Top 17 best sauna in Montreal Updated 2022

Saunas can be an affordable option for anyone who wants to treat themselves, or a great place to take a few friends or colleagues. 

If you have been to a sauna before, you already know what a great stress reliever it is. If you haven’t been to a sauna before, you should give it a try.

There are many different types of saunas from hot spring baths to dry heat rooms. Each type of sauna has its own benefits.

In this article, I will share with you the top 17 best saunas in Montreal so that you can decide which type of sauna is the best for you.

Best sauna and steam baths in Montreal, QC, Canada

Scandinave Spa Vieux-Montréal

Address: 71 Rue de la Commune O Montreal, QC H2Y 2C6 Canada


Phone: (514) 288-2009

Scandinave Spa had a few drawbacks, but overall it was a positive experience.

To begin with, the best. Booking a room online is fantastic. We only had to present our immunization cards and check in quickly at the front desk because I had completed all the paperwork in advance.

Everything about the place was top-notch. The sauna and steam room were very soothing, and I appreciated the attention to detail in maintaining such a spotless facility.

Early in the morning, there were few people around, so we had the site to ourselves. However, we found 90 minutes to be more than enough time to do a couple circuits and depart feeling refreshed.


Address: 1001 Boulevard de la Forêt Montreal, QC H3E 1X9 Canada


Phone: (514) 761-2772

The most memorable part of my weekend in Montreal. The peppermint sauna solved all of my life’s issues, even the ones I didn’t even realize I had. I can’t believe how fantastic this is!

The spa offered a wide range of services, and the food and drinks were delicious. As the day wore on, the locker facilities became more devoid of basic grooming items.

Spa Escale Santé

Address: 4050 rue Molson Local 100 Montreal, QC H1Y 3N1 Canada


Phone: (514) 254-7676

Everything you could possibly want may be found at this spa! Manicures and pedicures, massages, hair removal, and, of course, thermal baths are all on the menu.

Although the ceilings betray their age, the spa area is spotless and has a serene zen vibe thanks to the dim lighting, serene design, and soothing music.

The locker room is modest in size, but it has all the essentials, such as a robe and a set of towels. Warm refreshments are available while you wait between treatments, and the staff is always polite.

Because it’s so close to my office, I frequently visit this salon during my lunch break, and I always go with Tatiana, who is both effective and nice.

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Bain Colonial

Address: 3963 Avenue Coloniale Montreal, QC H2W 2B9 Canada


Phone: (514) 285-0132

It’s best to arrive before 5 p.m. if you want to have a good time, because the venue fills up with little kids seeking for a dad. There is a lot of water and chlorine in the hot tub; if you decide to dip your toes in it, do so at your own risk.

Station SkySpa

Address: 6000 de Rome Blvd 4th Fl Brossard, QC J4Y 0B6 Canada


Phone: (450) 462-9111

This is my go to spa. It’s a great location for a brief break when you need some time away. It works out wonderfully for me to go for the thermal experience, which costs 29$ + VAT for m-th after 5 pm.

One steam room, one bathroom, two saunas, two hot tubs, and one cold tub are all available.

The audience isn’t what I’d want because it’s mostly young people in their 20s who shouldn’t be having private affairs in public, but the pricing is right, so I can’t complain.

The restaurant is wonderful for a glass of wine or soup/ wrap combination! It’s a pleasure to work with you! And while sipping on a chardonnay, you can wrap yourself up in flannel blankets. Delicious and reasonably priced.

The restrooms are kept spotless and are inspected on a regular basis. Every time I go to the spa, all I need to carry is my bathrobe, sandals, and loofah!

Bota Bota

Address: 358 Rue de la Commune O Entrée McGill Quais du Vieux-Port de Montréal Montreal, QC H2Y 2E2 Canada


Phone: (514) 284-0333

The fact that the saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs are all within a 15- to 30-second walk from the cold water pools is wonderful!

No one likes to have to make the long walk to a cool swimming hole and quickly lose any remaining warmth. As a result, the location of the pool gets a perfect score of 5 stars!

Miniature paradise awaits you in the yard. Two enormous hot and warm pools (one with a waterfall) are surrounded by a little chilly one.

On top of everything else, there’s a small steam room and a sauna along with drinking fountains, restrooms, and resting places.

It’s a well-designed layout! As long as you’re on board, the bathrooms and steam room are all located on top of one other on the upper deck, which is a short walk away from each other.

On the side of the boat facing Old Port, there is a hot tub where you may enjoy the stunning view of historic downtown..


Address: Le Place d’Armes 55 Rue Saint-Jacques 3ème étage Montreal, QC H2Y 1K9 Canada


Phone: (514) 282-2727

An anniversary couples massage was a wonderful experience at this establishment. Discreet and well-mannered. Thank you very much for a lovely vacation. A walk around old montreal is a great way to wind down from the spa.

There was also a deal for couples massages throughout the summer, so the prices were much better. Booking is a breeze over the phone.

YMCA – Centre-Ville

Address: 1440 Rue Stanley Montreal, QC H3A 1P7


Phone: (514) 849-8393

The employees are pleasant and helpful. However, bringing two locks is a major hassle. In addition, the locker rooms, gym, and pool are nearly always full, which makes me feel confined and confined.

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On the way out, I really enjoy the face buttons. There should be more yoga sessions and self-defense training available to members.


Address: 1001 Rue Lenoir Suite A-120 Montreal, QC H4C 2Z6


Phone: (514) 379-3434

Just get back from US I found this gym straight close my home. Absolute work out athmosphere and good service level. I gain my ticket to a new world with them.

Jeffry is a terrific coach and it’s always better to do it with someone than your own. It’s truly a spot you may breath in, work out and rest with your body and spirit!

Le Saint-Jude Espace Tonus

Address: 3988 rue Saint-Denis Montreal, QC H2W 2M1


Phone: (514) 357-4222

Work out your mind and body in this peaceful environment. A historic church now houses this upscale fitness center. Group courses for yoga, spinning, and Pilates are available, as well as personal training sessions.

There are no more than 12 people in each of the yoga courses, and the instructor I had was more than happy to take the time to make sure everyone was comfortable with the practice.

What I really liked about her teaching style was her emphasis on making the class an enjoyable experience rather than a competition to see who can tie oneself into the most intricate pretzel knot.

Don’t get me wrong, I worked out, as seen by my sore muscles, but I didn’t experience the same level of stress that I had in prior courses.

Massages are included with the membership, and I’ve had two (20-30 minute) sessions with separate therapists who were both fantastic.

Club Sportif MAA

Address: 2070 Rue Peel Montreal, QC H3A 1W6


Phone: (514) 845-2233

The best place to work out in town! Spectacular classes with a wide range of topics. Sauna, steam room, and swimming pool are all available, as is towel service. There’s also a cafe, which is great for a drink or a bite to eat.

Midtown Athletic Club

Address: 6105 Ave du Boise Montreal, QC H3S 2V9


Phone: (438) 700-9326

The gym gets a perfect score. The greatest gym in the city is here; it’s clean, well-equipped, and not too crowded. In the winter, the free indoor parking is a major benefit.

It’s great that there’s always a trainer in the weight room to answer questions or point you in the right direction if you’re stuck. The Midtown is the best gym in Montreal, hands down.

Concerning the Midtown Bistro/Restaurants, the food is decent and the service is poor – but I don’t blame them, nobody goes to a gym to eat.

If you seeking for gains and you about that life, dont eat a salad… there’s a McDonald’s a few blocks down.

Energie Cardio

Address: 4535 Avenue Papineau Montreal, QC H2H 1V4


Phone: (514) 596-2967

The staff is quite welcoming, and the gym’s equipment is top-notch. There is seldom a gym crowd when I go there, and the massage chair machine is my go-to fixation — it offers the finest massages ever!

Gold’s Gym

Address: 3131 Boulevard de la Cote-Vertu Local C-35 Ville Saint Laurent, QC H4R 1Y8

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Phone: (514) 543-4653

Having used this gym for a few months, I can state that it is among the best in the neighborhood.

In either the morning or evening, group sessions might help you get more motivated. Consider the equipment, programs, and the fact that it’s open 24 hours a day, this gym is a wonderful deal.

Spa St. James

Address: 1228 Sherbrooke St. West Montreal, QC H3G 1H6


Phone: (514) 844-4590

I had a wonderful day at this spa, and the service was exceptional!

Deep tissue massage was just what I was looking for, and the therapist was quite competent. Professionalism and expertise were evident in the masseuese. After that, my achy back felt a world of difference.

The rooftop indoor pool, sauna, steam room, gym, and relaxation room are all available for your use after your treatment, so you may arrive whenever suits your schedule.

I never felt hurried and they encouraged me to remain as long as I wanted.

The changing area was beautiful and included showers with soap, shampoo, etc.

They may also give you with deoderant, a shaving kit, and a toothbrush kit if asked. Along with the robe and slippers they loan you at check-in, you really do not need to bring anything.


The rest room provides bottled water, exotic teas and some nuts and dried fruit.

YMCA – Westmount

Address: 4585 Rue Sherbrooke O Westmount, QC H3Z 1E9


Phone: (514) 931-8046

The group fitness classes offered here are among of my favorites. The teachers are kind and enthusiastic, and they provide programs that can be done by people of varying fitness levels without feeling out of place.

For the time being, I can just speak about the gym and swimming pool because I haven’t used them yet.

CEPSUM – Université de Montréal

Address: 2100 Boul Edouard-Montpetit Montreal, QC H3T 1J4


Phone: (514) 343-6150

Again, this is a critique of the cepsum’s gym/fitness area, not the full establishment (does not include the various squash, volleyball, etc. Rooms and the courses)

The gym at the cepsum has really improved over time. If you’re a student at HEC, Poly, or UdeM, you can get a 1-year membership for roughly $15 per month.

Training in TRX and CrossFit is now available in a new multi-room addition. Most of the time, the room is locked, but gym members have access to it at particular hours and may use the various pieces of equipment inside.

Even though the gym is clean, individuals don’t appear to follow the instructions to wipe the machines very often.

To enter, you’ll need a towel. If you don’t do it, you’ll be denied entrance.


A Sauna is an amazing space in which you can relax and de-stress in the perfect environment.

You can make your own at home with just a few supplies or you can visit one of the many amazing saunas in Montreal to enjoy the benefits of a sauna for your health.

In this article we have put together a list of the top 17 best saunas in Montreal that you can use to unwind and restore after a long day!

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