The ultimate guide to the best nightlife in Montreal right now

The ultimate guide to the best nightlife in Montreal right now

Whether you’re looking to get out of the house this weekend or you’re planning a holiday next year, there’s no better way to explore a city than through its bars and nightclubs.

Now that summer is well underway, we’re finally starting to see some of the highlights of Montreal’s thriving nightlife scene.

From a diverse range of live music venues to a growing array of nightclubs, bars and lounges, you’ll find plenty of choices for your summer fun.

As we look at the new year, there’s no shortage of ways to spend New Year’s Eve in Montreal. Whether you’re looking for the party with the best atmosphere or the most unique experience, we have some suggestions to get you started.

Best nightlife venues in Montreal

1. Ausgang Plaza

We could go on and on about the possibilities of what can be done with this 4,500 square foot multipurpose space on St. Hubert in Rosemont.

It can host everything from DJ sets to live music performances to album launches by local artists to film screenings to virtual reality projections to sound art installations to art vernissages and clothing line launches, to name a few.

Expect a laid-back atmosphere to go along with the creative and bohemian ethos of the locals.

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2. L’Axe du Mal

When united, L’Axe du Mal (which translates to “the axis of evil”) is a cluster of four venues at the nightlife intersection of Saint-Denis Street and Mont-Royal Avenue. Different types of entertainment may be found at each pub.

L’Escogriffe is a smaller, more intimate rock club where local and touring bands perform; La Rockette, an upstairs dance club, features rockabilly, classic rock, and pop from the 1950s to the 1980s; and Pow Pow, a nightclub where local DJs spin electro, house, and techno, is a more nightclub-like setting.

This is a challenge for you to complete them all on the same night.

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3. Les Foufounes Électriques

Enter ‘Les Foufs’ and you’ll be surrounded by Montreal’s musical past. It is here that many of Montreal’s alt-rock and punk icons got their start, including Nirvana, Green Day, and Queens of the Stone Age.

The massive multipurpose facility debuted in 1983 and has been a fixture in the city ever since. Punk, goth, emo, new wave, ska, and metal are just few of the genres it specializes in today.

The downstairs bar section is stocked with inexpensive pitchers of beer, while the upstairs club area offers a massive dance floor and one of the greatest mosh pit scenes in town.

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4. Turbo Haüs

If you’re looking for a smaller venue for hard rock, punk, and metal performances than this is the place to go.

The bar at this establishment is separated from the performance area, so clients may come in for a drink and listen before deciding if they want to join in the show/live band karaoke/movie screening/video game tournament/chili cook-off or simply relax with a drink and a good time.

In town, very few mosh pits are as close-knitted as this one. There are no jerks permitted here.

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5. Casa del Popolo

For several decades, Casa del Popolo has been a focal point of the Plateau and Mile End’s alternative arts and music scenes.

Arcade Fire and Do Make Say Think are just two of the many notable local and international groups that have graced its stages over the years, and no two nights are the identical when it comes to the wide variety of musical acts that perform there.

Year-round, the café-bar area offers vegetarian fare and some of the neighborhood’s cheapest brews, while the terrace out back, open in the summer, is a terrific spot to grab a few drinks before a play.

Check out its sibling venues La Sala Rossa and La Vitrola for additional live music with a similar laid-back vibe, and pay attention to when Casa becomes a local hub for the avant-garde Suoni Per Il Popolo event.

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6. La Société des arts technologiques

From their summer DJ set series, Dômesicle, to Cinéma Urbain projections and concerts from a roster that has included Len Faki, Ladytron, Étienne de Crécy, and Richard Reed Parry, the SAT has hosted a broad array of arts and music events.

The SATosphère, a 6,000-square-foot dome created for 360-degree audiovisual projections, is the establishment’s finest achievement. It’s the ideal location for both experimental art projects and crazy club nights.

When the weather is nice, the terrace and rooftop bar of Le Labo Culinaire, the restaurant located on the second floor, are among of Montreal’s best.

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7. Bar Le Ritz PDB

Il Motore, a popular Montreal indie rock venue, was demolished in 2014 and replaced with Bar Le Ritz. Live music, DJ nights, and parties after parties all converge at this location on the border of Mile-Ex on Jean-Talon Avenue.

For those who are afraid to go to mainstream nightclubs or who crave the wild underground nights, this is the perfect place to hear everything from hip-hop and electronica to punk and indie rock from local and international touring acts.

The crowd is diverse and welcoming, too, with a strong LGBTQ presence.

Take a trip down memory lane at one of their retro-themed dance events. PDB is an acronym for “Punks Don’t Bend,” in case you were wondering.

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Best clubs for nightlife in Montreal

1. Stereo After Hours

Stereo has been praised by worldwide DJs for its sound system, which keeps house and techno music blasting far into the wee hours of the morning.

This after-hours nightclub has soundproof walls and a dance floor strengthened with springs and shock absorbers to cater to the hardcore all-nighters who come from all corners of the city to party here.

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2. Datcha

Clubbing in Mile End is scarce, but Bar Datcha is one of the few options. Local DJ Thomas Von Party and his Multi Culti label partnered with the club when it first debuted some years ago.

The club’s tiny dance floor will be filled with his and other local DJs’ sets all week long, performing everything from house to electro to disco to funk to techno.

Arrive early to the nearby 12-seat Imperial Russian-themed bar Kabinet for one of Montreal’s greatest cocktail bars.

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3. Crescent Street

For visitors and residents of the suburbs, this West End street is a popular nightlife destination in Montreal, especially during the Grand Prix weekend when it hosts some of the most renowned Formula 1 parties in the city.

Numerous dining, drinking, and entertainment options can be found on the three blocks between René-Lévesque Blvd. and Sherbrooke St. W.

Drinks and dancefloors can be found at Sir Winston Churchill Pub or Jet Nightclub; student hangouts like Brutopia and Mad Hatter Pub have more divey and down-to-earth feel;

The Instagram password to NewHas, a speakeasy-style club themed after a war bunker, can be obtained via social media.

4. New City Gas

Those of electronic dance music should check out the industrial setting of New City Gas.

Griffintown’s Warehouse is a renovated warehouse with a big outdoor space and two levels that can fit up to 2,000 people and is well-known for hosting EDM giants such as Tiesto, David Guetta, Bauer, and Steve Angelo (of the Swedish House Mafia).

During your stay, don’t forget to check out the magnificent restrooms, which include a community Turkish fountain illuminated in purple hues and adorned with chandeliers.

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5. La Voûte

La Voûte, the repurposed subterranean vault of the old Royal Bank of Canada building in Old Montreal, is a sure bet for a memorable evening.

Black velour seats and high arched ceilings form a prohibition-era backdrop for a swanky bar and disco after going through a heavy safe door. High-energy club music spun by local and guest DJs keep the dance floor packed.

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6. Newspeak

This midsize second-floor club in the Village is run by Montreal organizer I Love Neon and serves as a hub for all things techno, with a focus on European minimal and deep dance artists.

Even when it’s packed to the rafters, this is one of the greatest locations to see your favorite turntablists in town.

The crowd here, in contrast to those at more well-known locations, is friendly and non-cliquey. Make new acquaintances while waiting in line for the bathroom with the bartenders’ welcoming demeanor.

Be on the lookout for their official Igloofest afterparties and other special events.

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7. Stereo

A world-renowned sound system and an equally remarkable roster of international DJs combine to make Stereo the ultimate Montreal all-nighter.

This warehouse club in the Village plays only the greatest underground techno and deep dance music, making it the best after-hours club in town.

On most evenings, the party doesn’t really get started until 5 a.m., even though it’s open until the wee hours of the morning every night.

Instead of coming straight from brunch, you might want to get a drink at Stereobar, a club located downstairs, before coming here.

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8. Salon Daomé

Many of Montreal’s current ravers and DJs got their start at Salon Daomé, which opened on Mont-Royal Avenue in the early ’90s.

In its new location on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, it has maintained the same neighborhood vibe and décor while also adding an upgraded sound system and dance floor to better serve its patrons.

It’s a great option for house and techno fans searching for a venue to party till the small hours of the morning on weekdays. In the lounge area, you’ll find nice couches and ottomans for resting your legs.

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9. Le Belmont

The Mec Plus Ultra event at Le Belmont is one of the city’s most popular LGBTQ hangouts, including drag shows, gay anthems, and electro-pop.

Voyage Funktastique, a local funk collective, and Avalancha, a Spanish-language rock and DJ collective in town, both have frequent events here.

Bass Drive Wednesdays gives a weekly dose of bass-heavy music, while the roster includes local and international touring groups playing hip-hop, indie, and electro.

The club includes a spacious main room and a more intimate rear area with a lounge vibe for those who want a quieter time to themselves.

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10. Stereobar

You may prolong your all-nighter into a week with Stereo’s younger sister.

With a normal bar open until 3am, this smaller and more private room is a great alternative to the iconic Stereo after-hours club (given the big names they book on a regular basis).

Like its bigger brother upstairs, Stereobar focuses on heavy techno, tech house and deep house, although the music below is a touch more diversified.

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11. Club Unity

In the Gay Village, Club Unity is a must-visit, with two levels and a stunning rooftop terrace overlooking the city’s cityscape.

EDM, pop, and oldies fill the enormous area, which also boasts underground DJs performing techno and house.

While it’s known as a favorite spot for the LGBTQ community, it’s open to everyone and everyone is promised a crazy night of dancing and partying here.

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12. La Rockette

To get down in Montreal, you don’t need to be an ardent electronic music fan.

Rockabilly and classic rock from the 1950s through the 1980s will be played at this little second-floor club, which caters to music fans who enjoy the sounds of the past.

Last call in l’Axe duMal at the crossroads of St. Denis and Mont-Royal, beverages and cover are quite affordable, and it’s open six days each week from Monday to Saturday.

On Wednesday morning, you may call in sick to their weekly event, Deadly Mardis, which is a favorite of nightly warriors.

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13. Cabaret Berlin

Gay Village’s latest and greatest little venue, Cabaret Berlin, has just opened its doors. With its roots in Berlin’s famed underground clubs, it has already proven itself to be a hot spot for wild parties and top-notch local DJs.

You’ll never have the same night twice thanks to a combination of European-style minimal techno, queer goth, electroclash, dark wave, Italo disco, and other genres.

This is one of the finest locations to let your inner freak out because admission is inexpensive and the atmosphere is low back.

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14. Salsathèque

In the heart of downtown Montreal, this is one of the city’s oldest and most renowned salsa clubs.

Neon lights and mirror balls evoke memories of Montreal’s legendary disco nights of the 1970s, and the atmosphere will have you believing you’ve stepped into a scene from the film Saturday Night Fever.

When Arcade Fire delivered a surprise live event at the premiere of their album Reflektor in 2013, the club’s renown skyrocketed.

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15. Velvet Speakeasy

Old Montreal’s Auberge Saint-Gabriel, home to the world’s top speakeasies, was a pioneer in the decade-long obsession for the city’s best speakeasies, which has swept the city.

Velvet’s opulent lounge sofas are available for VIP bottle service while the dancefloor is full every weekend, evoking images of European grotto clubs with its cobblestone tunnel ceiling.

With a lineup of local and international DJs, this club focuses on house and techno. Igloofest after-parties and some of the greatest Grand Prix parties take place here throughout the winter months.

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16. Complexe Sky

The Jersey Saloon, a hip hop room, a drag-focused cabaret, and the Bleu Sky club all have weekend offerings at this massive three-story entertainment complex in the Gay Village.

The restaurant, pub, and terrace on the main level are all open seven days a week. Drinks are among of the cheapest in town, and the cover charge is low.

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Best supper clubs for nightlife in Montreal

1. Soubois

The underground address designed like a forest is one of the most popular destinations in Downtown Montreal—after Crescent Street, of course.

When tables are tucked away and resident and guest DJs begin to spin, the people really begin to gather at this seafood and cocktail party hotspot. It’s safe to say that this is one of the city’s most opulent venues.

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2. Flyjin

It’s a well-known fact that this subterranean bar in Old Montreal has hosted as many sumptuous dinners as it has successful DJ nights.

At the beginning of the evening, Antonio Park, one of the city’s greatest chefs, offers an impressive cocktail menu and a Japanese fusion menu, but at night? P

erforming artists from all over the world take use of the venue’s state-of-the-art lighting and audio equipment.

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3. Terrasses Bonsecours

Summer nights in Montreal are made more special at the Terrasses Bonsecours, one of the city’s most opulent and gorgeous spots. In the center of the Old Port, on the Clock Tower pier, this club, restaurant, and bar is located.

If you’re in Montreal during the day, grab a pitcher of sangria and something to eat to enjoy the stunning views of the Saint Lawrence River, Old Montreal, and the neighboring skylines.

It is possible to dance on all three levels of this vast structure beneath the stars or flashing lights once the sun sets.

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Best cocktail bars for nightlife in Montreal

1. Le Mal Nécessaire

The green neon pineapple that hangs over the stairway is where you’ll find this basement bar.

Since its 2014 opening, Le Mal Nécessaire has had an enormous impact on Chinatown’s evening scene, giving a much-needed change of pace to the area’s generally food-centric atmosphere.

The drinks are presented in coconuts and pineapples, and the menu is full of tropical ingredients like cachaca, rum, and pisco—don’t miss their Dragon Boat Punches, which are great for parties and bartending events.

If you’re starving, the Chinese restaurant Fung Shing, located just above the pub, is just a short walk away.

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2. Club Pelicano

Drinks and decor (which seems like it belongs at the bottom of a drained pool) are attractive, but the music is what really makes this pub stand out.

Guests from out of town with vinyl rigs are equally as important as the local artists here, and every night of the week has some really, very peaceful music playing.

Those who want to listen to music rather than dance will do so on the weekends. Anyhow, if you want to take advantage of one of Montreal’s top happy hours, we recommend getting there early.

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3. Bar Renard

In the Gay Village, Bar Renard has established itself as one of the most stylish and welcoming establishments. It is particularly popular with LGBTQ women, although all are welcome.

Local beers and beverages such as Pimm’s Cup and Mojito in liters are among the many options available. Burgers, pulled pork, and hot dogs come in both meat- and vegetarian-based versions on the menu.

If you want to get your feet moving, you’ll have a hard time finding a table here during the night. Clean and simple enjoyment.

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Best cabarets for nightlife in Montreal

1. Cabaret Mado

Mado Lamotte has been running Cabaret Mado, Montreal’s best drag cabaret, since 2002. Comedians will perform entertaining and controversial comedic routines while lip-syncing to popular songs.

After the concert, the DJs will take over and you can get down with Mado and her pals on the dance floor. At Cabaret Mado, many wonderful nights have begun and ended.

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2. The Wiggle Room

In Montreal’s famous cabaret scene, the Wiggle Room is a newcomer, inspired by the traditional speakeasy of the 1920s.

Wiggle Room hosts a variety of shows including vintage burlesque, drag queen and drag king galas, comedy skits, and theme evenings.

The bar also offers a wide range of traditional and modern drinks to complement the evening’s festivities. Make sure to dress to the nines and prepare for a crazy time at this event.

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3. Café Cléopatre

Cléopatra is one of the few remaining remnants of Montreal’s notorious Red Light District, which has been demolished and expropriated several times.

A new glass and steel office structure surrounds the building’s historic front, creating a striking visual contrast with the establishment’s modern interior.

One of Montreal’s best strip clubs is located on the ground floor, where you’ll find performers and décor that haven’t changed in 30 years.

Alternatively, head upstairs for wild drag and burlesque performers and monthly baraoke, where anyone is welcome to strip while singing (and it’s more fun than you think).

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Best strip clubs for nightlife in Montreal

1. Club Wanda’s

The two-story strip club at the intersection of de la Montagne and de Maisonneuve is one of the city’s most exclusive establishments.

Table dancing and lap dancing are available at this Montreal strip club, which is located in the thick of the action during major events like the F1 Canadian Grand Prix.

As a result of the expropriation for the construction of the Four Seasons Hotel, this location is a true classic.

2. Chez Parée

This high-end downtown staple has been in the game for almost three decades. The plush and elegant decor and VIP table dancing section make it stand out from the others.

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If you want the whole experience, speak to the dancers for a full-contact lap dance. If you’re searching for a more relaxing experience, the Chez Parée Club portion provides a classier entertainment with no contact dances.

3. Solid Gold Show Bar

Solid Gold is one of the top restaurants in town, despite its off-the-beaten-path location. Up to fifty women may be seen dancing on the two floors of this opulent erotica mecca at any given time.

There are large disco balls, high-quality stage lighting, and plush leather seats. Make sure to check out the casino’s slot machines and VIP lounge before requesting a dance. On-site dining options include a full-service restaurant.

4. Kamasutra Club

On Sainte-Dominique, tucked away from the bars and clubs of Saint-Laurent Boulevard, you’ll find a quiet retreat suited for a weekend getaway.

It’s one of Montreal’s smallest clubs, so you’ll get a more personal encounter with some of the city’s best pole dancers.

A VIP area and bottle service can be reserved ahead of time, so keep an eye out for their special events around New Year’s Eve.

5. Le 281

All of the clubs on this list are welcoming to women, but Le 281 is Canada’s top strip club for women solely—men are permitted, but only if accompanied by women.

With a dancer at your table and a memento snapshot taken with your camera as part of a table service package, this is the perfect venue for a girl’s night out, birthdays, or bachelorette parties!

Even your favorite dancer can come to your house and perform for you.

6. Stock Bar

One of the top places in town for gay men’s entertainment is right in the center of the Village. As well as a ladies’ night on Wednesdays, they boast a full roster of the city’s most sought-after entertainers.

They also claim to be the only gay strip club in the world that streams every show live online for its subscribers, so you can enjoy it from the privacy of your own home. That’s what you call customer service.

7. Cabaret Les Amazones

This club on the outskirts of the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighborhood provides a lot more than your typical nightclub experience would entail.

There are various stages for bachelor parties and a private contact dancing area, as well as a new restaurant that serves meals until 1 a.m. in the recently refurbished, large interior.

Their UFC events are worth seeing as well. All of this is reason enough to make the journey.

8. Cabaret Sex Appeal

In spite of its laid-back atmosphere, this strip club nonetheless offers all the normal amenities of a typical Montreal strip club: stage shows, private contact dances, and table dances reserved for VIPs.

For those who don’t mind spending a little extra money, they also offer two-for-one drink promotions before to 11 p.m.

9. Club Downtown

One of the greatest places to arrange a bachelor party is at this no-nonsense locale.

When the Grand Prix is in town, they send in over 50 showgirls from all around the world to perform in the four VIP areas, 19 private booths, and four exotic beds.

During the hockey season, this is a popular place to watch Canadiens games.

10. Bar Exxxotica

This club, located in the hip Mile End neighborhood, is ideal for those seeking a more relaxed night out away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

It’s a mix of local females and women from all around the world that make up their amazing pole dancers. In addition, they put on events for milestone anniversaries, bachelor parties, and, if necessary, divorce celebrations.

11. Pink Paradise Laval

Do not be fooled by its rural location. This venue boasts a 15-foot main stage and an upper stage, as well as the Champagne Room and lesbian acts performed on private sensual beds.

If you’re a regular, you should sign up for a VIP membership, which provides you access to a private bar in an executive lounge. Occasionally, they have professional porn star events, so be on the lookout.

12. Campus Strip Bar

Seven days a week, this homosexual male strip club in the Village is open. Bodybuilders are renowned to perform their dances in the evenings when they are more relaxed and pleasant during daylight hours.

Ladies’ evenings are only held on Sundays at this establishment. Poker machines, pool tables, and a shooter bar are also available inside the club.

13. Bar Mania

If you’re looking for a real taste of Quebec’s dancers, come to this neighborhood strip club in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district instead than downtown.

It has the small-town charm that residents have come to expect from a region known for its sleazy nightlife. When compared to other of the more expensive alternatives in Montreal, you can expect to save a lot of money here.


If you’re looking for the best bar crawl around town, we’ve got you covered. In this article, I’m going to show you the best bars and clubs to go to in Montreal and why they’re worth checking out.

This article is about the best nightlife in Montreal right now. We’ll go through the best clubs, bars, lounges, and party spots where you can find the best party atmosphere and top DJs at the moment.


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