15 Best Bubble Tea Spots in Montreal Must Try

15 Best Bubble Tea Spots in Montreal Must Try

When you think of bubble tea, chances are you imagine a beverage similar to the popular iced coffee shops of Hong Kong.

What makes a bubble tea stand out from the rest? When it comes to bubble teas, it’s not just the drink itself, but the place where it’s served.

To create an immersive bubble tea experience, a bubble tea spot must have good service and a variety of tasty treats. A bubble tea spot should also be clean and have a relaxing ambience. There are lots of bubble tea spots to choose from in Montreal.

15 spots for bubble tea in Montreal that are worth the slurp

1. Boba Boba

Boba Boba is distinguished from the competition not only by its seasonal menu with innovative and delectable concoctions but also by its commitment to using only natural and high-quality ingredients (yes, that is possible with bubble tea).

The staff, which includes some of the city’s greatest mixologists, places a premium on quality over quantity, offering just a dozen “bobas” on the menu, each of which is shaken to order like a cocktail.

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2. Presotea

Even while the mango iced frappé is more popular during the summer, the legendary “Panda” milk tea with brown sugar is hard to resist, especially if you have a sweet taste.

The “cheese mousse” products are intriguing and tasty, and may be a good choice for the more daring diners.

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3. Maison O Thé

Nothing is left to chance and everyone may find something they like among the six staples offered: akuroto, premium milk tea, matcha, caffeine-free milk, handmade tea, and fruit tea.

Firstly, you select from five different sweetness levels ranging from unsweetened to very sweet. One of our favorites is Okinawan-style milk tea with toasted black sugar.

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4. L2 Bubble Tea

L2 Lounge has been a staple of the Montreal bubble tea scene since 2003, and the restaurant’s traditional beverages and drink customization options continue to please regulars.

It’s as straightforward and efficient as picking a base, flavor, and toppings. You can’t go wrong with the classics, so if you’re the kind who gets overwhelmed by the variety of options, stick with them.

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5. Chatime

Chatime was one of the first Canadian outposts of bubble tea pioneers like Chatime to open shop in Montreal.

This Taiwanese chain has now expanded to many metropolitan sites, winning over both natives and international students with its innovative menu.

The roasted milk tea with pearls has been a customer favorite from the beginning, even if there are many other options.

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6.  The Alley

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you should check out The Alley’s current drink specials. Their distinctive “Deerioca” cocktail is blended with milk and brown sugar.

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Seasonal flavors including Oreo slush, tiramisu milk tea, banana and cookie smoothiesm, and many more are available.

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7. One Babo

After a stealthy 2017 debut in the heart of Old Montreal, One Babo now has locations in the Snowdon and Laval areas.

We really like their “Hot Boba” line, which is perfect for a cold day at Place Jacques-Cartier, a stroll along Queen-Mary, or a trip to Centre Laval for some shopping.

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8. Shuyi Tealicious

You won’t find many other businesses in Montreal that provide drinks made with grass jelly like Shuyi Tealicious. If you’ve never had this ubiquitous Asian dessert before but are curious, Shuyi Tealicious is the place to do it.

Yogurt beverages, such as strawberry and pomelo, are the restaurant’s specialty and are delicious.

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9. Pamai

This counter in Griffintown serves bubble tea alongside live plants, making it unique among Montreal eateries.

The team that developed the menu places an emphasis on utilizing high-quality, minimally-processed foods wherever possible. You may stop in for some bubble tea, but you could walk out with a potted fern.

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10. MajesThé

It’s not just the pearl tea at MajesThé that draws customers, but the entire Taiwanese atmosphere.

You can have everything from fried chicken with Taiwanese basil to pork belly buns at this cozy cafe, but don’t forget to try one of their handcrafted pearl-studded bubble teas.

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11. Chinatown tea time

Explore a brand-new dimension! Bubble tea, a jukebox, and games like video poker, cards, and foosball may be enjoyed at L2 Desserts Lounge, a hip, young bar with a student vibe.

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12. Rainbow bubbles

One may find an excellent bubble tea establishment in the LGBTQ+ Village. Here at Nos Thés, we provide a wide variety of delicious drinks and rare teas.

Choose your preferred pearl shape and milk flavor (cow, soy, or almond) (tapioca or litchi, mango or rainbow jelly). Allusions to the color spectrum are tastefully done.

13. Take me to Taiwan

Chatime, one of the most popular bubble tea businesses in Taiwan, can be located in the city’s new Chinatown (not far from Concordia University).

In addition to the locations already established in the Montréal area, a few others have recently opened. Here you may have real bubble tea, prepared specifically for you.

3428 Parc Avenue 1811 Sainte-Catherine West 52 De la Gauchetière West

14. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

CoCo on Saint Catherine West may be new to the city’s bubble tea scene, but it’s already creating a reputation for itself. For those with a penchant for the sugary, this is the place to be.

Their bubble teas have so many different options for flavors and garnishes that everyone can find something they like.

15. Chaï Tea Lounge

The friendly staff at this McGill Ghetto cafe serve a variety of tea-based beverages, but the Dirty Cha bubble tea is a particular favorite.


If you’re visiting Montreal, try out these 15 bubble tea spots in Montreal for a perfect treat! We’ve picked our favorites based on their location, ambience, price, and of course, the quality of their tea drinks.

This list is organized by district. And don’t forget to check out our other lists on the Montreal food and beverages scene.

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