Best 11 Wineries Worth the Drive From Montreal - Updated 2022

Best 11 Wineries Worth the Drive From Montreal – Updated 2022

Whether you’re planning on spending your summer touring the world or just enjoying a beautiful day on the French Shore, wine-tasting is an experience that can’t be missed.

It is always interesting to know which wines are worth the drive, or even better, the flight, from Montreal, Quebec.

The region of Quebec is famous for its delicious wines, and while you can find some excellent ones in major cities like Toronto, Montreal stands out as the best city to visit when you want to discover the region.

11 Wineries Worth the Drive From Montreal

1. Vignoble Les Vents d’Ange

Address: 839 Chem. Principal, Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, QC J0N 1M0, Canada

Phone: (450) 623-4894

Website: Visit Website

From September 1 through October 31, Vignoble Les Vents d’Ange will be providing sampling and experience packages.

The daughters of the founders are preparing to take over this family-run business, but in the meanwhile, they’re naming their wines after other women in the family who have influenced them.

There’s no need to make a reservation, but you should keep an eye on their website for any changes.


2. La Belle Alliance

Address: 239 Chem. de Fulford, Shefford, QC J2M 1B2, Canada

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Phone: (450) 539-0880

Website: Visit Website

An interesting fact for those interested in history is that this vineyard takes its name from an actual Belgian farmhouse that served as Napoleon’s principal command center during the Battle of Waterloo.

Vines grow on top of the area’s rocky soils just outside of Waterloo, Quebec. The family-owned winery adheres to a “minimalist intervention” concept, encouraging the grapes to create marvels without much mechanical or chemical treatment.


3. Léon Courville

Address: 285 Chem. Brome, Fulford, QC J0E 1S0, Canada

Phone: (450) 243-0266

Website: Visit Website

In addition to the stunning vistas of the Brome Valley, this vineyard is perched on top of Lac Brome.

Vines were planted in 1999 as part of the property owner’s post-retirement career and passion project, which spans about 40 acres. An optional guided tour of the site costs $20 and includes three wines tastings for $10 each.


4. Vignoble de la Bauge

Address: 155 Av. des Érables, Brigham, QC J2K 4E1, Canada

Phone: (450) 266-2149

Website: Visit Website

This is a great place to stop for wine enthusiasts who enjoy strolling around the orchard, seeing farm animals, and checking out the site as a potential wedding location.

Tastings cost $12 for five wines, or $22 if you’d like to add some food to your experience. Take note of the new cooperation with Les Beaux Jus, which can be found online and in several Montreal-area retail locations.


5. Vignoble La Grenouille

Address: 434 Chem. Plouffe, Cowansville, QC J2K 3G6, Canada

Phone: (514) 583-2193

An East End Montreal family purchased this vast winery in spring 2021 and will operate it until the end of the decade.

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There are enormous hopes for the site’s future, but for now, customers may try three of its items, each of which is called “frog” in its native tongue.

“Rana” wine is made from grapes called “l’Acadie Blanc,” which is a rare variety of grape in Quebec and is used in the wine.


6. Vignoble de l’Orpailleur

Address: 1086 Rue Bruce, Dunham, QC J0E 1M0, Canada

Phone: (450) 295-2763

Website: Visit Website

In 1982, Vignoble de l’Orpailleur, a pioneer in Quebec’s wine business, opened its doors in the rich Dunham Valley.

The vineyard has a wide selection of wines to choose from, as well as a comprehensive meal menu to go along with your tasting. Reserving a table is strongly encouraged.


7. Le Vignoble du Ruisseau

Address: 4500 Chem. Strobl, Dunham, QC J0E 1M0, Canada

Phone: (450) 538-3782

Website: Visit Website

Le Vignoble du Ruisseau, located at a height of over 300 meters, employs geothermal technology to keep the temperature stable throughout the year.

For one thing, its methodical approach to harvesting grapes allows it to produce several different varieties such as pinot noir, chardonnay and riesling.


8. Vignoble de l’Ardennais

Address: 158 Chem. Ridge, Stanbridge East, QC J0J 2H0, Canada

Phone: (450) 248-0597

Website: Visit Website

With its full-bodied and fragrant wines, available for tasting for $8 per person, this Stanbridge East treasure sits on a hill just off a picturesque tree-lined lane.

The on-site store offers a wide range, and you may wander the grounds at your leisure to find some of the greatest wines in the region.


9. Les Vignes des Bacchantes

Address: 653 Chem. Brownlee, Hemmingford, QC J0L 1H0, Canada

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Phone: (514) 452-1405

Website: Visit Website

Winery Les Vignes des Bacchantes is located in Hemmingford in a nearly 200-year-old structure with 40,000 vines and a boutique that is almost 200 years old.

Seyval Blanc and Vidal grapes are used to make delicious and delicate wines, such as this light and flavorful pinot noir, which may be savored in a tasting or straight from the bottle.


10. Vignoble Pigeon Hill

Address: 395 Chem. des Érables, Saint-Armand, QC J0J 1T0, Canada

Phone: (450) 248-2531

Website: Visit Website

This winery in southwest Quebec, created by a fifth-generation farmer, stands out as a leader in organic wine production.

Some of its products are aged in oak barrels for a year and are made from Frontenac noir, Frontenac gris, and Marquette grapes. You must make a reservation.


11. Clos Saragnat

Address: 100 Chem. de Richford, Frelighsburg, QC J0J 1C0, Canada

Phone: (450) 298-1444

Website: Visit Website

Known as the origin of ice cider, Clos Saragnat is a small farm just outside of Frelighsburg, Vermont. Enjoy a bottle of sparkling cider on the expansive European-style premises of the boutique, where you can pick up the latest releases.



The following 11 wineries are among the best that are worth the drive from Montreal. All of these wineries offer great tasting wines at affordable prices. They range in price from $15 to $50 for a bottle.

The list above shows the most visited wineries from the last 30 days. You can enjoy this experience on your own or you can hire a guide or someone who has been trained to guide you through the experience.

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