Top 7 best Mexican restaurants in Montreal

Top 11 Must-Try best Mexican restaurants in Montreal 2022

Mexican cuisine always brings a specific taste to diners all around the world. Honestly, Mexican food is recognized as an intangible cultural heritage contribution to humanity by UNESCO. Its taste is mainly spicy with a gorgeous presentation.

According to the statistics of Tripadvisor, there are about 88 Mexican restaurants based in old Montreal. But not all of them owe the standard flavors of Mexican cuisine.

If you do not know where to taste the high-quality food and experience the culture of Mexico, this article is for you. The article provides you with the top 7 best Mexican restaurants in Montreal. Let’s take a look!

Top 7 best Mexican restaurants in Montreal
Top 7 best Mexican restaurants in Montreal

1. La Capital Tacos

La Capital Tacos is considered one of the best Montreal restaurants in Canada. It is located in the middle of Chinatown. The restaurant has a reputation for its traditional Mexican cuisine, especially tacos. 

La Capital Tacos serves some of the best tacos in the city. For example, their incredible tacos carnitas is beloved by many diners. This dish contains various fresh and high-quality ingredients such as pork confit, radish, coriander, onion, and pico de gallo. It cost about $15. Moreover, tacos birria is also pretty good and famous there. It is about $18.50 for each tacos birria. 

In addition, there are also other Mexican plates for you to try such as guacamole moyen, quesabirria, or frijoles refritos. All of them are delicious and look so yummy. Finally, their service is good and the staff is always polite and friendly to customers.

2. Tacos Victor

Tacos Victor is located at 4380 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The restaurant specializes in Mexican and Latin cuisine. Moreover, it is also famous for serving delicious fast food. Obviously, Tacos Victor is extremely well-known for being one of the best Mexican restaurants in the city.

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If you have a chance to visit this restaurant, their tacos are a must-try dish that you absolutely need to eat once in your life. They offer several kinds of tacos such as fish taco or chicken and beef taco. All of them are tasty and worth experiencing. Besides mouth-watering tacos, Tacos Victor also serves other incredible food like pastor and chorizo recipes. The price is reasonable and fair. Plus, their service is good, fast, and professional.  

3. La Tamalera 

You can easily find La Tamalera at 226 Av. Fairmount o, Montreal, Canada. The restaurant is about 1,3 miles from Mont-Royal Park. The restaurant specializes in Mexican cuisine, Latin and Spanish food. 

La Tamalera  in Montreal
La Tamalera  in Montreal

La Tamalera has a diverse selection of traditional Mexican food for you to choose from. For example, you can favor a unique taste of their famous tacos such as shrimp tacos or fish tacos. Moreover, their Sincronizada Poblana is pretty well-known for Montrealers and visitors when traveling to the city. 

Although La Tamalera is a small restaurant, it still attracts and serves thousands of people every year because of its amazing dishes. The service is fine and the price is affordable. It is truly the greatest spot for anyone who loves Mexican tastes.

4. El Meson

El Meson is located at 1678 Boulevard Saint-Joseph in Montreal, Canada. It is about 0.3 km from Place Jacques-Cartier. The restaurant specializes in Mexican and Latin cuisine. 

With more than 25 years of experience, it serves tasty simple Mexican dishes with traditional options such as tortilla soup, guacamole, and chiles rellenos. Moreover, diners when coming there can try tasting fish filets. All dishes are amazing and mouth-watering.

Besides, you can dip yourself into marvelous views of the river through glass windows. The service is great and the price is fair and affordable. Their staff is always friendly and hospitable to customers. 

5. Calaveras 

Calaveras can be found at various destinations in old Montreal. You can easily see it at 2040 Rue Beaubien E of the city and nearby Cinéma Beaubien. It is not only a taco bar but it is also considered one of the most famous Mexican family restaurants in Montreal. 

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It has a diverse menu of incredible Mexican foods such as tortilla-based dishes. It includes calamari, ceviches, and ribs special. Especially, you can sip a cup of tequila drinks, and a live music soundtrack at the restaurant.  

Everything is perfect as it is. You can feel happy and stay away from a ton of troubles in your life to feel free there. The service is pretty good. Their price is not expensive and the vibe is unbelievable. Calaveras is truly a nice place for you to let your hair down. 

6. La Cantina

Although La Cantina is one of the newest locations in Montreal, it has still occupied a huge number of diners visiting and eating since it was first built in Rue Stanley of Montreal, Canada. Located in downtown Montreal. La Cantina has soon become famous for its amazing Mexican cuisine and good service. It is selected to appear as the best dining option in the city. 

La Cantina in Montreal
La Cantina in Montreal

The restaurant has many delectable plates. For example, La Cantina serves diverse Mexican tacos like octopus and bacon tacos. Furthermore, you can try tortas and tostadas there.

They have a unique taste that will not make you disappointed. In addition, the restaurant also possesses an inventive range of cocktails for you to choose from. Hence, do not ignore this restaurant if you want to taste special Mexican food from them. 

7. La Selva

La Selva has been around Montreal for a long time. It has been there for about 40 years since it was founded. The reason why it has been famous until now is because of its delicious menu, great value table d’hôte as well as their Taco Thursday deals.

The restaurant shows a lot of special Mexican cuisines such as salmon tartare Mexican style, and several riffs on an octopus. Do not skip La Selva to experience and discover the oldest Mexican restaurant in Montreal. 

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In conclusion, this is the top 7 best Mexican restaurants in Montreal. If you are interested in Mexican cuisine and culture, you can take time to visit those restaurants and satisfy yourself with their unique tastes. Because of the covid 19 pandemic, delivery service is available in most restaurants for this list. 


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