New Coffee Experience at Time Out Market Montréal

New Coffee Experience at Time Out Market Montréal

There’s never been a better time to visit Montréal than now. Time Out Market is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year and will feature over 400 vendors selling food, drinks, fashion, art and entertainment.

When Time Out Market Montréal launched their newest coffee experience, they were looking to give consumers a reason to visit their market for a second time.

Their new espresso cart experience is designed to give consumers an opportunity to have a taste of Montréal’s best cafés.

From the past to the future, from the present to the future, we have new coffee experiences for you! Our goal is to offer you one of the best coffee experiences in Montreal.

New Coffee Experience at Time Out Market Montréal

Coffee lovers in the city’s downtown area will soon have even more to choose from.

With her years of expertise at local speciality roaster Kittel, Elsa Ouagmi is joining the staff at Time Out Market Montréal’s Tunnel (which is lovingly nicknamed by regulars).

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Elsa is on a mission to link coffee drinkers in the urban center with the familiarity of a local coffee shop where everyone knows your name. “Your children’s names are known by a nearby coffee shop.”

It’s a nice place to go for a walk and get some fresh air,” she says. As a coffee shop, Tunnel is all about finding the right cup of joe for each customer and getting to know them via their beverage. ”

She adds Marc-André, for example, arrives around 1:10 p.m. every day for his customary.

During her time living in Australia in 2015, Elsa developed a taste for coffee and began working at Kittel, a speciality coffee roaster in Montreal, Canada, in 2017.

IWCA’s Canadian branch is trying to promote, educate, and network women who identify as women in the coffee industry, and IWCA’s mission is to empower women and underrepresented populations by bringing coffee professionals together.

There will be new coffee experiences due to Elsa in addition to Tunnel’s perfectly pulled shots, next-level beans acquired directly from the Canadian Roasting Society (a center of Montreal’s all-star indie roasting scene) and delectable baked products.

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Every chance we have, she continues, “we’ll customize the coffee experience.” “Like marketing wine, we’ll give tips to help customers understand what speciality coffee is all about.”

Fans of the coffee in the tunnel may look forward to “cuppings” (coffee tastings) to hone their coffee palates, a rotating roster of local coffee roasters, creative team-building exercises, and coffee afternoons for visitors to Montréal.

Elsa tells me that Tunnel is the finest place to work swiftly and efficiently while also taking care of your coffee. We want to have fun, but we’re serious about what we do. It’s all I care about is making folks happy with their cup of joe.

Tunnel Espresso is giving out free coffee all day when it opens at Time Out Market Montréal

To celebrate the launch of Tunnel Espresso in Time Out Market Montréal on Tuesday, August 10, the coffee-and-donut game in Montreal is about to become a whole lot better—and you can get a free cup of joe.

As part of our recent announcement of the reopening of Time Out Market Montréal, we included Tunnel Espresso, one of the city’s top coffee shops.

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Everything seems to be building up to this: Fresh brioche donuts and the “sconut,” which they refer to as “sconuts,” will be on the menu at the market now that they’ve arrived. Dreamy in the Sud-Ouest serves you some of the best Southern-style biscuits in the city.

A queue will undoubtedly form as early as possible to obtain free coffee from the new café injection, which will be open all day. However, you don’t really want to stand in line forever when you only need that initial jolt, do you?

On Tuesday, August 10th, at 10 a.m., Tunnel Espresso will open at Time Out Market Montréal.


The new coffee experience has been a great addition to the Montréal market. At our booth, we had an espresso bar, a barista, and an assortment of delicious coffee drinks to try.

We also had a huge selection of baked goods to choose from, perfect for enjoying during the hot weather. Visitors were able to enjoy a wide variety of coffee, tea, and desserts at our booth, which was a huge hit!

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