The 10+ Best Restaurants Near Bell Centre Montreal Updated 2022

The Bell Centre is home to the Montreal Canadiens NHL hockey team and also houses the concert hall known as Le Grand Theatre de Montréal.

If you’re in the Montreal area and you love to dine out, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you! We’ve put together a list of the top restaurants near the Bell Centre that you can dine at with ease.

This list has been curated by our team members, and includes the best of the best when it comes to dining in Montreal.

Here are the best restaurants near the Bell Centre Montreal for food and drink, and where to go for a cheap bite before or after the game.

Best Restaurants Near Bell Centre Montreal

Da Vinci Ristorante

Address: 1180 Rue Bishop Montréal, QC H3G 2E3


Phone:  514-874-2001

At the heart of downtown Montreal, the three-story victorian grey stone edifice that houses ristorante da vinci is within walking distance of the major hotels and the bell center.

For over 60 years, Ristorante da vinci has been one of Montreal’s most popular eating destinations. The dining experience at Ristorante da vinci is one-of-a-kind, combining an exquisite menu with top-notch service.

Restaurant da vinci creates a remarkable dining experience with the best standards of culinary preparation, an extensive wine selection, and a sophisticated interior design.

Restaurant da vinci can provide an unforgettable dining experience, whether you’re there for a casual pre-game party, an intimate date or a business meeting.

Bier Markt – Montreal

Address: 1221 René-Lévesque Blvd W Montréal, QC H3G 1T1


Phone: (514) 864-7575

Le Bier Market, located in the heart of downtown Montréal, is the ideal location for holding a wide range of events. A joyful atmosphere is created by the restaurant’s fantastic three floors and chic-deconstructed decor.

We promise you an unforgettable experience with over 100 local and foreign beers, a diverse selection of wines and drinks, a menu using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, and many televisions.

To put it another way, The Bier Markt is a great place to host a wide range of events. It has a joyful atmosphere because to its three beautiful levels and casual-chic design!

In addition to more than 100 local and foreign beers on tap as well as several screens for you to watch your favorite sporting events, we’re confident you’ll have a fantastic time here.

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LOV de la Montagne

Address: 1232 De la Montagne St Montréal, QC H3G 1Z1


Phone: (438) 333-2363

LOV promotes a plant-based diet that is both delicious and environmentally friendly, allowing people to make better choices for their health and the health of the earth.

Because of our collective expertise, our fast-fine restaurants are able to provide a diverse “gourmand” menu. We hope you’ll join us for the LOV experience, which is best enjoyed in our warm and welcoming setting.

Gyu-Kaku – Montréal, QC

Address: 1255 Rue Crescent Montréal, QC H3G 2B1

Phone: (514) 866-8808

We’ve come back, baby! There is a limited amount of dine-in service available at this time. For your health and safety, we’ve revised our procedures in conformity with all applicable regulatory regulations.

In order to keep you and the Gyu-Kaku personnel safe, we ask that everyone who visits understand and observe the following rules:

In order to better prepare for your arrival, we ask that you make a reservation either by phone or online.

Wear a mask whenever you’re not eating or drinking, and don’t forget it. Upon arrival, we will scan the QR code in your Vaccination Passport.

Tables have been placed far apart and seating capacity has been reduced in order to adhere to space distancing regulations. There may be restrictions on the size of parties.


Address: 1050 Rue de la Gauchetière O Montréal, QC H3B 4C9


Phone: 514-878-6799

Inland to Quebec, from the Oceania archipelagos Imagine a fusion of exotic flavors and local ingredients.

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, our executive chef, Kevin Mougin, has a special menu for you. Also, our pastry chef Sylvain Vivier’s distinctive creations are a must-see for dessert lovers.

We’re just a short walk from the Bell Centre and St. Catherine Street in the center of Montreal, where you’ll find a spanking new sophisticated restaurant-bar with a retro vibe.

Siam Centre Ville

Address: 1325 René-Lévesque Blvd W Montréal, QC H3G 0A4


Phone: (514) 393-8188

The Thai Select Premium designation awarded by the Thai Ministry of Commerce is a great honor for the Siam Restaurant.

Reconciling with national identity and promoting it worldwide are two goals of this latest recognition of “Thai cuisine,” which was developed by the Thais to combat “thai cuisine” being misused as a term.

Henri Brasserie Française

Address: 1240 Du Square-Phillips St montreal, QC H3B 3H4


Phone: 514-544-3674

This is a once-in-a-decade dining experience at Henri Brasserie Française.

At Henri, in the historic Birks Building in downtown Montreal, which is attached to the new 5-star Hotel Birks Montreal, guests can enjoy contemporary cuisine inspired by the classic French brasserie heritage.

Our chef’s creations use the best seasonal ingredients from coast to coast, showcasing the best of Canadian and Quebecois cuisine.

The romantic ambiance of this light and airy Montreal dining room, complete with 19th century French décor, as well as the stunning patio, are sure to captivate you.

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Chefs in our kitchen and dining room have worked in some of the world’s finest restaurants for decades combined.

9-4-10 Steakhouse

Address: 1909 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal Montreal, QC H3B 5E8


Phone: 514-925-2582

9-4-10 Steakhouse, the newest upscale dining hotspot

The 9-4-10 reclaims its most beautiful corners and is transformed into a gathering place for meat and grilling enthusiasts. A classic steakhouse menu has the best cuts of meat, a la carte sauces, and trademark accompaniments.

The menu also includes a variety of seafood and sea fruits that have been expertly prepared by a skilled culinary team.

An experienced, attentive, and professional staff ensures a welcoming and efficient experience. Our sommelier will also be happy to introduce you to the exclusive wine list. Open every game night and during specific events.


Address: 4114 Rue Sainte-Catherine O Montréal, QC H3G 1P2


Phone: (514) 933-2533

Balos offers a wide variety of Mediterranean seafood and fruits, Greek classics, grillades, and a selection of fine wines that will please you. ”

Located just a few minutes from downtown Montréal’s business district, this authentic Greek restaurant offers delicious food, friendly service, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Canti Osteria & Bar

Address: 1275 Saint-Antoine Street West Montreal, QC. H3B 5E8 Montreal, QC H3B3E8


Phone: 514-989-5151

Nora Gray



Phone: 514-419-6672

Yet, despite its remote location near the Bell Centre, Nora Gray is never empty, a testament to the loyalty of its regular patrons to this sophisticated Italian restaurant.

Their interests go beyond sports. They come in droves because it offers the kind of cool, laid-back vibe that one craves after a long day at the office or a night out on the town.

Emma Cardarelli, formerly of Joe Beef and Liverpool House, has joined forces with fellow Liverpool House alumnus sommelier Ryan Gray to establish this vivacious new restaurant.

As a team, they serve up meals like rabbit and leek pastry or roasted roots and toasted farro salad, along with carefully selected private import wines, many of which are organic or natural and typically available by the glass.

At the pub or with friends, a visit is the most enjoyable. The low ceiling and ’60s-style wood paneling make the decibel level rather high, so be aware.


Address: 1325, boul. René-Lévesque O, H3G 0A4


Phone: (514) 393-8188

Our restaurant is tucked away in the Hotel Le Crystal, right in the middle of downtown, and it greets you with an Asian-inspired ambiance.

It’s impossible that our enormous Buddha and brightly colored stairwells will fail to wow you. You may have a refreshing beverage on our brightly colored patio throughout the summer.

The best in Asia, according to many, is Thai food. Curry, mint, lemongrass, coriander, kaffir lime, and even red basil are just a few of the unique and delicate ingredients you’ll find here, as are the fragrant flavors and eye-catching displays.

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Be warned, though, that this dish is quite hot and can be a true challenge to the palate!

When it comes to Thai staples like pad thai and curries, you can get them at Siam, but with a modern twist.

You are cordially invited to partake in the Asian custom of sharing, which is exemplified by our lavishly decorated restaurant and its friendly personnel. Business lunches, special occasions, or a fantastic meal? This is the place to go.

Bier Markt

Address: 1221, boul. René-Lévesque, H3G 1T1


Phone: (514) 864-7575

We think Bier is stunning and deserves to be enjoyed in style. We might even say that Bier is a manifestation of one’s passion and commitment, if we may be that daring.

Each stage is a labor of love that deserves the utmost attention and care. Bier is what makes our globe go ’round, with more than 150 brands from 30 countries.

Madisons Restaurant & Bar

Address: 1065, rue Drummond, H3B 4X4


Phone: (514) 937-4004

It is our objective at Madisons Restaurant & Bar that we give you with a sophisticated but informal eating experience that you will never forget!

Indulge your taste buds with our vast variety of dishes and drinks, as well as our friendly staff who are always ready to assist you!

If you’re searching for freshly seasoned and perfectly grilled fresh slices of meat straight from the grill, head to Madisons.

Black Angus Premium beef is grown without any additional hormones or antibiotics and matured for at least 35 days so that all of our customers may experience its softness and distinct flavor.

Jérôme Ferrer – Europea

Address: 1065, rue de la Montagne, H3G 0B9


Phone: (514) 398-9229

One of the best restaurants in Montreal, Canada, owned and operated by the European company.

Located in the heart of Montreal’s downtown, Europea opened its doors in 2002 Travel Adviser’s Travellers’ Choice Award 2012 recognizes it as one of the world’s top 10 restaurants, up from its previous recognitions as the finest restaurant in 2008 and 2010.

It has become well-known and highly respected that the Europea restaurant, run by Grand Chef Relais & Chateaux Mr. Jerome Ferrer, uses only the finest local ingredients in its creation of a gourmet cuisine unlike any other.


These are my 10 best restaurants near Bell Centre Montreal, but they are not the only good options. There are plenty of other great choices.

In fact, some of these might not even be in walking distance! The important thing to remember is that no matter where you go to eat in Montreal, you will always get great food!

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