Top 6 best microblading in Montreal

Top 9 best Places to Get Microblading in Montreal

Who does not love beauty? Who does not want to improve and enhance their beauty of themselves? There are a lot of ways to do it. And having natural, thick and suitable eyebrows is also one of the most effective ways to help your appearance.

With the development of globalization and industrialization, microblading has soon become popular in our lives nowadays. Especially when everyone loves beauty and cares more about appearance. A lot of people apply the method of permanent eyebrows cosmetics to rebuild a new visual.

Top 6 best microblading in Montreal
Top 6 best microblading in Montreal

If you are living in Montreal, do you know where to get the best microblading in the city? If not, this article is for only you! The article provides you with the top 6 best microblading in Montreal. Do not skip! Let’s take a look and find the most incredible destination for yourself!

1. Phibrows

You can find Phibrows at 6825 Boul Decarie, Montréal, Quebec, Canada. Phibrows is considered one of the best microblading in Canada. PhiBrows Master Ecaterina Cioban has a huge reputation for being one of the best microblading artists in Canada. Moreover, she also appeared on the list of the most successful PhiBrows masters in the world.

Known as a semi-permanent manual “hand” method of permanent eyebrows cosmetics, this method can create natural good-looking hair strokes for you. When choosing Phibrows to improve and promote your appearance, you can have perfectly natural-looking, full brows, and thick. You can possess the best eyebrows with professional skills and the high technology of PhiBrows. Its service has nothing to complain about. Their price ranges from $500.

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2. Alexandra Brows

Alexandra Brows is situated inside the building of Adva Salon Spa at 3740 Boulevard des Sources in Montreal, Canada. You can easily find this salon just about 30-minute from downtown Montreal. When visiting Alexandra Brows, you can receive incredible treatment from Alexandra and Amanda.

Alexandra Brows in Montreal
Alexandra Brows in Montreal

They are the experts in permanent eyebrows cosmetics. They ensure that they will bring out the best beauty for you and provide you with an amazing experience. They will give you the most comfortable feeling during the process of taking care of your eyebrows. You will never regret the result. The price is about $500. Their service and staff are absolutely friendly and polite.

3. NStyle Nail Lounge

Located at 1500 McGill College Ave in Montreal, Canada, NStyle Nail Lounge can be referred to as one of the greatest microblading in the city. This amazing brow bar specializes in most beauty services, of course, including permanent cosmetics for eyebrows.
With an understanding about beauty, NStyle Nail Lounge commits that they will give their customers the finest service in Montreal with the best ad placing solutions. The price is always revealed and never hidden. It is fair and affordable for everyone.
The interior of the brow bar is spacious and bright. You can make an appointment with staff easily and fast. You will realize that all staff is enthusiastic and hospitable. Easily understanding, their service is really fast and good.

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4. Brows By Tania

Brow By Tania is well-known for making the most beautiful and quality eyebrows for customers in Montreal. The brow bar is found at 4911 Dagenais St suite 200, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Tania offers diverse services for your eyebrows. For example, you can possess the perfect eyebrows for eyebrow sculpting, threading, or even microblading. Besides, men’s eyebrow grooming, eyebrow, and eyelash tinting are available there for you to experience. Each service will make you more gorgeous and bright.
As an enthusiastic artist, Tania knows which brow’s shape suits your face and turns your face brighter. She will completely focus on her work until she brings out the perfect brows for customers.
Brows By Tania provides its customers with professional and fast service. Their staff is always hospitable to customers and willing to help them to do whatever they want. Brows By Tinia is truly an ideal spot for beauty.

5. 3D Eyebrows Studio

3D Eyebrows Studio is based at 3914 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is renowned for being one of the finest microblading in the city. The studio is totally different from its size. It looks small, simple and there is nothing special for the first time you’ve seen it.

3D Eyebrows Studio in Montreal
3D Eyebrows Studio in Montreal

However, the quality can surprise you. Everything is perfect and their staff is extremely professional and skillful. Therefore, you do not need to worry about what you will get at the end of the process. You will not regret it!

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Based on your face shape and long standing experience of artists, they will suggest suitable brows for you to do. Their service is amazing. That is the reason why 3D Eyebrows Studio is rated with high marks on diverse famous social media such as Google and Facebook.

6. Brow and Lashberry

Brow and Lashberry is nestled at 6567 Saint-Denis St, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is highly recommended by many people from all walks of life. Brow and Lashberry is famous for being one of the finest Microblading and Permanent makeup studios in Montréal.
Julie Nhan, the owner of Brow and Lashberry will provide you with the greatest service. She always dedicates her passion, concentration, and enthusiasm to her work. She wants to enhance the beauty of everyone and bring out the best in them.
Do not hesitate to visit this brow studio and discover their service.

You will receive a free consultation. They will serve you with professional skills and highly safe quality. Let’s call and book an appointment with Brow and Lashberry right now!

In conclusion, the list of the 6 best microblading in Montreal above is for you. Appearance plays an important role in our lives. Thus, you should take care of it, especially when you are a woman. Your face is quite important, so you need to ensure that your eyebrows and eyelashes are clear, bright, and neat. Hence, prepared this list for you. Let’s find the best place and make yourself brighter than ever!

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