Top 11 best chocolate cakes in Montreal

Top 11 best chocolate cakes in Montreal

Besides the reputation of cheesecake in Montreal, chocolate cake is also one of the most favorite cakes of many people in Montreal. Because of the diversity of Montreal’s multi-culture and cuisine, there are many kinds of chocolate cake created such as spicy chocolate cake or apple chocolate cake. All of them are delectable and delicious. This article includes the top 11 best chocolate cakes in Montreal. Let’s take a look to find the most suitable place for you to savor the incredible taste of the best chocolate cake!

Top 11 best chocolate cakes in Montreal
Top 11 best chocolate cakes in Montreal

1. Pâtisserie Samadi et Fils

Patisserie Samadi et Fils is a family-run bakery with parents and three sons working together in order to serve the best pastry in town. Located in Montreal, the bakery specializes in amazing patisseries, chocolate cake, ice-cream as well as frozen yogurt. The bakery is famous for chocolate cakes filled with many layers. The way they decorate their cake is really impressive, fresh, and catchy. 

2. La Maison Cakao

La Maison Cakao is well-known as the best chocolate cake in Montreal. Located at Rue Fabre, it not only serves incredible chocolate cakes but is also famous for chocolate dishes such as brownies, cookies, truffles, molded chocolates, and so on. Those dishes are amazing and can satisfy your appetite no matter what. You can order a box of cookies for a present or celebration and give it to your lover or friends. It will be a meaningful gift ever.

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3. Pâtisserie Rhubarbe

Located at 1479 Avenue Laurier E, Montreal, Pâtisserie Rhubarbe not only offers much more fruity desserts but Chocolate recipes such as chocolate cake or cupcake are also the favorite plates of many customers when visiting there. From Stephanie Labelle’s Plateau patisserie, their cakes contain macarons and a pot de crème with cacao crumble, as well as a chocolate-caramel fleur de sel cake. All of them are the perfect choice for any party or celebration.

4. Noir Chocolat

Noir Chocolat
Noir Chocolat

Noir Chocolat is one of the best chocolate shops in town. All ingredients are fresh with the highest quality and chosen carefully by bakers. The shop specializes in Croque-mous with many layers of dark or milk chocolate. Moreover, it is filled with a sweet taste from walnuts and soft caramel. Besides, it is also famous for chocolate biscuits and snacks. You can pick a box of assorted snacks as a present for your lover as well as your family. This place is a true lover of chocoholics.

5. Vieux-Port Steakhouse

Located in St-Paul Est, Vieux-Port Steakhouse’s chocolate cakes are famous for their dreamy and creamy taste. It has been 38 years since Vieux-Port Steakhouse opened in 1983. Anyone visiting there cannot deny the heavenly flavor of the cakes. The restaurant has a good service, nice staff, and great terraces. Besides chocolate cake, their steak is also popular and loved by many diners. Moreover, you do not have to spend too much when eating here. The price of their dishes is reasonable, not too expensive. 

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6. Patrice Pâtissier

Patrice Pâtissier specializes in pastry with the most famous pastry chef in town. The shop is situated in Notre Dame Ouest. They serve the best pastries and cakes in Montreal. Moreover, the combo of chocolate cake and St. Henri Cafe is the true lover and delight for anyone. Besides, they also offer a sweet exterior and buttery croissant for you to taste. Do not skip the shop to experience the finest cakes in the town!

7. Cocoa Locale

 Cocoa Locale is the adorable bakery located in the Ave du Parc (rue Villeneuve) in old Montreal. The bakery specializes in various types of cakes such as lemon cupcakes or chocolate cake. Furthermore, there are a lot of kinds of chocolate cakes such as the chocolate Chai cake. Many customers ensure that the chocolate chai cake is the best in Montreal and there is nowhere having the incredible and unique taste of the chocolate chai cake, except Cocoa Locale. 

8. Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres
Aux Vivres

Located in the heart of Saint-Laurent, Aux Vivres follows Vegan cooking-style and vegetarian food. They are famous for Bombay banana smoothies with unique and spicy tastes from ginger and masala . Moreover, they are well-known for the chocolate apple cake with several layers filled with chocolate. Their chocolate cakes are pretty delicious and can satisfy anyone who has a sweet tooth. 

9. Rockaberry

Rockaberry is a dessert shop and cafe located in the middle of Saint-Leonard, Montreal. They have a reputation for a range of delectable dishes such as penne rose, caramel, and chocolate cheesecake. All of them are tasty and delicious. Rockaberry is a must-try place for you if you fall in love with sweets. Remember to visit the bakery for a whole new experience!

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10. La Queue de Cheval

La Queue de Cheval is one of the greatest steakhouses and bars in old Montreal. They specialize in Greek cuisines such as traditional tartare or greek salad with feta cheese. Plus, like a steakhouse, they are professional at making amazing steaks for diners. However, they also have many incredible desserts such as the white chocolate cheesecake. 

11. Cafe Parvis

Located in Montreal, Cafe Parvis is inspired by hipster style. It is considered as a great destination for lunch. Their decor is adorable and brings comfort to customers when visiting the cafe. The cafe has become popular because of its reputation for chocolate cheesecake. Its taste is yummy and unique. Moreover, the cafe also serves other cakes such as cupcakes or bread pudding. If you want to try these special flavors of these cakes, drop by the cafe immediately! 

In conclusion, each country has its features about culture and cuisine. Montreal, fortunately, receives an abundant diversity and it is influenced by different cultures from many countries in the world. Therefore, Montreal has soon been the hottest spot for anyone including locals or tourists to visit and experience this variety, especially Montreal cuisine. If you forget to taste delicious cakes made by professional chefs in Montreal, it will be a big regret for you. Do not forget the top 11 best chocolate cakes above! Let’s dip yourself into the Montreal chocolate world!


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