TOP 3 BEST Rhinoplasty in Montreal Updated 2022

Cosmetic surgery is more popular than ever, and many of us are looking for ways to change our appearance. For many people, the right rhinoplasty can change their lives.

A rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure to alter the nose in ways that improve appearance and function. It is the most common cosmetic procedure. It is also one of the most effective. The nose can be altered in many different ways.

Top Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal Updated 2022, There are many factors that play a vital role in selecting the best rhinoplasty surgeon.

TOP BEST Rhinoplasty in Montreal


Address: 1506 Docteur-Penfield Avenue, Montreal, QC H3G 1B9


Email: [email protected]

Phone:  (514) 932-8200

Gaby Doumit, M.D., is a plastic surgeon who specializes in face and body surgery. As Director of Craniofacial Surgery, he was asked to join the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Department of Plastic Surgery in 2010.

At meetings of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the United States and abroad, he frequently serves as a guest lecturer. 2017 is the year when Dr. Doumit underwent his Second Face Transplant.

For the first time in Canadian history, he has conducted two face transplants.

He treats his patients with compassion by doing cutting-edge plastic and cosmetic surgery operations.

Doctor Doumit has managed a number of difficult patients who had failed therapy at a number of prestigious academic medical centers in the United States and throughout the world before.

His use of an endoscope in cosmetic face surgery makes him one of the few surgeons in the world who can do this type of minimally invasive procedure (camera).

SPECIALTY: Body Lift, Abdominoplasty (Breast Augmentation), Tummy Tuck (Abdomen Tuck), Liposuction (Fat Injection), Chemical Peels (Chemical Peels), Liposuction (Liposuction), Laser Hair Removal (Liposuction).

Skin Lesion Removal, Excess Sweating & Botox®


Address: 4131 Sherbrooke West, Montreal, QC H3Z 1B7


Email: [email protected]

Phone:  (514) 933-3009

In 1986, Dr. V.W. Papanastasiou became a certified expert. Additionally, he was awarded a Master of Science degree in microvascular surgical research.

Physicians and surgeons from all around Canada and the United States are among those who have accepted his invitation to join the College des Médecins du Québec.

Liposuction outcomes have improved dramatically with the introduction of laser-assisted SmartlipoTM by Dr. VW Papanastasiou.

All parts of cosmetic surgery are within his scope of expertise, which includes work on the face, breasts, and the body as a whole.

One of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the country has created a reputation. After your surgery, you will receive individualized follow-up care from Dr. Papanastasiou.

SPECIALTY: Liposculpture, Botox, Filler injections, and post-injection care are only some of the procedures that can be performed on the face, including a facelift, eyelid surgery, a nose job, and ear pinning.

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Address: 2105 De La Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G 1Z8


Email: [email protected]

Phone:  (514) 377-4666

Canadian plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hani Sinno is well-known. Thousands of women, men, and children with physical deformities were treated by his comprehensive microsurgical surgeries.

Dr. Hani Sinno has a proven track record of helping breast cancer sufferers regain their sense of femininity and self-esteem. Malformations of the head and neck, torso, hands, and injured nerves were repaired by him.

He is even more enthused and committed to aesthetic and cosmetic surgery as a result of the high regard in which his work is held across Canada.

The office of Dr. Hani Sinno in the fashionable Golden Square Mile neighborhood of Montreal resembles an addition to the nearby Fine Arts Museum.

He meticulously discusses to his patients in great detail the pros and cons of various invasive and non-invasive procedures, as well as the expected outcomes.

SPECIALTY: The following cosmetic procedures are available: liposuction, mommy makeover (tummy tuck), arm, neck, face, brow and thigh lifts (brazilian butt lift), clitoral hoodectomy (labiaplasty).

Fat transfer to the face (facial fat transfer), facial implants (facial implants), rhinoplasty (eyelid surgery), breast lift (augmentation, reconstruction and reduction), gynecomastia (nipple reduction),


Is Surgical or Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Right for Me?

Some people may not be candidates for rhinoplasty surgery. This is because they may not be in the right mental or physical state to have surgery, or they may not be a good candidate to begin with.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a possibility in certain cases.

What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

With Restylane, Juvéderm, and other fillers, non-surgical rhinoplasty is able to reshape the nose without having to go under the knife. Dr.Samaha does this procedure at his clinic, and it is quite similar to other injectable procedures.

How Is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Performed?

It’s a straightforward process. In this procedure, the skin of the nose is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected. Dr. Samaha uses dermal fillers to obtain the desired results by injecting them into specific regions of the nose.

To alter the nose’s look, he fills up hollows and balances asymmetry. Takes 5-10 minutes to complete. There are frequently follow-up appointments and any required touch-ups are done at these appointments.

How Long Does Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Last?

Depending on the kind of dermal filler, injection technique, and individual variance, the outcome can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months, depending on the individual.

Are you a good candidate for a rhinoplasty?

When a patient’s face development reaches a plateau, they are eligible for a rhinoplasty. In most cases, this happens between the ages of 15 and 16 years old, however this might vary widely from person to person.

One must be extremely specific with their plastic surgeon if they want to improve the look of their nostrils in order to get the best possible results.

In order to set reasonable expectations, the surgeon should take the time to clarify what can and cannot be done.

At the time of the appointment, it is important to address any respiratory difficulties that the patient may be experiencing.

What can a rhinoplasty improve?

Significant or minor flaws in one’s nose can be corrected by a rhinoplasty. It’s worth noting, though, that these minor flaws may be a source of beauty and character.

Only those aspects of the nose that the patient desires to alter can be improved by surgery. We’re here to enhance rather than alter someone’s appearance. When it comes to rhinoplasty, the most typical changes we do are:

  1. A more attractive profile can be achieved by minimizing the prominence of one’s nasal hump or bump.
  2. The top section of the nose should be narrowed.
  3. The tip of one’s nose should be honed.
  4. the smallest possible size of the nose
  5. Correct a nasal tip that is drooping or pointing down
  6. Improve one’s ability to inhale and exhale
  7. A deviated septum can be corrected.
  8. Enhance any inconsistencies
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How is a rhinoplasty performed?

There are three parts to the nose. On top of the nose’s bone and cartilage rests its skin, which is the most superficial layer. When working on a patient’s nose, we take into account all three aspects.

No external incisions are made; the procedure is carried out totally within the nose via internal ones. In most cases, the hump is reduced by filing down the bone and cartilage that cause it.

It is done by shattering both the upper and lower nasal bones in an orderly manner. As a result, the bridge of the nose is more slender and pleasant to the eye on the top half.

A bulbous or broad tip of the nose can be made smaller and more elegant by removing a little amount of cartilage from the tip.

Finally, if a patient’s nostrils are too large, we make tiny incisions in the fold at the base of the nostrils to reduce their size.

There may be a need for extra work on the interior nasal structures in patients who have difficulty breathing via their nose (this typically does not increase recovery time).

A plastic splint is put across the bridge of the nose and little nasal plugs are implanted to keep the nostrils open following the procedure. After the surgery, they are removed.

Patients who have undergone a rhinoplasty may benefit from having their chins augmented with a tiny chin implant. The centre and lower parts of the face might be more symmetrical in those people with a weak chin.

What is the difference between an open rhinoplasty and a closed rhinoplasty?

In a closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made on the interior of the nose, leaving no visible scarring.

There are the same internal incisions performed with an open rhinoplasty, but a minor incision is made at the base of your nose in addition to that (on the skin that separates the nostrils).

At a conversational distance, this visible incision is usually undetectable. The closed method is what we use for the vast majority of our nose operations.

When compared to an open procedure, this one leaves no visible scars and causes reduced swelling at the tip of the nose, which can persist longer.

Open rhinoplasty may be a preferable option for patients with more complicated abnormalities or who wish to enhance their nasal airflow.

It’s critical that you talk to your cosmetic surgeon about which of these procedures is most suited to your situation.

Do I need to be put to sleep to have nasal surgery?

Rhinoplasty can be done under general anaesthetic or local anesthetic with sedation. Both procedures may be carried out without risk to the patient, who is closely watched by means of cutting-edge medical equipment.

As a patient, you may select the treatment method that best meets your individual needs.

What happens in the days following a rhinoplasty? How long is the recovery time?

We send our patients home with antibiotics and pain medicine as soon as they are able to do it on their own. When it comes to the first two days, most patients describe the discomfort as more of a numbness rather than a pain.

We remove the nasal packs (meant to keep the nostrils open) during the first post-operative appointment, 48 hours following surgery, and patients are relieved to finally breathe through their nose.

Swelling and bruises will worsen for 24 to 48 hours following surgery. There is a significant reduction in swelling after the first week. After 5-7 days, we remove the plastic splint that covers the bridge of patients’ noses.

This is a good moment to show patients how much their nose has changed since the procedure, but we stress that there is always some residual swelling that will take weeks or months to go away.

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Even though most of the edema has gone down after two weeks, patients will not see the complete results of their operation for 6-12 months.

These checkups are planned for 2 days (5-7), 3 weeks (three months), 6 months (six), and a year after surgery.

The clinic is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so if any of our patients have questions or concerns, they can always reach out to us.

When can I go out in public without anyone noticing that I had nasal surgery?

Any bruising and/or swelling begins to improve on the third day following surgery. One week post-op, there is already a remarkable reduction in the edema.

Patients are normally comfortable going out in public one week following surgery but many wait a full two weeks to appear in social situations.

Typically, friends and acquaintances will not be able to pinpoint the difference in our patients, just observing a softening of one’s face. In other words, people will wonder why you appear better…not different.

What is the role of 3D imaging in surgery of the nose?

It is possible to record a patient’s face, breasts, and body in ultra-high quality using the VECTRA 3D imaging equipment and show them the possibilities of their cosmetic operation.

We use our patients’ own images to explore potential outcomes (simulating what their nose could look like after surgery), educate them about their alternatives, clarify restrictions, and establish realistic expectations for our nose surgery patients.

Patients’ own images. Using it has been well-received by the patients we serve.

What are the potential risks and complications?

Rhinoplasty is a highly safe treatment, with only a small percentage of patients experiencing any negative outcomes.

Infection, asymmetries, and abnormalities such as decreased nasal airflow, as well as undesirable scarring, are all possible side effects.

Most issues may be handled without invasive procedures, although revision rhinoplasty is an option for people who need a little extra help. Consult your plastic surgeon to learn about the potential hazards of surgery.


If you have any doubt about Rhinoplasty before undergoing this operation, it is better to consult with an expert rhinoplasty surgeon who has performed hundreds of Rhinoplasty operations and who can help you with the best rhinoplasty in Montreal.


Procedure Cost Before Taxes
Rhinoplasty (closed) $6,490
Rhinoplasty with Alar Rim Excision (closed) $7,990
Septorhinoplasty $7,990
Septorhinoplasty with Alar Rim Excision (closed) $9,490
Secondary Rhinoplasty (closed) $7,990
Tip Rhinoplasty Revision/Columella Only/Alar Rim Only (closed) $3,490
Rhinoplasty (open without grafting) $7,990
Rhinoplasty (open with ear grafting)/Secondary Rhinoplasty (open simple) $9,990
Rhinoplasty (open with rib grafting)/Secondary Rhinoplasty (open complex) $11,990
Alar Rim Excision (additional) $1,500
Top Doctors For Rhinoplasty
  • Dr. Kaveshvar Ghura.
  • Dr. Surendra Kumar Chawla.
  • Dr. Manoj Johar.
  • Dr. Anil Kumar Behl.
  • Dr. Anil Kumar Murarka.
  • Dr. Lokesh Kumar.
  • Dr. Arun Sharma.
  • Dr. Adhishwar Sharma.
The Czech Republic is widely considered to be one of the best countries for rhinoplasty surgery.
Revision Rhinoplasty: a Second Chance

Scar tissue and weakened internal structures make working inside the nose extremely challenging. Only the most experienced and talented surgeons perform this procedure, as it is extremely complex.


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