17 Best Waffle Spots in Montreal You Must Try

17 Best Waffle Spots in Montreal You Must Try

It’s almost impossible to find waffles in Montreal. So if you want to try one of the best waffles spots, you’ll need to plan ahead.

If you were to visit Montreal for a weekend, where would you eat? Maybe you have a favorite restaurant that you frequent, but we bet you’ve never heard of some of these gems.

Check out our list of 17 best waffle spots in Montreal, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll find that there’s something special about each one. From the old-school to the new, we have you covered.

17 Best Waffle Spots in Montreal

1. Engaufrez-Vous

Address: 8 Rue Rachel E

Website: Facebook

If I didn’t recommend Engaufrez-Vous as one of the greatest waffle joints in Montreal, something would be really wrong. Waffles and other sweet and savory morning staples are their forte, as their name indicates.

If you’re in search of the tastiest waffles in town and a luxurious brunch restaurant, look no farther than Engaufrez-Vous.

2. Faberge

Address: 25 Avenue Fairmount O

Website: Facebook

Who’s hungry for some chicken and waffles? I don’t know what sort of monster you are if your answer is anything other than yes to that question.

Even if you’re not a waffle believer, the extremely famous chicken and waffles dish at renowned Faberge will change your mind.

If you like chicken and waffles, or if you’re just curious, you should definitely check out this brunch establishment.

3. Régine Cafe


Website: Facebook

Do waffles make you sad because they contain gluten but you love them anyway? You need not worry about abandoning your passion for waffles since Regine Cafe offers gluten-free waffles.

On the weekends, there are always a ton of people waiting to get their waffles, so if you don’t have the patience to wait, it’s best to come during the week.

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4. Prohibition

Address: 5674 Av de Monkland

Website: Facebook

Waffle-filled banh mi for the morning meal? Tastes even better as they sound. Prohibition, a hip restaurant, is a gastronome’s personal paradise since it often serves bizarre yet excellent mashups.

Their chicken and waffles are really prepared using french toast, but you should still try them since they’re delicious.

5. Maté Latte


Website: Facebook

Those waffles are picture-perfect, right? Maté Latte, a popular Montreal waffle shop, whips up these perfectly constructed spheres of deliciousness quickly and from scratch.

If you’re in dire need of a sugar fix, don’t worry because the sweet, chocolate-infused waffles here will more than satisfy your cravings.

6. Arts Cafe

Address: 201 Avenue Fairmount O

Website: Facebook

Arts café is a gorgeous place with traditional healthy breakfast selections, and their waffles have that ideal fluffy texture we all crave. Arts Cafe is great if you want savory waffles or simpler, less extravagant brunch options.

7. Suite 88

Address: 1225 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

Website: Facebook

A great quality of waffles? square indentions that demand to be stuffed with something sweet, like maple syrup or chocolate.

Suite 88 is the place to go for the most luxurious fillings and toppings, and Belgian waffles in particular offer the greatest grooves and edges for such treats.

The exquisite chocolate sold here is to die for, and the chocolatier’s delicious toppings for waffles are second to none.

8. Gauffre Mignonne

Address: 55 Saint Catherine Street

Website: Facebook

The preceding picture very well explains everything, so I don’t believe I need to say anything further.

The Nutella strawberry waffle and apple caramel waffle are two of Gauffre Mignonne’s most popular items, although they also have many more. You’ll feel at home here right away and may expect to come often.

9. Cacao 70

Address: 2087 Rue Sainte-Catherine | Multiple locations

I usually try to avoid include chain restaurants, but Cacao 70’s waffle dishes are so high-quality and decadent that I had to make an exception.

As you might expect from a chocolate shop/restaurant, dessert waffles are the main draw here. However, there is no time limit on waffle consumption, so go ahead and indulge.

10. Universel

Address: 3630 Rue Saint-Denis | 359 Rue Sainte-Catherine | Multiple locations

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Website: Facebook

Universel, a popular breakfast and brunch establishment in the area, never fails to satisfy with its waffles. You may have one on its alone, or with other breakfast foods like eggs, fruit, and meat.

Universel can expertly blend a complete breakfast with your desire for the ideal waffle.

11. L’Oeufrier

Address: 4903 Av du Parc | 

Website: Facebook

L’Oeufrier ensures that you’re never far from a tasty waffle thanks to its several outlets around the city.

L’Oeufrier’s eggs benedict meal on a waffle is a standout, and it comes with the standard toppings like fresh fruit, whipped cream, and chocolate. Nothing could possibly go wrong when you mix two brunch classics.

12. Nouveau Palais

Address: 281 Rue Bernard O

Website: Facebook

The chicken and waffles at this restaurant are fantastic, and so are the other comfort foods they provide. You may also have waffles with caramelized apples and ice cream if you’re not in the mood for this salty-sweet combination.

Whatever the case may be, Nouveau Palais serves up some of the city’s finest waffles.

13. Bar a Gaufre Waffle Bar

The freshly made, high-quality waffles at Bar a Gaufre Waffle Bar are some of the best in Montreal. Although there are numerous Montreal establishments that serve waffles, the finest thing to get at Bar a Gaufre Waffle Bar are the waffle sticks.

Depending on the customer’s preferences, the Bar’s experts will drizzle white chocolate, Nutella, milk chocolate, or another topping upon their waffle.

Also available in four tasty varieties, the Bar’s waffle bites are not to be missed. Cakes flavored with cinnamon, red velvet, red, and chocolate from Belgium and chocolate throughout the world.

Because it is one of the greatest things on the Bar’s menu and has a natural flavor, the Belgian Waffle is a great choice for breakfast or brunch.

Specialists at the bar drizzle the waffles with chocolate sauce and frosting, sprinkle them with sugar, and finish them off with little marshmallows.

14. Eggspectations

Cacao 70, another top Montreal eatery, with a fantastic selection of breakfast and brunch dishes. Yet, the delicious waffles are the main reason why both residents and visitors come here.

There are a total of six waffle options at this eatery.

You may have waffles in whatever flavor you choose, but we think the tutti frutti is the finest.

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This traditional waffle is topped with toffee bananas, fresh strawberries, milk chocolate chunks, chocolate-covered ice cream, and melted chocolate. If you have a sweet taste and a penchant for waffles, Cacao 70 is the place to go.

15. Renoir Restaurant

Mate Latte has a variety of delicious waffles, both sweet and savory, to suit every craving. Mate Latte’s best menu item, hands down, is the Dulce De Leche Waffle.

Banana Foster is another delicious option for those looking to satiate their sweet craving. In order to wash it all down, I highly recommend ordering a latte from the restaurant.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the best waffles in Montreal, go no farther than Mate Latte.

16. Engaufrez-Vous

Multiple Montreal locations of Eggspectations serve up delicious breakfast and brunch options you won’t find anywhere else in Quebec.

The staff works hard to make sure that not only is the cuisine tasty, but that all of the items on the menu are always accessible.

The Belgian Waffle Page, one of four waffle options at Eggspectations, is a must-try. It combines fresh fruit, crème anglaise, and Canadian maple syrup over a light and airy golden waffle.

17. Renoir Restaurant

You can’t go wrong with a waffle at Renoir Restaurant, which is located in the heart of downtown Montreal.

In addition to its daily crowds of foodies, this eatery is well-known for its crispy Belgian waffles topped with caramelized nuts, fresh berries, and orange cream.

In particular, remember that this Waffle is the morning menu cornerstone at Renoir Restaurant. A well-made waffle’s delicious texture and flavor combination may keep you feeling energized for hours.

The waffles at Renoir are delicious, but it’s the other breakfast and brunch options that will keep you coming back.

Inside, the atmosphere is bright and dynamic, with lines of people waiting to try the delicious waffles for breakfast served by the kind and competent staff.


If you’re looking for waffles in Montreal, you’ll definitely enjoy these 17 best waffle spots in Montreal. Whether you are a waffle fan or you have yet to try waffles, you will find something interesting at these waffle spots.

Some of these waffle spots are well known and others are newcomers on the Montreal waffle scene. But they all offer amazing waffles.

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