Top 8 best dumplings in Montreal

Top 8 best dumplings in Montreal

Chinese cuisine has spread through every corner of Montreal and there is a destination called Chinatown. Chinatown includes diverse aspects from Chinese culture to Chinese cuisine. Moreover, if you are living in Canada, especially in old Montreal, there is nothing strange when you are addicted to very incredible dumplings from Chinese restaurants in the city. So, where do you find the most amazing tastes of dumplings in Montreal? Hence, the article will provide you with the top 8 best dumplings in Montreal! Let’s take a look!

Top 8 best dumplings in Montreal
Top 8 best dumplings in Montreal

1. Mai Xiang Yuan

Located in the heart of Chinatown and Montreal downtown, Mai Xiang Yuan can be considered one of the best dumpling restaurants in the city. Their dumplings are made by Chinese people, so their dumplings can keep the original taste of Chinese traditional cuisine. Moreover, the restaurant serves diverse types of dumplings such as pan-fried pork and mushroom dumplings, steamed shrimp, chive, and egg dumplings or boiled dumplings. Therefore, you can try whatever you want and experience the incredible flavors of each adorable dumpling from the professional Chinese chef. Plus, the service is pretty good and their staff is really hospitable. Besides, you can take out dishes by ordering online via Skip the Dishes app or directly pick them up at Mai Xiang Yuan restaurant. 

2. La Maison de Mademoiselle

La Maison de Mademoiselle has opened their business on Plaza St Hubert Plaza since 2005. Moreover, situated at Rue Saint-Hubert street, the restaurant is famous for delectable homemade dumplings with fresh and clean ingredients. Their dumplings are pretty good with adorable decor. They offer you different dumplings with pork and bok choy; Chinese mushrooms; carrots and bean noodles or shiitake; tofu; carrots, chicken and cilantro; beef and cilantro; vegetarian cabbage; cabbage and ginger; or pork as well as shrimp and ginger. La Maison de Mademoiselle opens from Tuesday to Sunday ( from 11 am to 8 pm), closes on Monday. The price is inexpensive and their service is amazing. 

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3. Qing Hua

Quing Hua dumpling in Montreal
Quing Hua dumpling in Montreal

Quing Hua is known as the top spot for Asian cuisines in old Montreal. You can find the Quing Hua restaurant in two different locations. One is located at the heart of Chinatown. Another is next to Concordia University in Chinatown West. The restaurant has diverse dishes from their menu from crab, asparagus to lamb and coriander. Moreover, their dumplings are tasty with many flavors. The price is cheap and reasonable. 

4. Harbin Dumpling

Harbin Dumpling is a restaurant located at Saint-Laurent street in Montreal, Canada. They are well-known for their unique and excellent dumplings. You can try boiled, steamed, or fried dumplings with pork, chicken, beef, lamb, veggie, and shrimp. To be honest, we highly recommend you to savor the pork and chives, as well as the cilantro and shrimp dumplings. They are the best choice of dumplings there. Besides, the service is professional. The price can be affordable and their staff is hospitable and always welcoming. 

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5. Sammi & Soup Dumpling

Sammi & Soup Dumpling is located in the heart of Downtown Montreal at Sainte-Catherine street. The restaurant has a reputation for being one of the best dumpling restaurants in the city, especially for their soup-filled xiao long. Each bowl of “xiao long bao” includes between 10 and 15 very delicious dumplings from several different types. Furthermore, they are famous for incredible steamed dumplings. Because the restaurant is really popular and it often attracts a huge number of diners every day, you have to wait a little longer if you want to try their amazing dumplings. 

6. Café Mei

Cafe Mei dumpling in Montreal
Cafe Mei dumpling in Montreal

With the warm atmosphere and delicious food, there is no doubt that Cafe Mei can be referred to as the best cafe in Montreal. Located in Saint-Laurent, Cafe Mei serves diverse delectable dumplings for people. You just need to glance at their menu, you can see a range of choices for dumplings. For example, there are various dumpling types, such as pork and vegetable dumplings, shrimp and bamboo sprouts dumplings, pork and shrimp dumplings, vegetarian dumplings, etc. Shrimp and mushroom dumplings are popular dishes there. Moreover, if you order more than three or four dumplings, you will have a pack of two different sauces. Both of them are tasty when eating with dumplings. Additionally, fried or steamed dim sums with particular flavors are also served in their cafe. 

7. Yi Pin Xiang

One of the attractive Chinese restaurants in Montreal is obviously Yi Pin Xiang restaurant. Located in Saint-Laurent, at the end of Decarie Boulevard street in the North, Yi Pin Xiang is renowned for traditional dumplings originating from Dalian, China. 

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The most special thing is that every dumpling is made in the shape of a tube containing pork or cabbage, beef, lamb, shrimp, for a bigger size and more flavorful bites. Plus, the restaurant has the most skillful and professional experts to cook every standard plate for diners. Their ingredients are always green, clean, and high-quality. Besides their unique dumplings, you can try savoring other tasty foods such as noodle and fried rice, sour and Chilli soup, chicken and mushrooms, beef and coriander, etc. You will not be disappointed with those dishes. 

8. Étoile Rouge

Etoile Rouge is a Chinese restaurant that is famous for Chinese cuisine, especially amazing dumplings. The restaurant is located in Saint-Laurent and it is the neighbor of Little Italy. Taking advantage of its location, Etoile Rouge has become the best choice for a giant number of diners. Moreover, your mind will be blown due to their delicious dishes. They offer different plates such as dumplings combining pork, beef, lamb, chicken, shrimp, or veggie. Each plate cost from $9 to $12. It is a little expensive but if you want to savor the high-quality dumplings, this restaurant is the best choice. 

In conclusion, do not skip your chance to savor the maleficent taste of dumplings and experience a part of Chinese culture in Canada! The top 8 best dumplings in Montreal are for you to discover particular Chinese cuisines. Let’s reread it and find your favorite one to visit and enjoy your life after a long day!

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