24 Places Where to Find The Best Escape Game Montreal

24 Places Where to Find The Best Escape Game Montreal

It’s hard to believe that the term ‘escape room’ has only been around for less than 20 years. But since then, they’ve become an increasingly popular family activity.

The best escape games in Montreal are held in a place where the most important things are to be found: at the heart of Montreal!

Escape games are a popular new trend where players must use their wits to solve puzzles and escape from an environment that is either deadly or terrifying. They’re great fun but they can also be incredibly challenging.

Where to find the best escape rooms in Montreal

1. Escaparium Montreal

For seasoned evaders, Escaparium is a must-visit destination. Unfortunately, many visitors don’t make it out of their rooms alive.

There’s no need to worry about leaving anybody out, since Escaparium’s games—among the city’s most elaborate—can accommodate anywhere from three to twelve people.

The chain’s West Island Montreal site is one of four in the province, and it features seven chambers that are sure to challenge and delight even the most seasoned escape room enthusiasts.

If you like your puzzles with a side of terror, they offer a few titles that will satisfy your craving, including one with a vengeance narrative straight out of a horror film.

2. A/Maze

A/Maze is another big player in the Montreal escape room industry, with five sites and 14 rooms between them. This gives serious escape room enthusiasts the option to play in many rooms on the same night.

It’s something that even newbies to A/Maze would want to think about, as the games only last for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Their rooms have a more private — or claustrophobic, depending on who you ask — vibe since their network of games is built for anywhere from two to eight players, with most in the two to five range.

3. Échappe-Toi

This Montreal business currently operates nine rooms that can accommodate anywhere from two to six players, and a further two rooms are on the way to Laval and beyond.

One game is based on the mystery surrounding the disappearance of one of Jacques Cartier’s ships, and another on the era of prohibition in Montreal, both of which have a local historical twist at Échappe Toi.

For the little future inmates in your life, there is a special chamber decorated like a treasure hunt.

4. Find the Key

This establishment in Old Montreal features four unique rooms, the most popular of which is the “Cabin in the Woods.” With 45 to 55 minutes to complete each area, Find the Key is perfect for groups of two to six or three to eight.

The games might be challenging, but the immersive and well crafted environments are often the highlight for players who like the thrill of trying to escape.

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5. Escape Masters

All three of Escape Master’s scenarios (themed after the mafia, the zombie apocalypse, and spies) are expert-level, with puzzles that are difficult but not impossible to solve.

Each room can accommodate two to seven people, and unlike other Montreal escape rooms, the Italian Mafia Restaurant theme has been replicated so that friends may compete with one another.

6. Missions Morpheus

The Missions Morpheus escape game in Little Italy features five elaborate chambers with a film theme.

Depending on the player’s level (beginner, advanced, or expert), they will receive a different number of clues in each room; however, the more difficult rooms are best left to those with more experience.

7. Ezkapaz

If you have a party of four to eight individuals and are looking for something simple yet entertaining, go no further than Ezkapaz’s sleek and contemporary escape rooms.

There are four other options for party themes, including a popular Sweeney Todd chamber and a whodunit game similar of the board game Clue.

8. Ministry of Cricket & Other Homeless Sports

For about an hour, players can expect nothing but pure pleasure and delight from a good escape room, but afterwards what?

Once you’ve figured out the puzzle, the fun may continue at the Ministry of Cricket and Other Homeless Sports.

In addition to a place to have a party, the center also serves as a venue for activities such as cricket, bubble soccer, and quidditch.

As one might expect, the escape room has a Sherlock Holmes theme and can fit anywhere from two to twelve people at a time.

9. Trapped

If you’re looking for an escape room in Canada, this national franchise has locations from British Columbia to Newfoundland, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the Montreal branch, which offers four different games, lacks in character.

The crew at Trapped is what makes the restaurant enjoyable.

10. Vortex Escape Room

This newcomer to the area’s entertainment scene has two different escape room concepts (for two to six and four to eight players, respectively) in addition to virtual reality activities, such as two different Ubisoft VR escape games.

Stranger Things obsessives could be particularly keen in this unassuming spot on the Plateau. Nightfall, one of the escape rooms, was designed after an episode of the Netflix show of the same name.

11. À La Loupe

The players of these cultural escape games aren’t confined to any one location as they search for clues and solve crimes by making use of the city’s public art.

Players who wish to see part of the city as they work on puzzles will like La Loupe’s games, which offer three different two-hour courses in Old Montreal, the Plateau, and the Underground City of Downtown Montreal.

12. SOS Labyrinthe

This labyrinth in Old Montreal is easy enough for kids to navigate, and it’s meant to be fun rather than frustrating, so that players may enjoy themselves instead of becoming stuck.

Unlike other Montreal escape rooms, there is no minimum age requirement, making it a terrific option for families or groups of friends looking for something fun to do on a rainy summer day.

Not only is it one of the greatest family-friendly activities in Montreal, but it’s also worth a visit after sharing a few pitchers of sangria with pals at the adjacent Terrasse Bonsecours.

13. Question Escape Room Games

Another tiny business on St. Laurent, Question, offers virus-, mafia-, and casino-themed escape rooms.

Varying in complexity from 19% to 30%, their chambers reach that perfect spot between “we’re definitely not going to solve this” and “we might just solve this!” that a decent escape room should have for you.

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14. Beyond reality

In order to escape the reality-based scenarios of A/Maze Escape Games before the clock runs out, you’ll need to put your brains together.

Players of A/Maze will explore five distinct urban areas, each of which tells a unique story about everything from a jail break in 1926 to a casino heist to a spaceship hijacking to a top-secret research facility to a hidden temple in the Canadian forests.

The Alien Maze is a labyrinth game where players can take on the role of either a human or an alien as they strive to outwit their opponents (possibly with a nerf gun in hand).

15. Labyrinthine expedition

During the day, exploring the 2 km long SOS Labyrinth in the Old Port of Montréal is an adventure in itself, full of secret tunnels, dead ends, and hidden treasures.

The 105-year-old hangar on the banks of the St. Lawrence River serves as a hiding place for investigators on a covert assignment at night.

The SOS Labyrinthe is open from May till late October, and visitors don’t even need to make a reservation in advance; they may just come up and start exploring!

16. Live the game

The West Island and Laval’s escape-the-room emporium Escaparium has five stories—including the magic and wizardry-themed adventures of The Wizard—to solve, for an even more engrossing sense of mystery.

Among the four games mentioned are the psychologically terrifying The Game and the hilarious antics of Alice and the Mad Hatter’s Hat.

The augmented reality game Operation Mindfall is one of four scenarios available at EZKAPAZ in the Plateau.

17. Gritty local history

You may take your voyaging into even more sinister territory with Échappe Toi’s Prohibition Heads or Tails 1930s mystery and Braquage à la montréalaise bank heist game, both of which are set in Montreal’s storied criminal underground.

You might also choose another puzzle game. find the Lost Treasure of Hochelaga, take part in a wacky hockey game, or send the youngsters on a pirate ship quest.

18. Obsidem

Obsidem is an interactive live game where participants must work together to solve interesting puzzles, escape perilous situations, and uncover the story before time runs out, all in the style of popular video games, television series, movies, and novels.

Obsidem avoids oversaturating the genre with the “find a combination or key to open anything” trope by including a plethora of interactive and electrically controlled aspects, allowing for the creation of complex and hybrid games in which exiting the room is not always the priority.

Unleash your inner nerd in one of three distinct scenarios (one of which was created with the assistance of a real detective! , with a brand-new, highly classified one scheduled for release in October 2015.

Website + Facebook Page

19. Opus Luminum

Price: $29.99 per person

Book here

Afterwards, you may check out Opus Luminum, a chamber designed by EZKAPAZ, on the Plateau close to Café Santropol.

This top-30 escapedia room will test you and your team to the limit as you attempt to foil a global doomsday plot by locating a godlike idol in under an hour.

This room is exceptionally difficult, with a difficulty rating of 93% and a success rate of less than 30%; only the most courageous adventurers should attempt it.

The Cadavera Case may be found in the same place and is recommended for first-timers. It can accommodate anywhere from four to six people and is ideal for novices.

20. The Grand Immersia Hotel

Book here

Adults pay $32.99 and kids between the ages of 8 and 15 pay $28.99.

The Grand Immersia Hotel by Immersia in Boisbriand is a bit of a hike from the center of town, but it’s well worth the trip if you’re looking to pamper your sense of style.

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The EZKAPAZ staff has endorsed this room, which is presently rated as the finest in the country on escapedia.

This game, which is accessible to both novice and seasoned gamers, places you in the role of a hotel manager on the night of the grand opening of a stunning new establishment, and it is your job to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

This room is one of a kind since it also offers a remote alternative for players who don’t feel up to physically participating in an escape room.

21. Nightfall

Price: $30 per person

Book here

Instead of venturing outside of the city itself, you may easily reach Nightfall from Vortex Plateau, which is only a short distance from EZKAPAZ.

In this spooky tale, your crew must flee from the mad scientist’s cabin, where his or her experiments are either still active or about to pounce.

This space can accommodate two to six players and is not appropriate for youngsters less than eight. In this escape game, there will be flashing lights, so please keep that in mind.

22. The President’s Bunker

Book here

Cost is $31.99 per person.

For two to six players, Évadez-Vous Jeu d’Évasion’s The President’s Bunker takes 60 minutes to play. Upon entering this chamber, you and your crew will be tasked with rescuing the President as quickly as possible.

You need to locate the President before time runs out if you want to avoid the same fate as the last crew.

This popular option is not easy (it has a difficulty rating of 9 out of 10), but with a score of 4.3 on escapedia, it is probably worth a chance.

23. The Submarine

Prices range from $30 to $40 per person, with discounts for larger groups.

Book here

The Submarine by A/Maze Plateau is a local favorite as well, transporting players into the universe of Jules Verne when their ship is hit by a gigantic, maybe sentient metal contraption.

Our one-hour long, under-the-sea adventure has a 4.3 rating on escapedia and a success rate of 48%, which is greater than some of the harder rooms on this list.

According to A/Maze, this room calls for just a 5% logical approach and a 40% element manipulation approach, so get ready to use your hands more than your head.

Additionally, it guarantees one hundred percent aquatic monsters, so you might want to bring your harpoon gun (but please don’t).

24. Haunted Pirate Ship

The cost is $25 per person with a $3 discount for students.

Book here

Last but not least, Haunted Pirate Ship is a chamber in Find The Key that was inspired by the true story of the infamous French pirate Olivier Lavasseur, better known as “La Buse” (the buzzard).

According to the game’s plot, you and your team are on the hunt for a priceless, supposedly cursed necklace that belongs to La Buse.

The Find The Key website rates this 45-minute game as a difficulty level four out of five and recommends it for teams of three to eight players. If you dare, step into the haunted ship.


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