Top 6 best microbreweries in Montreal

Top 6 best microbreweries in Montreal Updated 2022

Who wants to have a great date with beer and friends? Do you love beer? Have you ever tried sipping a cup of incredible Montreal beer? Do not skip an opportunity to discover special microbreweries in Montreal, Canada!

Because their drinks will awaken your hidden taste. However, if you do not know where to try some amazing strong brews, this article is for you. The article provides you with the top 6 best microbreweries in Montreal. Let’s take a look!   

Top 6 best microbreweries in Montreal
Top 6 best microbreweries in Montreal

1. Le Saint Bock

Le Saint Bock is located in the middle of downtown Montreal. It is extremely well-known for beer. Moreover, Le Saint Bock can be considered as the heaven of the beer world with the largest collection of bottled beer in the country. Also, they possess more than 40 beers on tap. 

In addition, Le Saint Bock is not only known as a pub but it is also a good restaurant. It serves a diverse range of delicious meals for the whole day. The atmosphere is spacious and bright. There is an outdoor space for you to drink beer and eat their Canadian cuisine. 

Furthermore, the pub is also equipped with a TV for you to watch sports such as football matches. Free wifi is always available. The service is good and their staff is hospitable and welcoming. You can find Le Saint Bock at 1749 Saint-Denis St, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

2. Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs

Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs is situated at 5500 Rue Hochelaga Local 150 in Montréal, Canada. This place is truly the greatest spot for drinking. For Avant-Garde, beer is considered an art. It is the art of making and living. 

Avant-Garde specializes in microbrewery beers and brewers. Moreover, they serve diverse delectable dishes such as wood-oven specialty, especially wood-oven pizza, and Neapolitan pizza. Obviously, we cannot deny the irresistible taste of their beers and brews. Their beer and pizza are pretty good. 

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There are a lot of people who highly recommend Avant-Garde as the ideal spot. The atmosphere is fresh and good. Their service is super fine and the staff is very friendly and hospitable. You do not need to worry about the price because it is affordable and fair. 

3. Mabrasserie

Mabrasseries has been known as a brewing solidarity cooperative since it was founded the very first time in 2015. It is based in the Rosemont district of Montreal, Canada. 

Mabrasserie is famous for its high-quality beers. All of their beer products are made with love and passion. That is the reason why their beers have a unique taste. Its taste can blow your mind away and it is not easy for you to forget about its taste. You can try drinking their beers at the boutique every weekday. 

Mabrasserie in Montreal
Mabrasserie in Montreal

Besides, there are various delicacies that Mabrasserie gets from the local partners. Their tasting room is often crowded. The atmosphere is relaxed and it brings the feeling of a close-knit family. 

Also, there are about 32 beer lines, gastronomic cooking. Most especially, Mabrasserie has kombucha as well as celebrating brewing events and shows. However, because of the covid-19 pandemic, the tasting room has been closed for the time being. 

4. Le Cheval Blanc

Le Cheval Blanc has been known as the first brewpub operating legally in Montreal, Canada since 1987. The brewpub has a reputation for its homemade deliciousness.

Moreover, customers visiting Le Cheval Blanc will reback to sip the special taste of their beer. It is referred to as one of the greatest Le Cheval Blanc in Montreal. LE Cheval Blanc has a quality collection of brews that you will be satisfied with. The price is comparative between each kind. The service is incredible and professional. Their staff is energetic and skillful. 

5. L’Amere a Boire

L’Amere a Boire was founded in 1996. Furthermore, L’Amere a Boire has been flourishing for 26 years. L’Amere a Boire has been known as one of the only breweries to make both ales and lagers. With a long-standing history, most Montrealers know about the reputation of L’Amere a Boire.

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Moreover, it also serves Černá Hora, a nostalgic Czech brew. Their beer’s taste is unique and completely different from other spots. Besides, their menu includes various delicious dishes.

It will be a huge mistake if not mentioning about their esteemed rabbit burger. If you have a chance to visit L’Amere a Boire, besides their amazing beer, do not forget to try their rabbit burger! You will not regret it. 

The brewery has two floors. Its atmosphere is perfectly spacious with 2 terraces. It always brings comfort and relaxation to everyone. The price is reasonable and fair. Their staff is willing to help the customers and meets all their needs. 

6. Montreal Brewpub Experience Craft Beer Tour

Montreal Brewpub Experience Craft Beer Tour is one of the most unique brewpubs nestled in the middle of the city. The tour started around the city in 2000. Until now, it has been 22 years. 

As the first-ever craft beer tour company, it has operated with the mission of providing you with an experience to discover Montreal. It will not only show you local products and artisans, but also a taste of Montreal beers and brews as well.

When participating in the tour, you will have an opportunity to adventure and try a selection of the most special and incredible beers from every bar. 

Montreal Brewpub Experience Craft Beer Tour
Montreal Brewpub Experience Craft Beer Tour

Moreover, you can gain more knowledge about the brewing process. For example, you will know how to properly taste and pair beer as well as Montreal’s history and culture. Their staff is extremely persistent and enthusiastic to help you discover many interesting things. 

In conclusion, this is the top 6 best microbreweries in Montreal. If you want to get to know more about other special aspects of Montreal, especially beer and brews, let’s stop by those locations! Because of the covid 19 pandemic, maybe, there will be some changes in serving and ordering. However, it is not a big deal with the passion for favorable beers and brews. 


With over 30 years of experience, Montreal offers more than 40 local craft breweries for you to find your next favourite brew.
With some 100 wineries and over 150 microbreweries, there’s reason to say “cheers” in Québec!


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Density makes Portland the craft beer capital of the world. Not just that we have more breweries than any other city – about 85 in the metro area, a number that increases monthly. But craft beer is everywhere.

Brewer Count Score
1 Westvleteren 12 XII Abdij St. Sixtus – Westvleteren 3678 100
2 Kormoran Imperium Prunum Browar Kormoran 503 100
3 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Cuvée Armand & Gaston Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen 613 100
4 Les Trois Mousquetaires Déjeuner Impérial Les Trois Mousquetaires [LTM] 58 100
5 Tilquin Oude Riesling à l’Ancienne Gueuzerie Tilquin 67 100
6 De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis (Hell & Damnation) Brouwerij De Molen (Swinkels Family Brewers) 1294 100
7 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout – Double Barrel Toasted Barrel Goose Island Beer Company (AB-InBev) 25 100
8 Tilquin Oude Pinot Noir à l’Ancienne Gueuzerie Tilquin 200 100
9 Tilquin Oude Gueuze à l’Ancienne Cuvée du 10ème Anniversaire Gueuzerie Tilquin 28 100
10 Cantillon Menu Pineau Cantillon 62 100
11 Maltstrom IXPL des Prairies Brasserie Artisanale Maltstrom 50 100
12 Tempest All The Leaves Are Brown Bourbon Barrel Tempest Brewing Co. 157 100
13 Nøgne Ø All Sails Ripped Nøgne Ø (Hansa Borg) 38 100
14 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen 2020 100
15 Põhjala Cellar Series – Odravein Bourbon BA Põhjala 296 100
16 Boréale IPA du Nord-Est Boréale – Brasseurs du Nord 99 100
17 BFM Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien (2017) BFM – Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes 56 100
18 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout – Reserve 150 Goose Island Beer Company (AB-InBev) 20 99
19 Le Castor Yakima IPA Microbrasserie Le Castor Brewing Co. 238 99
20 Pühaste Impetus Noir Pühaste 48 99
21 Boon Oude Geuze VAT 31 Brouwerij F. Boon 38 99
22 Tilquin Oude Gewurzt à l’Ancienne Gueuzerie Tilquin 50 99
23 Les Trois Mousquetaires Porter Baltique Les Trois Mousquetaires [LTM] 642 99
24 Tilquin Oude Mirabelle à l’Ancienne Gueuzerie Tilquin 53 99
25 BrewDog Paradox Uncle Duke’s BrewDog 74 99
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