The 35 best bakeries and pastry shops in Montreal for savory or sweet goods - Updated 2022

The 35 best bakeries and pastry shops in Montreal for savory or sweet goods – Updated 2022

You might not know this, but Montreal has a thriving bakery scene, which has seen a number of local and international pastry chefs come and go.

There are some amazing bakeries and pastry shops in Montreal that will blow your mind. Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat or a savory one, there’s no shortage of delicious options to choose from.

Here are 35 amazing bakeries and pastry shops in Montreal where you can get a good meal, some great treats, and a little education on the art of baking.

The 35 best bakeries and pastry shops in Montreal for savory or sweet goods

1. Patrice Pâtissier

Pastry chef Patrice Demers is among the finest in the industry in Montreal with masterpieces that are as expertly built as they are inventive.

Sweets rule supreme at his namesake bakery and pastry store, where kouign amann, financiers, lemon tarts and banana bread are perennial favourites.

Really, it’s difficult to go wrong with anything you select from the counter of its trendy Little Burgundy restaurant. Also gives out a wonderful lunch and Sunday brunch service, as well as baking lessons and wine tasting courses ugh, what can’t they do?

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2. Chez Potier

You can’t help but be dazzled by Potier’s window displaying one of the largest selections of cakes in town, and that’s without mentioning the pastry counter where you’ll find some of the best croissants and chocolatines, kouign amann, scones, brioches and other creations by pastry chef Olivier Potier.

Not only are his sweet creations expertly created and gorgeous, but the choice of excellent quality ingredients says volumes about the chef’s attitude.

Don’t believe us? Even the butter used here for the pastries has been carefully picked for its greater fat content and pleasant flavour.


3. Hof Kelsten

After cutting his teeth overseas at prominent patissiers, chocolatiers, and even the legendary Michelin star restaurant El Bulli, Montrealer Jeff Finkelstein returned home in 2009 with intentions to create a bakery of his own.

Hof Kelsten is a result of those plans and is at once both a love letter to the Jewish delicacies of Finkelstein’s upbringing and an inspiration to a whole new generation of pastry chefs coming onto the market.

The bakery’s goods is presently employed in some of the greatest restaurants in the city, and Hof Kelston’s high design Saint Laurent Boulevard counter is regarded to be an equally fantastic spot to pick up a chocolate babka or to have an amazing brunch.

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4. Boulangerie Guillaume

The Mile End bakery Guillaume has an industrial aspect about it, making it feel like a bread lab. Scientific accuracy is required to constantly produce bread of this quality.

Even if you just want to munch on some of the bakery’s exquisite savory and sweet products as is, the cubes of brioche make for the tastiest French toast at home if you can keep yourself from wolfing down the whole dish before you get home, of course.

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5. Pâtisserie Rhubarbe

The pastries and treats of Pâtisserie Rhubarbe are almost too beautiful to eat, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t try one.

There are seasonal fruity cheesecakes made by pastry chef Stephanie Labelle and her colleagues, as well as the classic French desserts such as milléfeuille, macaron, and brioche.

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I think that can’t be overstated. Everything you purchase from their modern bakery’s menu is top-notch.

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6. Sachère Desserts

Sachère Desserts is the place to go when you want ice cream in the summer, a warm scone in the winter, or just a little sugar yearning at any time.

Every week, a new tartlet flavor is introduced, which keeps us going back for more. It’s also important to note that you should not overlook the amazing cakes created to commemorate any special event.

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7. Maison Christian Faure

These beautiful French pastries are made by Maison Christian Faure at their luxury shops in Old Town Montreal and downtown Montreal.

All of these baked items are delicious, and they all look fantastic. For a dinner party, these are the desserts to bring that will both amaze your host and show off to them.

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8. Café Bazin

Antonio Park and Bertrand Bazin, a longtime Montreal pastry chef, came up with the concept for Café Bazin.

French-style meals are served at noon at Café Bazin just a few meters away from Park’s restaurant, but the best advice is to get there early to get a fresh croissant. The seasonal fruit tarts and Tout chocolate are two of our favorites.

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9. Toledo

Longtime friends Richard ‘Riccardo Arnoult (a baker by trade and the original proprietor of Bouchervile’s now famed L’Amour du Pain) and François Barriere own Le Toledo, a cafe and bakery (a food enthusiast and manager extraordinaire).

Customers at Le Toledo may expect high-quality, direct-trade coffee and pure baked delicacies.

Finally, Le Toledo has provided a much-needed community gathering place that has revitalized a section of Mont Royal Avenue that had been languishing since the demise of numerous notable companies in the area in recent years. It’s time to celebrate Toledo.

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10. Automne Boulangerie

Automne Boulangerie, a relative newcomer to Montreal’s bread and pastry market, launched in 2016 to much acclaim and for good cause.

Julien Roy and Seth Gabrielse, the Automne baker and chef, have a simple, seasonal, and high-quality food philosophy, and it shows.

Automne’s baguettes and croissants stand out in a city full with boulangeries, even if they’re the most basic products.

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11. Pâtisserie Au Kouign Amann

In the past, Au Kouign Amann was only known to a small circle of devotees, but it has now gained acclaim both domestically and internationally. Its name is derived from the type of pastry it focuses on.

A sweet and buttery doughy Breton cake, as are all the greatest things. It’s also worth a visit for the modest, basic patisserie’s flaky croissants, if not for the plain tartlettes filled with custard and some berries on the side.

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12. Blés de Pays

Maxime Deslandes, a bread aficionado, started Blés de Pays as a way to express his love for bread in a way that would allow him to compete with some of the city’s most renowned bakeries.

In the heart of Mile End, Deslandes runs a hidden bread factory, using only the finest ingredients. Whole wheat ancient grain flour from local farms like Grains du Val or Moulin des Cèdres, and Newfoundland salt of the highest quality.

Deslandes is a bakery that exclusively creates bread to order, which is unusual for a bakery. Get your orders in now and discover what the fuss is about.

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13. Joe la Croûte

Joe la Croûte has a prominent position on the boundary of Little Italy and Mile Ex, near the Jean Talon Market.

The excellence of Joe la Croûte’s bread is universally acknowledged by the people of both neighborhoods, despite the fact that each may claim it as their own.

At Joe la Croûte, you can’t go wrong with any of their breads, from the kamut baguettes to the wheat and chestnut flour loaves to the olive fougasse.

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14. Boulangerie Jarry

Even though Boulangerie Jarry is just a few years old, it’s already creating waves in the city because to its innovative take on breadmaking.

Domenico Gauvrit, who was instrumental in the development to success of Montreal bread company Premiere Moisson, now heads up this new venture.

By getting their wheat from nearby Moulin la Rémy in Charlevoix and milling their own flour in their expansive retail space on the junction of Saint Denis and Jarry, Gauvrit and his hand-picked crew are already establishing themselves apart from the competition.

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15. Rustique Pie Kitchen

The quality of the sweet pies available in Montreal is deplorable, given the city’s penchant for sweets (and carbohydrates).

Lemon meringue, key lime, and apple pies, among others, can be found at Rustique, which aims to fill that gap.

Rustique, which bills itself as a country pie shop in the city, sells both full-size pies and minis, as well as delectable desserts (and highly aesthetically pleasing).

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16. La Bête à Pain

Ahuntsic, Griffintown, and Laval are home to two (soon to be three) outlets of this French boulangerie, which serves up some of the tastiest sandwiches in the city on top-notch bread.

Please don’t ask us more than once, and don’t argue with us about it. Everything about this baguette is wonderful.

One bite and you’ll be wishing you had taken a loaf (or several) home with you. While you’re there, be sure to pick up a few of their pastries.

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17. Arte & Farina

Founded by chefs Sandro Carpené and Mirko d’Agata, Arte & Farina is the product of their extensive knowledge in Italian bread and pastry preparation.

The bakery’s most coveted products are probably their artisanal colomba di Pasqua, dove-shaped Easter cakes made with Calabrian orange peel and topped with an almond flour and pearl sugar crust.

They are known for a variety of Italian creations, including Neapolitan taralli, Piedmontese grissini, and Florentine biscotti.

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18. Farine & Vanille

The concha, a Mexican-inspired sweet bread roll with a crispy shell, distinguishes this bakery from the mostly European bakeries in Montreal.

To be clear, they also make excellent baguettes, brioches, and croissants, as well as other European staples.

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19. ArHoMa / La Fabrique Arhoma

This boutique, ArHoMA’s La Fabrique Arhoma, which also provides breads to grocery shops across Montreal, is a jewel in and of itself, but it also has the added advantage of stocking extra pastries and breads from the factory.

ArHoMa’s greatest desserts tend to be the most decadent. Chocolate is always in vogue, even though the team prefers to use seasonal ingredients.

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20. Sweet Lee’s Rustic Bakery

Everything at Verdun, Quebec-based Sweet Lee’s looks like it might take home first place in a county fair baking competition, and both the bakery’s environment as well as their offerings are homey.

Cinnamon buns and creamy pie fillings are a match made in heaven. To continue, we’d have to clean up the drool.

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21. Le Pain dans les Voiles

At Le Pain dans les Voiles, bread is the star of the show, but don’t miss out on their impressive range of pastries.

This Villeray branch of a beloved Mont Saint Hilaire bakery, like a few others around town, is vying for the title of greatest baguette in Montreal. Tamari and sesame are two popular flavors to look for in breads.

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22. Cheskie’s

From black and white cookies to challah bread, this little no-frills boulangerie is well-known for its vast selection of Jewish favorites.

Aside from the little cheesecakes and cheese crowns that the Cheskie’s crew creates, their chocolate babka is the actual star of the show, a yeast bread with rich, chocolate-filled layers.

If you’re thinking that, you’re not alone. It’s far better than you’d expect.

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23. Louise

Louise Boulangerie in Little Italy’s Saint Laurent district is a relatively recent entrant, but it’s quickly earning a name for itself with its authentic French bread.

Despite the bakery’s French roots, chef Romain Séguin has successfully adapted it to Quebec’s palate and culinary preferences, hiding a rigorous attention to detail behind its appealing simplicity.

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24. Fous Desserts

Located on the Plateau, Fous Desserts specializes in French pastries like the plain and almond croissants, but the bakery also offers items with a distinct Japanese flair, such as the matcha cake, which is a popular dessert in Japan.

At Fous, you may satisfy your sweet desire with a sample of their in-house-made chocolate.

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25. Léché Desserts

Léché Desserts gourmet donuts are a delectable deep-fried alternative to the delicate, flaky layers of butter-laden pastry.

Peppermint buttermilk donuts, spicy ginger glazed donuts, and white chocolate mousse donuts are just a few of the delectable flavors available.

Even if they’re beautiful to look at, there is little chance that you will get the opportunity to take a picture of one before you eat it all up.

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26. Le Fromentier

A bakery on Laurier Avenue East For more than a decade, Le Fromentier has been churning out high-quality baked goods and pastries, and their dedicated customer base is a testament to that.

Le Fromentier’s unique approach, however, is elevated by their superb assortment of local cheeses and charcuterie, making them the unofficial picnic providers for the nearby Parc Sir Wilfred Laurier.

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27. Boulangerie de Froment et de Sève

Unfortunately, the east end pioneers of the city are often overlooked in favor of the younger, more centrally located newcomers.

Froment et Sève on Beaubien Street East is exactly one of these originals, and while it has grown twice to accommodate its popularity, it has not strayed from its original objective of delivering freshly baked bread and pastries to the neighborhood.

Also on hand at the location are a wide variety of local foodstuffs such as cheeses, charcuterie, honey and jams. Just another wonderful incentive to stop in the next time you’re in the area..

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28. La Meunerie Urbaine

The baguettes at this bakery in NDG aren’t the only draw, but they’re the ones that garner the most attention.

All of La Meunerie Urbaine’s rustic breads are exceptional, with an appealing combination of softness and crustiness that’s impossible to resist. Canelés and croissants are two of their most popular pastries.

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29. Mamie Clafoutis

The croissants at this locally owned bakery company are the star of the show, but they’re also popular hangouts.

The proprietors wanted to re-create the atmosphere of a grandmother’s kitchen on a Sunday, and they’ve succeeded admirably. Grab a quick bite or something sweet to go from their freshly baked bread, pastries, and other delights.

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30. Boulangerie Mr Pinchot

With its pastry-filled displays and retro window decals, this small Plateau bakery evokes the spirit of Montreal with its renditions of classic French fare.

The bakery also sells cheeses and sandwiches, so you won’t have to stop anywhere else on your way to an impromptu picnic at Parc La Fontaine, which is only around the corner (aside from the SAQ, of course).

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31. Les Co’Pains d’Abord

Breads such Breton pastries and croissants may be found at this family-run bakery network on Mont Royal, Rachel, and Masson.

Other delicacies include macarons and panettone, as well as panettone tarts and rich, luscious tarts, and all three locations dish up basic sandwiches, pizzas, and quiches that make them perfect places for a quick lunch break.

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32. Alati-Caserta

Since 1968, this pasticceria in Montreal’s Little Italy has been a Montreal tradition. If you’re looking for a great selection of cakes, cookies, and Italian pastries, go no further than this Dante Street staple.

But don’t forget about the cannoli. Those who claim that cannoli are better outside of Italy are either lying or crazy, and we’ll take them to the bank on that.

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33. Bar à Beurre

It’s a one-stop shop for all things Italian in the Old Port of Montreal. Among its many offerings are macarons and apéros, as well as cake creation classes, private parties, and an elegant high tea.

The shop’s pesche dolci, however, are quickly becoming a household name among the city’s pastry connoisseurs for their singularly wonderful Italian butter biscuits.

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34. Afroditi

Afroditi, a typical Park Ex Greek bakery known for its phyllo, is the place to go for your phyllo fix.

It’s not just baklava and spanakopita that you’ll find here, but a wide variety of breads and non-Greek pastries that are worth picking up as well.

Fondant-covered customized cakes are in demand for special events, and they crank them out quickly.

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35. Chez Fred

Chez Fred is a small bit of Paris on this side of the Atlantic, oozing genuine French charm. If you haven’t already succumbed to croissant fatigue, Fred’s is a must-visit for NDG and beyond. A magnificently crusty and chewy baguette may be found at Chez Fred.

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So, as you’ve seen, I made a list of the 35 best bakeries and pastry shops in Montreal. I tried to be as objective as possible and avoid any bias.

That said, I’m willing to admit that I didn’t get to visit all the places listed here, but I did find a couple of places that I wasn’t aware existed. Feel free to leave your favorites in the comments below. Happy eating!

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