30+ Indoor activities montreal To Spend For A Rainy Day

30+ Indoor activities montreal To Spend For A Rainy Day

Montréal is a beautiful city, but sometimes, it can be so rainy that the best thing to do is find something to do indoors.

How do you spend your rainy day? Do you think it’s better to relax indoors, or get outdoors and enjoy some outdoor activity? You’ll find many answers to this question on this list of 30+ indoor activities you can do in Montreal.

There’s a fun activity to suit everyone. Whether you’re young or old, adventurous or sedentary, you’re sure to find something that fits your personality.

31 Indoor Activities Montreal Perfect For A Rainy Day

1. The Montreal Biodôme

If it rains or it’s chilly outside, this may be one of the nicest things to do inside in Montreal.

It’s an indoor recreation of five distinct ecosystems, including a tropical rain forest, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Laurentians (home to fauna native to Quebec), and the sub-Antarctic.

From the minute you enter the Biodôme, you will be immersed in the distinct ambiance of each of its several sections. It’s quite an adventure to enter the rain forest, where the heat forces you to nearly disrobe. Above you in the trees, monkeys and birds live in perfect freedom. Wow, that’s fantastic!

However, the highlight is undoubtedly meeting a variety of penguins in Antarctica (and having to change clothes because of the extreme cold). There’s great for people of all ages, and I still visit it once in a while.

It has been a while since I’ve been there, but I can’t wait to check out the new improvements they’ve made. Get up-to-date pricing info and make your ticket purchase online.

2. Planetarium

Are you a space nut? The Planetarium at Olympic Park is the best spot to visit on a wet day in Montreal. If you want to avoid the crowds, a hidden gem is Laval’s Cosmodome. When I was a kid, that’s the one I frequented the most.

In any case, you’ll spend the day studying fascinating facts about the cosmos.

3. Insectarium

The Insectarium of Olympic Park is another great resource for learning about insects. Seeing the Monarchs and butterflies there was the only reason I went.

Not going to lie, I have no desire to return to that area with all of the creepy crawlers.

Over 300 bug and spider species are on display at the Insecterium. Not to mention the 20,000 specimens and over 250,000 mounted arthropods they have on exhibit.

4. Go to the Notre Dame Basilica

I’m not usually one for visiting churches, but the Basilica of Notre Dame is a must when in Montreal. Plus, since it focuses on the interior, it’s one of the nicest things to do in Old Montreal on a wet day.

The entry price to enter Notre Dame Basilica also includes a 20-minute guided tour that will fill you in on the history of the building.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, you may take a 60-minute tour of the organ and its surrounding rooms. You need to book that tour in advance.

The following article may also pique your attention…

5. Visit an Exhibit at the Science Centre

If it rains, you can still have a good day at the Montreal Science Centre. The museum has both permanent and rotating temporary displays.

The Science Centre is unlike any other indoor attraction in Montreal since it shows IMAX films that aren’t seen anyplace else in the city. See what they’re displaying by checking out their website.

6. Shop at the Bonsecour Market (Or Any Indoor Market in Montreal)

Bonsecour Market is in a magnificent Old Montreal structure that’s host to various local stores. If you’re looking for the best place to buy Montreal mementos, look no further (P.S. find out how to buy the perfect souvenir).

There is, however, a sizable function space available in the Bonsecour Market.

It’s utilized for anything from weddings to events and exhibitions throughout the year. See if there are any exhibitions taking place when you’re visiting.

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As an afterthought, Montreal has a plethora of indoor markets to peruse if you’d rather avoid the cold weather. You may buy some local vegetables or enjoy a full meal at the Jean Talon or Atwater markets.

7. Get Lost at S.O.S Labyrinth

Trying to find some family-friendly indoor activities in Montreal? Even though I was afraid of being lost in the maze, this was my favorite thing to do when I was a youngster.

In order to escape the S.O.S Labyrinth, you’ll have to work through more than just a maze. That will put your problem-solving and obstacle-overcoming talents to the test.

In addition to being a fun way to spend a rainy or cold day in Montreal, this is also a terrific way to keep the kids entertained. Check the new pricing out.

8. Visit Château Ramezay

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the first of several in Quebec. Château Ramezay is a 500 year old chateau that they’ve transformed into a museum (making it one of the best inside things to do in Montreal!).

Explore the past of Québec in this fascinating structure.

They also feature continuously changing temporary art displays to keep you coming back. See pricing and current display.

9. Montreal Rainy Day Activities: Go to a Spa

Old Port is home to many of Montreal’s most acclaimed spas. Locals’ preference is Bota Bota, which is situated on an old river ferry floating on the water.

Imagine the little back and forth rolling of the calm waves while you rest. And I haven’t even told you the greatest part yet; you also get a spectacular view of downtown!

If a continually rocking spa isn’t your style, you may check out the traditional Scandinave Spa in Old Montreal as well as Avie Spa and Spa William Gray for Montreal indoor activities.

In addition, the remainder of the city features a plethora of excellent spas.

10. Go to a Classic Old Port Café

On a dreary day, there’s nothing cozier than a hot beverage and a view of the cobblestone streets outside.

The Old Port of Montreal is filled with hip cafes perfect for a java fix or a leisurely breakfast. Tommy Café and Crew Collective & Café are two of my favorite places to eat out (I recommend going for the architecture alone).

If you want to learn all there is to know about the coffee you’re drinking, a visit to Structure Roasters is a necessity. The correct bean for you might be recommended by them as well!

Café Olympico is the best location to go if you’re searching for a classic Montreal coffee shop and some indoor activities in Montreal.

You can now have all your coffee requirements met at their Old Port facility in addition to their original Mile End shop.

11. Trampoline World

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy the sensation of flying high after a good ol’ fashioned jumping jack. You can bounce off the walls at one of Montreal’s many indoor trampoline parks!

All your trampoline demands may be met at ISaute, SkyZone, or SkyTag (trampoline and laser tag in the west island)!

12. Axe Throwing

Let me be really forthright here… Axe tossing looks like a lot of fun, but I’m too afraid to give it a go. Getting the axe smack in the centre of the bullseye must feel great.

But I’d probably get laughed out of the room because of my poor balance and strength…

Exactly how should one spend a wet day in Montreal? Rather of yelling at Rage and TNT, why not just hurl an axe at them? (Thrill and Throw).

13. Play Mini Putt Indoor Activities Montreal

Do you have to be a certain age to play mini putt?

It’s basically golf, but better and more exciting. Montreal’s Edge golf course has the potential to make even the worst of days seem bearable.

It’s also darkly lighted, so the focus is on entertainment and being immersed in a new universe.

14. Go Bowling

Although bowling may seem a bit dated in the modern day, it’s nevertheless a fun activity to do on a wet day in Montreal.

You should kick back with a pizza, a hot dog, and a few beers. Only the Forum offers bowling in the downtown area (more on that in a bit).

Laurentian Lanes is the best bowling alley in town, although Quilles G Plus is also a great option (Rosebowl).

15. Play Laser Tag

Growing up, laser tag was the most exciting game ever, and it still is. It’s one of those things that never gets old… until you realize how terrible you really are at it (like me).

Even so, it’s a good way to spend time indoors and out of the wet and cold in Montreal. It’s like playing paintball, but without the agony.

You and your team mates are in a dark maze, firing lasers at the other team while dodging their fire.

Laser Quest was the city’s premier laser tag arena, however it had to close its doors after 27 successful years because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Other laser tag locations, such as SkyTag on the west side of the Island, provide dry alternatives.

16. Escape Room

On a wet day in Montreal, gather your friends and family for this enjoyable team-building exercise.

So, while you may not be using a lot of physical effort, you are, no doubt, using up some of your precious mental reserves. You may check out A/Maze at any of their many sites across the city.

17. Allez Up: Indoor Rock Climbing

Allez Up! is the perfect place to get in shape via rock climbing. No experience is necessary, so don’t be nervous. They provide beginner rock climbing and bouldering classes. They are also appropriate for young children.

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Find out more information.

18. Indoor Skating At The Atrium

Even if you don’t like the natural ice that forms in Montreal during the winter, you can go ice skating in the Atrium. Skating is available at this mall, which is a bit of a surprise.

At any time of year, you may come here to go ice skating on the weekends. If you forget your own skates at home, you can always rent some here. Check out the new and improved pricing structure.

19. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The biggest collection of art in Montreal may be found in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The permanent collections feature stunning works by renowned Québec and Canadian artists.

The temporary displays, however, are usually interesting and worth checking out. Examine the exhibits on display.

20. McCord Museum

The rotating exhibits at the McCord Museum are among of my favorites. There’s a lot more to them than meets the eye, but at their core they are a museum dedicated to showcasing and preserving Canadian heritage.

There are also exhibitions that focus on Montreal itself that are always worth checking out.

The fashion exhibits and the cartoonist shows are the most notable, however neither has much to do with Canada or Montreal.

A few of the greatest fashion displays I’ve ever seen were dedicated to Balenciaga and Dior, two designers whose work I like much. The present exhibit is worth seeing.

21. Redpath Museum

The Redpath Museum is a natural history museum located on the campus of McGill University. Palaeontology, minerals, zoology, and international cultures are only few of the topics covered.

Then there are the dinosaurs… There were a TON of dinosaurs. Try to learn more about it.

22. Biosphere

For a long time, I thought the enormous ball on St. Helen’s Island was only for aesthetic purposes. It turns out that the Expo ’67 Biosphere has a secret environmental museum.

During your stay, you may take part in a variety of displays and guided activities. Investigate the situation.

23. Visit A Distillery

Instead of blindly imbibing booze, you should educate yourself about its production process. Taking a tour of a distillery (particularly one that includes free sampling) is a lot of fun.

However, a visit to La Distillerie No.1 will not teach you anything about distillation; it is only a bar, albeit a very lovely one.

While Montreal is a great place to visit year-round, the city’s lone distillery is closed most of the time. Only at Cirka Distilleries can you sample locally produced spirits like vodka and gin.

24. Or go to a Microbrewery

If beer is more your thing than spirits, Montreal has many… many microbreweries. It’s always exciting to visit a new city and try the local beer, especially if it’s something you can’t buy in your own town.

Montréal is no different in this regard.

There are several excellent microbreweries here for you to visit. You should get a flight if you want to try a lot of different kinds and pick your favorite.

Find a complete directory of Montreal’s finest microbreweries; I regularly visit Dieu du Ciel for their innovative lineup of craft brews.

25. Go To A Ceramic Cafe

Let your blood boil with a drink in hand while you enjoy an entertaining creative endeavor… In other words, YES, PLEASE! Ceramic cafes are my absolute favorite.

Sipping a warm beverage while putting brush to canvas is a satisfying pastime. This was my favorite thing to do when I was a youngster, and it hasn’t changed much. perhaps, except that I now have an excess of mugs.

Stop by the Céramic Café Studio, but remember that your finished ceramic will be ready for pick up in approximately a week.

26. There’s No Better Time To Enjoy Afternoon Tea In Montreal!

When it’s raining in Montreal, one of the nicest things to do is to visit your favorite tea parlor for afternoon tea. Was it absolutely necessary for me to bring this up?

The Gryphon D’Or on Monkland is my favorite restaurant, no jokes intended (in NDG).

Besides having an abundance of high-quality tea options, the ambiance is warm and welcoming, and the scones and lemon curd are out of this world. It’s also close to my house, so I may be partial…

Camelia Sinensis is the place to be if you’re a tea connoisseur (they actually provide most of the tea rooms with their tea).

Le Parloir serves my favorite afternoon tea in the city. High tea in the Ritz Carlton’s Palm Court is an extremely elegant affair.

27. Shop In The Underground Mall

Indoor shopping malls are nothing new; you’ve undoubtedly been to one before. But, have you ever visited a shopping center that is located below ground?

Montreal has a subterranean metropolis since the city is so cold for so much of the year. In all seriousness. It’s not always necessary to leave the house in order to fulfill your needs.

Seven subway stops, a railway station, and several shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels are all interconnected in one underground metropolis. It’s true that I promised you wouldn’t ever have to go.

As an alternative, you can visit one of the island’s many retail malls, such as Fairview Pointe-Claire on the West Island.

Leaving the island for Carrefour Laval is also an option. Same stores as downtown, but less people and a nice change of view now and again.

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28. Never Leave The Pepsi Forum On A Cold Day In Montreal

An authentic Montreal treasure, this will cheer you up on a gloomy day. Keep in mind that the Pepsi Forum is like an extension of the underground metropolis; you need never leave it.

The Habs’ old home ice was the Forum (until they outgrew it and moved to the Bell Centre). The interior, with its ringed floors, is reminiscent of an antiquated arena. In the middle, you’ll find several authentic original seats.

Is there really no reason for you to ever go away? A large multiplex shows both mainstream successes and critically acclaimed independent films.

A bowling alley and a game room with pool tables can be found on the third level. You can get beverages and snacks from the bar, and if that doesn’t cut it, there’s a Tim Hortons nearby.

And if you hang around till the wee hours, you can check out the club that opens up! Do you really think you’ll never have to go now that I’ve told you? Enjoy Montreal’s indoor festivities in the comfort of the Pepsi Forum.

29. Tour The Bell Centre

The Bell Centre is a popular destination for both hockey games and concerts, therefore many people have gone there. However, few are aware that a museum exists that provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Bell Centre.

If you’re a fan of the Habs, you’ll love the museum and the behind-the-scenes tour. If you’re looking for some indoor activities in Montreal, this is a must-do, even if you don’t care about the Habs or hockey.

They’ll give you a tour of the facility and show you around areas where visitors aren’t usually allowed to see (like the locker rooms!).

Find out more!

30. VIP Cineplex

For me, a rainy day means a movie and some popcorn. In a dark theater, you may forget about the rain and snow outside and be transported to another planet.

However, the VIP Cineplex in DixTrent will elevate your moviegoing experience to a whole new level. Dine in style while watching the newest blockbuster on the big screen at this cinema.

See what’s playing!

31. Montreal Casino

The Montreal Casino is a great place to spend a rainy day, even if you’re not a big gambler. It’s really simple to become disoriented within. The structure itself is breathtaking (it resembles a ship when illuminated at night)!

Indoor activities for kids in Montréal

Fun and games

You can do indoor skateboarding and scootering at Le TAZ, while mini-golfing with a glow-in-the-dark twist can be had at Putting Edge.

When the lights go down, the action really begins at Laser Game Evolution, where high-octane games of hit-or-miss are played, and when nearby at DodgeBow, archery and swordplay collide.

BoulZeye, Pub & Attractions is Québec’s largest multi-level laser tag arena and a great place to bowl or shoot for the victory in laser tag.

Explore the planet and beyond

At Space for Life, the marvels of the cosmos are brought to life in a planetarium that is accessible to children of all ages. The Biodôme’s brand-new modern design will be ready for guests in the spring of 2020.

(the critters and insects of the Insectarium return on April 13th after major renovations).

Bears, otters, wolves, hawks, and caribou are just some of the more than a hundred Québec specialties that can be seen at the Ecomuseum Zoo, which features exhibits both indoors and outdoors.

Climb the walls

Indoor rock climbing gym Horizon Roc Climbing Center offers brief intro-to-climbing programs for people of all ages, as well as hundreds of top-rope climbing and rope-free bouldering routes, perfect for families that thrive on physical challenges.

Ages 8 and older may enjoy the AcroParc high-ropes obstacle course and 25-meter zip line at Horizon Roc. Fill up at one of these superb eateries that welcome families.

Geek out with the gang

Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal History and Archaeology Complex’s Pirates or privateers? exhibit is one of the city’s kid-friendly museums. also, Archaeo-Adventure-themed exhibits and cinematic adventures.

The IMAX® TELUS Theatre at the Montréal Science Centre is a must-visit for everyone interested in seeing films on a massive screen.

Exporail / The Canadian Railway Museum is a great place to take the kids if they are interested in trains. Young fashionistas may view Barbie through the decades at the Barbie Expo downtown.

In the driver’s seat

Action 500 Karting & Paintball is Canada’s biggest indoor go-cart center and paintball arena, with 5 asphalt courses totaling more than 73,000 square feet, equipped with juniors-only courses and double carts for parents to join youngsters while they drive around to their hearts’ content.

High-flying fun

Junior packages for ages 13 to 16 allow them to fly a Boeing with friends or family for 60 minutes, with the help of a professional pilot instructor and a virtual world with hundreds of locations, sights, and weather conditions.

Or, bounce off the walls at iSaute, the world’s most technologically advanced trampoline park.


30+ indoor activities montreal are a good way to spend a rainy day. Whether you like to read, play games, watch movies, play board games, hang out at home or travel around Montreal.

In my opinion, there is nothing more fun than spending time at home. There are many ways to have fun. We’re certain there are others that are not on our list so feel free to share them with us. Happy planning!

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