Top 11 Best Chinese Food Delivery in Montreal

Top 11 Best Chinese Food Delivery in Montreal

Chinatown has existed since Chinese immigrants, looking for prosperity and jobs, moved to Montreal in 1860. Moreover, De la Gauchetiere and lower St. Laurent Blvd are the most crowded Chinese places. They majorly live in de la Gauchetiere and lower St. Laurent Blvd. Taking advantage of it, Montreal has received abundant features of Chinese cuisine. There are hundreds of Chinese restaurants growing in Montreal, especially in Chinatown. 

Top 11 Best Chinese Food Delivery in Montreal
Top 11 Best Chinese Food Delivery in Montreal

More importantly, with the unpredictable development of the covid-19 pandemic at present, eating out is difficult and unsafe. Therefore, takeout or delivery is more convenient in this dilemma situation. So, do you know where to eat and be available for delivery? This article provides you with the top 11 best Chinese food delivery in Montreal. 

1. Dak Hing Barbecue

We cannot deny that Dak Hing Barbecue is the greatest Cantonese-style BBW in old Montreal. The restaurant reflects the deep side of Hong Kong in Canada. Dak Hing Barbecue is located next to the Montreal Jewish General Hospitals in Chinatown. They serve traditional cuisine: roast duck, pork, crispy pork belly coated with a marinade, honey or maltose sugar, and then some. Those dishes provide you with different tastes, which makes it exciting to eat. Plus, Dak Hing’s zongzi – a kind of steamed sticky rice wrapped in a bamboo leaf — is the most famous and delectable plate here. It is worth visiting to savor it. Most importantly, takeout and delivery are always available for you.

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2. Le Taklamakan

There are only two Uighur restaurants in Montreal, and Le Taklamakan is one of them. Le Taklamakan restaurant serves Xinjiang-Turkic food which is very famous in China, and now Montreal. Lamb and homemade noodles are served there. These dishes are attractive to many customers when visiting here and calling for delivery or takeout. The restaurant is available for takeout and delivery via FanTuan.

3. Teochew Foodie

Teochew Foodie is a southern Chinese cooking style. This mini family-run kitchen and épicerie represent the food of Chaozhou – located in eastern Guangdong province, where it is well-known for culinary specialties. The restaurant serves different meat types such as barbecued pork, homemade wontons and rice rolls. These plates originate from Chinatown’s Kim Fung. You can pick up or deliver the delicious food of Teochew Foodie via the UberEats app.

4. Cuisine Szechuan

Cuisine Szechuan
Cuisine Szechuan

Cuisine Szechuan specializes in Sichuan classics such as deep-fried chicken, a classic Sichuan laziji with cumin sauce, and bones with tingly peppercorns. The restaurant has diverse famous dishes such as stir-fried smoked pork, tofu, or various offal dishes like pork heart and beef tripe. These are the must-try plates when dropping by there. Takeout and delivery are available on UberEats, SkipTheDishes, and DoorDash.

5. Yin Ji Chang Fen

Yin Ji Chang Fen is well-known for two unique kinds of Chinese cuisine: Congee (rice soup) and chang fen (rice flour rolls). Those plates are cooked with many fresh ingredients such as meat, seafood, or veggie fillings with youtiao. Moreover, dim sum is also the favorite food of anyone visiting there. You can order or pick up if you cannot wait the long lineups for this new Shaughnessy Village resto — or delivery via the apps.

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6. Hong Mere

Hong Mere is a restaurant under the control of a Chinese nuclear family. Specialized in home-cooked dishes such as scallion pancakes, glass-noodle, or cumin beef, you can order to take out food, which suits you if you do not want to eat at the restaurant and avoid time-consuming. Moreover, Dongbei (northern Chinese) and spicy Sichuan tastes inspired their cooking style. They have been different from other restaurants because of their unique cold dishes, rarely seen in old Montreal. Besides, we recommend you to try Dongbei-style la pi. Dongbei-style la pi is a special cold vegetable salad with rice noodles. Besides, Dongbei Lao hu salad, a crunchy veggie with a tart dressing, is also a must-try dish when visiting the restaurant. The signature scallion pancakes are pretty popular here. These dishes are really delectable. Please visit the Hong Mere website for takeout and delivery!

7. La Canting

Located in Pointe Saint Charles, La Canting, having famous Taiwan-born chef Helena Lim, offers Asian classics and comfort food. They receive a lot of love from diners due to a diverse menu such as Sichuan hot chicken, Xinjiang-style lamb, and Shanghainese hong shao rou as well as noodle dishes. Spicy donuts are also the favorite food there. 

8. Kanbai


Kanbai offers various dishes from Sichuan and Hunan and serves Chinese hottest cuisines. For example, poached fish soup cooked with hot chili, eggplant and minced hot garlic sauce pork are chosen as the favorite dishes there. Cantonese food is also known as one of the irresistible plates for diners. Kanbai is available for takeout or delivery through the app called Uber Eats.

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9. Dobe & Andy

Dobe and Andy’s barbecue specializes in the Hong Kong-style with café tradition. When coming to Dobe & Andy, you can favor a delectable barbecued and roasted meats or ordinary full meals with rice and steamed bok choy. These incredible dishes are available for takeout or delivery via the UberEats app.

10. Chez Chili

Located in de la Gauchetière and St-Urbain, Chez Chili concentrates on the spicy cuisine from the Chinese Northeast, Hunan, and Sichuan regions. The restaurant has a big reputation for many dishes such as Hunan-style braised duck, boiled fish in chili sauce, and the classic Sichuan dish of stir-fried green beans cooked with minced pork. They are considered as the yummiest plates at the restaurant. UberEats and SkipTheDishes apps are always ready for you to order for takeout or delivery.

11. Mon Nan

Mon Nan is located in various locations in old Montreal. It is a family-run restaurant in Chinatown. Moreover, Mon Nan has become the favorite destination venue for everyone since 1982. Their Chinese classics are served up by the famous chef, Joe Lee. Furthermore, they are loved because of diverse, outstanding cuisines such as seafood specialties, crispy duck, and Yeung Chow fried rice. Mon Nan showcases their online menu for diners to take out and deliver.

In conclusion, to protect yourself from an attack of corona virus, takeout and delivery are the best choices if you favor Chinese cuisine. Try to pick some destinations from the top 11 best Chinese food delivery in Montreal above, and you can taste the most unique flavors as staying at home. Besides, if you are in quarantine, let’s enjoy your own time!

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