Top 7 best Korean fried chicken in Montreal

Top 7 Must-Eat best Korean fried chicken in Montreal 2022

Korea is extremely famous for fried chicken, especially spicy fried chicken. If you have a chance to travel to Korea, this is a must-try dish that you cannot ignore. In Montreal, there are many spots serving Korean fried chicken. However, where are the finest places serving fried chickens in Montreal?

If you are wondering, this article can solve it! The article shares the top 7 best Korean chicken in Montreal with you. Let’s refer to it and find out the greatest spot for eating Korean fried chicken! 

Top 7 best Korean fried chicken in Montreal
Top 7 best Korean fried chicken in Montreal

1. Mon Ami – Somerled

Mon Ami is located in different locations in Montreal, Canada. You can easily find it in the heart of Saint-Laurent street or Brossard. It is one of the most well-known Korean restaurants in Canada. The restaurant serves diverse types of Korean dishes such as kimchi, Korean BBQ, or ramen.

The popular dish is fried chicken. Most customers visit there because of the restaurant’s fried chicken. This dish is truly incredible and tasty. It can blow anyone’s mind when tasting. 

Besides, bibimbap is also amazing. Hence, you should try those dishes once in your life when you come to Mon Ami. Moreover, the service is fine. Their food is unbelievable and irresistible. Mon Ami is truly a great spot for dating with your partner or just normal for an eat-out day with your family. The restaurant supports delivery service to protect you from covid 19. 

2. Les Saison de Corée

 Les Saison de Corée is located at 1184 Bishop St, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This restaurant is well-known for its unique stew, hot pot, and ramen. Moreover, their fried chicken brings diners the most amazing and mouth-watering taste that you cannot find anywhere.

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When visiting Les Saison de Coree, you can try sipping soju and eating spicy cheese chicken with sweet sauce on top. This is a perfect combo for winter days. 

Les Saison de Corée in Montreal
Les Saison de Corée in Montreal

Besides, seafood pancake is also another delectable dish that you should try there. Finally, the price is fair and affordable. Their service is good and the staff is friendly. The restaurant offers groups of more than 5 people. In addition, you can celebrate parties and ceremonies there. 

3. KimGalbi

KimGalbi is situated in the heart of downtown Montreal. The restaurant’s address is 2100 St Mathieu St, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. KimGalbi is known as a new brand in the city. It specializes in Korean cuisines. The restaurant has a variety of Korean dishes for you to choose from.

One of the most famous ones is chicken. It serves diverse types of chicken with different sauces such as grilled chicken, fried chicken, or poulet Gang Jeong – fried chicken with spicy sauce. 

Besides irresistible chickens, KimGalbi has a huge reputation for traditional Korean food like Kimchi Jjigae, Daeji Gookbab, Jabchae, or rice cakes. Plus, tasty dumplings are also served there. Finally, the price is not too expensive and reasonable. The service is perfect and their staff always tries their best to meet clients’ needs. 

4. Cocodak

Cocodak is a Korean restaurant in old Montreal, Canada. It is renowned for its Korean fried chicken. Their chicken has an amazing flavor that can satisfy any client when coming here. Besides fried chicken, the restaurant also serves other authentic Korean dishes such as Korean tofu or Korean kimbap.

The service is fine. Its price is fair and inexpensive. You can find Cocodak at the address: 2081 Rue Sainte Catherine O, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

5. Comon

Comon is a small restaurant in the Verdun area of the old city called Montreal, Canada. The restaurant specializes in Korean cuisine. They are famous for Korean-style fried chicken. Their chicken is tasty and crunchy. Most customers eating at the restaurant love their fried chicken. 

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Moreover, Comon also has other delectable dishes for you to try from their diverse menu. They offer a lot of types of Korean food such as seafood ramen, seafood pancake, or bibimbap. All dishes are tasty. 

Their service is good and the price is reasonable. Their staff is hospitable and professional. Comon is exactly the greatest place for anyone to experience Korean culture in Montreal. Most especially, delivery services are available there to ensure safety in the covid 19 pandemic. 

6. Yoon

Yoon is located at 5613 la Cote-des-Neiges, Montreal, Canada. The restaurant is famous for its incredible Korean food. They have a reputation for Korean fried chicken, especially soy garlic fried chicken. Their chicken is crunchy and tasty. It is a little bit spicy but pretty nice. Moreover, Yoon restaurant also serves delicious japchae and dumplings soondubu jjigae. 

Yoon Restaurant in Montrea
Yoon Restaurant in Montrea

Most importantly, when visiting this restaurant, you should not lose your opportunity to try eating seafood tteokbokki. This dish is considered a must-try dish besides their best-fried chicken. Furthermore, their service is incredible and the price is affordable and fair. Their staff will bring you the most comfortable feeling ever as you spend your time eating at this restaurant.


SSAM Restaurant is an adorable and nice spot for anyone who loves Korean food. This restaurant has several choices for you to select such as bulgogi, jjigae, or Korean BBQ. Moreover, Korean fried chicken is a popular dish there. Everyone loves their chicken because of its special and delicious taste. It is spicy and crunchy. Besides, seafood pancakes are also famous there. It is flavorful and crispy. 

Plus, the decor is lovely and can melt anyone’s heart. The atmosphere is spacious and the staff is friendly. Most especially, their service is great and the price is reasonable. You can find SSAM Restaurant at the address: 756 Rue Belanger, Montreal, Canada. 

In conclusion

There is the top 7 best Korean fried chicken in Montreal. If you are interested in Korean culture or easily love the spicy flavor of Korean fried chicken, let’s visit those restaurants to experience the taste of Korean cuisine! Because of the dangerous condition of the covid 19 pandemic, you can take out food or order food via apps. Delivery service is available for those restaurants. 

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Fried chicken was further popularized when Kentucky Fried Chicken opened stores in South Korea in 1984. The Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s contributed to the number of restaurants selling fried chicken as laid off workers opened chicken restaurants.
between 16,000 and 20,000 won
While some less expensive options do exist, a box (the equivalent of a single chicken) likely costs between 16,000 and 20,000 won (13.20 to 16.50 dollars) after price hikes a few months ago reflected the steep rate of inflation.


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