The 19 Best Restaurants in Old Port Montreal Updated 2022

This is our most comprehensive list of restaurants in Old Port Montreal, Montreal’s premier gastronomic destination. We update it every year, and we’ve included all the best restaurants in one place, so you don’t have to visit each one on your own.

I’ve been living in Old Port for two years now… and… I’ve discovered (after many trial and error experiments) that there are really only 19 Best Restaurants in Old Port Montreal!

These are the places you absolutely must try if you visit Old Port for the first time… or… if you return for another visit.

You can easily find a restaurant in Old Port Montreal, but not so much a place where you can find the best food.

Best Restaurants Old Port in Montreal, QC, Canada

Olive & Gourmando

Address: 351 Rue Saint-Paul O Montreal, QC H2Y 2A7 Canada


Phone:(514) 350-1083

In the heart of Montreal’s old town, this is a fantastic eatery! As we came, the servers welcomed us and bid us farewell when we departed.

So, we went with an Italiano and chicken sandwich. Both dishes had an incredible flavor that I’d never experienced before. This is a hospitable establishment.


Address: 298 Place d’Youville Montreal, QC H2Y 2B6 Canada


Phone:(514) 282-1837

Double backed potatoes and filet minion were cooked to perfection. The beef was also cooked to perfection. We had a great time at this restaurant for supper.

Because the tables are so long, the atmosphere inside the restaurant can become a little congested, but it’s still really pleasant.

The wine selection was the cause for the -0.5 star rating; we tried a few different red wines and none of them were really enjoyable. That’s not to say the cuisine wasn’t superb, or that we didn’t enjoy our crème brûlée and coffee.

If you’re searching for an excellent steakhouse, here is where you should go, in my opinion. Definitely make a reservation in advance!


Address: 312 Rue Saint-Paul O Montreal, QC H2Y 2A3 Canada


Phone:(514) 544-5800

The venue had a fun, yet classy, vibe about it that I really liked. There are a lot of fun plates on the wall here. Bust of a taxidermist’s head in a baseball cap The bar in this establishment is stunning.

An intriguing development of concepts culminates in a highly saturated rainbow fish over these center pieces. One of the retaining walls has taken a significant amount of damage. I can see that Barroco was designed with care.

Music is a little too loud for my taste (noticed that the pauses between songs resulted in the voice levels of the room lowering).

And the tables are a touch too close to one other as well (but I guess that is just the tradeoff of having a small restaurant).

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Address: 1 Rue Saint-Paul O Montreal, QC H2Y 1Y6 Canada


Phone:(514) 287-9582

This was by far my favorite spot I’ve ever been. On a weekday….and apparently every night, they had live music playing, which I thought was quite nice.

We snagged the final available table. The host and our server were a joy to work with and quite entertaining! They were a big part of how much fun we had.

As a bonus, the staff was happy to chat in either French or English with us. They assured me that my rudimentary command of the language would be of no hindrance.

I opted for a steak frites medium rare. It’s a must-have with the crispy fries.

Served with olives, capers, garlic, lemon zest, and chopped cherry tomatoes, her linguine dish included grilled octopus that had been properly prepared. Both are highly recommended by us. What an amazing experience.

Creme brûlée was also on the menu and we couldn’t resist. That wasn’t the only gift we received from them, though. It was a pleasant surprise.

Jardin Nelson – Temp. CLOSED

Address: 407 Place Jacques-Cartier Montreal, QC H2Y 3B1 Canada


Phone:(514) 861-5731

Who doesn’t enjoy a taste of Montreal’s past? Although the restaurant’s upper level is now available to the public, you’re still enclosed by a wall.

We had the pleasure of listening to a fantastic trio of musicians while we were there. Nachos were the first course, and then the three of us decided to make our own lunches.

When we were down, we had a few glasses of wine and a few beers. It was a wonderful dining experience thanks to the great service provided by the wait staff.

Le Cartet

Address: 106 Rue McGill Montreal, QC H2Y 2E5 Canada


Phone:(514) 871-8887

It was my first time in Montreal, so I decided to check out Le Cartet for breakfast! There was no wait when we arrived at noon on a Friday.

The service was excellent, and the meal was delivered quickly. Smoothie to share;

Duck Confit Benedict and Maple Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese for two people The Hollandaise sauce on the benedict was excellent, and there was enough of duck in it.

On the buttery toast, the maple-pulled pork was sweeter than I imagined, but it was still great, and the potato salad with dill in it was also tasty. I was surprised by the size of the restaurant, which was more than I expected.

BEVO Bar + Pizzeria

Address: 410 Rue Saint Vincent Montreal, QC H2Y 3A6 Canada


Phone:(514) 861-5039

We were able to eat outside because there was enough space between the tables. Although our waiter wore a face shield, she didn’t wear a mask.

In my opinion, waitstaff should always wear masks, especially in tourist areas like the old port, and this is why I gave the restaurant a 3.5 star rating instead of a 4 star.

The arancini came with a pork sauce and cheese on top, and I had them for dinner. Delicious!!! My main course was a cheese pizza, which I quite enjoyed.

They provide chillies in oil in a little bowl on the side, which is far more elegant than the chili flakes you might expect.

Da Emma

Address: 777 Rue de la Commune Ouest Montreal, QC H3C 1Y1 Canada

Phone:(514) 392-1568

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It’s a must-do and a must-do again. For the first time, I was blown away by the atmosphere, the level of customer service, and the quality of the meal.

I started with a drink. My cocktail was excellent, and the bartenders were more than happy to accommodate my request for a substitute.

The server brought us water and a large bruschetta to our table. That was a delightful treat!

You’d think the waiter was a sous chef from the way he read you the menu off the blackboard.

My first course was a fantastic minestrone soup. More, please! A meatball in tomato sauce followed. Incredible!

Les Deux Gamins

Address: 170 Rue Prince Arthur E Montreal, QC H2X 1B7 Canada


Phone:(514) 288-3389

Open Table’s search for “beef tartare” led me to Les Deux Gamins, where I had my anniversary meal with my spouse.

As we approached the restaurant, we observed a spacious patio and made the decision to dine there. The hostess/waitress was wonderful; she made us feel right at home.

At our preferred table, she said that she could mix whatever drink we want, as well as a wide selection of wine, and that she would be happy to help.

While we waited for our cocktails, we had a look at the menu. My Negroni was excellent, as was my husband’s Manhattan. There were no mistakes in the preparation of either cocktail, which resulted in wonderful drinks.

La Capital Tacos

Address: 1096 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC H2Z 1J5 Canada


Phone:(514) 873-5255

Tacos and guacamole at this Mexican eatery in Chinatown were fantastic! Excellent customer service, as well as spacious and pleasant accommodations.

I had a great time. Recommend! The guacamole is my favorite part. Wow, that was very good!!


Address: 443 rue St-Francois-Xavier Montréal, QC H2Y 2T1

Phone:(514) 844-4368

The restaurant’s intimate nature is enhanced by three beautifully adorned halls in the Empire style, which dominated the Napoleonic era.

The best regional ingredients are showcased in a French-inspired meal that is prepared with the utmost care.


Address: 438, McGill Montreal, QC H2Y2G1



The Helena team invites you to share and enjoy a tasty dinner in excellent company in a pleasant, colorful, and modern setting.

For a lunch or dinner with friends, family, or business associates, this is a unique event that allows you to taste all the sophistication of Portuguese food and wine.

Tapas (petiscos) are offered to guests for selection and sharing, so they may experience the whole range of Portuguese flavors, both well-known and new, in an informal setting. It’s a feast for the senses at Helena restaurant, not just an à la carte menu.


Address: 479 St. Alexis Montréal, QC H2Y2N7



In the heart of Old Montreal, L’Orignal is a charming Chalet with friendly personnel who will make you feel perfectly at home throughout your stay. Family Owned and Operated.

Verses Restaurant

Address: 100, rue St-Paul Ouest Montréal, QC H2Y 1Z3

Phone:(514) 788-4000

Attending a weekend dinner or brunch with you is almost always a positive experience. Verses Bistro in Old Montreal serves inventive fare and a fine selection of exotic wines.

Loyal consumers have flocked here since its debut in 2002, when it first opened its doors to the commercial neighborhood. An institution of Montreal’s culinary scene, this French café is located in the majestic Nelligan Hotel.

The Verses Bistro, a sophisticated and cozy restaurant, with huge windows, high ceilings, stone walls, banquets, and a fireplace.

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Graziella Restaurant

Address: 116, McGill Montréal, QC H2Y2E5



At the Old Montreal restaurant Graziella, diners may enjoy authentic Italian fare.

NB: During the COVID-19 epidemic, we have implemented security precautions to provide a safe experience for all of our customers and workers.

Les Pyrénées

Address: 320 Saint-Paul St W Montréal, QC H2Y 2A3

Phone:(514) 842-5566

Sunshine and fresh, market-sourced ingredients are served in a pleasant and welcoming environment.

Like part of our approach to eating and its delights, we treat you as friends in the heart of the Old Port while providing you real quality cuisine.

For the whole week, we visit the market many times a week to ensure our kitchen has access to the freshest ingredients possible to prepare our signature dishes for our guests.

Come try our world-famous Toulouse Cassoulet or our shrimp, chorizo, and chicken paella Catalan Paella.

Vandale par Le Speakeasy

Address: 120 McGill St Montréal, QC H2Y 2E5

Phone:(514) 903-7710

It is a visual and gastronomic treat to dine at Vandale, a modern restaurant adorned with street art and serving delectable cuisine.

Bloom Sushi

Address: 368 Saint-Paul St W Montréal, QC H2Y 2A6



All of us who are fans of sushi eat it, live it, and dream it.

Not only do we hope for a better society, we also actively contribute to it by coming up with new and creative ideas.

In order to keep sushi alive in our lives, we’ve come up with an innovative solution.

We’ve incorporated the subtle know-how of plant-based cooking while also respecting technique.

With this in mind, we want to provide a gourmet dining experience that doesn’t skimp on enjoyment while yet honoring the tradition of sushi.

As Bloom, we’re driven ahead by our unwavering devotion to sushi.

Marché des Éclusiers

Address: 400 Rue de la Commune O. Montréal, QC H2Y 2E2




I am not a restaurant reviewer, but I do love restaurants, and I am sure you are too. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Old Port Montreal updated for 2022.

If you have suggestions, please let me know. And I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I did writing it.


Montreal’s culinary scene has several well-known icons: smoked meat sandwiches, bagels, and poutine — dishes tourists won’t leave the city without trying
How much should I tip in Montreal? Standard tipping in a restaurant is 15-20%, for hairdressers, estheticians, etc, it’s typically 15-18%, and 10-15% for cabs. Then there’s the ‘exceptional service’ tip where you might go above and beyond, but that’s entirely up to your discretion
Old Montreal is the historic district of the city of Montreal, located in the south-central part of Montreal Island and bounded by the St. Lawrence River to the south, Saint-Antoine Street to the north, McGill Street to the west and Saint-Hubert Street to the east.
Most menus are bilingual – French & English. Your server will be happy to assist, and you might do some initial research on French food names to help yourself along – i.e boeuf = beef, poulet = chicken
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