Top 4 best elementary schools in Montreal

Top 4 Best Elementary Schools In Montreal? Ranking Of

The educational system in Canada is really special. There are many schools following the CEGEPs system. This system allows students to study from secondary school to university just like a step. However, it does not mean that Canadian education is not better than other educational systems in the world.

Canada has many top schools, colleges, and universities in the world. For educational elementary systems, there are a lot of elementary schools for you to send your children to. This article will share you with the top 4 best elementary schools in Montreal. Let’s refer to it!

Top 4 best elementary schools in Montreal
Top 4 best elementary schools in Montreal

1. Academic Kells Elementary

Academic Kells Elementary is known as one of the best schools in Montreal. It receives students of all grades. The students are from high school, middle school, to elementary school. The school offers unique programs for students from kindergarten to grade 12. It has a long-standing history in the educational system in Canada. Academic Kells Elementary has been around Montreal for over 43 years since it was founded in 1978 by Ms. Irene Woods. 

It is a private school having no request for a Certificate of Eligibility. Its major language is English. When becoming a part of Academic Kells Elementary, your children will have an opportunity to make friends. And you also can approach a multicultural environment. Your children will be more confident and more friendly with small class sizes. 

Moreover, the school has high-tech equipment and facilities to make sure that students have the best environment to grow. Besides, students can participate in a lot of interesting activities such as musical contests or games. Furthermore, the school brings a warm and spacious atmosphere to students.

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The classrooms are decorated with bright and colorful hallways and electronic whiteboards. They want to ensure that there is enough space for students, which makes them more comfortable. Most especially, the school has a huge dedicated library and gymnasium. 

At present, Academic Kells Elementary is situated at 2290 Cavendish Blvd in Montreal, Canada. It is also referred to as one of the premier independent schools. The school has full-fledged international aspects. They have a group of enthusiastic and passionate teachers. Academic Kells Elementary commits to taking care of your children and always putting them first.

2. St. Gabriel Elementary School

St. Gabriel Elementary School is located at 600 Rue de Dublin street in old Montreal. The school provides its students with an abundant educational program. It is a community school not only protecting traditional heritages but embracing diversity as well.

When studying at St. Gabriel Elementary School, the student can take part in various activities. Those activities will promote and boost the self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-discipline of students. 

St. Gabriel Elementary School
St. Gabriel Elementary School

Moreover, the school is designed following the ICOR school system. Hence, it tends to reduce class sizes to guarantee quality and concentration on every individual. Besides, ICOR funding also plays a part to come up with special extra-curricular and supplemental programs. That is the reason why the students have a lot of opportunities to participate in regular field trips. And they can take part in different cultural performances annually. 

Most importantly, according to the St. Gabriel Elementary School’s website, its goal is to build all literacy competencies. It also develops personal and social competencies as well as enhances parental involvement. In addition, the school provides incredible facilities to their students. It includes a full-sized gymnasium with a stage, a huge library, computer lab, etc.

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3. Carlyle Elementary School

Carlyle Elementary School has a long-standing history in the Canadian education system. It was designed and opened in 1920 by the architect D.J. Spence. Carlyle Elementary Schoo is located in the middle of Mount Royal Town. Carlyle Elementary School operates with the holy mission. They will make dreams come true and provide students with lasting learning. 

Furthermore, they respect the differences between students. They encourage students to enhance respect, develop critical thinking, tolerance, and care. The school commits to providing students with a safe and nurturing environment. It helps students to expand their self-studying skills.

The school always puts students first. They live for their goal, mission, and belief. So, they try their best to bring out the best in their children. Besides, the school celebrates many activities and programs for students to show themself and their talents. Its facility is modern and high-quality to ensure that students can use it effectively. Most especially, they have many international programs to support students’ growth. 

4. St. George’s School

St. George’s School can be referred to as one of the most successful independent schools in Montreal, Canada. It was founded and first opened in 1930 by St. George. Most especially, students do not need to wear uniforms, except for physical education class.

Because it is a co-educational and non-denominational school. Moreover, St. George’s School is a member of different organizations and groups. It is a member of the Quebec Association of Independent Schools (QAIS). Moreover, the school is also a part of The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

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And they participate in The Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) as well.

St. George's School in Montreal
St. George’s School in Montreal

They aim to discover and release the creativity inside the children and allow them to express themselves. The school follows the concept of environmental sustainability. It is to sustainably grow, improve and learn. Also, it wants to create the ability to adapt and thrive in every situation and environment for its students.

For example, children will take part in Community Learning initiatives when they are in grade 4. They will have a chance to participate in school’s  programs and annual specific leadership trips. These programs provide them with the preparation to adapt to  the global environment. 

Besides, the staff and teachers are friendly with abundant experience in the educational system. They will take care of your children and support them to develop and release their potential as well as their talents. The school has  a high-quality and modern facility. Hence, St. George’s School commits that your children will develop completely from knowledge to skills. 

In conclusion, there are the top 4 elementary schools in Montreal.

Those schools are the highest quality and most enthusiastic schools for the growth of children in Montreal. If you are living in Montreal and plan to send your children to school, let’s try to refer to the above list and find the most suitable one for you! Education always plays an ultimate role for your children from brain development and physical growth. 

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