Where to Find Best Lavender Fields Montreal For This Summer

Where to Find Best Lavender Fields Montreal For This Summer

You may not realize it but lavender fields Montreal are very common across the United States and Canada. So, you can find Lavender Fields in almost any city or town.

Lavender fields in Montreal provide a wide variety of lavender flowers, lavender plants, lavender buds, lavender oil and many other products. With the right care, lavender fields can be produced for about 6 months per year.

Lavender fields are the best place to spend a relaxing weekend in Quebec. They are the perfect spot for a romantic getaway, or for some quality time with the family.

What Is Lavender Good For?

Essential oil, potpourri, and tea made from lavender flowers are just a few of the many ways this versatile plant is put to use.

The plant itself is not particularly valuable, but the essential oils extracted from it are. It can be used topically to relieve tension and calm nerves.

Packets of dried lavender are also available for purchase. There are many sacks of the dried flowers all around Provence. Put one under your pillow to get better sleep or in your drawers to wake up to a clean, pleasant aroma.

When To Visit Lavender Fields In Montreal, Québec?

Between the middle of June and the end of July, Montreal’s lavender fields are a must-see. When it happens, you may see the lavender fields at their most beautiful.

You may verify if the Québec lavender fields are open by calling, sending an email, or visiting their Instagram page.

Visiting a field of lavender only to find it barren of purple flowers and leaves is the worst.

Why Visit Montreal, Québec Lavender Fields?

The sight of a lavender field is calming and beautiful. The fragrant flowers and the luxuriant purple bushes in the rural setting! Surely things can’t get much better than that, right?

If you want to take advantage of the pleasant summer weather, a trip to the lavender fields of Québec is just what the doctor ordered. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with loved ones.

Lavender fields are the most photogenic place on earth, therefore I always make sure to pack my camera. Since the lavender also draws in the bees, I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities to photograph them in action.

In addition, a picnic in the lavender fields outside of Montreal is one of life’s finest pleasures. Put on some sunscreen, for goodness’ sake!

Small But Close: Champs De Rêve Lavender Fields

Champs de Rêve is the best area to go if you don’t feel like venturing too far from Montreal Island. Vaudreuil is located just off the island and can be reached in under an hour.

This makes a journey to Champs de Rêve from Montreal possible in as little as half a day.

The admission charge to the Montreal lavender farm is $10 (prices may have changed), but there is so much you get for that price that it’s well worth it!

The fields have been touted as the largest in Montreal, but I suspect that’s because they’re the only ones of their kind in the city. When compared to the other three lavender farms in Montreal, these ones pale in comparison.

However, we were the only visitors to the park that day, which was a welcome change from the crowded lavender fields we had seen elsewhere in Quebec. The fields were virtually empty except for us.

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No need to be interested in Montreal’s lavender fields to appreciate Champs de Rêve…

At The Fields

Montreal’s Champs de Rêve is more than just a lavender field. You have to pass through an incredible floral sculpture garden just to get to the lavender farm. You’ll find a wide variety of animals and stunning flower and grass creations.

Moreover, there is a little labyrinth in which one might become hopelessly disoriented. And if you time it right, you can visit a field full of sunflowers (they peak in August)!

Exploring The Surrounding Area: Vaudreuil & Hudson

With its proximity to Montreal and plenty of activities, Champs de Rêve eliminates the need to venture far from the lavender field. However, there are certainly attractions worth visiting if you have a whole day to spare.

You can’t miss lunch at the wonderful Villa Elina at the Château Vaudreuil. Make sure you call ahead and have a reservation, though.

Hudson is located a little ways away from Champs de Rêve. More informal eating establishments may be found in Hudson (my favourite is the Willow Inn).

Walks along the river at Jack Layton Park are another option if you’re looking to go outside.

Most Popular Lavender Field Montreal: Maison Lavande

Maison Lavande, Montreal’s most well-known lavender farm, is not far from Champs de Rêve. The distance from the metropolis to St. Eustache is only 45 minutes (give or take due to traffic), while the town itself is enormous.

BUT! Being the most well-known lavender farm in Montreal, it attracts many tourists each year.

The proprietors of Maison Lavande spent time in Provence, therefore they are experts on the plant.

They returned to Québec with the intention of starting their own lavender farm. There are three distinct lavender varieties grown in this region.

Visiting the fields will cost you ten dollars (plus tax – see updated prices). Also, during the off-season in August, admission is completely free!

It’s important to remember that the fields won’t look their finest either, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a pleasant picnic there nonetheless.

The Fields Are Looking Worse For The Wear

We went to Montreal in the middle of July, and the lavender field was already looking quite beat up. The plants seem lush and the colors are vivid from a distance.

Closer inspection, though, reveals several bare spots, and some of the vegetation is in less than stellar condition.

All the summer tourists who don’t know better and ruin the fields must be to blame. I suggest going to Maison Lavande on one of the first weekends it is open, if you are interested in going.

The $10 entry price seems high to me, given the state of the field. Furthermore, I had higher hopes for the place given that they do charge (unlike some other lavender fields in the Montreal area).

At This Lavender Farm Montreal…

Each of the three lavender fields at Maison Lavande is named after a different part of the property. One field is in the front, another is to the side, and the largest one is at the rear… them are the most unpleasant to the eye.

There’s ice cream and a little shop selling lavender goods in the fields.

Around the perimeter of the field were a few placards explaining the history of the lavender there and how it is used in the distilling process. There is also a tiny coop for the roosters and a tiny walkway for wandering.

They recommend coming here for the day, setting up a picnic in front of the lilac groves, and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Only drawback is that there aren’t very many comfortable places to sit.

Overcrowding in the front field, a lack of cover in the next field, and sloppy maintenance on the two massive fields in the rear all add up to a less than ideal playing experience. It’s too bad about that.

Exploring In The Surrounding Area: St. Eustache, Oka …etc.

The convenience of Maison Lavande’s location to the city is nice, but the abundance of local attractions is the real draw.

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Unlike some of Montreal’s other lavender farms, Maison Lavande is conveniently located among a wealth of attractions.

Just beyond the fields is where I can find my favorite local honey, Intermiel. You may go on a guided tour, check out the farm, and sample some of their honey! There are also some cabanes à sucre in the area, such as Lalande and Au Pied du Cochons.

There is no shortage of cidreries and vineyards to choose from if you’re looking to unwind at the end of the day with a cool drink on a shady terrace.

The cider from Cidrerie LaFrance and the wine from Vignoble Rivière du Chêne are two of our favorites.

Housed just next door to Maison Lavande, the Exoterium is a great place to take the kids to view some reptiles.

St. Eustache is also worth a trip, as it has a few stores worth perusing. Later in the day, the drive-in theater opens for business.

Far But Worth It: Blue Lavande

My favorite lavender farm in all of Montreal is Blue Lavande, located near Stanstead, Quebec (the Eastern Townships).

You might expect a delay of up to 2 hours due to the high probability of becoming stuck in traffic on your way out of the city. From Montreal, you’ll need a whole day to make this journey, as it’s roughly a two-hour drive.

In spite of this, guided tours are available for a fee.

At The Fields

Visit Blue Lavande, a lavender farm in Montreal, and you’ll be able to roam across a huge expanse of land.

Present were a lot of people there, but we didn’t feel squished at any point. Anyone may enjoy a picnic there without worrying about crowding anyone else out.

They have three well maintained fields for you to enjoy. It’s in the country, so there are mountains all around (and the trip out there won’t hurt your eyes, either).

There’s no lack of buzzing insects in these fields because to the lavender’s ability to entice them. All wildlife photographers will find this to be a dream come true (we barely saw any bees at Maison Lavande).

On addition, they invite you to bring a picnic and spend the day unwinding in one of their fields. However, there is a restaurant and, on the weekends, a new food truck sets up shop for those who didn’t bring a lunch.

You may also sign up for yoga and massage therapy at the fields.

What’s In The Area: Exploring The Eastern Townships

The distance from Montreal means that seeing the lavender fields will probably take up the bulk of your day, but that isn’t always a bad thing.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous, Magog, not far from Blue Lavande, is a great place to take advantage of the great outdoors. You may enjoy the beach, several water activities, the nearby bike path, etc.

It’s a nice place to get some food before heading back to the city, either for the day or for the evening.

Visiting Passion Lavande From Montreal

About an hour and a half separates Montreal from Passion Lavande (maybe longer with traffic). Located in the town of Saint-Sévère (not to be confused with the popular destination Saint-Sauveur up north).

The fields are also open to the public without charge.

Sadly, we didn’t get to witness this Montreal lavender farm in full bloom because we went Passion Lavande for the sunflowers at the very end of August.

At The Fields

Offering both lavender and sunflowers, Passion Lavande is a unique destination (at different times during the summer).

There isn’t much to do in the fields, but they do have a little shop where you can buy their essential oils and soaps. Lavender popsicles made in the artisanal manner are also available and highly recommended.

Typically, there is an outside patio where cocktails may be enjoyed (it was closed when we went during COVID-19).

It’s recommended that, like with the other two Quebec lavender farms, you pack a picnic lunch and relax among the beautiful surroundings. However, there is a huge drawback to picnic lunches in Passion Lavande: there is almost no shade in which to enjoy your meal.

Midway through August, we found the fields to be crawling with insects. Since none of us is particularly brave around insects, we didn’t even lay out our picnic blanket on the ground but instead ate while walking about.

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After that, I’m not sure if we’d return the next year to witness the lavender in full bloom.

What’s In The Surrounding Area

There is a lot to see and do in St. Sévère and the surrounding areas. First, there’s the option of supporting your neighborhood merchants. Nothing is lost and everything is made… Nothing is lost, and everything is made.

Also, there are a few wineries nearby for those who enjoy such things. Domaine et Vins Gelinas is the most similar, although Vignoble Prémont is also a good option.

For even more fresh air, visit Park Yamachiche for a breathtaking hike through the woods that ends with breathtaking ocean vistas. If you enjoy spending time on the beach, there’s no better spot to take a swim.

You’re in luck if waterfalls are more your speed. You may enjoy yourself in Parc des Chutes de Sainte-Ursule.

There is, needless to say, a wide variety of activities available. Additionally, the city of Trois-Rivière (Three Rivers!) is only a bit further down the road.

What To Eat At The Lavender Fields

In the summertime, families may take their dogs on a trip to the lavender fields at La Maison Lavande. The fields can be reserved for private use.

There are plenty of picnic tables dotted across the fields, so feel free to bring your own refreshments. You may unwind on their hammock seats or on their beanbag pillows in their designated chill out space.

It’s a great spot for a picnic, some live music, and some tasty bistro fare, most of which features Lavender.

I really recommend the lavender frozen yogurt and lavender lemonade. My only option is to wait until next summer to have the lavender iced coffee that I so desperately missed this year.

Best Time To Visit La Maison Lavande

Casa Lavanda is at its most beautiful and welcoming during the dates of June 24 and August.

In fact, on certain weekdays, fields are kept open later just so that sunsets may be seen in all their glory. Don’t forget to take a picture on the purple tractor or at the wonderful, enormous swing.

The harvest of lavender for use in their fantastic goods begins on the first of August. The fields are still accessible, but the purple hue is gone (but, the entry is free).

The standard prices are $10 per person, $25 per family, and $0 for pets.

Lavender-Scented Products

During the autumn and winter, we are unable to visit the fields, but we may purchase for lavender goods at their online boutique!

They sell a wide variety of lavender scented items, including those for the home, the body, and the hair.

Their lavender lip balm, essential oils, and candles are some of my favorites.

Several veterinarians and an Internet inquiry have confirmed for me that lavender is safe for pets. Never use essential oils or candles without first consulting your veterinarian.

What To Pack When Visting The Dog-Friendly Lavender Fields

Temperatures in Montreal’s summers regularly exceed 30 degrees Celsius, and even higher during heatwaves.

On a hot day, I wouldn’t recommend taking your dog to La Maison Lavande unless you intend on staying for a while and carrying plenty of water.

Let me show you what I brought with me on this dog-friendly hike:

A water dish to take on the go and plenty of training rewards in water form; we’re always working on our skills.
Henry’s harness, leash, and poop bag, as well as some face cloths I could wet to keep him cool (wipes also work)


Lavender Fields is a unique experience with its own signature, a sense of place, which sets it apart from other similar-sounding events around the globe.

Lavender Fields Montreal takes place in Parc des Buttes Chaumettes, an idyllic park in the heart of the city where lavender fields spread around the park.

Lavender Fields Montreal offers visitors the chance to enjoy a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of life in the big city.

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