The Most Romantic Restaurants in Montreal (+25 Places)

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Montreal (+25 Places)

Lovebirds can find plenty of romance at Montreal’s top restaurants, but don’t think you need a date to eat well here.

Romantic restaurants, romantic restaurants, romantic restaurants… I was curious about the best places to eat out in Montreal. Not only are there tons of places to go, but there’s also tons of choices.

I’ve selected the 25+ most romantic restaurants in Montreal and compiled them here. You’re sure to find some great ideas to impress your partner on your next date!

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Montreal

1. Marconi

Address:45 Avenue Mozart O, Montréal, QC H2S 1C1, Canada

Phone:(514) 490-0777

Website:Visit Website

What was originally a small dépanneur has been converted into a neighborhood favorite thanks to its huge bar and open kitchen.

It’s a creative and well-executed cuisine that’s served on mismatched tableware for a little additional flair.

To get the most out of your meal, plan on splitting five to six courses between two people, and be sure to check out the extensive drink menu.


2. Damas

Address:1201 Avenue Van Horne, Outremont, QC H2V 1K4, Canada

Phone:(514) 439-5435

Website:Visit Website

It’s a great dating destination, not just for the ambiance, but for the food, which includes everything from labneh and baba ghannouj to char-grilled meats.

Instead than having to pick and choose from a menu, go with the tasting menu for an all-encompassing look into Syrian food.


3. Impasto

Address:48 Rue Dante, Montréal, QC H2S 1J6, Canada

Phone:(514) 508-6508

Website:Visit Website

Impasto, the Little Italy eatery founded by co-owners Stefano Faita and Michele Forgione, is known for its exquisitely prepared pastas, house-cured charcuterie, and extensive wine selection.

An open kitchen and plenty of natural light from the windows assist to create the perfect atmosphere.



4. Alma

Address:1231 Av. Lajoie, Outremont, QC H2V 1P2, Canada

Phone:(514) 543-1363

Website:Visit Website

Coastal Catalonia comes to Montreal in this delightful Outremont locale, complete with all the romanticism that implies.

Wines that will take you to another place and time await you together with anchovy-heavy dishes and cured meats and seafoods. Tinc Set, a wine bar owned by the same people, is a good option for a more informal dating night.


5. Le Virunga

Address:851 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2J 2H9, Canada

Phone:(514) 504-8642

Website:Visit Website

This Pan-African restaurant on the Plateau is an easy choice for a romantic date night because of its cozy quarters, elaborate decor, and dim lighting.

Expect local foods given the sub-Saharan treatment, top-notch service, and gorgeous drinks and South African wines to be served.



6. Le Vin Papillon

Address:2519 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC H3J 1N4, Canada

Phone:(514) 439-6494

Website:Visit Website

In order to avoid the madness of Joe Beef, head to Le Vin Papillon instead. Despite the fact that the cuisine is excellent, the service is perfect, and the wine list is extensive, providing for an easy, seamless eating experience.


7. L’Express

Address:3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2W 2M4, Canada

Phone:(514) 845-5333

Website:Visit Website

A trip to L’Express may serve several purposes, including a romantic date, people-watching, or a mini-vacation to a Parisian bistro without having to leave Montreal.

Even though the restaurant is always busy during prime dinner hours, there’s no reason not to stop by for a shared meal of beef tartare and frites any time of day.




8. Candide

Address:551 Rue Saint-Martin, Montréal, QC H3J 2L6, Canada

Phone:(514) 447-2717

Website:Visit Website

When the service at Candide is as finessed as it is, it’s simple to focus on the individual across the table. After all, there’s nothing quite like a nice dish of locally sourced, seasonally appropriate Quebec fare and a fine wine pairing to get the party started.


9. Nora Gray

Address:1391 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montréal, QC H3C 1H2, Canada

Phone:(514) 419-6672

Website:Visit Website

Nora Gray excels at romantic dining because to a setting that manages to seem both intimate and refined at the same time.

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Relax at a booth or at the bar for a wonderful evening of Italian cuisine and wine, which is elegant enough for a special event planned in advance but not overly so for a post-work pick-up.



10. Cadet

Address:1431 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2S8, Canada

Phone:(514) 903-1631

Website:Visit Website

In the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles, the little sister of Bouillon Bilk is a convenient place to grab a snack before or after a day of entertainment.

To complete the dining experience, the restaurant offers small dishes, a fully equipped bar, and an imaginative drink menu.



11. Le Mousso

Address:1023 Rue Ontario E, Montréal, QC H2L 1P8, Canada

Phone:(438) 384-7410

Website:Visit Website

Even though the three- to four-hour tasting menus aren’t for the faint of heart, Le Mousso should be on the radar for any couple looking for exquisite and imaginative cuisine.

Chef Antonin Mousseau-Rivard is the right host to commemorate a significant anniversary in a relationship.



12. Barroco

Address:312 Rue Saint-Paul O, Montréal, QC H2Y 2A3, Canada

Phone:(514) 544-5800

Website:Visit Website

In spite of its reputation as a tourist trap, Old Montreal has a romantic feel to its cobblestones and street lighting. With stone walls, soft lighting, and a swoon-worthy cuisine that combines French and Spanish flavors, Barroco is the place to be.



13. Pastel

Located in the heart of Old Montreal, this brightly lighted, high-ceilinged establishment offers excellent service and innovative meals that are deserve a Michelin star at the very least.

In addition to the tasting menus and à la carte, the chalk wall is a great way to remember the night. After you’ve had your fill, take a few minutes to sign the wall before you leave.

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14. Manitoba

For a meal that gives a taste of Quebec to keep you both delighted via pure flavour—an overview of the size and complexity of the province’s terroir—head to Manitoba.

The chef and his crew will make you journey to the four corners of La Belle Province without having to arrange hours of road excursions (as romantic as that might be) for cuisine.

Don’t skimp on their offerings when it comes to local beers, ciders, wines and spirits either.

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15. Graziella

A ternary waltz of Vitello Tonnato, handmade Pappardelle, and simply grilled fresh fish is the epitome of a romantic Italian supper.

Perhaps a glass of Piedmontese dry white wine, a Tuscan red wine, and a handcrafted Gelati will round off the meal, leaving you with refreshed taste buds just in time for a stroll through Old Montreal?

This is a legit location to replicate the spaghetti scene from the Lady and the Tramp.

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16. Le Renoir

Whether you’re relaxing on the terrace in the summer or in the lounge bar in the winter, any evening at the Renoir should begin with a drink or a glass of champagne.

Once your appetite has been piqued, head to the dining room to enjoy the delectable creations of chef Olivier Perret.

Clément Tilly is a pastry chef, and an evening isn’t complete without a sweet treat from him (just make sure to order one by accident to share with two spoons).

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17. Le Millen

Le Millen is the place to go if you’re trying to pick between a BYO restaurant and a location that serves a 7 or 9-course tasting menu. This restaurant’s chef and staff serve up delicious food in a fun and informal setting.

Have no idea what to choose? With the 9-course meal that doesn’t miss a beat: Poulet gras, rillettes, trou normand, charcuterie, and sweets… A second (or third) bottle is definitely in order. Go to the SAQ as part of the evening!

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18. Perles et Paddock

There are many romantic restaurants that focus solely on cuisine and atmosphere, but it’s important to remember that communication is as important.

The goal of having a dinner date is to hear the person across the table, after all, isn’t it? As a result, Perles et Paddock was thoughtfully developed by its founders to serve only the highest-quality cuisine and drink.

It’s stunning at any time of day or night, and the drink selection is unmatched.

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19. Le Club Chasse et Pêche

When the occasion arises, there’s no better choice than this Old Montreal institution and a tribute to the city’s fine-dining prowess to indulge.

There are few high-end experiences that are as trustworthy as this one, where you can relax with your date and let the skilled staff handle the wine and dinner arrangements.

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20. Caffe Un Po’ Di Piu

Make plans to remain at Un Po’ Di Piu’s beautiful bar for a long time with your loved one. They have an extensive selection of antipasti and Negronis, so it’s hard to resist another mouthful.

When the meal is dependably excellent, a date goes much more smoothly. They also serve brunch on the weekends if you prefer a more early morning date.

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21. Le Majestique

Majestique has an abundance of the delectable bivalves, which may be the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Explore various seafood and shellfish alternatives as well as the critically regarded footlong hot dog prepared from local Gaspor pork while you’re there.

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Whether you start at opposing ends and meet in the center is up for dispute when it comes to sharing that substantial masterpiece. The jokes in this paragraph are meant to be taken as a compliment.

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22. Buvette Chez Simone

Buvette Chez Simone is a delightful dating destination that doesn’t require as much commitment as a multi-course meal.

You may have to battle the throng to get a seat at this popular wine bar on Parc, but you’ll be rewarded with a wide range of wines by the glass at surprisingly low pricing.

If the date is going well, you may remain a little longer, but if it’s not? At least you don’t have to wait until the last drop of a bottle is gone before you go.

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23. Foiegwa

Have you ever thought that candlelight wine pours and liquor and burgers can’t be good enough because of the unneeded pomp and pretensions?

With this upmarket diner, you’ll get more than you bargained for:

Drink a few cocktails here or at the adjacent speakeasy Atwater Cocktail Club before dividing items from the menu, which includes anything from deluxe burgers to milkshakes and pieces of pie.

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24. Leméac

Moules-frites and foie gras torchon are bistro mainstays that never go out of vogue, even if Laurier’s tradition is overlooked in favor of newer and hipper products.

Even though their usual menu is priced for a special event, their after-10 p.m. menu includes an appetizer and a main for just $28. For a sensual date night, this restaurant’s food and atmosphere are ideal for cementing the French connection.

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25. Patrice Pâtissier

It’s not only the cute husband-and-wife duo behind Patrice Pâtissier in Little Burgundy that make it a special place to visit; sharing a canelé or lemon tart with a loved one is a great way to start a romantic relationship at Patrice Pâtissier.

Couples looking for a fun night out may take advantage of their pastry and wine lessons, and their brunch options are a great way to wind down after a night on the town.

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26. Khyber Pass

Duluth’s largest BYOB restaurant dishes up substantial Afghani food, including some of the city’s best braised lamb shank.

If you’re out with your significant other for an intimate meal, we recommend pairing it with a nice bottle of wine. Choose a bottle of wine for the evening together from one of the nearby dépanneurs or SAQ stores.

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27. La Raclette

Surely, romance and cheese go hand in hand? Right. If you want to enjoy their signature dish, La Raclette, or a hot pot of cheese fondue with your dining companion, look no farther than La Raclette.

In addition, you can bring your own wine and cheese, allowing you to tailor your experience to your own preferences. Choose a few bottles of sauvignon blanc or pinot gris in advance to make the most of your night out.

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28. La Chronique (Mile End)

La Chronique is one of Montreal’s greatest restaurants for French cuisine, if not the best in the city.

For the most part, chefs Marc De Canck and Olivier de Montigny have stayed out of the public eye in favor of honing their skills in the kitchen.

The degustation menu, which varies often but generally uses French techniques to exquisite fish, meats, and fruit from Quebec and Canada, is available for you and your date to savor.

For the most part, the extensive wine list emphasizes French classics, but there are alternatives for every taste and budget. Just ask sommelier Jonathan Sitaras for his recommendations.

Dining in the restaurant: La Chronique provides indoor eating exclusively, in a clean white area accentuated by mahogany-toned furnishings.

The restaurant features a tasting menu but has given a la carte selections in the past; reservations are highly advised.

Takeout: Delivery or takeaway are not available.

29. Toqué (Downtown/Old Montreal)

In Quebec’s fine dining scene, Toqué is regarded as a pioneer because to chef-owner Normand Laprise’s ability to shine a light on the province’s finest ingredients.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of dining here since 1993, you’re missing out on one of Montreal’s most pleasurable dining experiences. T

he menu is full of locally-sourced ingredients, like redcurrant and sea buckthorn gel for foie gras, as well as delicate meats, root vegetables, and mushrooms.

If you want to do it correctly, purchase the seven-course tasting menu (which comes with an optional but excellent wine pairing). You may also eat a la carte.

Dining in the restaurant: Tables are set with white tablecloths and leather seats, which are both stylish and quite comfortable. Toqué is a well regarded restaurant in the city, and as such, reservations are highly encouraged.

Takeout: There are no options for delivery or takeaway.

30. Park (Westmount)

Chef Antonio Park’s namesake restaurant, a date-night favorite in Montreal, is an exception to the rule when it comes to sushi in the city.

When making his maki, nigiri, and other sushi dishes, Park (who was also the first Canadian chef to be granted permission to import Kobe beef) only employs the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, such albacore and bluefin tuna.

Also, he incorporates some of his Korean and South American background, such as the beef sushi, which is served with kimchi and chimichurri sauces.

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Dining in the restaurant: Tuesday through Saturday, Park is open for lunch and supper. Dim lighting and wood paneling combine in a stylish, contemporary dining area.

Takeout: It is possible to place an order for delivery or takeaway through the restaurant’s website for anything on the menu, including the omakase.

31. Bar George (Downtown)

Restaurant Bar George, the in-house restaurant of boutique hotel Le Mount Stephen, serves delectable British delicacies such succulent beef Wellington and whiskey pudding.

There are also some excellent seafood dishes, such as baked black cod, that pay homage to this side of the water.

An aristocratic social club formerly stood where this establishment now sits, so there’s plenty of history to soak in. There’s also an extensive drink menu, as well as options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Dining in the restaurant: Intricate wood paneling and antique furnishings make Bar George’s dining room feel like you’re dining in an English mansion.

Takeout: There is a takeaway option for the whole menu, which can be purchased online.

32. Bistro Nolah (Dollard-des-Ormeaux)

Bistro Nolah, a restaurant on the West Island community of Dollard-des-Ormeaux, is worth the 20 to 30 minute journey from Montreal.

It’s one of the city’s few restaurants dedicated only to Cajun fare, making it an excellent choice for a romantic dinner for two, especially given the restaurant’s outstanding service.

Gumbo, jambalaya, fried oysters, and catfish are just a few of the mouthwatering dishes on the menu. Nolah pays tribute to New Orleans, a city that understands how to create some real cocktails, so don’t miss out on the beverages.

Dining in the restaurant: Candlelight and jazzy allusions to New Orleans characterize the dining area, which may also be enjoyed on the covered patio during the warmer months.

Takeout: You may get Nolah’s gumbos and fried chicken for takeaway or delivery using third-party applications.

33. Chez Lévêque (Outremont)

Chez Lévêque has been serving Montrealers French brasserie dishes for decades in an elegant yet unobtrusive setting.

Save space for a crème brûlée or crêpes suzette; the crew has perfected classic dishes like lobster bisque, terrines, tartares, moules-frites, sweetbreads, and a classic steak.

Chez Lévêque also offers a $29 table d’hôte menu for couples on a budget after 9pm every day (except during holiday peaks), which includes a handful of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

Dining in the restaurant: Monday through Saturday, Chez Lévêque serves lunch and supper. When it’s warm outside, diners may take advantage of the restaurant’s wide terrace, which features red banquettes and white tablecloths.

Takeout: The majority of the restaurant’s online menu is available for takeaway or delivery. You can’t take the table d’hôte specials home with you!

34. Coeur de Loup (Petite-Patrie)

The bouchons of Lyon, France, which are noted for their robust, meaty food, are the inspiration for this pleasant cafe in the city’s northeast.

But Fabrizia Rollo, the Italian chef at Coeur de Loup, adds a cosmopolitan flair to the menu to spice things up. Elegant but heartfelt, the menu features dishes such as grilled flank steak and duck confit cavatelli.

Dining in the restaurant: Relax in Coeur de Loup’s relaxed dining area, where chandeliers and artwork provide a dash of glitz. In the summer, there is a small street-side terrace accessible.

Takeout: It’s possible to order takeout or have it delivered by a third-party service.

35. Le Muscadin (Old Montreal)

Classic antipasti, pastas, and veal have been on the menu at this beautiful old dame since 1987. Nonna-inspired classics like meatballs, minestrone, carbonara, and seafood linguini will enthrall couples.

However, secondi such as veal scallopini in a cream sauce should be saved for the conclusion of the meal. It’s a family-run business, so expect friendly service.

Dining in the restaurant: Tuesday through Saturday, Le Muscadin is open for supper (plus lunch on Thursday and Friday).

Dinner may be enjoyed in the restaurant’s old dining room with its white linen tables and chairs and oil paintings; unfortunately there is no outside seating available.

Takeout: The restaurant’s whole menu may be ordered online or through third parties for pick-up or delivery.

36. Casa Galicia (Latin Quarter)

This pleasant Spanish eatery on Saint-Denis Street is a great place to sample tapas and seafood.

Galician delicacies (such as octopus) are prominent on the menu, but there are other dishes from all around the Iberian Peninsula, such as paella and gazpacho.

Full-bodied wines from Spain and Portugal are included on a large wine list. There’s also an in-house flamenco show on Friday and Saturday nights if you’d want to pamper your date.

Dining in the restaurant: Casa Galicia may appear to be a modest two-family home, but don’t be deceived: The dining room’s wooden eaves and antiques suggest a Mediterranean home. Only indoor eating is available.

Takeout: All of the restaurant’s menu is available for takeaway, and third-party delivery services are available as well.


I’ve rounded up 25 romantic restaurants in Montreal that will take you off the beaten path. Some are quiet, others are buzzing with activity, and all offer something different.

Take your time in each restaurant to soak up the atmosphere and appreciate the experience. Don’t forget to snap a few pictures!

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