Top 5 best immigration lawyers in Montreal

Top 5 best immigration lawyers in Montreal

According to the report, Canada is one of the most well-known countries for immigrants besides the USA and UK. In the beginning, this country has attracted thousands of people around the world coming to settle down. However, during the process of immigrating, we cannot avoid all problems happening. Those problems can relate to the rule of immigration laws. If this happens, you need a lawyer for debating and helping you. This article will share the top 5 best immigration lawyers in Montreal with you. Let’s take a look!

Top 5 best immigration lawyers in Montreal
Top 5 best immigration lawyers in Montreal

1. Renaud Dery 

Renaud Dery is a famous immigration lawyer in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is known as the Founder & Managing Partner of a Canadim Law Firm. If you have any problems relating to law, you can find him. He has worked in this field for a very long time. Renaud Dery has more than 17 years of experience in Canadian immigration. Hence, he will help you obtain your goals in immigration no matter what happens. Moreover, the lawyer provides you with personalized guidance. He will explain for you to understand the various immigration paths that Canada has taken. Hence, you will know which one is the best way for you. 

Renaud Dery offers diverse services for all walks of life. There are foreign entrepreneurs and investors or international students. Or even when you are looking for temporary or permanent visas to Canada, he can help you to get it. Most importantly, lawyers always put their clients first. They know how to respect their clients and bring the best things for them to have a better and more stable life in Canada. 

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Especially, the services are not only offered personalized services but also one-on-one guidance to every case as well. Renaud Dery specializes in various selections such as federal skilled worker, investor class, or business visa. In addition, federal skilled Trades and student visas are also offered there. 

2. Primus Immigration

Primus Immigration is a company of immigration law. It is located at 2006 R. Atatek, Montréal, QC H2L 3L8, Canada. It provides clients with immigration applications to Canada. They are integrity and professional in this field. Primus Immigration always treats its clients with fairness, professionalism, and dignity. 

Primus Immigration in Montreal
Primus Immigration in Montreal

Moreover, Isabel De Oliveira has abundant experience in the law of immigration in Canada and Quebec. She not only successfully practiced her career in Canada but also expanded it to an international scale. She established her ultimate international career for global citizens around the world. Besides, her team is professional and friendly. They are willing to meet all your needs and serve you with the most amazing services. For example, they will help you to achieve a permanent resident visa or citizenship in Canada. 

Their mission is to serve their clients. Furthermore, they want to give their clients a hand to complete the purpose of living in Canada. They work with professionalism, ethics, and honesty. Besides, they also specialize in visitors and study visas, family class sponsorship visas. Primus Immigration also offers the service for work permits & temporary residence. 

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3. Gad Pariente

Gad Pariente is known as a famous lawyer practicing his career in the field of immigration law in Montreal, Canada. He has started his career with over 10 years of experience in Canadian Immigration Law. Gad Pariente specializes in diverse aspects of immigration law such as business-based immigration programs or family-based sponsorship visas. He also offers visitor and works visas and spouse sponsorship or study permit. Moreover, he will help his clients to obtain temporary visas or international adoption as well as a permanent residence. 

Gad Pariente will play an important role in your immigration to the country of maple leaves. Furthermore, he also has legal Canadian immigration skills to provide you with high-quality service in accomplishing your goal. Through his careful research on your profile and personal information, he will find the right way and the most effective path for you to meet your needs. You can find Gad Pariente at 83 Saint-Paul Ouest, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

4. Silver Immigration

Silver Immigration is known as a US Immigration Law Firm. It is located at 1200 Av. McGill College Suite 1905, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Matthew Silver, a renowned lawyer, is the founder of Silver Immigration. He has spent his life dedicating his professionalism and knowledge to the field of immigration. It provides the citizens around the world with secure status to work and/or live in the United States. If you have an intention to live or study in the USA, this spot is the most suitable for you. They will help you to achieve your legal right to immigrate to the USA with safety. 

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Silver Immigration in Montreal
Silver Immigration in Montreal

Moreover, they are professional enough to meet your needs without delay. Plus, the company also wants you to have the most beautiful memory as well as experience the most incredible things in the USA. The team works with passion, professionalism, and caring. Most importantly, you can make an appointment and take part in the consultation without a fee. 

5. Zoghbi Immigration

Zoghbi Immigration is located in Montreal, Canada. The company concentrates on the immigration field. It helps citizens purchase their legal right to live in Canada with the fastest speed. They serve their clients for various purposes. For instance, their clients can come to Canada for studying, working or settling down. Zoghbi Immigration includes a wide selection of services and programs such as express entry, the provincial nominee program. Moreover, there are also family reunification, work permits as well as study permits, and Canadian citizenship. 

In addition, Ahmed ElZoghbi is a Canadian immigration consultant. He is the founder and the director of Zoghbi Immigration. Ahmed ElZoghbi accomplished his study at LaSalle College. After graduating from college, he possessed a degree in Canadian Immigration Law. Then, he participated in McGill University for further study. He has perfect and incredible knowledge as well as experience in the immigration field. 

In conclusion, there are the top 5 best immigration lawyers in Montreal. If you are going to move to Canada for any reason, you can refer to the list of immigration companies above.  


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