The 10 Best Poutine Old Montreal Montreal Updated 2022

Discover this best-kept secret of Montreal: authentic poutine. You don’t need to go anywhere fancy to get this famous dish. You can find a great poutine spot in almost every corner of town. 

What a great way to spend the holiday weekend!

If you’re in the mood for poutine, here’s a list of the 10 best restaurants in Old Montreal for serving up a delicious plate of fries and gravy topped with cheese curds, chicken fingers, and a variety of other fixings.

From traditional to modern, here are our recommendations.

The 10 Best Old Montreal, Montreal Poutine Restaurants

Franklin’s Subs and Suds

Address: 143, rue Saint-Paul O, H2Y 1Z5


Phone: (514) 286-4449

In Montreal’s Old Town, Franklin’s Subs and Suds can be found on St-Paul street. Philly Cheesesteak submarines are the major draw.

‘Nuff Said You’ll discover arcades, wonderfully crafted grafitti’d walls, eclectic gifts for sale, DVDs to rent and a full bar in the back. We’re very much looking forward to coming back here on our next Old Montreal trip.

Restaurant Le Polisson

Address: 171, rue St-Paul O, H2Y 1Z5


Phone: (514) 842-2912

In terms of dining out, there is just one place to go: Le Polisson. Exotic seafood delicacies, attentive service, and an amusing love letter to art serve as the scene for this romantic restaurant in Old Montreal.

When things get out of hand, get a room at our Epik hotel.

Pub BreWskey

Address: 380, rue St-Paul E, H2Y 1H2



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The BreWskey project was created by three friends who share a love for food, beer, whiskey, gin, and the good things in life.

A microbrew and whiskey tavern called The BreWskey was the result of years of labor at bars and restaurants, so we decided to open it.

Our mission is simple: We provide you with the items and services that we want you to use, and you can believe us, we’ve tried a lot of bars.

In the BreWskey’s atmosphere, the dress code is “Just come wearing clothes” and the vibe is casual and inviting. We want you to feel right at home here at our school.

For us, it’s all about the goods. We have a diverse selection of microbrew beers that will grow and change with our customers and staff.

Most of the whiskies are Scotches, and we hold them in high regard. Although we have a vast range of alcohols, wines, and other cocktails (the recipe for which only we know) all picked for their uniqueness and incomparable flavor, don’t be afraid non-drinkers of beer or whiskey.

There’s nothing new about the meal. Our chef uses a repeating component in all of his dishes: booze! We do mean business. Because we are usually hungry, we are thrilled to learn that food is accessible until 3 a.m.

Garde Manger

Address: 408, rue St-François Xavier, H2Y 2S9

Phone: (514) 678-5044

The Garde Manger is a culinary gem which opened in June 2006 and has became a great choice for foodies who want a trendy cuisine.

Owner-chef Chuck Hughes mixes casual with fine in his restaurant, serving innovative food at affordable prices. The décor is spare yet lively, bringing to mind a funky jewel box, and the service is top notch.

3 Brasseurs

Address: 105, rue St-Paul E, H2Y 1G7

Phone: (514) 788-6100

Always, we pledge to deliver an authentic taste experience in a joyous setting, evocative of the northern, old bistros in France from which we came, since our beginnings in 1986.

In both the past and the present, our success has been built on a dedication to brewing beers that go well with a wide variety of foods.

John Michael’s Pub

Address: 458, Place Jacques Cartier, H2Y 3B3

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Phone: (514) 903-6998

Founded in 1984, this Irish pub and grill has a traditional setting with plenty of dark woods and leathers.

The John Michael’s menu offers an array of pub grub like chicken wings, fish and chips, steak fajitas, burgers and ribs. The cozy spot is conveniently located near the docks in Old Montreal.

La Baraque du Vieux St-Vincent

Address: 401, rue Saint-Vincent, H2Y 3A4

Phone: (514) 224-1000

La Baraque du Vieux St-Vincent is the place to be in Old Montreal when it comes to comfort food. We are proud of our grill, offering homemade burgers, ribs, grilled sausages and more delicacies with a twist.

It all takes you back in time! You can choose from 11 original beers on tap out of the 50 available.

La Villette BBQ – Marché de la Villette

Address: 324, rue Saint-Paul O, H2Y 2A3


Phone: (514) 807-8084

From generation to generation, the Marionnet family utilizes its delicatessen-butcher knowledge to the fullest extent possible.

Cooked foods such as cassoulet or true Alsatian sauerkraut sell out rapidly, as do deli meats and terrines. “Accordion and folk dancing” ambiance in a cozy cafe.

“L’assiette de la Villette,” an array of the greatest house cheeses and charcuterie, is what we’re most fond of. Festive environment with cuisine and French-inspired items offered without a care in the world.

Saint Burger

Address: 475, boul. St-Laurent, H2Y-2Y7

We’re the birthplace of the Saint Burger, Quebec’s answer to fast food. We simply serve burgers and fries, but each is prepared with great attention.

You can choose among 15 different kinds of meat to create your own favorite burger, or try one of our specialty burgers like Mohawk (chili sauce, cheddar, bacon and pickles) or Pike (spinach, feta cheese and basil pesto).

We have over 20 secret sauces to choose from too.

Brasserie 321

Address: 321, Place Jacques-Cartier, H2Y 3A9


Brasserie 321 is always a good time, whether you’re dining with friends or family. Located in the heart of Old Montreal, this eatery is a must-see.

You won’t be sorry if you stop by for a beer or a snack at this establishment. Enjoy the magnificent scenery and take in the sailboats that visit the harbor.

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A site where Montrealers and tourists gather together will bring back happy memories for you. The ideal location for a 5 to 7!


The Top 10 Best Poutine Old Montreal Restaurants Montreal list contains 10 of the best places to enjoy authentic Montreal Poutine!

They are all located in old Montreal and each one serves delicious Poutine! They are the perfect destination for those who enjoy eating traditional Quebec French cuisine along with delicious poutine!

All the restaurants on this list serve the traditional Quebec Poutine!


  • Casse-Croute La Banquise. Montreal, Canada. …
  • Poutineville. Montreal, Canada. …
  • Au Pied de Cochon. Montreal, Canada. …
  • Montreal Pool Room. Montreal, Canada. …
  • La Belle Province. Montreal, Canada. …
  • Ma Poule Mouillée. Montreal, Canada. …
  • Chez Ashton. …
  • The Flying Pig
  • Le Chic Shack
  • The Lakeview Restaurant

Montreal may be heralded as the poutine capital of the world, but in reality, the city is merely the crown jewel of a whole poutine kingdom (otherwise known as the province of Quebec) that is filled far and wide with delicious helpings of fries, curds, and gravy. Here are some of the best the province has to offer…
Montreal Poutine Menu Prices (CA)
Item Price
Poutine régulière / Regular Poutine succulentes frites, sauce brune, et fromage frais. / French fries, sauce, and cheese. $10.25
Hot Dog Unite. / Each. $2.10
Poutine avec poulet frit / Poutine with Fried Chicken $13.75
Poutine au smoked meat / Poutine with Smoked Meat $13.75
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