Best 29 Places for Where to Get Some of the Finest Ice Cream Montreal Has to Offer

Best 29 Places for Where to Get Some of the Finest Ice Cream Montreal Has to Offer

From sweet to savory, ice cream is a treat that can be enjoyed any time of year, whether it’s summer or winter.

If you’ve ever walked down St. Laurent Boulevard on a hot summer day, you know that Montrealers are obsessed with their ice cream. We love our gelato, and we know that there are some fantastic spots to get a sweet bite.

From old-school parlors to modern takeout, here’s our list of 29 places to grab a cone that are not only delicious, but also iconic in their own little way.

Where to Get Some of the Finest Ice Cream Montreal Has to Offer

1. Wild Willy’s

Address: 20, ave Cartier, Pointe-Claire, QC, H9S 5L5

Phone: (514) 695-5022

Website: Visit Website

Nearby Lakeshore, this ice cream parlor serves up homemade treats in Pointe-Claire Village. Wild Willy’s is a well-known restaurant in the West Island.


2. Bouza

Address: 3821 Boulevard Saint-Martin O, Laval, QC H7T 1B2, Canada

Phone: (450) 680-1332

Website: Visit Website

It’s worth the trek to Laval for the booza, which is chewy and flexible. Alluring flavors like rose water, achta (rich clotted cream), pistachio, banana, and shredded cotton candy are on offer at the Middle Eastern frozen dessert shop.


3. Crèmerie Meetha

Address: 787A Rue de Liège O, Montréal, QC H3N 1B1, Canada

Website: Visit Website

This Park-Ex ice cream parlor is managed by a family and serves flavors inspired by Indian sweets. A mango-flavoured take on rasmalai is available, as well as gulab jamun chunks and toasted pistachios.

Pints of ice cream and ice cream cakes are also on offer. (In June, Meetha will reopen.)


4. Ca Lem (multiple locations)

Address: 6926 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC H4B 1P9, Canada

Phone: (514) 500-8155

Website: Visit Website

NDG’s favorite ice cream and sorbet is made by the wonderful Ca Lem, which has grown to five outlets across the city over the years. Taro, black sesame, and lychee are just some of the Asian-inspired flavors you’ll find.


5. Saison des pluies

Address: 301 Rue Guizot E, Montréal, QC H2P 1M5, Canada

Phone: (514) 384-5053

Season des Pluies, a trendy Villeray café, repurposed an adjacent garage space on Henri-Julien into an ice cream shop last summer. In addition to being vegan and coconut-based, its soft serve twists make for an excellent affogato, too.

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6. Pizzeria Gema

Address: 6827 St-Dominique, Montreal, QC H2S 3B1, Canada

Phone: (514) 419-4448

Website: Visit Website

In addition to pizza, Gema is a great spot to get your fix of frozen custard. All the extras are worth it:

Butterscotch sauce, Baci crumble and salted, roasted almonds are all included in the price of the dessert, which comes in vanilla bean or one of the current flavors.



7. Iconoglace

Address: 1320 Rue Bélanger, Montréal, QC H2G 1A1, Canada

Phone: (514) 991-7391

Even though it debuted in the middle of the epidemic, this Petite-Patrie frozen dessert stop was able to quickly garner a devoted following.

Soft serve, hard ice cream, slushes, sundaes, and even kombucha, iced tea, and sour beer from the adjacent Mellön Brasserie are all on the menu here.


8. Gastronomia Roberto

Address: 2227 Belanger Est, Montreal, QC H2G 1C5, Canada

Phone: (514) 374-5653

Website: Visit Website

A lot of Montrealers consider Roberto’s Italian-style frozen desserts to be the best in town. As far back as 1982, the gelateria and its associated restaurant have existed. While you’re there, browse their extensive selection of pastas for sale.


9. L’Armoire à Glaces

Address: 6220 St-Hubert, Montreal, QC H2S 2M2, Canada

Phone: (514) 276-0777

Website: Visit Website

This artisanal gelato and sorbet shop on Plaza St-Hubert dishes up changing seasonal flavors like raspberry rose water or Medjool date and hazelnut butter along with vegan dark chocolate dipped in mint tea.

It’s all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, of course.


10. Kem Coba

Address: 60 Fairmount Ouest, Montreal, QC H2T 2M2, Canada

Phone: (514) 419-1699

Website: Visit Website

Mile End’s seasonal hotspot has a queue that snakes all the way to Wilensky’s. The variants on soft serve seen here are anything but ordinary: Salted butter, caramel-pear and pandan are just a handful of the flavors that are available.



11. Dalla Rose

Address: 4609, rue Notre Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC H4C 1S5, Canada

Phone: (514) 846-1555

Website: Visit Website

One of Montreal’s most popular ice cream shops, Nora Gray is the brainchild of a pair who met while working at the Italian restaurant.

Expect everything from peanut butter and jelly to apple crumble, all created using locally sourced ingredients, on the menu at this eatery. Deliveries of pints are available around the island.



12. Bo-Bec

Address: 1300 Laurier Est, Montreal, QC H2J 1H3, Canada

Phone: (514) 527-1396

Website: Visit Website

With a variety of flavors to choose from, the maple is the most popular at Bo-Bec, but there are many more to choose from. With its closeness to Laurier Park, this business sees a lot of visitors throughout summertime.


13. Meu Meu

Address: 4458 St Denis, Montreal, QC H2J 2L1, Canada

Phone: (514) 288-5889

In addition to frozen custard, this Plateau crémerie offers soy milk-based ice cream and fruit sorbets made from a crème anglaise base, as well as Madagascar vanilla, Chinese ginger, and cardamom.

People-watching on St-Denis may be done from the bench in front of the shop.

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14. Swirl

Address: 230 Rachel St E, Montreal, QC H2W 1E3, Canada

Website: Visit Website

Swirl, a Plateau ice cream parlor, offers a dairy-free soft serve, a departure from the usual for most ice creams.

Seasonal flavors and Asian-inspired ingredients are integrated into the flavor cycle over the course of the summer, starting with an organic coconut milk base.


15. Ripples

Address: 3971 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1Y4, Canada

Phone: (514) 842-1697

Website: Visit Website

Homemade ice cream was a passion project for Ripples owner Richard Bernett, who now offers more than 30 flavors. As of 2019, he has also opened a second branch on Jeanne-Mance, just across the street from his original Main site.



16. Unicone

Address: 3873 R. Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2W 2M4, Canada

Phone: (438) 346-4854

Website: Visit Website

This Plateau ice cream parlor focuses on soft serve. For those who don’t like vanilla or chocolate, other dessert-inspired flavors like New York cheesecake or prekmurska gibanica are available (a layered Slovenian pastry).


17. Sachère Desserts

Address: 1274 Boul. de Maisonneuve E, Montréal, QC H2L 2A3, Canada

Phone: (514) 357-8390

Website: Visit Website

In the summer, this Village pastry store is known for its seasonal tarts and stacked cakes, as well as its consistently outstanding vegan soft serve variants.

Flavours include included mandarin and passion fruit, matcha and kumquat, and hibiscus and oat milk with vanilla bean.


18. Hoche Glacé

Address: 2225 Avenue Bennett, Montréal, QC H1V 2T4, Canada

Phone: (514) 303-6040

Website: Visit Website

Vegetarians in Hochelaga will be happy to know that this highly sought-after Hochelaga establishment makes some of the best vegan ice cream around. If you’re looking for something a little more indulgent, you can even get ice cream for your dog.


19. Milk Bar

Ice cream would be the perfect flavor for summer in Montreal. The city provides a wide variety of ice cream alternatives, from swirls of soft serve to the conventional hard stuff.

What’s the snitch? Artisanal gelato and sorbet at Mlle Catherine Café+Gelato, a city favorite, are some of the best around.

20. Péché Glacé

All year long, this hidden Plateau parlour’s menu is full of delectable treats including gelato, frozen macaron, smoothie, and a variety of crepes.

Check the calendar for seasonal treats like pumpkin for Halloween, candy cane and gingerbread for Christmas, and Champagne for the New Year’s Eve festivities.

The maple-taffy Tire d’Érable doesn’t hold back when spring arrives. If you’re looking to get your greens in throughout the summer, opt for an aperol spritz, mojito, or avocado gelato.

21. Les Givrés

Les Givrés, which opened in Hochelaga in 2010 and now has three Toronto stores (Rosemont, Villeray, and Rosemont) as well as tubs in supermarkets around the city, has quickly established itself as a freezer staple.

Made in a Montréal atelier, the handmade brand features proudly local flavors, such as a bagel and cream cheese with strawberry jelly and Épluchette de blé d’Inde made from Québec maize that has been toasted to a caramelized brown.

All of their ice cream, from pitounes glacées to des cornets, is manufactured from scratch, as shown by the emblem engraved onto their cones’ sides. The tour de force six-scoop sampler, La tournée, may be a better choice for first-timers than the cone.

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22. Havre aux Glaces

Havre aux Glace is Montreal’s go-to spot for ice cream and other frozen sweets, with a year-round presence in Jean Talon Market and three more sites across the city.

Fruits including blood oranges, lulo, strawberries, and a variety of others are purchased fresh from the market, ensuring that their flavors and textures remain unadulterated.

In 2009, owners Robert and Richard Lachapelle purchased their own maple grove because of their love of flavor. At any given moment, up to 24 sorbets and ice creams can be ordered, but the maple crème brûlée is the star of the show.

23. Bilboquet

Bilboquet’s first site in Outremont, Quebec, was established in 1983, but the business has since grown into a multi-location franchise that dominates the city’s cup and ball game.

With the Moka Fouili, which is prepared with a combination of coffee and chocolate as well as brittle caramel toffee, and the raucous and decadent Brou Ha! Ha!

The Maple Taffy, which is laden with liquid gold and is only accessible in limited quantities, is its crowning achievement.

24. Chocomax


To fulfill his lifelong desire of manufacturing chocolate from scratch, Chocomax owner John Chan studied in Belgium before moving to Montreal and launching Chocomax 26 years ago.

As a result, he’s been enticing residents of Uptown with his Belgian chocolate soft serve and assortment of dips ever since.

25. Chocolats Favoris


In Lévis, outside of Québec City, a small handmade chocolate business opened 38 years ago, and it has since grown into a national network of chocolate shops.

Chocolate fondue dips, such as chocolate praline, dark chocolate, and dulce de leche, are available for the vanilla or strawberry soft serve at this establishment.

26. Kamé


Make sure to stop in at this Hawaiian-themed snack cafe in the Village. The only similarly attractive taiyaki ice cream in town can be found at this “Instagrammable” location, which serves soft-serve ice cream in a fish-shaped waffle cone. Every week, the flavors vary.

27. Virevent


Ahuntsic’s La Promenade Fleury is home to this neighborhood favorite. Scoops, ice cream, and sorbet cakes are the specialty here.

28. Rosette Crèmerie


Restaurant La Prunelle’s “little sister” ice cream shop provides you tasty handmade soft serve. Salted caramel, green cardamom, grilled pineapple, coconut milk, lime, and coriander are just some of the ingredients you can expect to find in this dish.

29. Mr. Crémeux


Chef Martin Juneau’s ice cream truck, Mr. Crémeux, is a hit in the Old Port, drawing crowds of residents and tourists alike.

When pistachio soft serve topped with Quebec raspberries, mint syrup and chocolate crumble was just created, everyone went crazy.


Best 29 Places for Where to Get Some of the Finest Ice Cream Montreal Has to Offer is a list of the most popular places for ice cream in Montreal.

Ice cream in Montreal is truly a seasonal treat and a great way to cool off in the summer. This guide will help you find the best places to get the finest ice cream in Montreal!

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