Top 6 best lobster in Montreal

Top 15 Best Places for Lobster in Montreal: Where to go

The sea is a magical and mysterious world to humans living on Earth. Nevertheless, it is an abundant resource for providing foods and products for humans. Billions of animals such as fish, shrimp, crab, etc, are living under the sea. Those sea animals inspired creativity and nutrition for us every day. 

Top 6 best lobster in Montreal
Top 6 best lobster in Montreal

In Montreal, there are thousands of restaurants for you to favor the incredible taste of seafood. However, where is the right place to eat seafood, especially lobster? If you are in love with lobster, this article is truly written for you. Let’s refer to it and find the top 6 best lobster in Montreal!

1. Bouillon Bilk

Bouillon Bilk is located in the heart of Saint-Laurent. You can easily find it at 1595 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2S9 Canada. The restaurant specializes in French, Canadian, and Contemporary cuisine. They serve lunch, dinner, and late-night meals. Bouillon Bilk’s food suits all walks of life. Their food is vegetarian-friendly. There are also vegan options and gluten-free options.

Moreover, Bouillon Bilk has a huge reputation for seafood. More specifically, it is lobsters. Their lobster is cooked and served in different dishes. The lobsters are the freshest ones and sweet.

Plus, their tomato salad is pretty exquisite. Besides, you can try the mussels, the veal and the scallops there. They are extremely delicious and flavorful. The service is great and the price is not too expensive but it’s worth it. Their staff team is hospitable and professional. 

The atmosphere is pretty cozy and feels like home when you visit this restaurant. If you are addicted to seafood, more specifically, it is lobster. Do not skip this destination! 

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2. Le Filet

Le Filet is about 1.1 miles from Mount Royal Park. It is located at 219 Avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest, Montréal, Québec H2T 2T2 Canada. The restaurant specializes in French cuisine and seafood. 

If you want to favor fresh and delectable lobsters, you can visit there and try eating their amazing lobster dishes. Why? Because Le Filet has a reputation for being one of the best seafood restaurants in Montreal. 

Obviously, they serve the best lobster in the city. This spot is referred to as the place for seafood lovers. Moreover, the octopus appetizer and the lobster fettuccine are absolutely the must-try dishes for you when visiting the restaurant. 

Besides seafood, their service is great. The restaurant staff is enthusiastic, professional, and hospitable. The atmosphere and interior are warm and spacious. This Le Filet is a great place for a sweet date with your partner or a cozy gathering day with your family. 

3. Restaurant de l’ITHQ

Restaurant de l’ITHQ can be found at 3535 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is about 0.8 miles from Chinatown. The restaurant specializes in French, European, and Canadian cuisine. Moreover, it is famous for seafood with unique tastes. Lobsters are served in diverse versions such as lobster mixed with marinated bison. 

Restaurant de l'ITHQ in Montreal
Restaurant de l’ITHQ in Montreal

Besides their delicious lobsters, there are other plates that can strongly melt your heart. The restaurant possesses a variety of wine lists for you to sip when enjoying your food. Most importantly, Restaurant de l’ITHQ has great service with a beautiful hotel. Their staff is full of energy and enthusiasm. They are professional enough to meet the needs of clients and solve all problems. 

4. Garde Manger

If you are Montrealers, it will be a big mistake if you do not know Garde Manger Restaurant. It is one of the most renowned restaurants serving the greatest seafood in Montreal. Garde Manger Restaurant is located in the heart of Montreal, at 408 Rue Saint-François-Xavier. It is about 0.1 miles from Old Port Montreal. 

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The restaurant specializes in seafood. Besides, it is also famous for Canadian cuisine. Their seafood is unbelievable and extremely delicious. No one can deny the high quality of the ingredients of their dishes. Their lobster is fresh and tasty, which is the reason why all plates made from lobster are sweet and delectable. Moreover, octopus and heirloom tomatoes are pretty good. Plus, smoked sturgeon pate and char is also another delectable plate. 

In addition, their service is good and the staff is really friendly and welcoming. Also, the atmosphere is warm. Their decor is beautiful and elegant. Garde Manger Restaurant can be considered the finest place for dating and eating. 

5. Le Club Chasse Et Pêche

Le Club Chasse Et Peche is situated in the middle of old Montreal. The restaurant is about 0.4 miles from Old Port Montreal. It specializes in French, European, and Canadian cuisine. Of course, seafood is their strength. Although they don’t serve many types of dishes, all their food is fresh and high-quality. Their lobster is extremely good with fresh and special taste. 

Moreover, their steak is pretty fine and the burrata is excellent. Besides, Risotto, Italian rice cooked with cream sauce, is also served there. The service is good and the attitude of the staff is amazing. There is nothing to complain about from the service to the food. Le Club Chasse Et Peche is a hotspot to eat. 

6. Barroco

Barroco is located in the heart of old Montreal. It is near the Montreal Museum Of Archaeology and History. You can find the restaurant at 312 St-Paul O in the city. It specializes in Mediterranean, French, and Canadian cuisine. Seafood occupies a key role in the restaurant’s reputation. Their lobster is great.

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Barroco in Montreal
Barroco in Montreal

The bacalhau and the paella are also good. When visiting, you can feel the warm feeling from their decor and interior. The atmosphere is not crowded and comfortable. However, the price is quite expensive. Their service is fine and their staff is hospitable. Barroco is also another destination for you to discover. 

In conclusion, there are the top 6 best lobsters in Montreal. If you love seafood, not only lobster, you can try visiting those restaurants and discover more amazing flavors from them. Finally, we cannot deny that seafood provides us with abundant nutrition for our bodies. Hence, if you want to have energy for activity, let’s eat seafood!


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