Top 8 best diners in Montreal

Top 8 best diners in Montreal

Living in an ancient city like Montreal, there is no doubt that Montreal has maintained cultural values and old features about diverse fields until now. Most importantly, a large number of classic restaurants and diners have existed for a long time despite chaotic history. Each of them brings particular vibes to clients. Therefore, where are the best diners in Montreal? The article will share with you the top 8 best diners in Montreal. Let’s take a look!

Top 8 best diners in Montreal
Top 8 best diners in Montreal

1. Orange Julep

Located at 7700 Decarie Blvd, Orange Julep is one of the most famous classic diners in old Montreal. Moreover, it is not only famous for the world’s largest orange sphere but the most well-known landmark as well. Since the 1930s, Orange Julep has had a long tradition of serving special signature beverages. Remember to visit Orange Julep on Wednesday night at classic car meetups running weekly between May and September! Do not miss it to sip their delectable drinks and savor their amazing dishes! 

2. Dilallo Burger

Opened in 1929, Diallo Burger is a well-known restaurant specializing in diverse burger types such as Buck burger – a perfect burger including lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mustard, relish, cheese, capicola, and particular pepper. Moreover, the Buck burger is considered the signature of Dilallo Burger. 

Besides incredible burgers, the restaurant also serves other delicious foods like poutines, french fries, onion rings, and soft drinks. Plus, submarines and hot dogs are diners’ favorite dishes there. Most significantly, their dishes mix American traditional flavor and Italian flair flavor together, which creates a perfect mixture. Located in different locations acrossing Montreal such as Allard street, Jean-Talon Est street, and Saint-Laurent street, you can easily drop by Diallo Burger and grab an amazing burger whenever you want. 

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3. Deville Dinerbar

Located at 1425 Rue Stanley, Montreal, QC H3A 1P4, Deville Diner bar is not only the old school diner but a modern cocktail bar as well. It has been set up since 2011. Furthermore, it is inspired by American comfort food in downtown Montreal. Deville Dinerbar offers southern fried chicken salad, short rib mac and cheese skillet or umami steak fries. Besides, their dishes are made from fresh and local ingredients. The cocktails are super good and the atmosphere is warm and cozy. The staff is always welcoming.

4. Beauty’s Luncheonette

Beauty's Luncheonette
Beauty’s Luncheonette

Located in the center of Montreal’s Jewish garment district, Beauty’s Luncheonette has had a long history since it opened in 1942. In the beginning, they started to serve Freda’s quick and delicious lunches. Nowadays, they specialize in fresh and homemade food. With the classic Montreal vibe, it is the best place for brunch with an incredible menu including various tasty dishes such as salami omelet, challah French toast, and bagel. Moreover, the service is pretty good and their waitresses are really friendly and nice to customers. Beauty’s Luncheonette is truly a must-try restaurant when you visit old Montreal, Canada. 

5. The Famous Cosmos

The Famous Cosmos has a reputation for being the most famous and cheapest restaurant in old Montreal. They are famous for the Mish Mash – a special kind of omelet. It is cooked with ham, bacon, salami, eggs, tomato, onions, and cheese. Moreover, when visiting the restaurant, the peaceful and cozy atmosphere is spread around every corner and you can feel it deeply from hospitable staff and particular flavors of different delectable dishes. And the price is reasonable. Besides, you can also try savoring homemade peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. They are pretty delicious. You can find the Famous Cosmos at 5843 Rue Sherbrooke O Montreal, QC H4A 1X4.

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6. Dinette Triple Crown

Dinette Triple Crown is located at 6704 Rue Clark, about 2.2 miles from Mount Royal Park. The restaurant specializes in Southern Appalachian cuisines like r milkshake, fried chicken, or Mac and Cheese. Moreover, fried chicken following home-cooking style is the best food ever in this restaurant. It is loved by a lot of customers when visiting there. In addition, there are also various tasty dishes such as brisket and cornbread, sweet potato and gravy, slaw, hushpuppies, beans for you. All of them are delicious as hell. Besides, family-style service is especially terrific. The owner is absolutely friendly and nice to people. 

7. Wilensky’s Light Lunch

Wilensky’s Light Lunch
Wilensky’s Light Lunch

At the corner of Fairmount Avenue and St. Urbain Street, Wilensky’s Light Lunch opened for the first time in 1932. Overcoming a long spring of history, they have moved their location to 34 Fairmount Avenue street – the corner of Clark Street in old Montreal from 1952 until now. They sell grilled salami and bologna sandwiches with mustard on the top. Moreover, Wilensky’s Light Lunch opens from 10:00 a.m to 4:00 a.m daily. Plus, the service is pretty good. The cost you have to pay for each dish is fair and reasonable. 

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8. Mister Steer

In 1958, Mister Steer started their very first business with a total of nine seats in Quartier Latin, Montreal. 60 years later, their business reached the highest point when having a large scale with 135-seat space. Nowadays, the restaurant has become one of the best diners in the city. Moreover, Mister Steer has not only a longstanding reputation for their incredible steer burger but friendliness and professional service as well.

Especially, their steer burger won many prizes through the years from The Montreal Star such as The Suburban and The Montreal Gazette. More significantly, the kosher beef and freshest ingredients are used to create unique flavors for most of their delectable dishes. Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, let’s drop by Mister Steer to try their terrific food at a fair price. 

In conclusion, Montreal is honestly a city of history and culture when being able to conserve the diversity in their cuisine, especially classic cuisine. Their food contains the most particular factors of the old Montreal’s cuisine. If you want to experience this culture and cuisine feature of the city, you should remember to visit the top 8 best diners in Montreal that we provide with you above. You will not regret it. 


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