Top 9 best Indian restaurants in Montreal

Top 9 best Indian restaurants in Montreal

According to statistics, there are a lot of Indian restaurants located in Montreal, Canada. Every spot brings unique features and different aspects for customers when visiting. Indian cuisine can be known as the elite of global cuisine. Hence, do you know where to favor Indian cuisine in Montreal? The article will show you the top 9 best Indian restaurants in Montreal. Let’s take a look!

Top 9 best Indian restaurants in Montreal
Top 9 best Indian restaurants in Montreal

1. Le Super Qualité

Le Super Qualité Restaurant is located in downtown Montreal. It is one of the youngest famous Indian restaurants in the city. The restaurant specializes in south Indian cuisine. Moreover, their tasty dishes originated from the Maharashtrian region. It provides diners with a diversity of delectable thali cuisine with many options. These dishes are served and put in tiffin boxes, which brings a unique and interesting feeling for customers. Hence, if you want to experience Indian culture in Montreal, let’s visit Le Super Qualité for the best feeling!

2. Chand Palace

Chand Palace is a well-known Indian restaurant in Montreal, Canada. The restaurant is situated at 989 Rue Jean-Talon street. It has a reputation for thali cuisine for lunch such as lamb dishes and cream-based curries. These dishes are the hottest and most delicious dishes in Chand Palace restaurant. Moreover, Chand Palace possesses the deep aspects of the North Indian tradition. You can order and favor their incredible food via uberEats. 

3. Malhi Sweets

Malhi Sweets restaurant in Montreal
Malhi Sweets restaurant in Montreal

Malhi Sweets is located at 880 Rue Jarry O street in Montreal, Canada. The restaurant serves most types of Indian cuisine. However, it specializes in Punjabi dishes with unique and traditional flavors. Moreover, naan and pakoras are the most popular dishes in the restaurant. Many diners extremely love these dishes because of their amazing taste. Besides, you can order Malhi Sweets’ delicious dishes through SkipTheDishes. 

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4. Maison Indian Curry

Maison Indian Curry Restaurant specializes in both northern and southern Indian cuisines. The restaurant is really renowned for Indian curry with specific tastes. Besides their tasty curries, the restaurant also serves diverse conventional Indian dishes such as dosa, biryani, and crispy fritters. Moreover, samosas or Dahi vada, kinds of lentil cakes soaked in yogurt, can blow your mind because of their mouth-watering flavor. Most importantly, all ingredients used in every dish are of the best quality. The restaurant commits to provide you with the greatest recipes and services. Besides, its staff with good manners and professional skills will make you satisfied. They are hospitable and willing to meet all your needs. Hence, do not hesitate to visit Maison Indian Curry Restaurant and dip yourself into Indian style, kitchen, and mood. 

5. Darbar

You can find Darbar Restaurant at 2027 Boul St-Laurent in Montreal, Canada. It has had a long-standing history serving locals and tourists in the city for decades. The restaurant is famous for Punjabi dishes – Northern Indian cuisine. Darbar has many delectable restaurants such as crunchy pakoras and tandoori-roasted meats. Furthermore, it also serves mild kormas and spicy madras. Their foods are always high-quality with bold, healthy, and flavor-intense. Besides, the restaurant’s decor brings the deep vibes of the Punjabi tradition to customers. Plus, you can also enjoy vibrant scenes from their outdoor terrace. The service is pretty good and the price is fair. The staff is hospitable and enthusiastic. 

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6. Rasoï

Rasoi restaurant is located at 3459 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest Street. It is one of the greatest Indian restaurants in the city. Since its founding, the restaurant has inspired Indian cuisine to locals and tourists as their mission. When you visit the Rasoi restaurant, you can feel the cozy and warm atmosphere like home from friendly staff. The restaurant is famous for Indian cuisine reinvented with a tapas-style menu from different cultures by executive chefs. Moreover, the restaurant only uses the highest quality seafood and meat, fruits, and vegetables. They want to ensure that the best dishes will be served for people. That is the reason why most of their food is mouth-watering. Also, these dishes can melt anyone’s heart when eating. 

7. Thanjai Restaurant 

Thanjai Restaurant in Montreal
Thanjai Restaurant in Montreal

Thanjai Restaurant can be considered one of the biggest restaurants in Canada. Thanjai is called “a Chain of Signature Indian Restaurants” in the Country of Red Maple. It is located in different locations such as Montreal, Bistro, and Ottawa. In Montreal, you can find it at 4759 Ave Van Horne, Montreal, Quebec H3W 1H8, Canada. It is extremely famous for South Indian cuisine. There are different tasty dishes from Dosa, Idli, and Vada to Chettinad curries with spicy tastes. Their services are really diverse. Thanjai offers several types of services like holidays, birthday parties, or cocktail parties. Moreover, you can celebrate your engagement or baby shower there. In addition to calling for orders, you can take them out. With the incredible services and friendly staff, Thanjai Restaurant is truly an amazing spot for anyone. 

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8. Le Taj

Le Taj Restaurant is referred to as a Montreal institution. The restaurant has been around Montreal for 3 decades. Hence, it has a long history associated with different milestones of the city. Le Taj started its very first business in 1985. Through the years, the restaurant has become a staple for the city with delectable Indian cuisine. The decor is beautiful, elegant, and spacious. They are famous for the dish called tandoori. Tandoori chicken can be known as the signature of the restaurant. Moreover, the restaurant has top-notch naan bread that is one of the must-try dishes in Le Taj. The service is great. You do not need to be worried about anything because the restaurant has a professional team with an enthusiastic and energetic spirit. The price is not too expensive. 

9. Restaurant India’s Oven

Restaurant India’s Oven is a well-known Indian restaurant attracting many people from the walks of life. The restaurant is founded at 454 Jean-Talon Ouest, Montréal, Québec, Canada H3N 1R3. It specializes in Indian cuisine including a lot of delicious dishes such as cheese naan and garlic naan or chole. Their price is reasonable and the service is good. They have an amazing staff who is willing to meet the needs of diners. 

In conclusion, there are the top 9 best Indian restaurants in Montreal. If you are Indians and want to favor the flavor of your hometown, do not skip this list! Moreover, Indian cuisine is truly the special creation of humans. It is worth experiencing and respecting. Let’s refer to the list above and find the best for you to discover. 


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