Best 17 Spots Worth the Drive to the Eastern Townships - Updated 2022

Best 17 Spots Worth the Drive to the Eastern Townships – Updated 2022

With over 500 kilometers of roads and plenty of picturesque landscapes and towns, there are many great places in the Eastern Townships worth seeing and driving to.

Your car is already packed with gadgets and entertainment. Why not add a little extra comfort, style, and functionality to your ride? As it turns out, you won’t have to invest a ton of cash or effort to do so.

From stylish retro-looking tailgates to stylish and functional floor mats, these 17 spots will add a little bit of extra style and convenience to your ride.

17 Spots Worth the Drive to the Eastern Townships

1. Beat & Betterave Nanobrasserie

Address: 1C0, 41 Rue Principale, Frelighsburg, Quebec, QC J0J, Canada

Phone: (579) 440-8600

Website: Visit Website

Six years after opening, Élose Comtois Mainville and Ludovic Bastien’s little roadside café and nanobrasserie continues to draw customers with its cozy atmosphere and flavorful cuisine, which includes a pork-beat burger, falafel, fish gravlax, and nearly all vegetables from the nearby garden.

There are six unique beers on tap, and a sweet rhubarb lemonade is also available, making this the perfect location to relax and take it all in.


2. Brasserie Dunham

Address: 3809 Rue Principale, Dunham, QC J0E 1M0, Canada

Phone: (450) 295-1500

Website: Visit Website

Brasserie Dunham, one of the best microbreweries in the area, serves up upscale pub fare to complement its extensive beer and wine list.

To make the most of your trip, try some of the local seasonal dishes and be open to trying some of the more unique beverages.


3. Cantine Ben La Bedaine

Address: 599 Rue Principale, Granby, QC J2G 2X9, Canada

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Phone: (450) 378-2921

Website: Visit Website

Granby’s most Instagrammed restaurant serves you griddle cheeseburgers, cheese curds, and more. Don’t forget about the ice cream and milkshakes; the “bar laitier” is almost as famous as the restaurant itself.


4. Café Bar Backbone

Address: 100 Rue du Rubis, Bromont, QC J2L 0G2, Canada

Phone: (450) 534-2422

Website: Visit Website

Is your sense of adventure tingling? This espresso shop is located in a rock climbing gym off the main road into Bromont, making it the perfect place to relax with a cup of coffee after a strenuous workout.

There is a modest menu available in addition to the café’s regular offerings, and people-watching is abundant.


5. Micro et d’Osé

Address: 17b Rue Principale N, Sutton, QC J0E 2K0, Canada

Website: Visit Website

When the demand for takeaway reached its height in the middle of the year 2020, two female cooks (Mona and Marie-Soleil) teamed together to provide an all vegan menu of soups and other delicacies.

They started off as a pop-up shop, but they’ve now moved to a permanent position in a charming garden off Main Street. Vegan options such as pad thai, okonomiyaki, general tao tofu, and a jerk burger may be had for around $20.


6. La Rumeur Affamee

Address: 15 Rue Principale N, Sutton, QC J0E 2K0, Canada

Phone: (450) 538-1888

Website: Visit Website

This upscale grocery shop has a long history in the neighborhood, and its original location may still be located in Dunham. Everything from snacks to souvenirs may be found within the chosen items available here.


7. À L’Abordage Microbrasserie

Address: 10 Rue Principale Sud St, Sutton, QC J0E 2K0, Canada

Phone: (450) 538-8338

Website: Visit Website

The taproom, an extension of the microbrewery located only a few feet away, is a great addition to the mushrooming number of establishments in hip Sutton.

This establishment, which now houses the brewery’s equipment and facilities, exudes a positive feel and sells its own brews as well as a few natural wines. Pick up some canned goods and enjoy the newly remodeled terrace.


8. La Knowlton Co.

Address: 576 Chemin Knowlton, Knowlton, QC J0E 1V0, Canada

Phone: (450) 243-9001

Website: Visit Website

Although it’s perhaps most known for its beer, including a now-rare cream ale, this Knowlton hotspot also serves a variety of pizzas made with sourdough dough cooked in a wood-burning oven.

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Stay for a while and take in the atmosphere of this industrial microbrewery from the comfort of a seat on the spacious terrace, weather permitting.


9. Le Bolt Café

Address: 100 Chemin Lakeside, Knowlton, QC J0E 1V0, Canada

Phone: (514) 513-1207

Website: Visit Website

Bolt Café, run by Montreal residents Véronique Lacoursière and Pierre-Etienne Boivin, is another new eatery to open since the beginning of the epidemic.

After leaving the city permanently in August of 2020, they bought a shuttered restaurant and turned it into a café-buvette.

Stop by for a natural wine, a Montreal-roasted cup of coffee, or a traditional grilled cheese sandwich. This afternoon spot is getting so popular that a little biergarten addition is now under construction.


10. Les Trois Grâces

Address: 338 Rue Principale, Eastman, QC J0E 1P0, Canada

Phone: (450) 297-4291

Website: Visit Website

Looking for a place to have Sunday brunch? The duck confit from neighboring Brome Lake is a regional favorite at this little café on the outskirts of Eastman, which is also famed for its hearty breakfasts.


11. Aux 2 Tomates

Address: 2273 Chemin du Parc, Orford, QC J1X 7A2, Canada

Phone: (819) 300-2260

Website: Visit Website

This relatively new restaurant in Orford has seasonal, locally sourced fare, including a dozen pizzas made with organic flour and numerous takeout options that are perfect with the natural wines they feature each week.


12. Fitch Bay Café

Address: 270 Rue Principale E local 100, Magog, QC J1X 4X5, Canada

Phone: (819) 843-2222

Website: Visit Website

This microroastery on the outskirts of Magog is a wonderful stop to grab a coffee for the road – and some beans to boot, with well over a dozen distinct blends available.


13. Restaurant Le Hatley

Address: 575 Rue Hovey, North Hatley, QC J0B 2C0, Canada

Phone: (819) 842-2421

Website: Visit Website

Under the guidance of chef Alexandre Vachon since late 2018, Le Hatley, nestled on the shores of Lake Massawippi, is a great place for a memorable event.

Focusing only on locally-sourced products, Le Hatley provides table d’hôte dining, as well as “discovery menus” (including a vegetarian option) for a set fee. Bonus: discounts are available for guests of the hotel.


14. La Table Du Chef

Address: 11 Rue Victoria, Sherbrooke, QC J1H 3H8, Canada

Phone: (819) 562-2258

Website: Visit Website

Chef Alain Labrie’s cuisine at one of Sherbooke’s finer dining establishments reinterprets classic French dishes using local ingredients.

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There is also the fact that we are eating in what was formerly a presbytery, an almost austere dining room with white tablecloths.

Wines have been carefully selected to complement the food and create a harmonious atmosphere, as stated by Allison Van Rassel.


15. Antidote Foodlab

Address: 35 Rue Belvédère N suite 10, Sherbrooke, QC J1H 4A7, Canada

Phone: (819) 791-9117

Website: Visit Website

The vibrant, complex, and forward-thinking cuisine of this local institution, located in a historical structure, is a perfect embodiment of traditional Québécois home cooking.

Dishes inspired by its bistro concept incorporate the use of tweezers, nitrogen, and thermocirculators to challenge diners’ sense of smell.

Horse and/or beef cheek, corn mousse, and light potato purée can be found in deconstructed versions of shepherd’s pie (or pâté chinois) offered at this restaurant. — Allison Van Rassel


16. Vin Polisson

Address: 197 Rue King Ouest, Sherbrooke, QC J1H 1P4, Canada

Phone: (819) 791-2442

Website: Visit Website

Created by businessmen Raphael Rioux, Maxime Verpaelst, and Charlie Abran Fréchette, Vin Polisson is an innovative concept that hasn’t been tried before in the Sherbrooke restaurant industry.

In a region not known for its wine bars, three friends decided (during an epidemic) to start a chic bistro serving seasonal fare and natural wines.

The recent deconfinement initiatives are just what this promising establishment needed to get off the ground after a slow start (including many indoor dining closures).


17. Laiterie De Coaticook Ltée

Address: 1000 Rue Child, Coaticook, QC J1A 2S5, Canada

Phone: (800) 846-7224

Website: Visit Website

Visit this classic bar laitier, a longtime favorite among Quebecers, following a day of hiking in Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook.

In spite of the fact that you may have to wait in line (or use their drive-through option), you should know that it’s well worth it.



There are the 17 Best restaurants sherbrooke Quebec eastern townships. Each has a distinct appeal to make it worth the drive there. It’s not necessary to visit all 17 places in one day.

That’s what makes this list so special. I encourage you to spend several days visiting as many of these places as you can. This will give you plenty of time to absorb all the unique charm each spot offers.

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