18 Best spots for bowling in Montreal Must Visit

18 Best spots for bowling in Montreal Must Visit

Montreal is a town full of culture, history, and entertainment and it is a city where people have fun.

While some people think that bowling is a sport exclusively practiced by men, the truth is that there are numerous women who enjoy it and that it is a very fun and relaxing game.

If you happen to live in the Montreal area, you can visit the following places where you will certainly have a great time. This list includes the best bowling spots in Montreal.

Where to go bowling in Montreal

1. Salon de Quilles Darling

This Hochelaga-Maisonneuve establishment has been providing nostalgic bowling sensations since the 1960s with its vintage cafe and ten-pin bowling alley.

The alley’s 24 sanded lanes and restriction to tiny balls make it a hotspot for straight-laced kingpins.

A vintage knit bowling sweater that belonged to the owner’s father is just one of several nods to her family’s long tradition of enjoying the sport that can be found on the walls.

Visit the diner late at night for disco themes or early in the morning for freshly baked cupcakes.

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2. Laurentian Lanes

This legendary pinball parlor, located conveniently close to the airport, has been dishing out nonstop fun since its 1959 inception.

Laurentian Bowling Center is Montreal’s mecca for bowling, with 66 pristine lanes (58 tenpin and 8 duckpin).

This lane is popular for leagues and tournaments because to its on-site pro shop and team of professionals, but it also caters to younger bowlers with 40 bumped lanes, Angry Bird game types, and a Dragon Slide to give their serves more momentum.

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Get the authentic Montreal experience with a smoked meat sandwich and poutine.

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3. Montreal Forum Sports Bar

To reach this Montreal Forum sports bar on the fourth level, turn left from the Cineplex atrium and make your way through the hockey memorabilia-adorned walls.

In addition to the standard fare of pool, shuffleboard, arcade games, and ping pong, there are 16 lanes lit up in an iridescent blue and flanked by large screens showing the game.

The booth seating makes it simple to devour the pub’s monthly specialities, such as the curry duck poutine or the braised beef lasagne.

On Fridays and Saturdays, lane availability is on a first come, first served basis, so come early or be prepared to wait.

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4. Notre Dames des Quilles

This Little Italy hole features two duckpin lanes across from its bar, but there are no bowling shoes, computerized scoreboards, or other such trappings.

This place, often dubbed NDQ, caters to casual gamers who don’t mind waiting in line in between inexpensive beverages.

On Sundays, the pub is taken over by Lipster Karaoke, so the bowling lanes are closed, but from Thursday through Saturday, DJs spin records and keep the party going.

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5. Club 300 Bowling Bar & Karaoke

Located on the other side of the river at Longueuil, this structure has two stories and 24 lanes. Imagine a leather-lined salon with pendant lighting and banquettes on the main floor, a tad more upscale than the typical laneway.

On Thursdays and Saturdays, the club’s adjoining bar plays host to a lively karaoke audience, and the high-end store sells both official Club 300 merchandise and custom bowling uniforms.

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6. Quilles G Plus Le Forum

This alley in the Rosemont–La–Petite–Patrie neighborhood is a throwback to the 1990s, complete with a multicolored backdrop of tube TVs and confetti carpet and a no-frills snackbar.

The 24 lanes, each with 10 pins and a supply of tiny balls, take on a surreal air during glow-in-the-dark cosmic bowling nights. The entrance is hidden behind an IGA supermarket, thus only locals will frequent this bar on quiet evenings.

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7. Sharx Bar & Grill

The newest alleys in Laval’s Centropolis get the party started with 5 à 7s and don’t stop until the legal drinking age is well beyond midnight.

The ten lanes here are more conducive to a lounge atmosphere than a league one, with lamp lighting, backlighting, and projectors playing the game or music videos above the pins.

After keeping track of strikes and spares, head to the bar and grill for piri chicken or fried calamari with a glass of wine or drink.

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8. Quilles G Plus Bannantyne

In this back lane of Verdun, string pinsetters put up little quilles for diners to knock down in the traditional manner. This nearby business is perfect for short drop-in sessions and fast lunch due to its two portions of 16 lanes.

Groups tend to stay later and longer when disco lights, antique bowling shoes (keep an eye out for the much sought after purple ones), and other perks are included.

We are open from 8 AM – Midnight Monday through Thursday and 8 AM – Midnight Friday and Saturday.

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9. Quilles G Plus Rose Bowl

With 36 tenpin lanes, 36 duckpin lanes, and five spacious private party rooms, this Notre Dame-de-Grâce bowling alley may be Montreal’s largest. It serves as the headquarters for the Quilles G Plus bowling business.

The Rose Bowl is a throwback to the days of childhood bowling birthday parties, with its retro design and slightly deteriorated Jurassic Park arcade center.

The bowling alley, restaurant, and bar are all open until 3 a.m. every day of the week, making them convenient for late-night diners and drinkers.

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10. Salon De Quilles Centre Domaine

This alley in Hochelaga is popular with both major and minor leaguers and is located around 10 minutes from the Olympic Stadium.

In the pro shop, you can get an engraved marble ball to commemorate your wins, while the snack bar offers two-for-one Boréales and a “trio special” of pogo sticks, chicken fingers, and stampable coffee cards to celebrate your three strikes.

You may save $2 by printing a coupon from the website and bringing it with you when you reserve one of the 16 small-pin lanes.

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11. Salles De Quilles G Plus

18 Best spots for bowling in Montreal Must Visit
18 Best spots for bowling in Montreal Must Visit

The bowling alley at Salles De Quilles G Plus is huge, and they provide delicious food and refreshing drinks, too.

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All in all, it’s a fun time for kids and families, but also for a group of friends to spend the evening together. The atmosphere is lovely, and the food is delicious.

12. Forum Sports Bar & GamesCentre

This may be a pub, but it’s also a gaming center, and both the experience and the attention to detail are excellent. The finest aspect is that, in addition to bowling, you may play pool and other games often.

13. BoulZeye

BoulZeye is a fun entertainment venue including escape games, bowling, and laser tag. It’s a prime spot in Montreal for a fun time throughout the day or night out with pals. On the other hand, the drinks are superb, and the ambiance is great.

14. Bowling Bannantyne

Bowling Bannantyne is a popular spot because it feels like a throwback to classic bowling alleys. It’s a terrific place since it looks nice and provides excellent refreshments and meals. It’s certainly worth a try.

15. Complexe Volta

When you play at Complexe Volta, you’ll have a great time attempting to outsmart your rivals. The bowling alley is fantastic, and the building exudes an air of professionalism thanks to its spotless cleanliness.

16. Quilles Iberville

It’s not the best bowling alley, but it’s perfect for families and anyone looking to unwind after work or school. It’s cheap as well.

17. Salon De Quilles Laval

The bowling alleys here are enormous, and the center itself is well furnished, making for a fun and exciting bowling experience. You’ll be blown away by the quality and price.

18. Sharx

Sharx is a terrific place to visit for many reasons, including its delicious BBQ, wide selection of drinks, and unique bowling alley. It’s perfect for a fun evening out with pals.


If you’re not sure where to start, just take a stroll around the neighbourhood you live in. You might find yourself at a new bowling alley, or a place that’s perfect for a night out with friends.

If you’re looking for something less casual, try a bar with a pool table. These are the 18 best spots for bowling in Montreal to visit.

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