The 15+ Best Strip Bars in Montreal Updated 2022

A couple of years ago, I decided to put together an awesome list of strip bars in Montreal. And if you’re not familiar with strip bars, they are basically a bunch of sex-themed bars that offer lap dances, go-go dancers, etc.

If you’re planning to visit Montreal in the near future, then you should know that the city has an endless number of strip bars. If you’re looking for the best places to go strip bar-hopping in Montreal, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s a list of the best strip bars in Montreal. If you’re looking for a fun date night with your significant other, look no further.

Best strip club in Montreal, QC, Canada

Chez Parée

Address: 1258 Rue Stanley Montreal, QC H3B 2S7 Canada


Phone: (514) 866-0495

Awe-inspiring, this site. There are a lot of unfavorable reviews for the club in Montreal that I’ve been looking for!

Even this one, but I decided to give it a whirl, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was no scamming going on here, and that the girls on stage were all quite attractive and beautiful.

I even gave one of the stripper dancers a few pointers. This is by far the nicest club I’ve ever been to, and I’ll be recommending it to everyone of my friends! Great work, cheers!

This is my second time going to a club, and every time it makes me feel both apprehensive and exhilarated!

Cleopatra Café

Address: 1230 Boul Saint-laurent Montreal, QC H2X 2S5 Canada


Phone: (514) 871-8065

Let’s get this out of the way right away: this is the greatest contact strip club in Montreal for the money. This is a bargain at $10 per song when compared to other venues ($20 + $5).

In order to avoid clogging up the dance floor for hours on end, you’ll have to pay a little admission charge (of your choosing). (A recommended gratuity of $5 to $10)

“Caberet Kingdom” is the place to go next door for free entry and expensive privates, as well as a huge range of ladies.

Club Downtown

Address: 1200 Rue Sainte-Catherine O Montreal, QC H3B 1K1 Canada


Phone: (514) 861-5193

For a bachelorette celebration, we went to this restaurant lately. Before this, I had to wait in a long queue at a different restaurant.) I also did a review of that establishment).

The pros – they just swarmed in. The bartender was attentive. For a strip club, the prices for beverages were reasonable. Girls’ appearances range from passable to excellent.

A wide range of females As far back as Barbie, we’ve come a long way. Cons. Extremely crammed in. It wasn’t the best performance on stage.

Many females had a favorite and remained with it for a while. Wasn’t spoken about much at the club.

At the table, rather than at the back, many dancers wanted to dance with you. When that’s packed, it’s not ideal.

Kamasutra Club

Address: 3580 Rue Saint-Dominique Montreal, QC H2X 2X4 Canada


Phone: (514) 842-4892

A gentleman’s club in Montreal is where we met our future spouses.

This place was a blast. Better than the previous pit stops and a terrific pick since the chicks truly dance and work the pole rather than the small hip shakes. It had a great atmosphere since it was luxurious, loungey, and free-spirited.

There are a lot of attractive ladies in Montreal, whether they’re dressed or not, who will make you feel like a million bucks.

Whether you’re looking for a decent lady, a party girl, or a bad girl, they’ve got you covered.
a wide range of ethnicities were represented at this club, including white, black, asian, arab, and latina.

Connected Montreal


Phone: (877) 690-4919

The finest host, hands down, is Anthony! It was difficult to get 12 people into all the places we wanted to go, but he managed it flawlessly and always made sure we had a good time.

The service is excellent, and I really suggest having Anthony as your host!

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Every time we needed him, he was there to greet us, lead us to the next site, and offer helpful suggestions. He was always there for us, making sure we were all in the same place and pointing us in the proper route.

Stock Bar

Address: 1171 Rue Sainte-Catherine E Montreal, QC H2L 2G8 Canada


Phone: (514) 842-1336

It was a friend’s recommendation that we go to this bar/club while we were in Montreal, Quebec, on our recent trip. In fact, we had such an enjoyable time that we decided to stay for three more nights and meet some locals.

Coming from New York, I was skeptical that this town would be sleazy and filthy, but it wasn’t at all. It’s more hygienic than the majority of NYC eateries.

The bartenders are courteous and the dancers are all quite attractive. Even if most of the dancers are “gay for hire,” I have more respect for them than some of the people working on Wall Street and in the corporate world.

My favorite person in the world is Marco. Go out and have a good time while keeping an open mind.

Le Kingdom

Address: 1417 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC H2X 2S8 Canada


Phone: (514) 286-1417

For the New Year’s weekend, I traveled to Montréal with several friends and visited a variety of attractions. This was by far the most enjoyable spot we’ve visited.

The dancers in this show were really well-trained, but they also appeared to be more genuine. When I visited other venues, the dancers appeared to be more “scripted.”

After 25 repetitions of the same sentences in the same order, it became strange. It was a pleasure to meet the doormen, who were both kind and professional.

The bouncer handled an argument with a drunken customer who was trying to get out of paying for private dances better than I could have expected.

Drinks were reasonably priced, and this was the first establishment I’ve ever visited that wasn’t “in my face” about the need of tipping (of course, we did still tip, but appreciated them not being so whiny about).

Despite the crowds, the staff was kind and efficient. Aside from being spotless, the location appeared to be well-kept.

Club Wanda’s

Address: 1458 Rue de La Montagne Montreal, QC H3G 2P4 Canada


Phone: (514) 842-6927

It’s a strange atmosphere. To be fair, I had never gone to a strip club before, so I’m not sure why the males seemed so strange to me. There are nude women all over the place). However, the soundtrack was rather nice.

When no one showed up to dance for us, we began to dance for ourselves instead. No one was staring at us, but security told us that “guys believe we’re strippers” (even though we were dressed to the nines).

It was our fault because a dancer hadn’t shown up. As opposed to asking the boss to locate someone for us, or even trying to find someone on our own as any other employee would… He essentially advised us to sit back and relax.


Address: 1111 Rue Sainte-Catherine E Montreal, QC H2L 2G6 Canada


Phone: (514) 526-9867

In my opinion, this is the best of the two male strip climbs in Montreal. This is the place to be if you’re a homosexual man. Young muscular men and scrappy twins make up the majority of the strippers.

You may relax here, but you won’t feel like you’re in any danger. The TVs that surround the stage are broadcasting gay porn… In other words, they’re not targeting women with this product.

For a fantastic LGBT night out in town, this is the place to go.

La Source du Sexe

Address: 2335 Boulevard Hymus Montreal, QC H9P 1J8 Canada


Phone: (514) 684-6280

This is a hidden treasure on the west side of the island. Another place to have meals (lunch and supper) that seem to be priced in the 1980s (very cheap), a pitcher of draft beer, and the opportunity to sit on the laps of 12 stunning young ladies as they perform on stage? That’s right: Nowhere else.

Your kids aren’t allowed…

Nice vintage Italian restaurant design with pleasant employees and a retro aesthetic that was popular in 1984…but who cares?

The only drawbacks to this establishment are the random appearances of gangster want tobe goons and the obnoxious metal recliners, especially in the booths.

Club Super Contact

Address: 690A Ste-Catherine W.

When Super Sexe became famous, the firm was able to launch Super Contact, which offers the same service but with an option to make contact.

Super Contact is a popular all-day and night sexual experience for a regular audience of dancers and patrons. It’s a touch less sophisticated, but also less pricey.

Due to the club’s proximity to its sister establishment, patrons frequently switch between the two establishments for a convenient two-for-one deal.

Club Super Sexe

Address: 696 Ste-Catherine W.

In addition to its prominent neon sign, Super Sexe is home to one of Montreal’s oldest and most successful strip clubs. Since its inception in 1978, Super Sexe has maintained a high degree of elegance and dependability.

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Despite its strict no-contact policy, the club is home to some of Vegas’ sexiest dancers. On weekends, their complimentary buffet between 11:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. keeps the restaurant full with satisfied diners.

Club Octopussy

Address: 1637 Ste-Catherine W.

At Club Octopussy, they take pleasure in their exceptional reputation. A fully competent institution that wants you to feel welcome and make your stay is a nice experience.

They meet you with gorgeous ladies of different nationalities in the privacy of private theme rooms. Their huge lounge will leave you feeling calm coupled with complimentary beverages, leather seats and a big screen TV.

Come in, relax and take a load off.

Café Cleopatra

Address: 1258 Stanley

In a nasty cabaret-strip show, are you looking for drag strippers who can impersonate Celine Dion?

Cleopatra is noted for its extravagant drag performance and private booths where gothic, schoolgirl, and other themed dressed dancers give patrons good “mileage” for their cash.

Visitors to this nudey strip club, better renowned for its booth performances rather than its stage presentations, become regulars. Just below St-Catherine on St-Laurent, you’ll find a garish original sign from the 1970s.

Pussy Corps

Address: 263 Ste-Catherine E.

Pussy Corps is unique among the dozens of strip clubs in the neighborhood since it provides a completely different type of entertainment. You may get a private room with a woman of your choosing for $40 a night.

For a modest fee, the females at this voyeurism hotspot will play with your toys and enable you to touch them.

Relaxation massages provided by some of Montreal’s best masseuses are available to customers as an additional perk.

Cabaret Sex Appeal

Address: 381 Ste-Catherine W.

Before heading out to the nightclubs, many residents visit this hot spot to get their energy up and pumped up before the night begins. On Fridays and Saturdays, young women perform in a dimly lighted room on a bed.

Customers at the Sex Appeal are typically dressed in business attire, making it a popular destination for groups of visitors or coworkers.


Address: 94 Ste-Catherine E.

Le 281 is the only strip club in Montreal for females seeking for a fun night out on the weekend. It’s been a Montreal tradition for the past two decades. It’s best to arrive early because the line-up can frequently extend down the block.

The audience is enthralled by well-built men who perform a range of sexual and funny acts for them.

The cheapest night of the week is Thursday Amateur Night, when a group of welcoming newcomers compete for a cash reward and a job.

Video Erotica – strip club montreal

Address: 222 Ste-Catherine E.

In the center of the red light district, this 24-hour peep show is a convenient pit break for visitors traversing the neighborhood.

It has six theaters with a combined capacity of more than 128 films, all of which are clearly visible from the street.

The spaciousness and comfort of the rooms at Video Erotica are regularly mentioned by clients, despite the fact that the choices of rooms aren’t as extensive as those at its local competitors.

If more than one person visits at a time, they’re ideal.

Studio XXX

Address: 8 Ste-Catherine E.

With an opaque glass that shows the shape of a live female dancer on the junction of Rue Ste-Catherine and St. Laurent Avenue, Studio XXX is a popular spot for residents.

One of Montreal’s largest and busiest peep shows, this one occupies the whole fifth level over five separate retail spaces.

It’s a one-stop shop for anyone searching for a private viewing with 18 cabins and a stock of 1500 movies. Outside of the crossroads, the private rooms are a favorite hangout for sex workers.

Le Monde de Video

Address: 1237 De la Montagne

You won’t be disturbed or besieged by the local sex workers hawking their wares because this location isn’t as near to the red-light area as some others.

This peep show is just a few steps down from Ste-Catherine, and it promotes two bars so that you may enjoy a drink while watching its hundreds of sexual DVDs.

When it comes to guys, this is the place to go if you’re seeking for a more sedate pit break.

Sexe Shop

Address: 215 Ste-Catherine E.

This sex shop on Rue Ste-Catherine may be modest in size, but it more than makes up for it with warmth and friendliness.

The store offers only the best in DVDs, sex toys, massage oils, lubricants, and other sensual accoutrements, making it a highly refined shopping experience.

The shop’s proprietor is exceptionally kind and knowledgable, making the process of shopping a breeze.

Boutique Erotika

Address: 11 Ste-Catherine W.

Boutique Erotika is a sex shop that sells adult sex toys in addition to the usual assortment of sex shop trinkets. Everything from dildos to plugs, vibrators to massagers, they’ve got everything.

The team has been trained to know as much as possible about the product, and any inquiry is likely to be addressed without a stop from the personnel.

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Despite being mostly targeted at women, they also feature a sizable segment for men!

Lingerie Romance

Address: 38 Ste-Catherine W.

Lingerie Romance is like stepping into a completely different universe when you begin playing. Lingerie Romance’s entryway has a waterfall and pond, setting the tone for a relaxing shopping experience.

Shocking clothing is what this fetish business is all about. Whether you’re courting a new love interest or already have one, this store has everything you could possibly want in a wardrobe.

Everything from boots and shoes and bikinis to stockings and stockings and costumes will be too much for your love interest to handle.

Conclusion – montreal strip clubs

It is important to note that while the list of best strip clubs Montreal has been updated and made accessible for you to browse, enjoy and share.

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Best 18 and over strip clubs in Montreal, Quebec.
Montreal is known in some circles as the strip club capital of Canada. The city has over 30 male and female strip clubs in the downtown area alone. Strip clubs in Montreal are unique in that the majority offer full-contact lap dances. Full-contact lap dances have been legal in the province of Quebec as of 2001.

How old do you have to be to go to a Canadian strip club?

Best Strip Clubs For 18 And Over in Toronto, Ontario.

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