Top 10 Best Cheap Foods in Montreal

Influenced by the immigration flow in the world, Canada, especially Montreal, can be referred to as a big salad bowl collecting diverse cuisine from European countries to Asian countries such as China, France, or Italy. Moreover, there is an argument about Montrealers’ lifestyle. For Montrealers, their cost of living can be relatively lower than Canadians living in other cities; however, they are living high-quality lives.  

Top 10 Best Cheap Foods in Montreal
Top 10 Best Cheap Foods in Montreal

The article with the top 15 best cheap foods in Montreal will be illustrated to prove that this argument is pretty right. We cannot be sure that all kinds of these foods are popular with everyone. However, there are the most delicious and cheapest foods we figured out for you. Most of them come from student haunts and local legends. 

1. Time out Market Montreal

Time out Market Montreal is located in the heart of the Centre Eaton de Montreal. This downtown place is well-known for the best cuisine, art, and culture. Although it is one of the top Montreal restaurants with the city’s best chefs, there are some really cheap foods such as vegan tacos, flautas, or Le Red Tiger’s imperial and spring roll. All of those dishes are not over 10 dollars.

2. La Croqueteria’s croquettes 

Located in the Plateau -Mile End, La Croqueteria is a mini shop specializing in Spanish croqueria. It cost about 2.45 dollars for each croqueria. However, you have to pay 2.95 dollars for the shipping fee with the app. Besides, there are a dozen of various dishes, including sweet options with the same prices such as smoked meat, tomato-basil or garlic shrimp. Their tastes are amazing and crispy.

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3. Wilensky’s Light Lunch’s Wilensky Special 

We cannot deny the precious favors of the most well-known sandwiches of Wilensky’s Light Lunch. Their recipe has existed for 86 years. Moreover, if you call for sans mustard, they will not hesitate to give you an extra. Their lunch box is special enough to make you mouth-watering. Each pack contains beef salami, a bologna sandwich with a pressed Kaiser roll. If you order with the cheese option, you just need to pay 50 cents extra. 

4. Otto Yakitori’s yakitori

Otto Yakitori’s yakitori
Otto Yakitori’s yakitori

It is not difficult to know the origins of this place because the name is full of Japanese intention. Otto Yakitori is a Japanese restaurant specializing in yakitori. Their skewers are unique in distinguishing chicken parts, from the skin to heart and oysters. It just takes 3 dollars for each yakitori. If you have a chance to drop by the restaurant, we highly recommend some great sticks of yakitori.

5. Amado Pizza’s pizza slices

If you want to taste a slice of pizza in New York style, Amado Pizza is the best choice. Tony Campanelli is the owner of Amado Pizza. He has blown a whole new wind of New York-style pizza in ST-Henri since 2015. It serves tasty oversized pizza having thin-crust wedges. More importantly, the staff are really comfortable and feel fortunate with the shop’s policy. There is no delivery service. The shop will be closed all Sundays because their staff always deserve to take the rest after hard-working days. Besides, you can have a delicious slice of pizza for only 4.50 dollars.

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6. Lloyd’s Jamaican Patties

Lloydie’s is under the control of Lloyd Tull. He had a big dream about spreading Caribbean food in old Montreal. Therefore, he fulfilled his dream by setting up a mini catering operation which obviously became a full-fledged production facility soon. Then he pumped out the most delectable Jamaican patties. At present, Lloydie’s totally has three Business premises located in different destinations. Some of them can be considered as the best eats serving Caribbean food in Montreal. With only 3 dollars, you can favor many dishes such as hot chicken, beef or veggie.

7. Pâtisserie Au Kouign Amann’s kouign-amann 

Pâtisserie Au Kouign Amann is known as the most fantastic French pastry shop specializing in traditional Breton cake in old Montreal. Their kouign-Amann cake includes many layers with butter and sweet caramelized sugar. All of the diners visiting the shop will be blown away because of the amazing taste of a bite cake. They tend to return to the shop and buy a whole pie of kouign-Amann cakes with the preferential price, just from 2.18 dollars. Most significantly, their croissants are seriously popular with a low price but high quality. You can buy one and not pay over 10 dollars. 

8. Super Sandwich’s sandwiches

In North America, there is a unique sandwich, with Vietnamese Banh Mi elements, called the North American cold cut sandwich tradition. The shop is located on the commercial floor of Le Cartier Tower downtown. Their sandwiches are in the shape of baguettes full of mustard, fresh mayo, clean tomato, iceberg lettuce, and various kinds of meat such as smoked chicken, crab meat, or roast beef. One of the fundamental reasons why their sandwiches are pretty popular and famous is their depanneur’s sales occupying more than 70 percent.

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9. Phyllo Bar Melina’s phyllo pies

Phyllo Bar Melina’s phyllo pies
Phyllo Bar Melina’s phyllo pies

 Phyllo Bar Melina’s is famous for 4.78 dollars phyllo pies. You can find the shop in the heart of Mile End. It is covered by some Greek cafes with delectable dishes and 10-year flaky phyllo treats. The classical spinach and feta Spanakopita are pretty good there. However, the feta and ricotta Tiropita are unique cakes which satisfy numerous customers when visiting the shop.

10. Trip de Bouffe’s Manakish

From 3 dollars to 5.95 dollars, you can favor an incredible Manakish from Trip de Bouffe. Controlled by a Lebanese family, Trip de Bouffe was set up in 2012. It has the finest kaftas and kebbes, moussaka, tabbouleh mixed with avocado. Moreover, there are many kinds of Manakish for only 5.95 dollars or less. However, you need to be sure that you remember to pay 2 dollars for a wrap with garlic sauce toppings such as clean mint, green olives, or tomato and red onions. 

In conclusion, there are some of the cheapest foods sold in the above shops and restaurants. If you have an opportunity, let’s drop by these places to taste them. Although these foods are not expensive, their quality and flavors will not let you down. 

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