The 15+ best smoked meat in Montreal Updated 2022

We’re going on a road trip across Canada this summer and we’re making sure to eat as much smoked meat as possible, so we can report back with a comprehensive list of smoked meat favorites.

If you’ve ever visited Montreal and tried their smoked meat, you’ve probably noticed that it is a bit different from what’s being served in the states. In fact, Montreal smoked meats are known to be the best in the world.

This guide will show you the differences between Montreal smoked meat and its American counterpart, as well as where you can find the best smoked meats in Montreal.

When the weather is nice, the people go out and enjoy themselves. That is what makes Montreal a great place to be during the summer.

The best smoked meat in Montreal

Lester’s Deli

Address: 1057 Avenue Bernard Montréal QC H2V 1V1


Phone: 514-213-1313

This family-run business has been serving the people of Outremont since 1951, and it has done so for several generations.

There is now a second site of Lester’s Deli in Dorval, where you can get the same high-quality food that has made this Montreal deli so popular.

We come here for their specialty: their superb smoked pork, although they have a broad selection of items on their menu. We love to eat here with their regulars because the home fries are so good and the pricing are so reasonable.

Schwartz’s Deli

Address: 3895 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal QC H2W 1X9


Phone:  514-842-4813

Schwartz’s has been a Montreal mainstay since 1928, serving some of the city’s best smoked meat.

Reuben Schwartz, a former Romanian immigrant, opened the restaurant, which quickly gained a renowned for its 12-day-long smoked pork.

Because the décor hasn’t altered in 90 years, it transports us back to Montreal in the 1920s. However, be aware that there may be a considerable wait.

Smoke Meat Pete

Address: 283 1ère Avenue L’Île-Perrot QC J7V 5A1


Phone: 514-425-6068

Even though Smoke Meat Pete located a little outside of Montreal’s city limits, it is well worth the trip for their smoked meat!

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In the town of Vaudreuil-Soulanges, this institution is known for its exceptional meat dishes, and their smoked meat is proof of this!

The rustic and one-of-a-kind décor creates a cozy and inviting ambiance. There’s always a good time at Smoke Meat Pete’s since they offer nightly blues jam sessions.

Snowdon Deli

Address: 5265 Boulevard Décarie Montréal QC H3W 3C2


Phone: 514-488-9129

The Snowdon Deli has been a Montreal staple since 1946. The Polish Fisherman family has owned and operated this eatery for generations.

Intimate, warm, and inviting describes the ambiance of this restaurant. Smoked meat sandwiches are the house specialty at this retro-style Polish restaurant.

Reuben’s Deli & Steakhouse

Address: 1116 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest Montreal, QC H3B 1H4 Canada


Phone: (514) 866-1029

When it comes to iconic Montreal restaurants, Reuben’s Deli and Steak House is up there with the best.

You’ll be offered a big quantity of smoked pork from a unique recipe passed down from generation to generation in a laid-back ambiance in the heart of downtown.


Address: 1249 Rue Metcalfe Montreal, QC H3B 2V5 Canada


Phone: (514) 395-1927

Since Dunn’s Famous opened in 1927, Montrealers have been able to savor their special recipe of smoked meat.

In spite of the fact that they currently have seven locations in and around Montreal, you can count on receiving the same high level of service and authentic tastes everywhere you go.

The smoked pork at Dunn’s is among of Montreal’s best.

La Banquise

Address: 994 Rue Rachel E Montreal, QC H2J 2J3 Canada


Phone: (514) 525-2415

Everyone believes that because La Banquise is so well-known and evocative of a bygone era, it must be excellent.

The Varsity, a renowned restaurant of this type in Atlanta, is where many people go to eat while they’re in town. Unfortunately, the cuisine at both La Banquise and this establishment is of a mediocre quality.

It’s fine poutine, and as a fan of fries and cheese, I’ll eat just about any variation of the dish.

There are a lot of alternatives for toppings, and the serving sizes are reasonable. There are several varieties of meat (hot dogs, meat sauce, bacon, etc.)

However, the fries are sometimes mushy and the meal is often cold. There’s nothing in particular that makes any component stand out.

The most important thing to remember is that it isn’t worth standing in line for, and there usually is one.

If given the choice, I’d much prefer have Ma Poule Mouillee’s amazing Portuguese chicken poutine across the street. Definitely a better value for money.

Main Deli Steak House

Address: 3864 Saint-Laurent Boulevard Montreal, QC H2W 1Y2 Canada


Phone: (514) 843-8126

I ordered the Mainburger with a side of fries and a salad. I’ve included a picture of it below. Juicy and medium-rare, with smoked pork, cheese, pickles, and tomatoes on top — it was incredible.

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This is among the best three or two of the many burgers I’ve tried around North America. It’s a well-known institution here. In addition, our waitress was quite nice.


Address: 1365 Rue Ontario E Montreal, QC H2L 1S1 Canada


Phone: (514) 419-5444

Poutine was a must-try on my boyfriend’s first vacation to Canada, and I was determined to show him the best of the best. While I’d done a lot of reading, our Uber driver persuaded me to visit this location. What a fantastic idea!

We had “The Hangover,” which our server suggested, and it was very delicious! And speaking of my guy, he’s now a big lover of poutine!

Sorry for the lack of photos; we ate it all before I had a chance to take any. Poutine is excellent, and the service is excellent as well. I highly suggest it.

Paulo & Suzanne

Address: 5501 Boulevard Gouin O Montreal, QC H4J 1C8 Canada


Phone: (514) 336-5561

For late-night poutine, I followed the advice of others and made my way here.

To begin, I want you to be aware of this. The area right up front is for to-go orders if you simply stroll in. If you intend to sit inside, proceed to the far back and take a seat.

The second thing to keep in mind is that. Only CASH is accepted here. Take enough money to pay your dinner and tip the employees (who are all super nice).

We ate two plates of poutine as a group (I honestly am 98 percent cheese curds and gravy at this point).

With smoked beef in one, and with fried chicken in another. The fried chicken poutine simply impacted me differently, and I’m not afraid to declare myself a heretic or throw rocks.

Soggy poutine can be offset by the fried chicken’s crunchy texture. To sum things up, I found it to be rather impressive (and better than the smoked meat version).

Hawg’s Deli & Bar

Address: 6795 Rue Jarry E, Saint-Léonard, QC H1P 1W6, Canada


Phone: 514-327-3344

A vibrant atmosphere and smoked pork await everyone at this pub-style eatery!

Hawg’s Deli & Bar serves smoked meat poutine, different smoked meat sandwiches, and the classic smoked meat plate for those who choose heritage over modernity.

Meet there! You’re sure to discover something you like in their entire menu area devoted to smoked meat.

Moe’s Restaurant & Bar


Website: 940 Boul Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 5N8, Canada

Phone: 514-426-8247

Moe’s has been at Saint-heart Sauveur’s for the past quarter of a century. Locals flock to them for their smoked pork sandwiches and home-cooked meals.

The menu has recently been updated to include seasonal meals influenced by European and American cuisines. A solid rule of thumb is that even though you can never go wrong with a classic, it’s always nice to try something new.

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Le Déli Du Marché 440

Address: Desert North, 3535 Autoroute Jean-Noël Lavoie, 440 West, Laval, Quebec H7P 5G9, Canada


Phone:  450-681-6068

When it comes to smoked pork, the Déli du Marché 440 is unbeatable in Laval. There are a variety of cuts available, and the meat may be prepared in a variety of ways while still retaining its natural juices and flavor.

When you’ve finished your meal, do you feel the need for more? The smoked meat they sell may be taken home with you.

As Du Smoked Meat

Address: 6705 Rue St-Hubert, Montréal, QC H2S 2M6, Canada


Phone: 514-273-7566

Friendly staff and delicious meals await you at the As du Smoked Meat. The tastiest smoked meat lasagna in town can be found here, as well. In this restaurant, the variety and preparations of this mouthwatering meat will astound you.


There are a lot of good smoked meats restaurants in Montreal, but there are also some really bad ones, too. And the best ones, you know what? They all taste like they’re from the same place.

We created this list to save you time and give you the best smoked meat restaurant options.

To help you find your favorite places to smoke meat, we’ve come up with an expert-approved list that has been carefully curated by Montreal food experts.


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