THE 10+ BEST Spanish Restaurants in Montreal Updated 2022

For the past few years, I’ve been working on a list of the best Spanish restaurants in Montreal. With more than 70 restaurants to choose from, this post is packed with all the information you need to make a decision.

Discover the top restaurants that will make your dining experience memorable, in a city like Montreal. There is a restaurant for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a romantic dinner with your partner, a casual night out with friends or a gourmet dinner for two.

Here is my list of the 10+ best Spanish restaurants in Montreal.

The best Spanish restaurants in Montreal


Address: 345 Rue Villeray Montréal QC H2R 1G8


Phone: 514-439-9089

Mesón’s interior has been designed by Surface 3 to be both stylish and laid-back, with a welcoming and energetic ambiance. If you’re in the mood for authentic Spanish cuisine, this is the place for you.

Soups, salads, appetizers, and flatbreads are all available, as are Carnes, Pescados Y Mariscos, Arroces Y Fideos, and Postres (rice with meats, fish, and shellfish) (desserts).

All meals are prepared using high-quality ingredients and presented in substantial servings. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you dine here!


Address: 511 Rue Villeray Montréal QC H2R 1H5


Phone: 514-495-1999

Tapeo is a little business that has made a name for itself as one of the city’s most desirable places.

After a major expansion and renovation in 2008 that allowed it to better meet the needs of its clients, the restaurant now ranks among Montreal’s greatest Spanish restaurants!

What we love most about this restaurant is their fantastic tapas menu! In the kitchen of Marie-Fleur St. Pierre, the menu seldom changes.

Our tapas are made with the freshest ingredients and served in a variety of ways, including cold and hot.

Taza Flores

Address: 5375 Avenue du Parc Montréal QC H2V 4G9

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Phone: 514-274-5516

Taza Flores, which has been in business for almost a decade, serves up traditional Spanish dishes in a cozy setting.

Summertime revelers may enjoy drinks and a variety of Spanish tapas and house specialties on the bar’s patio as well as inside the establishment.

Tapas, both hot and cold, are available at Taza Flores, along with basic and more complicated Spanish-inspired cuisine.

When you arrive, you will be greeted warmly and have an atmosphere that will take you to anywhere in the Mediterranean.

Restaurant Sala Rossa

Address: 4848 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal QC H2T 1R5


Phone: 514-844-4227

It may be the most unassuming location on this list, but Sala Rossa is one of our favorites. We enjoy their simple tapas, paella, and the weekly rotating house specialities.

Guests like the warm atmosphere and the straightforward yet delectable fare. The restaurant serves as a bridge between the Spanish and Mile End/Plateau Mont-Royal communities.

At 8:45pm every Thursday, the institution gives a free flamenco entertainment that includes dance, singing, and live guitars, making the experience unique, pleasurable, and unforgettable.


Address: 4475 Rue Saint-Denis Montréal QC H2J 2L2


Phone: 514-845-4475

Located on Saint Denis, the restaurant Ibéricos is a tapas bar, a very typical idea in Spain.

On the menu: tapas, pintchos and buñuelos of various varieties without forgetting the obligatory pata negra, the dried Iberian ham that lends the restaurant its name.

For a comprehensive Spanish experience, the restaurant offers a tasting menu for $48 per person. The ambiance, the music and the food bring us immediately to Barcelona, in its quaint bars.


Address: 312 Rue Saint-Paul O Montreal, QC H2Y 2A3


Phone: (514) 544-5800

Melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Incredibly, it disintegrates so gracefully and effortlessly.

However, my half of the short rib had a larger percentage of fat than the other half of the meal. The following is a personal reminder. It’s best to split this meal out more evenly or eat it all yourself! Haha.

My mouth is watering at the thought of these Short Ribs. I was slathering the bread in the thick sauce and savoring every morsel. The mashed potatoes (was it a side? I’m not sure) had a deep mushroom flavor that I really enjoyed.

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I need to eat more of the horseradish dollop they put on the meal the next time around. I’d never eaten horseradish by itself before, so I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

Now that I think about it, it’s probably to balance out the dish’s intense tastes. In the future, I think I’ll have something lighter to go with this, like a salad. Overall, that’s all I can say. Wow. Really? Wow.

Casa Galicia

Address: 2087 Saint-Denis Montréal, QC H2X 3K8

Phone: (514) 843-6698

As one of the top Spanish restaurants in North America Casa Galicia Restaurant is located in Montreal. The wine cellar of Casa Galicia is one-of-a-kind, including rare vintages from some of Spain’s most renowned wine regions.

Tino Oliveira, the restaurant’s owner and chef, is known for his Galician cuisine.

With their paella, zarzuela, and other Galician specialties, many of the restaurant’s numerous patrons may also partake in a pitcher of the city’s best fresh sangria.

The service is excellent, and guests will appreciate the unusual design and the kind welcome they get. Weekends include live flamenco performances including a top-notch Spanish guitarist.

Montréal Paella

Address: 3686B Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC H2X 2V4


Phone: (514) 842-5900

It was an excellent learning opportunity! This is exactly what I was looking for: a restaurant that serves delicious Spanish cuisine yet isn’t overpriced. The same goes for your generosity.

La Sala Rosa

Address: 4848 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Casa Del Popolo Montreal, QC H2T 2R6

Phone: (514) 844-4227

In the end, it’s a location that’s a lot more hit or miss than you’d expect.

Location and atmosphere are excellent – you have the impression of being in the great room of an ancient Spanish house. Don’t forget to try the shrimp and patatas bravas while you’re there.

Other than that, we were underwhelmed. The croquettes were more reminiscent of mashed potatoes than anything else. Even though we eat a lot of paella, this dish was tasteless. The calamari was rubbery and underseasoned, with a soft (coating) outside.

It was a plus that the service was excellent, with helpful employees and an open-minded clientele. Drinks were also excellent. If you can improve the meal, you can count on us returning.

Les Pyrénées

Address: 320 Saint-Paul St W Montréal, QC H2Y 2A3

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Phone: (514) 842-5566

A warm and welcoming place where fresh, locally sourced ingredients are cooked with enthusiasm in a welcoming environment.

You will be treated like friends while dining in the heart of the Old Port, and you will enjoy genuine, high-quality meals as a result of our approach to dining.

We visit the market many times a week to ensure that our kitchen has access to the freshest products possible for all of the week’s culinary creations.

Discover our Toulouse Cassoulet or our Catalonian Paella with shrimp, chorizo, and chicken when you visit our restaurant.

Club Espagnol de Québec

Address: 4388 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC H2W 1Z5


Phone: (514) 842-6301

This site has a special place in my heart, so let’s begin with the positives:

As though you were in Spain!

It’s like having a slice of Spain right here in Canada! the greatest sangaria in town, a sunny terrace, occasional flamenco concerts, a lively Spanish-speaking population, live la liga soccer games, and prices that aren’t exaggerated at all.

And the food is as good as any nice bar in a large Spanish city. Isn’t this paradise on Earth?

La Croqueteria de Montreal

Address: 4520A Avenue du Parc Montreal, QC H2V 4E3


Phone: (514) 804-0654

This restaurant’s croquetas are to die for! Having moved to Montreal from Spain, I’m delighted to have discovered a restaurant serving authentic croquetas. Anyone seeking a taste of Spain should make a detour here:)


Address: 30 Rue Sainte-Catherine O Montreal, QC H2X 3V4

Phone: (438) 223-6917

This is a Le Central favorite of mine. Everything was prepared to perfection and was always fresh and ready to eat.
An excellent assortment of wine is available here. Low-cost tapas-style cuisine.

The scallops are gorgeous! So what was it about the experience that didn’t work for me? 😉
Friendly service and if gatherings are permitted, I would recommend it.


It can be difficult to find good quality restaurants, especially if you are looking for unique, local, or authentic cuisine.

To save you the trouble, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 best Spanish restaurants in Montreal. If you are looking for the best Spanish food in Montreal, read on.

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