this year, based on the most current data available.

Sangrias: Great places to enjoy the best sangria in Montreal

Bar Henrietta

Address: 115 Avenue Laurier Ouest Montréal QC H2T 2N6


Phone: 514-276-4282

Bar Henrietta is a well-known hangout for residents and visitors alike. The infectious energy of the area inspires a celebratory mood.

We spend our summer days on one of Montreal’s most gorgeous terraces and at one of the city’s top pubs, where you can also dine well. The red and white sangria served here is made in a traditional yet delectable manner.

The sangria at Henrietta is an example of how simplicity may provide superior flavor. N.B.: The editor is in love with one of the proprietors, thus this advice is tainted!

Kampai Garden

Address: 1616 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest Montréal QC H3H 1L9


Phone: 514-379-6161

The Kampai Garden is frequently associated with celebrations and the warm weather of the season. Even in the dead of winter, Kampai is like stepping into a semi-tropical world without the oppressive heat.

Kampai’s sangria, like the restaurant’s design, breaks with precedent. This is Jade’s Sangria, a concoction that includes vodka and red wine, as well as hibiscus syrup, guava juice and lime juice.

This more aromatic variety is ideal for the warm weather months.

Vices & Versa

Address: 6631 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal QC H2S 3C5


Phone: 514-272-2498

Vices & Versa, a local bar, is most recognized for its extensive selection of microbrews from brewers around the province. We get access to the Dunham microbrewery’s excellent brews as a result of our membership.

Red and white sangria are among the many beers available on the menu. There’s nothing fancy about this one; we come here for the terrific taste, in a laid-back setting, and always with a great snack to go with it.

Their tree-shaded back patio is also a lovely place to relax and socialize.

Escondite – Union

Address: 1206 Avenue Union Montréal QC H3B 3A7


Phone: 514-419-9755

Escondite, a Mexican restaurant in the middle of downtown, is known for its vibrant atmosphere. The sangria served at this restaurant is as fiery and unique as the establishment itself.

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With some tweaks, they’ve managed to create a unique twist on a basic sangria recipe. This drink is made with triple sec, grapefruit juice, and the tamarind jarrito liquor for a more acidic taste.

Bar Furco

Address: 425 Rue Mayor Montréal QC H3A 1N9


Phone: 514-764-3588

Furco, right across the street from Café Parvis, is a low-key and unassuming option in the heart of the city. You can eat and drink well at one of the city’s top bars, which also happens to be one of the best places to dine in Berlin.

Epicureans and foodies from all over the world gather here to indulge in the finer things in life. Red sangria cooked in the traditional fashion and served on Furco’s terrace is a perfect example of this.

Le Majestique

Address: 4105 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal QC H2W 1Y7


Phone: 514-439-1850

In the summer, Le Majestique is a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy a drink and a meal at the same time. You’ll have to ask for their sangria because it’s not listed on the menu. Nevertheless, don’t be bashful – it’s excellent!

The traditional recipe, without frills, is available in red or white, and can be produced in a glass or a pitcher, depending on the customer’s preference.

Nothing beats a summer evening on their rooftop patio in the center of Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

Le Darling

Address: 4328 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal QC H2W 1Z3


Phone: 514-379-1233

Montreal’s Le Darling is one of the city’s most stunning pubs in part because of its unusual interior design. The neighborhood is desperate to get its hands on this cafe and bar.

Sangria is served in two flavors: a red sangria and a sparkling sangria made with cider. The distinctiveness of the second variety sets it apart from the rest.

Your evening will take on a unique flavor if you serve this to the inquisitive and gourmet diners alike.

Club Pelicano

Address: 1076 Rue de Bleury Montréal QC H2Z 1N2


Phone: 514-861-1515

Club Pelicano is a popular hangout, with drinks being ordered almost every night. The venue is ideal for the event, with a sangria that is a true reflection of the tastes of the mixologists behind the bar.

It is important for sangria fans to realize that the flavor of the day, as well as the ingredients and alcohol on hand, affects the sangria’s consistency.

It can come in a variety of colors and flavors, such as cranberry, peach, and others. You never know what you’ll find if you’re looking hard enough…


Address: 111 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest Montréal QC H2Y 1Z5


Phone: 514-289-3777

The Old Port’s Bar Philémon is one of our go-to spots for a fun and laid-back night out. A pink sangria is the sole option at the bar, which is a departure from the norm.

Although it appears lighter than others, it is nevertheless pretty alcoholic! As a result, it’s ideal for summer nights spent celebrating with friends and family.


Address: 5550 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal QC H2T 1S8

Phone: 514) 903-1121

There’s a lively pub called Waverly just outside Ubisoft’s headquarters. Almost often, the mood is one of joyous celebration.

Red sangria at the bar follows a traditional formula, but it’s spruced up by the addition of other spices and alcohol. The sangria served here is great for a party since it has a lot of energy, much like the place itself.

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Address: 156 Rue Roy E Montreal, QC H2W 1M2

Phone: (514) 286-6689

What a great find! I wish I had known about it sooner.

If you’re looking for a less raucous night out than the bars on St. Laurent, this is the place to go. During the summer, this is one of my favorite places to take a date or meet up with a buddy for a drink.

There is a vast selection of local and international beers on tap, and the beverages are reasonably priced (the most expensive cocktail is $10.50 WOW).

However, the waitress/bartender who served my companion and I failed to inform us of the deals posted on the wall during happy hour, which would have been a nice touch.

It’s easy to overlook the price list board on the wall because of the vast wall decorations, and it’s not on the menu.

For $11, you can have two basic drinks, a huge sangria for $27, and more deals that I can’t recall off the top of my head.

Terrasse Place d’Armes

Address: 55 Rue Saint-Jacques O 8e étage Montreal, QC H2Y 3X2


Phone: (514) 904-1201

Here, I’m going to relax with a drink and admire the scenery! Worth every penny for the unique experience or a night out with friends!! The sangrias here are fantastic.

Buvette Chez Simone

Address: 4869 Avenue du Parc Montreal, QC H2V 4E7


Phone: (514) 750-6577

I seldom award five stars. However, I was unimpressed with my time there and had nothing to complain about. There were no issues whatsoever with the service. Educated, kind, and not invasive.

The tasting meal included duck, cheese, olives, and pig for my two buddies and I to sample. There’s also a stunning Cote du Rhone bottle to admire.

It’s also a good deal. In terms of restaurants, bars, and after-work hangouts, Montreal trumps Toronto.

Club Espagnol de Québec

Address: 4388 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC H2W 1Z5


Phone: (514) 842-6301

We had lunch here while touring the area and admiring the street art. We had a great time sitting on the terrace at the back.

My wife and I had a wonderful time at the restaurant and were reminded of our numerous vacations to Spain by the food. This is a great spot for large groups that want to eat family-style.

Also, the staff was quite kind. My favorite dish was the cheesy eggplant. This is a place I’d visit again without a doubt.

Moose Bawr

Address: 1817 Rue Saint Catherine O Montreal, QC H3H 1M2


Phone: (514) 846-6673

The sangrias are legendary, and the lunch deals are reasonable.

Had the Shakira hot dog, chilli fries, fried mac & cheese and white chicken peach basil sangria for lunch today. They were all $4 apiece!

In the past, I’ve tried most of their sangrias, and they’re all great and reasonably priced!

The hot dog was similar to Costco’s, which means it’s decent; the fried Mac & Cheese was attractive, but it needed flavor; and the chilli fries were delicious!

All in all, this is a terrific location to get a cheap lunch and a few drinks!


Address: 4475 Rue Saint-Denis Montreal, QC H2J 2L2


Phone: (514) 845-4475

Due to confinement, this was my first night out in about two years. I saw this restaurant on Open Tables, which was one of the few that had a place available, and decided to go for it.

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Despite the fact that the reservation was for 9pm, which was a little late, many individuals were already looking for a way to leave and the early bird had gotten the worm.

Our table on the patio made our experience even better, assuming you don’t mind passerbyes gazing at your meal. I’m glad we found this place! Both the food and the service were top-notch.

After reading the reviews, I decided to try the White Sangria, and it was really delicious. I could have easily downed many pitchers of it. Everything on my plate was wonderful, especially the grilled octopus and seafood paella.

Try it if you’re a fan of authentic Spanish cuisine!

La Bêtise

Address: 6015 Saint-Hubert Montreal, QC H2S 2L8


Phone: (514) 274-8288

On St. Hubert Street, I recently discovered an excellent 5 & 7 hot spot. For a quick drink with a group of friends, this restaurant is a terrific option. It’s tiny, friendly, and offers out some of the best sangria in town.

It’s a pleasure to do business here. A fantastic table d’hote and superb tapas are on offer at this restaurant.

They are well-known for their mouth-watering salmon tartare, which lived up to the hype and is now considered to be the finest in the city by many people’s standards. Oysters on the half shell are very delicious.

Excellent plate of Crab Bites, highly recommended! Lastly, save space for their sweets, which include fried dough dusted with powdered sugar and topped with vanilla ice cream!


Address: 1450 Rue Peel Montreal, QC H3A


Phone: (514) 285-1888

It was a lucky coincidence that we stumbled onto this treasure when browsing for restaurants in the area. During our meal, we sat at a table directly close to the kitchen and observed one of the cooks at work.

The mixed grilled meat for two was so delicious that we couldn’t stand after eating it. The roasted cauliflower was also a big hit. On our way out, we had to thank the chef at the grill for a wonderful supper.

Le Lab

Address: 279 Rue Sainte-Catherine E Montreal, QC H2X 1L5


Phone: (514) 303-1131

We were treated to an interesting mixology session tonight by Gabrielle Panaccio, the owner of the bar, who provided us with a list of basic Sour and Muddled cocktails.

It was a fantastic workshop, and I strongly recommend purchasing their home-brewed vermouth and bitters. Currently, they’re fulfilling requests for pandemic stay-at-home meals.

L’Gros Luxe Mile End

Address: 150 Rue Bernard O Montreal, QC H2T 2K2


Phone: (514) 507-8883

Likewise, the grilled cheese sandwich was superb! Sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, and arugula were all included. The combination of flavors was excellent.

When I requested for a drink that was “fruity and didn’t taste like alcohol,” the service recommended my drink. However, I found them to be a tad overbearing in their efforts to promote booze.

They inquired about our thirst at least three or four times throughout the meal. Is the service good? Pushy? I’m not sure, but I thought they were lovely.


I would suggest checking out the following list of places to try the best sangria in Montreal for a fun and affordable date night.

This is a great place to grab a drink after work or before heading to dinner with friends. There are so many options to choose from in this list.

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