Top 6 best hairstylists in Montreal

Top 6 best hairstylists in Montreal

A beautiful hairstyle can help you boost your beauty and appearance. However, during the process of styling your hair, not everyone is lucky to experience a professional hairstylist for the best result. Plus, there are a lot of hairstylists working and dedicating their talent to people’s happiness and the industry. If you are living in Montreal, Canada, do you know where to confide your valuable hair? If not, this article will help you. The article shows you the top 6 best hairstylists in Montreal. Let’s take a deep look to find the most suitable one for you! Do not miss it!

Top 6 best hairstylists in Montreal
Top 6 best hairstylists in Montreal

1. Alessia 

Alessia is a master hairstylist. Her motto in life is “Don’t Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream”. She specializes in diverse hair types, even the hard ones such as long Layers, hair cuts, blowouts, blunt bobs, and waves. Alessia is always willing to learn new things. She has a strong love for hairstyles. Moreover, she tries her best to catch up with the newest, trendiest techniques to bring the best for her clients. The clients love her with all their heart because of her dedication and enthusiasm for her career. 

2. Erica

Erica is a specialist colorist and stylist in Montreal. Her motto in life and career is to “give them something better than what they were hoping for.” She specializes in – highlights, soft or high-impact balayage babylights, and bomb blowouts. She participated in Blunt and became their talented assistant for the first time while she was studying in hair school. Moreover, she is an energetic girl with a marvelous desire to study and discover new knowledge. Erica always put her effort to be a better person and help people with a greater look. Clients are always satisfied with her. They love the way she works with dedication. She will put 100% of her attention if you are in her chair and listen to you carefully to know what you truly want. 

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3. Jenna 

Jenna - one of the best hairstylists in Montreal
Jenna – one of the best hairstylists in Montreal

Also like Erica, Jenna is a specialist colorist and stylist. She used to say: “I bring that Jenna sais quoi to your hair.” If you want to have balayage, highlights, babylights, or cut your hair, blowouts with global color, or Roots, find her! She will help you. When you choose Jenna, she will help you to obtain the best appearance for you. She works with her passion. Furthermore, She will try her best to meet all your needs and put you first. You do not need to be worried because she will give you a comfortable environment throughout the process. Besides, she is a skillful and professional hairstylist, so we ensure that you will leave the salon with a sparkling smile on your face. 

4. Eric

Eric can be considered the diverse acknowledged master stylist. Moreover, he is also a blond senior specialist with more than 1o year of experience in the industry. He realized that he fell in love with these trends when he started his very first career on the south shore of Montreal. He has a deep passion for hair education. Eric’s ambition has grown day by day. Hence, he has soon become a hairstylist in Montreal. Moreover, Eric has a big influence on the hair scene in the city. Besides, he also cooperates with like-minded creatives in this potential industry. Clients love and respect his passion. Plus, all clients appreciate his authenticity. 

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5. Robin

As a specialist colorist and stylist, Robin studied his career as an apprentice for four years in Bretagne, France. And then he started to work as a hairstylist for 3 years in Geneva. After that, Robin moved to Montreal to practice and chase his career. And he has been a part of an inspirational team called Blunt until now. The clients love him because he is calm, positive, and patient. Moreover, Robin knows how to listen to everyone carefully to meet their needs. Besides, he is very conscientious about his work and passion. Robin specializes in men and women cuts, color, and balayage. He is also good at highlights as well as blowdry. Finally, his motto is “simplicity is the ultimate form of elegance.” 

6. Cristina

Cristina is also another specialist colorist and stylist in Montreal, Canada. She specializes in men and women cuts, blondes or blondes, and balayage. Moreover, she also gets a good hand on highlights and babylights. Most especially, she is good at voluminous blowouts. This hair type contains bouncy curls or beachy waves. When she was at a very young age, she had a big desire and passion for hairdressing. Her mother was also a great hairstylist. When her mother worked, she stood beside her and watched her mom with the clients every day.

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Cristina best hairstylists in Montreal
Cristina best hairstylists in Montreal

Until now, her passion has grown even more strongly. In addition, she loves seeing clients’ smiles when leaving the salon. And she feels happy too. Those are the reasons why she wants to be a hairstylist. And she would like to make all your hair dreams come true. The clients like her because she is a frank person. She listens to what her clients want. Then, Cristina is always honest with everyone and gives them the best consultation and options. She highly looks forward to seeing the satisfaction of her clients when leaving with the best spirit. 

In conclusion, this is the top 6 best hairstylists in Montreal, Canada. There are still many great hairstylists out there around the city that you have never known. However, those hairstylists above are the most incredible people we found for you. Most of them come from the Blunt team. If you have a chance, let’s contact them for the best experience! They will help you to bring out the best in you. Moreover, you can have an opportunity to try the state of the art technique and machines for your hair. With their amazing skills, you do not need to worry about anything. You just easily need to relax and enjoy the best result for your look.  


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