Top 13 Best Cheesecakes in Montreal

Top 13 Best Cheesecakes in Montreal

Besides favorable carrot cakes, Montreal also has a reputation for the finest cheesecakes in Canada. Since the yummiest cheesecakes were invented by the Greeks more than 2400 years ago , it has still satisfied many diners although these cakes have been underrated. You can still find it stuck around in any bakery in old Montreal. 

Top 13 Best Cheesecakes in Montreal
Top 13 Best Cheesecakes in Montreal

Nowadays, it has changed a lot from traditional cheesecakes to unique cheesecakes with apple crumb pie. However, its original taste has still remained in every cheesecake at present. It is a classic “Montreal-style” cheesecake made from crustless and topped with glazed berries and a biscuit crumble with a lot of dairy and sugar. These are the top 13 best cheesecakes in Montreal we have prepared for you. 

1. Les Delices laFrenaie

Located at 8405 Rue Lafrenaie Saint-Léonard, Les Delices laFrenaie specializes in cheesecakes with a whole cheesecake menu. Their cakes, From Orea to Bailey’s cheesecake, will literally blow your mind due to their soft and delectable flavor. 

2. Weinstein & Gavino’s

Weinstein & Gavino’s is famous for Nutella cheesecake. Their cakes originate from Italy and have the traditional cheesecake taste. Who doesn’t love Nutella? The answer is no one. Moreover, you can find the shop at the address: 1434 Rue Crescent, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

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3. Leche Desserts

Leche Dessert
Leche Dessert

Leche Dessert is situated in Rue de Courcelle of old Montreal (Address: 640 Rue de Courcelle Montréal, QC H4C 3C5, Canada). Cheesecake and raspberry donuts are the most famous cakes in the bakery. Most importantly, these kinds of cakes are highly recommended for National Cheesecake Day. Besides, the bakery is also well-known for its incredible flavors, such as Margarita Lime, Vanilla Cake, and Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding. When you discover and try the top cheesecakes with a delectable raspberry crumble, your tastebuds will be explored because of their flavor.

4. Jardin Nelson

Located at 407 Place Jacques Cartier, Quebec, Canada, you just need to pay $8.95 to try favoring yummy cheesecake crepes at Jardin Nelson. Their cake contains fresh strawberries, berry coulis, and a hearty amount of cheesecake. Therefore, it can become your favorite dessert crepe quickly when biting just a piece of their cheesecakes. Besides, you can also enjoy the fantastic sangria selection. If you are searching for cheesecake and sangria in the same place? Jardin Nelson is our favorite option.

5. Cacao 70

You can easily find Cacao 70 in diverse locations such as Saint-Catherine, Mont-Royal Ave E, or Park Ave in Montreal. Cacao 70 serves the strawberry & cheesecake crepe or the most unique dish called the cacao 70 cheesecake. All of them are pretty good and tasty. As you can guess from its name, Cacao 70 specializes in all chocolate foods. As a result, a chocolate drizzle is all you need to order, including the delectable cheesecake items. Let’s get ready for a full mouth of sweet chocolate and cheese.

6. Afroditi Bakery

Located in Rue Saint Roch, Afroditi Bakery is a Greek bakery specializing in a plethora of delicious Greek treats all weekdays. It is well-known for Afroditi’s cheesecakes. In addition, Afroditi also serves a mean marble cheesecake, traditional cheesecake, or an Oreo cheesecake. Be sure to drop by the bakery and order a fantastic cheesecake!

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7. Reuben’s Deli

Reuben’s has the typical Deli taste with scrumptious cheesecakes. You cannot keep your eyes off the catchy cheesecakes when walking through the door. Reuben’s Deli recommends an extensive menu to taste six different cheesecakes. For example, their strawberry cheesecake is pretty good with traditional deli flavors. However, if you desire to try the whole new taste, a chocolate cheesecake explosion made with chocolate cream, nuts, chocolate chips, and caramel is the most outstanding choice for your adventurous nerves. 

8. Rockaberry


Rockaberry has many business premises in old Montreal. Their monstrous cheesecakes can make anyone’s mind float on the moon with just one bite. They serve the most delicate desserts every year. Rockaberry serves various kinds of cheesecake, such as apple crumb cheese pie. Let’s drop by Rockaberry and you will be addicted to their incredible cakes quickly.

9. Aux Vivres 

Aux Vivres is located in multi-locations such as Saint-Laurent street. It is famous for Vegan cheesecake which has a classical quality baked cheesecake. Nevertheless, it is pretty, tangy, and light. Besides, a homemade no-bake cheesecake is the best option for picnics and camping.

10. Pâtisserie Rhubarbe

Pâtisserie Rhubarbe is situated in Avenue Laurier E, Montréal. It is famous for fruity cheesecakes, including both baked and fresh cheese. More significantly, the cake taste can be changed depending on the season by your option. Pâtisserie Rhubarbe is an excellent place to try the delicious cheesecake.

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11. Yoko Cheesecake

Located in Rue Peel Unit 103, you just need some steps from Peel metro station to explore Yoko Cheesecake with Japanese-style flavors. Comparing Japanese-style cheesecake and North American-style cheesecake, Japanese-style cheesecake is much fluffier and milder in taste. Besides, it has grown enormously in Canada recently and has soon spread to old Montreal. 

12. Uncle Tetsu

Before opening in Montreal, the Japanese chain Uncle Tetsu had already had a significant influence in Toronto. The diners are crazy about their cheesecake due to its fluffy, jiggly level. Their cakes have various flavors, such as matcha flavors. Let’s drop by Uncle Tetsu to experience the most delicate cheesecake in Montreal, one of the biggest cities in the country of Maple Leaf.

13. Le Cheesecake Bar

Le Cheesecake Bar is a Laval dessert cafe specializing in cheesecake, including full-sized options and mini “cheesecake bites.” Furthermore, they are provided in various flavors. Let’s try a cheesecake filled with fudge brownie, caramel, and Ferrero Rocher.

In conclusion, the article includes many styles of cheesecake, from Japanese to Italian or Vegan style. If you want to enjoy the genuine and unique flavors of cheesecake, you can pick and visit some places in the top 13 best cheesecakes above. We do not promise that there are the most popular places in Montreal. However, we can be sure that their delectable taste will not make you regret your choices. Therefore, do not lose your chance to explore mysterious Montreal cuisine!

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