15 Places Where to Get Takeout in Pointe-St-Charles

15 Places Where to Get Takeout in Pointe-St-Charles

Pointe-St-Charles has so many amazing places where you can get a delicious bite to eat. From the iconic Pâtisserie Bizone to the new and improved Bistro du Marché.

If you’re looking for a place where you can get delicious meals that are a perfect blend of local flavours and French cooking traditions, you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re dining alone or with friends, you’re sure to find a spot that makes your taste buds happy.

Where to Get Takeout in Pointe-St-Charles

1. La Canting

Address: 1720 Rue Saint-Patrick, Montréal, QC H3K 1A7, Canada

Phone: (514) 937-2555

Website: Visit Website

The revelation that La Canting will be launching in the fall of 2020 caused a commotion amongst the public.

The name, which has French and Mandarin elements, honors the chef’s Chinese and Taiwanese heritage, as does the food.

Look out for specialties like Szechuan fried chicken, Taiwanese beef noodle soup, and grilled lamb, which take cues from both traditional family meals and bustling night markets. Choices suitable for vegetarians are on the menu.


2. Café Cantina

Address: 1880 Rue Centre, Montréal, QC H3K 1H9, Canada

Phone: (514) 903-3511

Website: Visit Website

This restaurant, which serves a fusion of Mexican and Californian cuisine, has been around since 2010, although it hasn’t garnered much attention for its offerings.

Traditional Mexican fare such as quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas, and tacos are prepared by owner Serge Landau, along with some less traditional selections such as kale.


3. Le Petit Sao

Address: 1870 Rue Centre, Montréal, QC H3K 1H7, Canada

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Phone: (514) 543-0988

Website: Visit Website

Le Petit Sao’s vibrant Tonkinese soups and vermicelli bowls, together with the restaurant’s homey ambiance, are sure to win you over.

The General Sao, a bowl of fried cauliflower (or grilled chicken) and rice, is a specialty at this family-run Vietnamese restaurant, which also serves lunch and supper.


4. Fugazzi

Address: 1886 Rue Centre, Montréal, QC H3K 1H9, Canada

Phone: (438) 522-7499

Website: Visit Website

This pizzeria, part of the Barroco group, launched at the year’s end to much enthusiasm and is currently serving a wide variety of pies to satisfied customers.

In typical fashion, they built a speakeasy on the second level called Milky Way, which featured amusing drinks in a space-themed setting.

Please take note that a second Fugazzi restaurant has recently opened in Mile End, and that the Chilean sandwich shop Super Loco is located only down the alley.


5. Café Bloom

Address: 1940 Rue Centre, Montréal, QC H3K 1J2, Canada

Phone: (514) 508-2313

Website: Visit Website

This cozy café and lunch/brunch establishment in the neighborhood has been a hit with locals and visitors alike for years.

This Centre Street favorite uses fresh and local ingredients to create a wide variety of tasty meals, including French toast, sandwiches, tartines, and straightforward egg-based breakfasts, every day of the week. No eating in, please.



6. Miel

Address: 2194 Rue Centre, Montréal, QC H3K 1J4, Canada

Phone: (438) 381-3838

Website: Visit Website

Although Hakim Chajar, the restaurant’s manager, has temporarily suspended service of the regular menu owing to the epidemic, Miel is still open for business.

In reality, since the late year 2020, patrons of this Centre Street establishment have been able to enjoy Rubie’s gourmet fried chicken.


7. Frais Express

Address: 1151 Rue de Laprairie, Montréal, QC H3K 2V6, Canada

Phone: (514) 933-4370

Located a block away from the main drag, in what was once the Jean-Guy Dépanneur, is a basic Chinese restaurant that is relatively obscure.

The locals know this place well because of the low prices ($5 or less each plate) and the extensive menu (containing dumplings, fried rice, Pad Thai, and General Tao chicken).

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8. Lecavalier Petrone

Address: 2423 Rue Centre, Montréal, QC H3K 1J9, Canada

Phone: (514) 448-4014

Website: Visit Website

Two women pastry chefs are meeting the need for visually striking meals at a time when this is often more important than flavor.

Although Lecavalier Petrone is most known for its brightly colored chocolates, the shop also sells a wide variety of other pastries, including cupcakes, financiers, éclairs, and even wedding cakes.

The boutique is available to the general public and companies, however keep in mind that it has unusually long opening hours.


9. Florence Cafe

Address: 2425 Rue Centre, Montréal, QC H3K 1J9, Canada

Website: Visit Website

Florence is technically a coffee cafe, but they have just started selling meal salads to go in addition to their innovative weekly flavor swirls. Available Monday through Friday, 9 to 5.


10. Clarke Café

Address: 2483 Rue Centre, Montréal, QC H3K 1J9, Canada

Phone: (514) 938-5554

Website: Visit Website

Clarke, a longtime Mile End favorite that recently reopened on Centre Street, is a great place to get cheap Italian pastries, sandwiches, and coffee.


11. Cantine Burgz

Address: 1243 Rue Charlevoix, Montréal, QC H3K 2Z7, Canada

Phone: (514) 702-2524

Website: Visit Website

As the only Haitian restaurant in PSC, this new spot serves up griot (spiced and fried pork), fried plantains, and pikliz (a side dish of pickled cabbage, bell peppers, and carrots).

Rockhead’s Paradise, one of Montreal’s most famous jazz clubs from the early twentieth century, is featured prominently in the decor as a historical introduction to Little Burgundy.


12. Boom J’s Cuisine

Address: 2026 Rue Wellington, Montréal, QC H3K 1W5, Canada

Phone: (514) 730-6524

Website: Visit Website

This casual Jamaican restaurant has been winning awards for its delicious goat curry, patties, roti, and jerk chicken for years.

While it may be lacking in ambiance, the cuisine more than makes up for it by being both delicious and inexpensive. Your reliable delivery service of choice.

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13. Mollo

Address: 2069 Rue Wellington, Montréal, QC H3K 1W7, Canada

Phone: (514) 543-6530

Website: Visit Website

Mollo, located on a lengthy stretch of Wellington Street, serves delicious espresso and a wide variety of sweet treats.

Due to the epidemic, this eatery had to turn its tables and chairs into a makeshift market, and so they began selling products from the surrounding community. The affogato, a little-known yet delicious delicacy, is highly recommended.


14. Connie Pizza

Address: 801 Rue Charlevoix, Montréal, QC H3K 1R6, Canada

Phone: (514) 932-2045

Website: Visit Website

You haven’t lived until you’ve had “Spéciale Connie’s.” The meat sauce (as in spaghetti) serves as the foundation for this pie, making it the pinnacle of greasy, chewy Montreal pizza.

The pizza is the main attraction, although they also serve club sandwiches, submarines, and platters of souvlaki. Connie serves the local communities with her delivery services.


15. Paul Patates

Address: 0760 Rue Charlevoix, Montréal, QC H3K 2Y2, Canada

Phone: (514) 937-2751

Website: Visit Website

There is perhaps no better place than Paul in the Pointe to satisfy your hunger for classic casse-croûte dishes.

The all-dressed steamies and poutine at this fast-food business, which has been a neighborhood staple since it first opened in 1958 and is famous for its handmade spruce beer (produced on the premises), are big hits with the locals.



There are many places where to get takeout in Pointe-St-Charles, and each one has its own unique offerings, atmosphere, and prices. Some restaurants are very expensive, while others offer amazing deals.

Some are known for their special dishes, while others serve their signature dishes. But all in all, the Point-St-Charles restaurants offer incredible variety.

No matter which restaurant you choose to go to, you will surely be satisfied with the food and service.

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