Best 24 Places For Craft Breweries Worth the Drive From Montreal

Best 24 Places For Craft Breweries Worth the Drive From Montreal

Canada’s second-largest city may not be a craft beer destination in itself, but the brewery scene here is on the upswing.

Montreal is one of the most popular places for craft beer lovers to visit, especially during summer months. With the addition of several breweries, there are now dozens of places for craft beers fans to enjoy a pint.

We’ve rounded up our favorite 24 spots in Montreal that are perfect for a trip, whether you’re traveling with family or friends. So, grab a map and some snacks and get ready to explore the coolest spots in town!

24 Craft Breweries Worth the Drive From Montreal

1. Le Trou du Diable

Address: 412 Avenue Willow, Shawinigan, QC G9N 1X2, Canada

Phone: (819) 537-9151

Website: Visit Website

Molson Coors bought the Shawinigan brewery in 2017, but the arrangement stipulated that it could run autonomously, something we all appreciate.

The Trou du diable microbrewery, only feet from the ocean, offers a changing range of beers and, in the summer, a sizable terrace.


2. Brasserie Dépareillée

Address: 751 Rue Sainte Anne, Yamachiche, QC G0X 3L0, Canada

Phone: (514) 206-5900

Website: Visit Website

Founded by two ITHQ alums, this laid-back brewery encourages visitors to bring their own lunch and sample a wide selection of beers, both bottled and on tap.

In addition, the names and labels are guaranteed to provide for a light-hearted and amusing encounter because of their crudeness.


3. L’Alchimiste

Address: 681 Rue Marion, Joliette, QC J6E 8S3, Canada

Phone: (450) 760-2945

Website: Visit Website

As a small-time establishment in downtown Joliette in 2001, Alchimiste swiftly grew into a major player in the Quebec beer industry.

Known as the “signature” beer of Joliette, the Bock de Joliette is a dark, amber-colored ale with caramel flavors.

You can also get beers from Vilains Brasseurs, Brasser Lanaudière, Louie Louie, Zoo, Broken 7, and the newest entry, Allo Pétillante, while you’re there, too.


4. Brasserie 11 comtés

Address: 225 Rue Pope, Cookshire-Eaton, QC J0B 1M0, Canada

Phone: (873) 825-7075

Website: Visit Website

This rural hamlet may not attract as many tourists from Montreal as some of the other alternatives, but that may well be its greatest advantage.

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At the time of this writing, there were 27 beers on tap, making this a great place to spend the night if you’re looking for somewhere to stay.


5. Microbrasserie Kahnawake Brewing Company

Address: 22 QC-138, Kahnawake, QC J0L 1B0, Canada

Phone: (450) 632-3434

Website: Visit Website

By Spring of 2018, Kahnawake, the first brewery on the Mohawk reserve, has emerged on the microbrew market with an impressive array of beers ranging from apple-ginger wheat beer to traditional stouts, along with delicious pizza. Forster —Tim Forster


6. Siboire Dépôt

Address: 80 Rue du Dépôt, Sherbrooke, QC J1H 5G1, Canada

Phone: (819) 565-3636

Website: Visit Website

Despite the fact that Siboire has since relocated to Mile End, there is still much to see and do at the original location (the dépôt), which is situated in the former CN railway station. The multi-level brewpub has lots of seats and an amazing menu, as well as three different types of flights, which are great for sampling all of the brewery’s beers. There is on-site parking available.


7. Le Refuge des Brasseurs

Address: 2155 Rue Galt O, Sherbrooke, QC J1K 1K3, Canada

Phone: (819) 791-7574

Website: Visit Website

Sherbrooke is a city of sanctuary. This microbrewery, located only a short walk from campus, is a popular hangout for students looking to pass some time before or after class.

This place is gradually becoming a local favorite thanks to the wide selection of beers on tap (each with a unique name) and the hearty fare.


8. La Ferme – Brasserie Rurale

Address: 101 Chemin Meunier, Shefford, QC J2M 1H5, Canada

Website: Visit Website

La Ferme, a welcoming addition on the north side of Autoroute 10, sits atop a little picturesque hill.

All of the outside dining is reserved for picnic tables, with salty snacks, pints of draft beer and a broad selection of brews for you to take home.

While their regular collaborations with nearby brewers are always a delight, the Camerise takes center stage during the dog days of July.


9. Robin Bière Naturelle

Address: 6547 Rue Foster, Waterloo, QC J0E 2N0, Canada

Phone: (450) 912-1745

Website: Visit Website

Grapes are included into a number of items at this Waterloo drinking place, resulting in alcoholic beverages that taste more like fizzy strawberry wine than beer.

This microbrewery, which has just added a backyard food truck on what is possibly the most gorgeous terrace in the neighborhood, is a must-see if you find yourself traveling through.


10. Canton Brasse

Address: 2267 Chemin du Parc, Orford, QC J1X 7A2, Canada

Phone: (819) 868-2165

Website: Visit Website

This rowdy microbrewery is just a short drive from Mont Orford and doesn’t hold back when it comes to showing its real colors.

Sour and DDH NEIPA are two of its more recent forays into the beer world, both of which would pair well with a day of hiking in one of the province’s most stunning national parks.

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11. Farnham Ale & Lager

Address: 401 Rue de Normandie N, Farnham, QC J2N, Canada

Phone: (450) 293-1116

Website: Visit Website

Farnham is one of Quebec’s major microbreweries, and its beer has long been accessible in restaurants and retail locations in Montreal and the surrounding area.

Because of their basic, bright branding, their cans have become instantly identifiable. But some new, bright branding ideas are upending the balance. Beers on tap are offered in a basic and welcoming atmosphere in a tiny area.


12. La Knowlton Co. – Micro-Brasserie and Pizza

Address: 576 Chemin Knowlton, Knowlton, QC J0E 1V0, Canada

Phone: (450) 243-9001

Website: Visit Website

Minutes from Lac Brome, this industrial and airy location is known for its cream beers and fruity creations that pair well with its wood-fired sourdough pizzas served in a reclaimed wood oven.

Wait till you see the backyard: picnic tables, outdoor fires, and string lights decorate the woodland terrasse, making it a great location to spend an evening with your pals.


13. Pub hop station

Address: 131 Rue Lovell, Coaticook, QC J1A 3B2, Canada

Phone: (819) 804-1004

Website: Visit Website

An oak-barrel-aged microbrewery has set up shop in the Coaticook train station—the largest roundhouse-styled railway station in Quebec—which was built in 1904 and is still in service today.

It’s a great place to relax for a few hours thanks to its beautiful outside area.


14. Brasserie Dunham

Address: 3809 Rue Principale, Dunham, QC J0E 1M0, Canada

Phone: (450) 295-1500

Website: Visit Website

One of Quebec’s most famous microbreweries, Brasserie Dunham is located in the former hotel for stagecoach travelers and other members of society in the late 19th century.

Beer lovers of all stripes may find something to their liking at the brewery, which concentrates on European brewing techniques.

The bar’s eating selections are far superior than the usual pub fare, and it also has a store where patrons may purchase liquor and pub memorabilia.


15. À L’Abordage Microbrasserie

Address: 10 Rue Principale Sud St, Sutton, QC J0E 2K0, Canada

Phone: (450) 538-8338

Website: Visit Website

Two doors down, the Taproom & Buvette debuted in June 2021, bringing the total number of locations to seven.

Microbrewery’s old location is a building that dates back to 1843, and the new area is clean, contemporary, and the new home for brewing equipment.

Visit the microbrewery for food and drinks in the Taproom, which serves beer and wine by the glass and in cans. You can’t go wrong with the Hoppy Family American Pale Ale.


16. Beat & Betterave Nanobrasserie

Address: 1C0, 41 Rue Principale, Frelighsburg, Quebec, QC J0J, Canada

Phone: (579) 440-8600

Website: Visit Website

When it comes to microbreweries, this couple’s restaurant and brewery has recently celebrated its sixth birthday.

Six different brews are available at the brewery, ranging from Hefeweizen to NEIPA, and they’ve promised that live events will return once “social distance” is no longer part of our vernacular.

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17. Brewers Montebello

Website: Website

One and a half hours and forty minutes.

Their La Grand Feu IPA, inspired by the devastating Montebello fire of 1913, is an unusual IPA brewed using smoke malt.

18. Brasserie artisanale Albion

Website: Website

One hour’s drive from Montreal

The Albion’s Lait de Dragon (Dragon’s Milk) in Joliette, Quebec, is a historical reproduction of an ale that was brewed in 1830 and is located in a picturesque hamlet. With undertones of wood and wine, it is quite malty and hops.

19. Le Trèfle Noir

Website: Website

Montreal is a seven-hour drive away.

Microbrasserie Le Trèfle Noir is the first craft brewery in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, so if you find yourself in the remote Rouyn-Noranda, be sure to visit.

Their La Trèfle Noir oatmeal stout has scents of coffee, toast, and dark chocolate, making it seem like a feast in itself.

They’ll also be releasing their Ale—Ween pumpkin and cinnamon beer in the near future as well.

20. La Korrigane

Website: Website

Three hours separate you from Montreal.

La Korrigane, a prominent craft brewery in Quebec City’s St-Roch neighborhood, is located in St-Roch.

Small artisanal producers and agri-food firms from the surrounding area are included in their menu.

La Korrigane’s beer-sauce poutine, instead of using gravy, seems both creative and healthful… sort of.

21. Microbrasserie La Forge du Malt

Website: Website

One and a half hours and forty minutes.

Microbrasserie La Forge du Malt is one of the most popular craft brewers in Trois-Rivières, the brainchild of four beer-loving partners.

Due to its use of Sorachi Ace hops from Japan, La Mer Ardente is an IPA that has scents of lemon, dill, and even coconut.

22. Pit Caribou

Website: Website

It takes 10 hours and 30 minutes to drive from Montreal.

This is where you may get a taste of Quebec’s Gaspé region.

Located on the Gaspé Peninsula’s L’Anse-à-Beaufils coast, Pit Caribou’s beers are made in a lovely fishing community not far from Percé.

There is a Gose Au Poivre Rose Et Lime Kaffir that sounds intriguing.

If you can’t get it all the way to the brewery, there is a tavern in Montreal that serves their beer.

23. The Microbrasserie Aux Fous Brassant

Website: Website

From Montreal, it takes four hours and fifteen minutes to get there.

In addition to great food and drink, the Microbrasserie Aux Fous Brassant offers live entertainment for inhabitants of Rivière-du-Loup.

Craft brews aren’t the only thing this brewery does; they also collaborate with local farmers to deliver meal kits.

They have their La Grande Classe beer, Fromagerie des Basques cheeses, and either lamb bacon from Bergerie Dupont or vegan bacon on hand as I write this.

24. Microbrasserie Noire et Blanche

Website: Website

40-minute drive from downtown Montreal

Taking a break in the Laurentians? Make sure to stop at Microbrasserie Noire et Blanche in St-Eustache for a refreshing drink.

You can also get funny-named craft beers like Sainte-Moustache blonde ale and Arnold Sch’weizennegger wheat beer in addition to the five different kinds of poutine they serve, all of which include fromage skwik-skwik.

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