The 10+ Best Pubs In Old Montreal Updated 2022

If you haven’t been to Old Montreal in a while, you’re seriously missing out. There are more cool, little pubs in this old European neighborhood…than you could ever imagine.

Looking for the best pub in Old Montreal? Then you’re at the right place! Here’s my list of the top 10+ best pubs in Old Montreal, according to my personal taste and experience.

I’m sharing this with you because I’ve had the pleasure of visiting them all—and can vouch for their authenticity.

With over 2,000 beers and a few hundred pubs in all, here are the 10 best pubs in Old Montreal:

Best Pubs in Old Montreal

Hanzo Izakaya

Address: 417, rue st-Nicolas, H2Y 2P4


Phone: (514) 543-6400

Hanzo is much more than just a sushi and yakitori bar. Offering traditional and innovatively modern Japanese dishes, this vibrant Izakaya has earned its reputation as one of the best pubs in Old Montreal.

Hanzo’s atmosphere is lively and the bold décor invites customers to travel back in time with its rustic refurbishment.

Arrive early for a table, or enjoy your meal at the bar while indulging in Hanzo’s wide array of sake and shochu.

Taverne Gaspar

Address: 89, rue de La Commune E, H2Y 1J1


Phone: (514) 392-1649

Taverne Gaspar is a fusion of a classy bistro and a lively bar, bringing together the best of both worlds in one place. There is a good assortment of local beers and spirits to go along with the crowd-pleasing food.

Fish & chips, mac & cheese, and reimagined classics like braised beef poutine and Jim Beam ribs are among the house specialties.

Visit for a beer, a delicious dinner, or a night out with coworkers or friends. Taverne Gaspar is one of Montreal’s most popular gastropubs because to its laid-back ambiance and traditional décor.

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Le 409

Address: 409, rue McGill, H2Y 0B5


Phone: (514) 750-0409

Le 409 is a modern Indian restaurant and lounge on McGill Street that takes inspiration from the city’s London neighborhoods.

The 409 has a wide selection of Indian classics, as well as a number of inventive fusion dishes.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic vindaloo lamb dish or a butter chicken poutine, we’ve got something for everyone at our Bollywood/Havana-inspired restaurant.


Address: 1080, rue de Bleury, H2Z 1N2


Phone: (514) 543-8488

Cooking Chifa is Chef Larrea’s method of passing on fond memories of his youth via his own unique take on Chinese Peruvian cuisine.

Chifa cuisine, which hails from Peru, is a fusion of Chinese and Peruvian ingredients. Chifa’s décor is as bold as its menu, and the dim sum, shu mai and other mouth-watering dishes are just as aromatic.


Address: 1076, rue de Bleury, H2Z 1N2


Phone: (514) 866-6776

Marcel Larrea’s Peruvian brasserie is located in the centre of Montreal. Organic wine and artisan beer are also available to accompany the meal.

Tiradito’s menu is extensive, so be sure to take your time. Highlights include the tiradito dish, which consists of thinly sliced white fish, similar to ceviche but with the citrus being replaced by soy sauce.

Tiradito also offers a variety of traditional cocktails and other alcoholic beverages to pair with its predominantly Peruvian menu.

BreWskey Taproom

Address: 385, rue de la Commune E, H2Y 1H2


Phone: (514) 507-2739

After just four years after the launch of BreWskey Pub, the Taproom was opened in 2019 as an expansion of the pub to serve our ever-growing customer base.

Because we love brewing so much, we decided to build the larger area because we can now brew all of our own goods right here on the premises!

With 100 seats, an open kitchen and brewery operating at full capacity, and a big outside terrace overlooking the port, this project has been a genuine labor of love.

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It has quickly become a must-visit location for beer and cuisine aficionados in Old Montreal. The majority of the alcoholic beverages served at our establishment are made in Canada and come from Quebec.

Our 30 beer taps are stocked with only the best local and regional beers, which we are pleased to provide. Come to Old Montreal’s BreWskey Taproom and enjoy the finest of Quebec!

Méchant Boeuf Bar-Brasserie

Address: 124, rue Saint-Paul O, H2Y 1Z3


Phone: (514) 788-4020

AAA-Grade Materials and Construction You’ll find Angus beef, a raw bar, a wide choice of handcrafted drinks, and an ever-changing musical ambience at Méchant Boeuf.

It’s been a mainstay in Old Montreal for the last ten years and is sure to enchant visitors.

Never before has Montreal’s naughty side tasted so nice!

Pub BreWskey

Address: 380, rue St-Paul E, H2Y 1H2

Website: (514) 507-2739


Brewskey is a microbrewery and gastropub with an upscale, contemporary décor. Many breweries that serve food tend to be either kitchen or brewery focused; however, here you can find both under one roof.

The restaurant has a locally-focused menu and beers brewed right on-site. With its interesting beer list covering the likes of raspberry sour, saison and English bitter, there is something on tap to please everyone’s taste.


Address: 211, rue Notre-Dame O, H2Y 1T4

Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, L’Assommoir has a drink that will please you. L’Assommoir’s drink menu boasts more than 300 options, luring guests into a world where everything is constantly being reimagined.

L’Assommoir is known for its extensive drink menu, but the restaurant’s specialty is ceviche, a raw fish and shellfish dish marinated in citrus juices.

Additionally, the menu offers a wide variety of meat dishes such as the porc au whiskey Jameson and sweet treats like sorbet in addition to the ceviche.

Long wooden tables and chocolate-hued chairs adorn the inside, which is painted a rich brown and mahogany color. During the week, DJs play a range of cheerful tracks, while on Sundays, live artists perform.

Table-hopping is easy because the audience is both professional and laid-back.

Bistro-Brasserie Les Soeurs Grises

Address: 32, rue McGill, H2Y 3W5

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Phone: (514) 788-7635

Les Soeurs Grises offers an extensive menu of French-inspired dishes, in addition to a wide range of cocktails. The décor is classic, with grey walls and white tiles—a look that has remained unchanged since the bistro opened in 1993.

Each day, Les Soeurs Grises offers a different changing tableau. For example, on Mondays, an active and vibrant scene appears with different business people conversing over coffee and croissants.

On Fridays, the scene is more reserved; a couple can be seen finishing their lunch while other patrons simultaneously enjoy the bar.


Address: 60, rue St-Jacques, H2Y 1L5

Phone: (514) 843-8585

Rosewood restaurant pub offers gourmet pub fare made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and influenced by flavors from across the world.

The drinks are handcrafted with only the freshest and seasonal ingredients, and are produced with great care and attention to detail.

Rosewood, from Outkast to Muse, the Rolling Stones to Nas, from the speakers to the kitchen and bar, is the genuine deal!


The 10+ best pubs in Old Montreal are listed here. These are the places where you’ll find friendly people, great food and drink at fair prices. And it’s in these locales that you’ll find the heart and soul of Old Montreal.

So get thee to one of these joints and mingle with the locals. You’ll get a much more authentic taste of Old Montreal.


Hailed as the oldest bar in Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood, having first opened its doors just after the prohibition era in 1922, Chez Baptiste still reigns supreme as one of the best places to grab a casual drink or watch the game on Mont-Royal Ave.
Parents will now be allowed to dine and have a drink on a terrasse with their children until 11 p.m. Right now, the rules force an early end to the pleasant evening because minors are not allowed to be in bars after 8 p.m. even with their parents.
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