THE 10+ BEST pastries in Montreal, Updated 2022

This year, I spent two weeks in Montreal, researching and sampling the city’s best pastries. And now, I’m ready to share my findings with you.

Here is my list of the best pastries in Montreal. My goal is to provide a list of places where you can buy the best pastries in Montreal.

This includes both French bakeries as well as places that specialize in international cuisine. The list includes bakeries, patisseries, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Here is my list of the 10+ best pastries in Montreal, which was updated for 2022.

The 10+ best pastries in Montreal

Les Délices Lafrenaie

Address: 1500 Avenue Atwater Montreal, QC H3Z 1X5


Phone: (514) 907-5555

This establishment has been providing delicious pastries and espressos to Montrealers for over 20 years. It’s consistently ranked as one of the best places to get your breakfast or afternoon treats!

Cake doughnuts, chocolate croissants, and apple turnovers are among this bakery’s most popular items.

Pâtisserie L’Éclaircie

Address: 1382 Rue Ontario Est Montréal QC H2L 1S1


Phone: 514-544-1382

For admirers of this delicacy and its delectable cabbage dough, Montreal is the place to go. You’ll be able to choose from a dozen different tastes while you’re there.

Pistachio and raspberry éclairs, hazelnut praline éclairs, and salted caramel éclairs should not be missed by visitors.

Chez Potier

Address: 630 Rue Wellington Montréal QC H3C 0X9


Phone: 579-640-3094

Oliver Potier’s bakery in Old Montreal on Wellington Street is now open to the public for the first time. Intricately matched flavors and textures are evident in his pastries.

Pâtisserie Madeleine

Address: 2105 Rue Beaubien Est Montréal QC H2G 1M5

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Phone: 438-375-1952

The Madeleine pastry store opened its doors in the summer, and it’s already gaining a cult following.

From croissants to chocolates to danishes, the store has a wide variety of well-buttered treats to choose from (among the best pastries in Montreal).

Each season brings a fresh variety of fruity, chocolaty, and spicy flavors to our palates. Traditional Lorraine egg cake, the madeleine, is a tiny snack that is constantly on hand in the shop’s pastry counter.

Café Bazin

Address: 380 Avenue Victoria Westmount QC H3Z 2N4


Phone: 438-387-3070

Café Bazin, a joint venture between Antonio Park and Bertrand Bazin, has been open since July 2017. Savoury and sweet French pastry staples are served in a stylish and colorful setting.

Bertrand Bazin is a brilliant pastry chef, so it’s no surprise that his sweets are the talk of the town. Bertrand’s menu at Café Bazin is always being reimagined in a way that encourages frequent visits.

Maison Christian Faure


Address: 355 Place Royale Montréal QC H2Y 2V3


Phone: 514-508-6453

Maison Christian Faure is another bakery that caters to affluent customers. Anyone who craves a high-end pastry experience will fall in love with the French-inspired confections.

Christian Faure is the chef behind the establishment’s moniker. Prior to moving to Montreal, he had worked at some of the world’s most renowned restaurants.

Cakes from Bordeaux, such as chouquettes and cannelés, as well as lemon and marbled cakes, can be found in this bakery and cafe.

There is also an ice cream and sorbet stand at Christian Faure. Our list of the top sweets in town now includes the home.

Fous Desserts

Address: 809 Avenue Laurier Est Montréal QC H2J 1G2

Phone: 514-273-9335

Fous Desserts is a tiny chocolate and pastry business in the Plateau neighborhood of Montreal.

There are matcha cakes, financiers, chocolate lava cake, and many other sweets to choose from in a laid-back atmosphere.

When it comes to Fous Desserts, the flavors are largely inspired by the seasons and the company uses Quebec goods in its confections. It’s a terrific spot to enjoy some of Montreal’s greatest desserts in a laid-back ambiance.

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Address: 277 Rue Dante Montréal QC H2S 1K3

Phone: 514-271-3013

Located in Little Italy, Alati-Caserta is a well-known Italian pastry business. T

hey have specialized in classic Italian confections since 1968, from their fantastic handmade biscotti (among the best in town!) to their delectable cod d’Aragosta (lobster tail) and cornetto (a sweet pastry).

Because of the high quality and originality of its items, as well as its 1968 décor that brings us back to another period, we enjoy this location. You should check this out!

Patrice Pâtissier

Address: 2360 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest Montréal QC H3J 1N4

Phone: 514-439-5434

Patrice Pâtissier, another Tastet favorite, has become a pillar of Montreal’s pastry culture and a forerunner of the city’s top bakeries.

Located in the Little Burgundy neighborhood, Patrice Demers, a culinary legend, owns the institution. All are able to enjoy beautiful and high-quality pastries at our establishment.

You may get anything from kouign amann to cannelés to scones to chocolate chip cookies to pecan shortbread and banana cakes, as well as a vast range of other sweets. 

Desserts are available in various sizes, from little jars and slices to bigger candies for individuals who are entertaining or simply have a sweet appetite.

Another restaurant that has earned a reputation as one of the top dessert shops in town.

Pâtisserie Rhubarbe

Address: 1479 Avenue Laurier Est Montréal QC H2J 1H8

Phone: 514-316-2935

A modest pastry store adored by residents, Pâtisserie Rhubarbe is now an amazing staple like no other in town!

If the establishment is renowned in part because of its superb lemon meringue pie

– Italian meringue, lemon cream and Breton shortbread, a wonderful joy

– the other confections of the place are just as delicious.

Mille feuilles, miniature jars of Panna Cotta, cheesecakes, the spectacular tiered peach-verbena dessert, cocoa crumbles and jars of chocolate cream; all this and more awaits you at Pâtisserie Rhubarbe.

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This establishment has most definitely earned its spot among our favourite pastry shops and the greatest treats in town.


Address: 2009 Avenue de la Salle Montréal QC H1V 2K6


Phone: 514-543-3543

Helico is a beautiful pastry bakery and cafe in Hochelaga, located on Avenue de la Salle.

The result of a collaboration between Melodie Perez-Mousseau, David Ollu, and Youri Bussières Fournel, three alumni of the chic restaurant Bouillon Bilk, this address welcomes you to savor excellent homemade confections:

 – Delicious croissants, chocolate chip cookies, one of Montreal’s best brownies, kouign-amann, brioches, and much more.

Everything is handcrafted by hand, from scratch, and made to order every morning. Because of Melodie, everything here tastes like bliss, and it’s all because of her. It’s one of my favorite places to visit!

Le Paltoquet

Address: 1464 Avenue Van Horne Montréal QC H2V 1L2

Phone: 514-271-4229

Le Paltoquet is a lovely French pastry shop-cafe that started in 1990 in the district of Outremont. At the counter of the modest French-style room you may get scrumptious pastries, bread and French gourmet goods.

On the sweet side, there are numerous exquisite characteristically French confections: fruit tarts, royal cake, succès aux marrons (layered chestnut delicacy), Chambord cake and much more.

They also create some very delicious pastries, including an amazing croissant; one of the best in town, if not the greatest according to Tastet. A casual location to try for its handcrafted desserts.


When it comes to eating out, sometimes you don’t want to pay for the most expensive option. You’re looking for something delicious, affordable, and not too greasy.

That’s where this list comes in! Here, we’ve listed 10 of the best pastries in Montreal, which are perfect for the budget-conscious diner.

You may find some of these places on our top restaurant list. Or, if you’re a foodie, they may even make you a believer. Either way, they’re worth a visit.

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