Top 6 Best Hikes in Montreal

Top 6 Best Hikes in Montreal For All Levels

Canada is well-known for its stunning landscapes and natural resources, especially in Montreal. The old Montreal has a large number of mountains with unique features. They can make any nature lovers’ heart melt just by a glance. However, not all mountains are suitable for hiking. If you do not know where to hike and sight-seeing, this article is for you. The article shows you the top 6 hikes in Montreal. Let’s take a look! 

Top 6 Best Hikes in Montreal
Top 6 Best Hikes in Montreal

1. Mount Royal

Mount Royal is located in the west of downtown Montreal. It has a reputation for being one of the largest rock hills in the city. It is a small mountain with gorgeous scenery and a fresh atmosphere. Moreover, Mount Royal is the most famous spot for hiking in Montreal. It attracts a huge number of people who come to hike, exercise, and walk every year. 

The reason why there are a lot of people choosing the mountain as their favorite is because of its shape, ample landscapes, and decent incline. The mountain’s crooked terrain can make you sweat. Besides, you can see the whole city when standing at the top of the mountain.

Therefore, you can choose this amazing mountain for hiking and discovering the natural world with your friends. Mount Royal is considered the symbol of Montreal. The name of the city originates from this mountain’s name, Montreal. It is the greatest place for the relaxation of Montrealers and visitors. Summer and winter are the most beautiful seasons on this mountain. You can visit it in the winter but it will be greater in the summer.  

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2. Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park

Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park is known as one of the stunning national parks in Montreal. It is located near Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville town in Quebec. This park includes the Mont Saint-Bruno, Mont-Saint-Bruno is famous for its height. It is a mountain peaking at 218 meters. 

Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park in Montreal
Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park in Montreal

The mountain shares its territory with a ski resort and training camp. Although the mountain has a small size, it has a reputation for its diversity of fauna and flora. Hence, you can discover nature there without the fear of losing direction. You can be safe when walking and hiking around there. 

Moreover, you can enjoy bird-watching and hiking because this national park offers 27-km of hiking trails. You can go around its five lakes, especially its gorgeous views in autumn. In autumn, most trees will change their leaves, which creates the most incredible scenery in the world. Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park is truly an ideal spot for hiking, camping, and adventuring. 

3. Mont Saint-Hilaire

Mont Saint Hilaire is another maleficent spot for hiking in Montreal. It is located in the southeastern part of Quebec, Canada. Moreover, the mountain is on the river called Richelieu river. It is an off-island suburb of the city. 

There are many stunning scenes with picturesque views from the lakeside. This mountain is a habitat of diverse animals as well as flora. Furthermore, Mont Saint-Hilaire has a total of 24 km of mountain trails for hiking. If you love something more adventurous, this mountain will suit you. Because the mountain is situated outside of Montreal, you will have to spend about 1 hour reaching this attractive destination. 

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4. Mont Tremblant

You have to take about 2,5 hours to come to Mont Tremblant from the city. This mountain has a global reputation for its skiing. Every year, it attracts a large number of visitors coming for hiking and skiing. The mountain has 11 trails for you to choose from. It ranges from the easy level to the difficulty level. More specifically, it is suitable for all fitness levels. For example, you can start your exciting journey from easy, pet-friendly strolls to strenuous climbs. 

Mont Tremblant is beautiful all year round. Each season has a unique beauty. However, Autumn is the most stunning season of this mountain because it is the time when leaves change their color to hot colors such as vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows. Hence, there is no doubt that Mont Tremblant has become one of the most well-known mountains in the world. 

5. Mont Mégantic

Mont Mégantic is a beautiful mountain located in Quebec, Canada. It is near Mont Saint-Joseph and known as a monadnock in the country of maple leaves. Especially, its location is far about 15 km from the north of the border between Québec and the U.S.A. 

Mont Mégantic in Montreal
Mont Mégantic in Montreal

Moreover, the mountain is more than 1,000 meters calculated from the sea level. Its views and landscapes are breathtaking. There are 20 km of trails for hiking and walking. Visitors and hikers often come here to welcome the sunset or sunrise from the peak of the mountain. They want to experience the unforgettable feeling when observing the city from the highest distance. Hence, you can see the whole scenery of the city. 

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6. Mont Rigaud

Mont Rigaud can be referred to as one of the most renowned spots for hiking and skiing. It is also a must-visit destination in Montreal, Canada, especially in summer and winter. There is a recreational park offering 27 kilometers of trails for hiking. This park is known as L’Escapade. Its atmosphere is so fresh and the views can blow your mind. 

Besides hiking and skiing, there are diverse activities for you to participate in after a long working day. Plus, it takes about 1,5 hours from the city to reach this spot. Do not hesitate to discover this mountain for interesting things and the amazing secrets of mother nature. 

In conclusion, we cannot deny that nature is extremely mysterious and full of beauty. Moreover, humans cannot discover all of them. And there are many untold things that we have never known and discovered before. In Canada, the country is called “The country of red maple leaf” because its nature can be seen as one of the most diverse natures around the world. Especially in Montreal, many stunning mountains were discovered near the city. There are the top 6 best hikes in Montreal. If you plan to make a trip for hiking in Montreal, do not skip the above list!


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