10+ Best Restaurants In Montreal’s South Shore Updated 2022

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Montreal’s South Shore, then you’ve found them here. From the most popular dining spots to the most intimate neighborhood bistros, this list has it all.

Here are 10+ best restaurants South Shore Montreal that you must try out in Montreal’s South Shore if you haven’t already!

We’ve updated our list of the top restaurants in the city’s south shore. These are the best places to eat, drink, dine and enjoy good food.

Best Restaurants South Shore Montreal

Dur à Cuire

Address: 219 Rue Saint-Jean Longueuil QC J4H 2X4



Dur à Cuire is one of the top South Shore restaurants where you may bring your own wine!

The open concept kitchen at Dur à Cuire contributes significantly to the busy ambiance, so if you’re looking for a quiet spot to chat, you’ll have to wait for other recommendations.

An appetizer and a main dish are included in the price of roughly $45 to $50 per person, and the plates are ample and wonderful.

Sharing is the name of the game at this restaurant, therefore we urge that you order so that you may sample the offerings of everyone else.

Delicious, interesting, and substantial cuisine in a warm and welcoming environment. On the South Shore, this is one of our favorite spots to bring a bottle of wine.


Address: 7610 Chemin de Chambly Longueuil QC J3Y 5K2


Do you like Italian food? This South Shore eatery that allows guests to bring their own wine is perfect for you. Here, you’ll be greeted with open arms and get pleasant service from welcoming proprietors.

The restaurant has a modest aesthetic with white tables and wooden walls, but the real draw of this location is down in the kitchen! Salads, tartare, arancini and carpaccio are all on the menu.

Pasta dishes such as cannelloni, fettuccine, linguini, gnocchi, and more are on the menu for the next several days. We end our meal with large servings of meat or fish.

At this establishment, you’ll want to bring your own wine!

Uni Sushi

Address: 3918 Boulevard Taschereau Longueuil QC J4V 2H9



Bring your own wine to one of the South Shore’s most popular sushi restaurants, Uni Sushi. And it’s well-deserved: the sushi is excellent, the service is swift and kind, and the ambience is welcoming.

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The little address provides quick lunch alternatives as well as an evening menu, all of which may be consumed on-site or ordered to go.

Entrée, sushi, maki, and other Japanese favorites are all on the menu, as well as hors d’oeuvres. At Uni Sushi, you may bring your own wine and enjoy delicious sushi!

Shoji Sushi

Address: 2035 Avenue Victoria Saint-Lambert QC J4S 1H1



If you’re a sushi fan, Shoji Sushi has a bring-your-own-wine option! The restaurant has been open for more than a decade and serves sushi and other Japanese delicacies in a pleasant and welcoming environment.

Tartare or grilled meals, makis, and house specialities are all on the menu at the Saint-Lambert location.

Even though the service can be sluggish on Fridays and Saturdays because of the high volume, we don’t mind because we’re enjoying a nice bottle of wine and pleasant company.

La Carcasse

Address: 277 Rue Saint Pierre Saint-Constant QC J5A 2A6



In keeping with its name, La Carcasse carries a wide variety of meats (and more) For one simple reason: the restaurant provides a good and large food in a gorgeous setting.

This Saint-Constant bring your own wine restaurant. While they do have a few appetizers, such as tartares and salads, we go there for the meat dishes, such as rack of lamb, steak-frites, ribeye, and filet mignon.

There is a salmon tartare and a pasta of the day at the address for individuals who enjoy fish.

Zen Asia

Address: 21 Rue du Prince Arthur Saint-Lambert QC J4P 1X1



The South Shore’s Zen Asia is a lovely BYOW restaurant. Customers are greeted with a sophisticated and laid-back ambiance at the restaurant, which features an Asian-inspired décor.

The restaurant at this site serves very straightforward fare that is of high quality. Salads, soups, makis, and sushi are all on the menu, along with a few house specialities.

At Zen Asia, you can have five courses for $25, including soup, an appetizer, a main entrée, a main course, a dessert, and a coffee.

This is a place where you may bring a bottle of wine and spend the evening with your friends or family relaxing.

L’Ours Caverne Culinaire

Address: 200 Rue Sainte-Marie La Prairie QC J5R 1G2

Website: http://www.lours.ca/


This is a wine-by-the-glass event. An Italian-inspired take on Quebec staples may be found at the South Shore site. Wood, stone, and soft lighting adorn L’Ours Caverne Culinaire, which evokes an inviting country home.

There are a variety of starters, pastas, and pizzas to choose from, as well as a huge selection of meats and burgers. The servings are large, and the service is warm. Wine and food go hand-in-hand at this establishment.

Bravi Restaurant

Address: 2794, boul. Jacques-Cartier E, J4N 1P8

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Website: restaurantbravi.com

Phone: (450) 448-8111

Longueuil’s restaurant sector is centered around Bravi Restaurant. Bravi specializes on handcrafted pastas, wood-oven pizzas, and a wide range of meats and seafood for its customers to enjoy.

Mario Onesta, the restaurant’s co-owner and executive chef, is in charge of the kitchen. Chef Onesta brings a flavor of Italy to your table with his zeal.

Authentic, refined cuisine are served at reasonable pricing by Chef Onesta and his crew in a modern and welcoming setting. In Raymond Caldareri, our co-owner, you can rest assured that he will refer you to our wine list.

Le Shack du Pêcheur

Address: 1119, boul. Taschereau, J5R 6G8

Website: (450) 907-3558

Phone: shackdupecheur.com

There is a fish restaurant called Le Shack du Pêcheur in La Prairie, Quebec.

You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of seafood dishes, all of which are prepared in line with traditional fish recipes from across the world.

Lupo Ristorante

Address: 1920, rue Léonard-de-Vinci, J3E 1Y8

Website: (450) 685-3685

Phone: restaurantlupo.com

LUPO is an authentic Italian restaurant serving simple dishes made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. It’s a trendy, refined, cozy, and joyous setting.

A restaurant that may be used for a business lunch, a romantic supper, or a night out with friends and family, depending on the occasion.

Lulu Bistro

Address: 1025, rue Lionel-Daunais Local 109, J4B 0A5

Website: (450) 449-5885

Phone: lulubistro.com

Boucherville’s historic downtown is just a short walk away from our French-inspired cafe. Since 2006, we’ve been happy to provide our customers high-quality food produced by a dedicated crew in a warm and welcoming environment.

Our restaurant’s specialty is fried mussels and fries.

Le Shack Du Pêcheur

Address: 1052, rue Lionel-Daunais, J4B 0A5

Website: shackdupecheur.com

Phone: (450) 857-3474

Restaurant Le Shack du Pêcheur serves fresh fish in Boucherville on Lionel-Daunais Street.

On the menu, you may choose from a variety of fresh, locally sourced ingredients that are prepared in line with traditional fish recipes from throughout the world.

ZIBO! Restaurant-Bar

Address: 9370, boul. Leduc, local 5, J4Y 0B3

Website: restaurantszibo.com

Phone: (450) 656-5255

Catering to a wide range of tastes and budgets, ZIBO! Restaurants and Bars features an extensive wine selection and a wide range of California-inspired food.

Restaurant-Bars clients like ZIBO! Restaurant-Bars’ pleasant and stylish ambience regardless of whether they’re dining alone or with a large group of friends and family.

Bleu Moutarde

Address: 965, rue Richelieu, J3G 4P8

Website: (450) 464-8839

Phone: bleumoutarde.ca

Greetings from your new sanctuary of joy, which we are happy to provide to you!

Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience in a beautiful location, accentuated by a breathtaking mountain view and simple, flavorful cuisine. On the brink of the Richelieu, our patio is a rare find.

Summer’s allure and its enchantment are likely to be appreciated by you. There is nothing more important to the Bleu Moutarde crew than making your visit memorable.

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Thank you for coming out! Join our Facebook page to stay up to date on upcoming events, menu changes, and new wine releases.

Moghel Tandoori

Address: 2770, boul. Jacques-Cartier E, J4N 1P8

Website: mogheltandoori.com

Phone: (514) 512-0444

As a “Fine Dining” restaurant, Moghel Tandoori fills a void in the neighborhood that has yet to be filled. It was our goal to make it attractive and opulent, as well as to provide the Indian cuisine that was lacking in the region.

Our cuisine consists of locally sourced delicacies as well as imported specialty items. Each of our dishes is a tribute to the excellent traditions of Indian cuisine.

Over the past 20 years, he’s worked with some of the world’s best chefs, and he’s brought his expertise to our kitchen.

Inviting you and your loved ones to join us in experiencing the sights, sounds, and flavors of Indian cuisine right here in your own neighborhood.

Moghel Tandoori Restaurant is the perfect spot for a romantic supper for two or a large gathering of up to ten people. It is our hope that you will visit us frequently in the future.

Le Coureur des Bois Bistro Gourmand

Address: 1810, rue Richelieu, J3G 4S4

Website: restaurantcoureurdesbois.com

Phone: (514) 882-5629

Chef Jean-Sébastien Giguère’s food is a great treat for the tastebuds!

Enjoy cuisine that have been reimagined using fresh, local ingredients, as well as a wine cellar that has won the renowned “Grand Award” from Wine Spectator since 2018.

Conclusion – south shore montreal restaurants

Here are the top 10 best restaurants in Montreal’s South Shore, for all your dining needs. These restaurants have been carefully selected based on their history, food quality, atmosphere, and service.

The restaurant’s ranking will change over time depending on what we review on the website, so please check back often for updates!


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