The 20+ Best Restaurants on St Catherine Montreal Updated 2022

The restaurants on the island of St. Catherine, located in the heart of downtown Montreal, are varied and offer a wide range of culinary experiences.

To find the best places to eat, we’ve compiled a list of 20+ restaurants that we think you should try. We’ve included both local and international restaurants, so there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

We are the best restaurant guide you will find in Saint-Catherine and a must read for anyone looking to eat out in this amazing and underrated area.

The Best 10 Restaurants near Rue Sainte-Catherine O, Montreal, QC


Address: 1844 Rue Sainte-Catherine O Montreal, QC H3H 1M1


Phone: (514) 937-2333

If you’re concerned about leaving a restaurant like this feeling like you’ve eaten too much, get a crab croquette for $5.

It’s delicious and filling all at the same time! You won’t be sorry for doing so. Almost everything else on our meal was excellent.

If you’re looking for a quiet location to dine, this isn’t it. The entire procedure is geared toward getting you your meal quickly so that the next table outdoors can be seated.

Similar to pre-COVID, the eatery is small and intimate.


Address: 1624 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest Montreal, QC H3H 2S7


Phone: (514) 750-1624

With a group of coworkers, we dined at this restaurant. Asian fusion is evident in both the décor and the food, which is a good thing. To begin, we had sake as well as a variety of sharing dishes, such as gyozas and spicy tuna.

We had a couple of noodle dishes for the main course, and they were incredible. The crew sang a slogan with each client shot, which added to the fun and excitement of the experience. Great for Asian cuisine!!


Address: 1216 Rue Bishop Montreal, QC H3G 2E3


Phone: (514) 878-1111

My pleasure upon their arrival in Montreal! Authentic Korean barbecue may be had without having to fly to Toronto.
This is the place to be!
Pork belly and boneless short ribs are my favorite dishes at this restaurant. Additionally, the complimentary and re-fillable side dishes are top-notch.
The servers are polite and the restaurant has a classic Korean feel about it, which I enjoy. They play a lot of K-pop, which is something I enjoy.
Every month, you can count on me!

Joe Beef

Address: 2491 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest Montreal, QC H3J 1N6


Phone: (514) 935-6504

It’s incredibly good!

We had the nicest meal of our vacation to Montreal at this restaurant! The smoked pork and tomato salad appetizers are light and flavorful.

The finest spaghetti I’ve ever tasted was made with lobster! Okay, layered cake. However, we enjoy the outside seats, the attentive service, and the delicious meal most of all.

Cuisine AuntDai

Address: 1448 Rue Saint Mathieu Montreal, QC H3H 2H9


Phone: (514) 935-1067

AuntDai’s Food Is the Best! You shouldn’t expect a typical greasy Chinese restaurant experience here. In this establishment, the cuisine is fresh and diverse in flavor, and the service is excellent. It has a spicy and smoky flavor. Just so you know, they do not provide alcoholic beverages. We’ll be back for more.

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Bar Ganadara

Address: 1900 Rue Sainte-Catherine O Montreal, QC H3H

Phone: (514) 379-3009

From the outside, it looked inviting, but around 8 p.m. on a Monday, I decided to cruise the streets between Ste. C and Sherbrooke in search of light fare.

For a one-person celebration, there weren’t too many seating options and the music wasn’t overbearing.

4 stars for the service: 2 or 3 waiters took care of me, the masks made it impossible to identify, I had water and a White Dog…too sweet, maybe the next one with soda water and not SPRITE, but I wasn’t very hungry.

Bombay poutine was overpowering, and I ended up taking more than half of it home in a lovely GREEN container. The Korean aubergine salad was wonderful.

Paying was simple, as was getting out of here. If I had a group of friends, I’d come back for some White Dog and a good time.

La Classe

Address: 2000 Rue Sainte-Catherine O Montreal, QC H3H 2T3


Phone: (514) 939-4408

During the epidemic, I got takeout from La Classe a few times and was always impressed by the meal, which was prepared with grace and originality and was also delectable.

There is a genuine concern for their consumers, and the service is excellent. We dined at MTL last night as part of their MTL a table menu, which was only open for dinner service six nights out of the week.

It was a pleasure to have two friends with celiac disease who went above and beyond to make sure we had a wonderful day.


Address: 2100 Rue Saint-Mathieu Montreal, QC H3H 2J4


Phone: (438) 387-7766

My new favorite Korean restaurant in town is certainly this one. There is a homey feel to the establishment, which appeared to be very busy.

If you can grab the waiters’ attention, the service will go more quickly.

They provide you the usual starters, except this one comes with a fish cake! It’s my favorite dish! Kimchi and something else are often all that’s served at many eateries in this country.

Personally, I like the pre-packaged meals. Your choice of meat can be paired with the japchae or pajeon, rice or noodles in this dish.

This was the perfect supper for me since I love meals like this, where you get a little bit of everything. All the flavors were just right, and the dish was really amazing! Additionally, the korean fried chicken they served was amazing.

Just the right amount of spiciness, sweetness, and crunchiness. Mm! Their costs are also reasonable. You may be able to order an alcoholic beverage with your dinner and still come out ahead.

Sammi & Soupe Dumpling

Address: 1909 Rue Saint-Catherine O Montreal, QC H3H 2E8


Phone: (514) 846-8886

My favorite dumpling place is here!

Since I’ve gone there several times, I’ve never been let down. The dumplings are excellent value for the money, and the service is usually excellent.

Each one is created to order and is of the highest quality. All of the fillings in the steamed dumplings and fried dumplings are wonderfully moist and crispy, respectively. On weekdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., they serve lunch.

Sam Cha

Address: 2176A Avenue Saint-Catherine O Montreal, QC H3H 1M7

Phone: (514) 932-7565

The meal was fantastic! This soju pitcher included melona flavoring (honeydew flavoring). This was an excellent supper, and I had the pig dupbap.

The Takoyaki wasn’t bad, but the duk skewers were a pleasant surprise. This is a great location for a low-key night out with cocktails and some of the best Korean food in town.


Address: 1 Rue Saint-Paul O Montreal, QC H2Y 1Y6 Canada


Phone: (514) 287-9582

This was just a chance encounter. On a chilly weekday, there was no reservation. There were many people inside, therefore it was a factor in our decision.

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However, I must admit that I am quite grateful that we did! My jaw dropped when I saw this.

This was by far my favorite spot I’ve ever visited.. On a weekday….and apparently every night, they had live music playing, which I thought was quite nice.

We were quite lucky to get the final available seat at the table. The host and our server were a joy to work with and quite entertaining! You all made us laugh so hard.


Address: 312 Rue Saint-Paul O Montreal, QC H2Y 2A3 Canada


Phone: (514) 544-5800

This location truly is a spiritual haven. I wanted to relish every mouthful. The Short Ribs and the Seafood Paella were on the menu. Writing this review has made me need it even more.

Bouillon Bilk

Address: 1595 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC H2X 2S9 Canada


Phone: (514) 845-1595

When we were in town, we decided to check out this well-known eatery. Both the food and the service were first-rate. 5 dish tasting menu for us and linguine from the main menu for our kid.

Cucumber dessert, which we ordered from the main menu, was also excellent. The steak and the dessert were my personal favorites from the tasting menu. The veal was a hit with my spouse.

The tastes and textures all worked nicely together since each dish was made with great care.


Address: 1201 Avenue Van Horne Montreal, QC H2V 1K4 Canada


Phone: (514) 439-5435

The staff is outstanding, and the cuisine is incredible. I’m at a loss for words!? This is the first time I’ve ever given a course a review.

5 stars for everything from the service to the meal quality!

Nouilles de Lan Zhou

Address: 1006 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC H2Z 1J4 Canada

Phone: (514) 800-2959

Hand-pulled noodles are to die for! The best place to eat in Chinatown. Their menu is limited, but they have a wide range of noodles in different thicknesses to choose from.

The sides that came with the combination were mediocre at best, so I didn’t get the noodles (potato with seaweed, cucumber salad or edamame).

The flavor of the broth, noodles, and beef in this dish were all top-notch. Definitely a must-have!

Wolf & Workman

Address: 139 Rue Saint-Paul O Montreal, QC H2Y 1Z3 Canada


Phone: (514) 737-1787

In spite of its location in Old Town, the Pub surprised me with its ultra-modern interior, which was sandwiched between old exposed brick walls.

The servers were attentive and active, and the service was excellent. The server was both kind and patient as they made half of my order to go when I overordered my meal.

I had intended to take part of my two plates home because they were so good, but after I took my first bite, I couldn’t stop eating.

If you’re looking for authentic British fare in the Montreal area, this is the place to go.


Address: 1431 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC H2X 2S8 Canada


Phone: (514) 903-1631

Excellent. Three of the plates were out of this world (fried robalo, trout gazpacho and tomato salad). I’ll most certainly be returning and doing so frequently.

Olive & Gourmando

Address: 351 Rue Saint-Paul O Montreal, QC H2Y 2A7 Canada


Phone: (514) 350-1083

Come early! If you’re going to dine there, get there early because it’s quite popular and only has a tiny capacity. On weekends, you should plan on waiting 15-20 minutes for takeaway orders.

Because of the tiny size of the waiting area and the number of people waiting for a table, you should be prepared to wait outside and make other arrangements in case of bad weather (they do give you a buzzer to notify you).

The ambience is frantic, as other reviewers have noted, but the cuisine is worth it!

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Bistro L’Aromate

Address: 1410 Peel


Restaurant and store, Bistro L’Aromate is an updated contemporary bistro. During the day, the three-level restaurant is popular with local businessmen because of its refreshing decor and delightfully healthy food. Products from L’Aromate, as well as meals to go and a catering service, are all available in this discrete and easily accessible shop. It’s a great value at $15 to $20 per dish, given the laid-back ambiance.

Dunn’s Famous Deli

Address: 1249 Metcalfe


Dunn’s, a downtown Montreal restaurant, has been dishing up their famed smoked pork since 1927. Despite the restaurant’s diminutive size, it has an undeniably real feel about it. At night, waiters say, you can get the nicest piece of smoked pork and watch chef Dunn produce Dunn’s even more famous cheesecake. It’s a go-to after-hours spot that’s always open.

Carlos & Pepes

Address: 1420 Peel



Up the street from Ste-Catherine, you’ll find the restaurant/bar hybrid Carlos & Pepes. It has become a popular hangout for students and blue-collar workers because of its low costs and authentic Mexican food. In the upper bar, there is no difference in the demographics. Tacos for $1 and a draft beer for $1 are available every Sunday and Monday night at Looney Night. It’s one of the most affordable options in the city’s downtown area.

Le Taj

Address: 2077 Stanley



Le Taj, a popular Indian restaurant in Montreal, located just a few blocks north of Rue Ste-Catherine. The decor is far from garish, as is the food, making this a standout among similar establishments. You can have a five-course meal from a well-known Montreal chef for for $25 at his restaurant. Aside from the fact that most Indian restaurants provide spicy dishes, the chef is willing to heat things up when requested.


Address: 1201 Guy


The ribs at Bar-B-Barn claim to be the greatest in the world. No one has come forward to refute this assertion, at least not publicly. Bar-ribs B’s are so well-known that visitors travel from as far north as northern Quebec to partake in a taste before returning the long distance. It’s crowded and boisterous, but the service is so quick that you’re out in a flash. First-time visitors should not miss out on this opportunity.

3 Amigos

Address: 1657 Ste-Catherine W.


3 Amigos is a popular Mexican and Cajun restaurant in the area, especially among college students. Check out their enormous trendy margaritas that are enough for most guests to eat their entire well-portioned meal while they’re there. 3 Amigos is quickly becoming a Montreal tradition because to its cheerful atmosphere and bright façade.


Address: 1250 Bleury


In the heart of the city’s cultural district, N Y K S is a cool jazz bar and restaurant. This is a big draw during the Montreal International Jazz Festival because it combines avant-garde electro-lounge with traditional jazz. Throughout the year, shows are held every Tuesday and feature some of the best up-and-coming jazz musicians around.

Guido & Angelina

Address: 690 Aylmer

Phone: 514-393-3808


The 20+ Best Restaurants on St Catherine Montreal updated 2022 is a list of the 20 best restaurants in Montreal that we reviewed and rated.

It’s a list of restaurants that we recommend for visitors looking to try some of the best restaurants in Montreal.

This list was researched and compiled by our editors from thousands of restaurant reviews on online review sites. This list is an independent, unbiased guide to the best restaurants in Montreal.


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