10+ Best Poutine in Downtown Montreal (Centre-Ville) Updated 2022

Poutine is a dish originating from Quebec that’s made with French fries, cheese curds and gravy. These days, it’s become a trend among foodies across North America and beyond.

If you haven’t tried Poutine in Downtown Montreal yet, then you’re definitely missing out on one of the best treats in the world.

Here you will find 10 best poutines that will make your mouth watering. I tried these poutines when I was a student and now that I am an adult I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is my new list of the best poutines in Montreal.

The 10+ Best Downtown, Montreal Poutine Restaurants

La Belle Et La Boeuf

Address: 1620, rue Ste-Catherine O, H3H 1L9

Website: belleetboeuf.com

Phone: (514) 507-8558

In a warm and inviting ambiance, La Belle & La Boeuf Burger Bar invites you to try their vast choice of gourmet burgers prepared with beef, chicken or fish, as well as a variety of vegetarian options.

Resto-pub 100 Génies

Address: 530, rue Peel, H3C 2H1

Website: le100geniesrestopub.com

Phone: (514) 396-8887

In honor of the students of ETS, the 100 génies Resto-pub was constructed. It has a diverse cuisine, a wide variety of beers, and a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.

Get into the game with an excited crowd and enjoy our large screens and nightly promotions on game nights. The 100 génies Resto-pub is just a short walk from the Bell Center, making it a great pre-game location.

The ETS student community receives all of the institution’s revenues.

Bier Markt

Address: 1221, boul. René-Lévesque, H3G 1T1

Website: thebiermarkt.com

Phone: (514) 864-7575

We feel that Bier deserves a refined experience because it is so lovely. We might even say that Bier is a manifestation of one’s passion and commitment, if we may be that daring.

Each stage is a labor of love that deserves the utmost attention and care. Our universe revolves around Bier, which has over 150 brands from 30 countries.

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It’s time to show off your beautiful beer!

Cantine Emilia

Address: 30, rue Ste-Catherine O, H2X 0C8

Website: cantineemilia.com

Phone: (438) 836-6463

Cantine Emilia was founded in Montreal in 2018 with the goal of revolutionizing the way Portuguese cuisine is offered in the city.

A “local twist” has made going against the grain a badge of honor for them. Emilia’s cuisine has something for everyone, from explorers to classic food enthusiasts.

Shaker Cuisine & Mixologie

Address: 3518, boul. St-Laurent, H2X 2V1

Website: shakercuisineetmixologie.com

SHAKER Cuisine and Mixology is officially coming to Montreal in May 2019! Montreal’s renowned St-Laurent Boulevard is where the city’s 14th SHAKER location was founded.

At exactly the same time as the beginning of the summer season, SHAKER St-Laurent makes its appearance in the former Buoanotte. A 60-seat outdoor terrace has been erected with a capacity of 250 seats and a 40-seat center bar.

At this point, we’d need to see your ID or two, as well as proof that you’re over the age of 18. Our restaurant does not allow minors, whether accompanied by an adult or not, to enter.

We, at Le Shaker St-Laurent, are a licensed bar and have the right to refuse service to anybody who does not adhere to our terms of service.

Birreria Itali.co

Address: 1425, boul. René-Lévesque O, H3G 1T7

Phone: (514) 225-7655

Located in Montreal, Quebec, Birreria ITALI.CO is a stylish modern Italian Pub with the widest collection of foreign beer on tap in the province and maybe Canada.

With an emphasis on tapas-style plates, we offer a wide variety of Italian and Mediterranean dishes that go well with our beer and drink menus.

Wood and steel combine to create a classic industrial feel in our restaurant.

When it comes time to kick back with friends for an evening of beer and wine sampling, our iconic tap wall and honed carrara marble bar counter is the ideal location.

A large portion of our menu is dedicated to simple Italian and American fare.

In addition to our handcrafted pizzas produced with fresh ingredients, we also provide gourmet hamburgers and delicious hand-made pasta that are perfect for any occasion.

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You may dine before a game or performance at this restaurant, which is just a few blocks from the Bell Center and the home of the Montreal Canadiens.

Briskets Montréal

Address: 1199, rue de Bleury, H3B 3J1

Website: briskets.ca

Phone: (514) 878-3641

As Briskets Montreal has been in business for almost 30 years, consumers from all over the world have rushed to try the traditional Montreal smoked meat.  Among Montrealers, smoking meat is an intrinsic element of their culture.

When it comes to a must-visit Montreal restaurant, Briskets’ secret isn’t only its smoky, succulent smoked beef, but the welcoming ambience it creates for families and friends to enjoy an inexpensive dinner together.

Nyks Bistro Pub

Address: 1250, rue de Bleury, H3B 2W4

Phone: (514) 866-1787

A few steps from from the Place des Arts metro station, you can find Pub Bistro Nyks on Bleury street in downtown Montreal.

Enjoy their varied specialties, including savory grills, tasty nachos, hamburgers, paninis, fresh salads, and of course, the famed fried calamari!

As soon as you enter Nyks, you’ll be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. Nyks has a wide assortment of international brews, as well as scotch and wine, to choose from.

Spend time with friends or unwind after a performance!

Addies Bistro Bar

Address: 1242, rue Drummond, H3G 1V7

Phone: (514) 866-3535

Addies Bistro Bar’s location in downtown Montreal is within walking distance of all major theaters.

The restaurant has a charming ambiance that includes an outdoor terrace and an elegant environment with hardwood floors and red leather booths, which contribute to its warm atmosphere.

Addies Bistro Bar specializes in tapas platters and appetizers such as their signature chicken wings, as well as a variety of sandwiches, pastas, and desserts.

Addies also has a wide variety of cocktails, beers, wines, and scotches to choose from. This bistro is the perfect destination for an intimate evening out with friends or family.

Frite Alors!

Address: 680, rue. Ste-Catherine O, H3B 1C2

Phone: (514) 508-0609

If you’re looking for some of the best poutine in Montreal, look no further than Frite Alors! This restaurant is located on Saint Catherine Street and is open until 3am every night.

Frite Alors! Is famous for their delicious poutine, which is made with fresh ingredients and topped with cheese curds and gravy.

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In addition to their poutine, Frite Alors! Offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, burgers, and desserts. This restaurant is perfect for late-night cravings or a casual meal with friends.


Address: 1108, boul. de Maisonneuve O, H3A 1M7

Website: campomtl.com

Phone: (514) 903-9639

CAMPO, a new fast-food restaurant in downtown Montreal, specialized in 100% grain-fed Portuguese chicken.

Diners at Campo have the option of eating their chicken in a contemporary and authentic setting or bringing it home to enjoy.

The menu offers a wide variety of Portuguese-style chicken sandwiches, salads, and other dishes which can be consumed on site or taken out.

This restaurant is located near the L’Esplanade Metro station and is centrally located downtown.

Pan Pan Pizza

Address: 369, rue Ontario, H2X 1H9

Phone: (514) 286-2424

Pan Pan Pizza is an excellent Italian restaurant located across from the Montreal Convention Center near Chinatown.

This casual pizzeria offers a large assortment of specialty pizzas, pastas, salads, calzones, and desserts. Customers rave about their fresh ingredients and homemade sauces.

They love the variety of high-quality toppings available for their pizzas. In addition to their dine-in service, Pan Pan Pizza offers take-out and delivery. This restaurant is perfect for a casual meal with family or friends.

Hero Hamburger Certifié

Address: 2019, rue Bishop, H3G 2E8

Phone: (514) 843-6767

Hero Hamburger Certifié is a new burger restaurant in Montreal that is quickly gaining a reputation for their delicious and affordable burgers.

This restaurant is located in the heart of downtown, close to many theaters and other tourist attractions.

Hero Hamburger Certifié offers a variety of burgers, including beef, chicken, veggie, and salmon, as well as fries, onion rings, and milkshakes. This restaurant is perfect for a quick and affordable meal.


This list was created by having 200+ people vote on their best poutines in downtown Montreal. These are the 10 that got the most votes.

Don’t expect all of these places to have consistent quality. In fact, some of them are pretty bad. But, they are all where the most discerning of customers will find the best poutine.

So, if you’re looking for the absolute best, this is the place to go.

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